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Victor's Verses, Volume I — The Lighthouse

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Volume I “The Lighthouse”





Distributed by Halcourt Publishing Co.

17th of Horen’s Calling, 1782



Entry I   “Varoche Hall”
On the inception and foundation of our new Empire

As represented by the “lighthouse of liberty, “ Varoche Hall

Note: Godfrey is a nod to the old ways  (pure feudalism)
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _


We built Joseph’s Empire
Over the graves of nobility
We laid the first brick
In the ruins of the Old City


Next we rebuilt the throne
And there, in its place
We laid a cornerstone
For a nation’s workspace

We erected a new temple

A shining beacon

A capitoline fortress
But it was just an example
A marble deacon
A lighthouse to fluoresce

As the fire of liberty burned higher
We surrendered our authority
For we built our new Empire
O’er the ashes of Godfrey





Entry II “Yesteryear’s Josephite”
A story of the failed liberal revolution of Joseph Marna

Based on recollections from my grandfather, a Josephite

who fought in the failed Siege of Helena at the end of the war
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _


Dust to dust
We crumble like rust
Social decay
The price that we pay


It's a cost for our conquest
We lost but we progressed
It'll suffice for the moment
But remember what we dreamt


For we're revolutionaries
But they'll cast us as rebels
My friends, stand at ease
For the final ringing of the bells


Raise a white flag o'er the ramparts
Dream no more of the barricade
Let there be no more bleeding hearts
This is the disbansion of our brigade


Our aim was social reformation
To tame a broken institution
Our game was total sublimation
The blame is in our own possession


If your hope is to fight on
Begone from these halls
If you hope for an august dawn
Flee far from these walls


This is my farewell
I am a sailor aboard a sinking ship
I hope you fare well
And I pray you avoid the whip


O, farewell


O, farewell





Entry III     “Rest In Piss”
On the tyrants of the Pertinax dynasty
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _

Your gravestones will be defaced
Thoroughly pissed on so often
That your corpses float to the surface


Then your story will be forgotten
As history continues to march ever onward
Not even a footnote for someone so rotten

Finally, your legacy will be only this poem
Written that we all might remember
Once, you could have been different





Entry IV   “Titans”
My first thoughts upon becoming a Cabinet Secretary
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _


I have no words
I am made small
Before these giants
Standing so tall





Entry V   “The Tapestry”
A tribute to Simon Basrid’s idea: the Tapestry of Man
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _      _


Ours is not a melting pot
Do not buy this lie they taught


It is a tapestry of intersectionality
A beautiful painting of our propinquity

It captures the essence of all our hearts
While maintaining its component parts


The goal is not assimilation
Put simply, it is cohabitation


That we might escape our restraints
And live in the land of the saints





Authored by Mr. Victor Clement Halcourt

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