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Da Kirkja Dverga : Belka

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~ ᛒᛖᛚᚴᚨ ~


“YEMEKAR took his creation, hot from the fires of the soul forge, and doused it. The waters poured into the world and filled the deepest and widest valleys, creating the seas and rivers, some waters cooling into steam and forming the clouds. The speed and excitement of the coursing rivers and rushing winds became the feelings and emotions of the world and became BELKA, Lady of Passion. She would guide the hearts of the world to mercy and would inspire divine passion into people who earn her blessing.”



BELKA is the goddess of passion and emotion. She is patron to love, ambition, curiosity, and enthusiasm. She inspires her followers to seek joy, whether it be through new experiences, traveling to unknown lands, or simply pausing to enjoy the small moments of peace. Her gifts of emotion course through dwedmar with great vigor, as BELKA ignites the spark of ardour in the hearts of dwedmar as she is the one enchanting her devotees with the whispers of elation, which guides them onto the paths of discovery. 



Teachings of the Tides


The Teachings of the Tides are a collection of moral principles based in the patronage of BELKA. They serve as guidelines for those who seek to honor the Lady of Passion. These teachings revolve around the display of devotion and regard to the Lady of Passion and her principles. 




Nogazen, meaning love, is deeper than just mere attraction. It is the continual festering of admiration and dedication to another. The experience of unrequited love is one that is held fondly by many. Without the rush of love, there would be nothing to look forward to, nothing to come home to. Should DUNGRIMM part you with your love, let not deprive yourself of BELKA’s touch and seek out love in the world. Let your heart seek out those to dedicate itself to, however let not love consume you and corrupt. Righteous love shall inspire and invigorate, not turn its acolytes to shame and dishonor. 



Yalum, meaning flow, refers to the ebb and flow of emotions and the constant changing of the world. BELKA guides the flurry of emotional output in souls. BELKA invokes joy, she embodies the pursuit of happiness via projects, goals, and fulfillments of ambitions. She inspires muses both from love and hope, and her sparks of excitement encapture an artist’s passion for their craft. Through using this blessing of BELKA, the dwedmar are meant to engage in tasks that establish pleasure within their hearts. Let your inspiration and source of joy be abundant. Do not suppress your emotions, embrace them as the gifts of BELKA and recognize her presence as it moves through you. 



Wunder, meaning lake, is BELKA’s song, her soothing lullaby that calls souls to engage in pleasantry, relaxation, and luxuries. The calm waters of the pool entice people towards comfort, compassion, and contemplation. A dwed must introspect and find peace within themself and others to respect BELKA. From long days of hard work, the importance of spreading hope, love, and kindness among souls is paramount. Those who follow BELKA’s heart are blessed to share their talents and aid their kinsmen in finding their own havens of recreation. BELKA encourages the kindness and warmth of empathy and sympathy towards those familiar and those unknown. In the embrace of her own soothing heart, souls are coaxed to act kindly towards all they meet, and to come from a place of consideration when faced with difficult challenges. 



Paragons and Heroes of BELKA


Paragon Hogarth Irongut

Hogarth Irongut had walked the very same halls of the progenitors of the clans, and spread the wisdom and love earned there across the continents. An ancient dwed born in late Aegis, he has spent centuries in service to his people across several positions. At a younger age, he served politically, acting as Lord Regent thrice, bringing order to chaotic times in the dwarves. Once did he sit upon the hallowed Obsidian Throne himself, leading a successful and modest reign. With a longer beard did he turn to the faith, and led da Kirkja Dverga in its most successful age to date, grand shrines being forged for each host of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, beardlings flocking to join ranks of the clergy. For his unaging passion across centuries for the dwedmar and Brathmordakin, Hogarth Irongut is recognized as The Prophet, Paragon of Belka.





~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~

Da Kirkja Dverga thanks Brynaelda Grandaxe for her remarkable achievement in writing these teachings.



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>Questioned on how all the formatting is meant to be done.



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