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The Dark Elven City of Ker'Okarn

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Ker’Okarn: Refuge of the dark elves


In 1781, the city of Ker’Okarn was formed after the fall of Renelia. Forged from the fire of despair and the splintering of their race, this city is the new hope of the ashen folk. It lies on the coast, North-East of the Eternal Uzg. Built from the sand and stone of the area, it rises as a great testament to the longevity of ‘Ker pride that will last centuries no matter their setbacks. 


Guide to Ker’Okarn


To get to Ker’Okarn from the Cloud Temple follow the signs that say Krugmar. Once you get to Krugmar (Big ass sandstone structure) you continue following signs that say Ker’Okarn. If you get lost just use these coordinates: X:2300 Z:400




Culture of Ker’Okarn




Within Ker’Okarn are dark elves of many different allegiances. After the fall of Renelia, different groups choose to ally themselves together. As a result, Ker’Okarn is also sometimes called The Bands of Ker’Okarn. While the majority of its inhabitants are dark elves, Ker’Okarn has been known to allow people of many different races refuge in their city. The city is led by a council of elders selected for their knowledge and ability to lead. The state religion is the faith of the Forebears. Those that live in Ker’Okarn pride themselves on their ability to honor their ancestors. The faith of Ker’Okarn is upheld by the Mor’Hotep. The High Priest Maelo leads the faith and has a seat within the Council. Ker’Okarn elves are less secretive than their sanctum counterparts. They participate in many different events. In 1783, there was a festival to open up the city where much of the realm was invited to participate. Their population is constantly growing as more remnants of the dark elf race begin their search for more of their kind. Ker’Okarn is a beacon for those who yearn for the community of old and wish to reach for new heights. 



There are many different housing opportunities in Ker’Okarn. You can choose to take a room within the Ziggurat of Mor where the majority of ‘Ker live. You could also live by their border in the halls of Sirame Khel (See below). You also have the option of living along the seaside in small houses that give you beautiful sea-side views. 


The Ziggurat of Mor

As you travel lower down, the halls tighten slightly and you will find yourself amid hallways filled with doors leading to rooms. Every now and then you’ll hear a child’s laugh, a mother's coo, or a snore emanating from closed doors. Or perhaps you’ll see an older dark elf stumbling out of his rooms, late for his lesson, papers flying everywhere. The housing in the Ziggurat of Mor brings you closer to your kind. If you choose to live here, you are a dark elf who doesn’t mind striking up a conversation with someone that you meet in the hallway or on the stairs. This is the place where leaders, merchants, and mothers live. The military of Ker’Okarn has a section here where they prefer to live among like-minded peoples who are bettering their combat skills. To get a room in Ker’Okarn rent is not necessary. However, to get more space you will have to give pay for renovations. 






Sirame Khel


Sirame Khel gives dark elves and others alike the option of living below its halls.  These dwellings are near the border. If you choose to live here, you are someone who prefers to decide when conversing with your kind and doesn’t want to live amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Though here you may find yourself out of place if you decide not to join their order. As a result, many of those who live here are affiliated in some way or another with Sirame Khel. 




Seaside Dwellings

Not all dark elves wish to live underground. The seaside Dwellings are given as an option to dark elves who prefer the open air at all times. As a result, those that choose these dwellings are often care-free and careless about the future of the race and realm then those living below in the heart of ‘Ker society. Many of the people involved with ships and the port live in these houses. Some of the religious dark elves of Mor’Hotep choose to live here.




Points of Interest/ RP Opportunities

Sirame Khel

Sirame Khel is an organization that likes to remain relatively secret. They have their headquarters on a hill overlooking the Ziggurat of Mor. If asked, their members profess their philosophy about strengthening the dark elves and their allies. They will tell people that they are willing to help any person in the realm who asks for it so long as they haven’t broken any of the moral ideals of Sirame Khel. 

The order of Sirame Khel wishes to bring an age of dark elves where dark elves don’t have to hide in the shadows and where they stand proud of their heritage and beliefs. They believe that this new age is on the horizon and that they will help bring it about. In short, they wish to begin a revolution of the dark elves on the same level or greater than that of their namesake: Khel Oussana.

Often dark elves of all ages and genders can be seen going in and out of their headquarters. Often they will be holding a report from whatever part of the realm they are focusing on. Or perhaps you’ll see them practicing combat in front, or muttering words of incantation under their breath, or reciting poetry. 



The Library

The library of Ker’Okarn contains its people history and knowledge of thousands of years. Within its stacks one can find the occasional tired-looking ‘Ker reading though one old manuscript or another. Every now and then one of the venerable dark elves of the city will present lectures on magic, history, or the ancestors. 

The dark elves are not a scholarly race in comparison to the high elves. They don’t worship knowledge or seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Instead, they learn what is necessary to thrive in whatever profession they pursue. 



The Port

The port contains ships from across the realm. At the port you can meet dwarves selling their wares, or dark elves traveling from far away. The sound of shop owners yelling prices or people talking in ten different languages would echo across the bay. A breeze carries with it the smell of fish and ocean salt. Its port would also smell somewhat of old cheese or an orc who forgot to take a bath. 




The Town Square

Here dark elves can be found conversing about the latest news of the realm, or just enjoying time with their friends and family. At night, music would sound through the semi-darkness, and elvish songs would be heard from the local tavern. A small garden in the center acts as a place of respite where dark elves can relax and breathe the open air. 


The Lower Marketplace

Here dark elves talk in quiet tones as they walk around the pillars and shops below. In the middle lies a shrine to Laura, the spirit who saved the dark elves from destruction so many years ago. The torches throw shadows on the walls and one can often see dark elves hurrying about their business. 



The River of Uradas

Around the land of Ker’Okarn is a small rushing river that flows from a mountain spring. There are flowers at its edge and fish that spring from its depths. Dark elves come here to sit at its side and contemplate life. The river is named after Uradas the Protector as it encircles the city and is its first line of defense. 


The Sun Garden

After going past Sirame Khel and The River of Uradas, one comes upon The Sun Garden, a beautiful field of wheat and flowers that stretches across the land until one reaches the beach and Ker’Okarn itself. The wheat was grown in the shape of the sun to signify life. 


The Halls of Ker’Okarn. 

Empty, dark, and unused, these large halls were built to house large meetings of dark elves, or weddings. Yet, after many years of lost time where dark elves were scattered across the realm, there is little use for them now. However, perhaps in the future these halls will be filled with elves, music, and laughter as ‘Ker trade tales of old and new. 




Here, in the deepest region of the Ziggurat of Mor, you’ll find many rows of chests and barrels rising high into the ceiling. Iron and wooden gates bar your way into the vault and guards stand watch over the treasure within.  You might see an important looking dark elf going in and out, a ledger in their hand as they count the gold of the dark elves. In the advent of an emergency, this is the place where the young dark elves will be led to protect them from danger. It is the last and most difficult area of the dark elves dwelling to get to. 


The Council Room 

At the highest reaches of the city is a platform with a long table. Here is where the important meetings of the nation will be held, and important decisions will be made. You might sit here and listen to dark elves debate about the best course of action in the future as the ocean breeze, strong so high up in the sky, rushes by your face, sweeping your hair to the side.  


List of People that can assist:

Catalina, Matriarch of Ker’Okarn: Catalina#8540

Tide Falkmoor, Suliin of Sirame Khel and of Ker’Okarn intelligence services: TideFalkmoor#4561

BenjiBot, High Priest of  Mor’Hotep: BenjiBot#1207



Peak Time 5-7 PM Est. 


Hope to see you here!

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