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Alfred Barclay's Re-Election Campaign for Maer, 1785

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Alfred Barclay's Re-Election Campaign for Maer

”Honesty, Decency, Integrity”




Hello folks. My name is Alfred Barclay, I think you already know that, but for the sake of order, let me introduce myself again briefly. I am 32 years old, with common sense and a head full of ideas to improve the quality of life in our kingdom. It's not just me who decides, but I will contribute at least a little to the development of Reza and the environment.





 Previous achievements:


Free Temporary Housing: Alfred Barclay helped with the realization of this project, which allows people new to Reza to settle in, until of course they collect everything they need to buy their own needs.


Green Haense: After his bill was adopted, Alfred Barclay began to improve the appearance of the streets, walls, and general appearance of Reza. By adding various decorations, from leaves and bushes to trees, he successfully beautified the beautiful streets of the city by at least a small percentage.


Festival and events: While he was Maer, Alfred held events attended by many people, not only from Haense, but from all over the Empire.



                    Future plans to achieve:


More events and fests: That said, if Alfred Barclay were to be re-elected Grand Maer of Reza, he would do his best to make as many fun and interesting events as possible, involving as many people as possible.


Involvment in Duma: Alfred was not so involved in the Duma and its work with other colleagues that much, due to personal problems that he did not mention. However, if he were re-elected as Maer, he would join more and more the work and laws of the Royal Duma, striving to maintain that relationship between law and entertainment. More bills.


Masses and Inferi: During these dark times, which do not give us a ray of sunshine, Masses are very important, as are prayers dedicated to God. Faith helps us to purify ourselves, mentally and physically, which is a big plus for us in the fight against Inferi demons. Alfred aims to promote faith and Mass in Reza.

+ Alfred will commit to donating as many things, food and materials as possible to fight the Inferi demons


Better infrastructure: Better roads mean easier movement through the city, easier performance of daily tasks and obligations. Alfred will do his best to improve the infrastructure of Reza, in order to offer the people the best possible conditions.




Vote Alfred Barclay for Grand Maer

”Honesty, Decency, Integrity”














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Stefan Vyronov, the Maer before this Barclay man, nods in approval.

“I endorse this man, he has done a fine job thus far within the city and in duma.”

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Alderbrandt Barclay cheers for Maer Alfred as he goes back to all his paperwork.

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