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[Profile & History of Zani Lovet]

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Zani Lovet


Basic Information


Full Name: Zani Denny Lovet

Name Meaning: “Gift from God”

Nickname(s): Zuzu

Titles: N/A

Former Titles: Former Baroness of Northmarch

“Queen” of Calethia

Steward of Norland


Age: Two-Hundred

Appears: Mid Thirties


Race: Elf

Subrace: Mixed, Unknown Parents


Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Relationship Status: Single


Alignment: Chaotic Good




Mother(s): Cheshire Lovet

      Eloen Lovet

Father: Unknown


Siblings: Marleen Lovet

  Robinette Lovet


Spouse: Percival Mauntel


Children: Garra Mauntel (Adopted)

    Eona Mauntel (Adopted)

    Laurance Mauntel

    Aerin Mauntel




[Note: This is so I can reference back to events after Breaks. Please do not Meta]

Birth & Adoption




Zani was born to a wealthy merchant and his mistress in the city of Felsen. Her mother mutilated the child’s ears and attempted to pass her off as a Human, so that she could then try to claim her as a bastard of a local noble. This attempt failed, and caused her to leave the child to die in an alley. Some of the seedier citizens of the city took pity on Zani, and helped her to survive till she was able to fend for herself. Most of those that cared for her passed from overdoses, or were caught by the guard for a variety of crimes committed.


At Twelve, Zani stole a purse from an Adunian woman. The woman gave chase, but saw that the thief was a child, and gave Zani a choice. Leave with her and be welcomed into the Lovet family, or be brought before the church and made to stay there. Without hesitation Zani answered with the former and was brought into the family with her two mothers, Eloen and Cheshire Lovet.


Early Life [12-18]




Zani spent the majority of her teenage years studying herbs and medicines, and watching over the two Lovet twins who were born shortly after she was adopted. She had a strong connection to the twins once they were old enough, and Zani served as their guardian and protector if their parents weren’t around.


She focused mostly on her studies and visited the Library frequently. In one of these trips, she witnessed her first death - a Mali’ker who was slaughtered in the street for reasons unknown, though the word “Homosex” was still fresh on the lips of those passing through. Traumatized, her parents sat her down and said that their relationship had to be a secret. That Humans weren’t as accepting as elves, and swore her to secrecy.


Shortly after Zani turned 18, her mother fell ill and was bedridden and remained that way till she died several decades later. During this time, her brother ran away and joined the Church. He became indoctrinated and began to despise the relations between his two mothers and grew to be a hateful man. He was disowned by Cheshire due to his intolerance, leaving Marleen heartbroken. 




The Courting [19-24]







Shortly after she turned nineteen, Zani met a man named Percius Mauntel. She fell swiftly and thoroughly and the two began to court shortly thereafter. They spent many moons visiting each other and planning out a future. After a year, Zani woke up to find a child laid before her door. The child was of Half-Elven Descent, and was left with only a letter with her name and something to be given to the child once she was of age. 


This reminded her of her own past, and she quickly brought the child inside. The next morn, she went through the official process of adopting the babe.


She and Percival began to raise the child together, despite not having yet married. They named her Germaine “Garra” Lovet, with the plans to formally adopt her into the Mauntel line once they were married. Several months after her twenty-fourth birthday, she and Percival married.




Married Life [25-42]





Once they were married, Zani became the Baroness of Northmarch. She dove into her duties swiftly and without hesitation, and cared for the few who lived in the Barony. Zani hosted numerous events and ensured that the community was a safe place for herself and her newborn son, Laurance. She spent much of her time locked up in a laboratory beneath the Keep where she dealt with some of the less than savoury plants.


As Percius began to age, she realized that she barely changed once she reached the age of twenty. Brushing it off, she blissfully continued to live with her beloved, soon after adopting a young Farfolk girl named Eona.


The two had a healthy loving relationship, which would decline as Percius began to work much more and take longer days. He then later revealed to her that he had purchased a plot of land and planned to make a new nation, and break away from Courland.



Calethia Era [43-64]





Shortly after the founding of Calethia Zani became pregnant with their second child, a daughter they named Aerin. Life in Calethia was simple, but short lived. Percival soon fell ill and was forced to bedrest. He left all of his duties to Zani, who was pregnant and unprepared to do so. Despite her best attempts to manage, she suffered a miscarriage after being attacked while outside of the tiny Kingdom. Zani was distraught, and turned to drinking as a coping mechanism. 


Her children began to grow up, and Eona married a young man from the Windsor family. The two of them were unable to have children of their own, and adopted a young girl shortly after their marriage. 



Family Discovery [65-86]





Zani hired a detective from the city to search out her birth parents. She found no information, but swiftly came to the conclusion that she was not Human.  The woman was enraged after finding out, and it was only Percius approaching her study did she begin to calm. She told him of her findings. The two were concerned both for their future once it came out that she was not Human, and they also worried for the two curses her children befell. Eventually, they agreed to keep it a secret for as long as they could get away with.



A family in Decline [87-130]





Percius passed in the night without pain thanks to the aid of a drought crafted by a local priest. The family was unconsolable, most of all being Zani. She had prepared to grow old with Percius, but with the new knowledge she had learnt that would become impossible. Giving the final word, Percius was laid to rest just as their youngest reached adulthood.


This began the downfall of Calethia. Citizens began to move out, or join with other factions. Leaving behind a city filled with only ghosts. Zani drank frequently, and could rarely be found sober. She confided in her daughter, Eona, about her Elven nature, and she cursed the gods for making her so.


While the family moved on, Zani did not. At least, not until Eona gave her an ultanium. Go sober or lose the connections with her future grandchild. Zani began to straighten up her life, but became bitter after the passing of Germaine and her younger sister. Zani spent the rest of her ‘Human’ years with her family, and she watched as all of her children grew old and passed.


Aerin, Zani’s youngest, was the last to go. Passing into ethera with Zani, ageless, at her side.



Seclusion [131-164]





For the next thirty years, Zani would spend her time in seclusion in the wilds. She built a small cottage and dove into her studies. She suffocated the desire to meet her family again, and ventured into town only on the rare occasion. Zani watched as the townsfolk grew and aged, though knew that she would never feel kinsmanship with the Elves of Laureh’lin. She became resigned to her passing fate, and did her best to save and protect as many people as she could.




Monster Hunter [Ongoing]





Shortly after the fall of Atlas, Zani was displaced once again. Instead of building herself back up, she traveled between villages and acted as a bounty hunter of sorts. Monster and man alike, if the coin was decent, she was on the case.



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