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The Pleads of a Dead Kha

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The soul of a seemingly young Kharajyr, a Cheetrah, waited for her brother to join her, sorrow on her face as she waited.


“Per’ta... please come to this one. Please.” 


She said this to herself with a thick accent, and having been alone for a while at this point.


“Please… she can’t bear to be alone.” 


The Leparda, having killed herself when she was young, only in her twenties, cried out for comfort. She had come to terms with her death, that she herself caused, yet still longed to be around someone, anyone.


“Muuna… she regrets this.” 


She, meaning herself. The spirit regretted taking her own life, her judgment having been clouded during the end of her life. Especially with having been an addict in life, and a gambler. 


“This one regrets  it all… she wishes she could take it back.” 


Tears welled up in her eyes, as she sat alone, in whatever vast ethereal plane she now spent her time at.


“...She just doesn’t want to be alone anymore!”


Pep sobbed to herself.


“She just wishes to go back, to have more time! Say sorry to her muuna! Onyx! Everyone she knew! Please!” 


The spirit pleaded, tears dripping down into her hands, with nobody to comfort her in a time of distress.



The soul of the Kha eventually calmed, then said to the emptiness around;


“One day, she will come back to make amends.”


“One day...”


Pep Leparda stood up, beginning to do what she usually would, trudging around the emptiness that surrounded her, sorrowful, but hoping one day... she may be able to see those she loves once more.



i needed something good for my 69th post and was bored in class, so, voila


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Rip... I should have helped pep as well... Can’t save them all

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[!] a large, jet-black pantera continues to roam this worlds harsh lands. No time to rest, as he continues to educate and protect. He reminisces the amount of losses he has already

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Umi Leparda mourned as news of yet another of those she considered her children reached her, being held in her mates arms. In the background, two cubs would be playing, loud laughter leaving them unaware of their parents distress. Hushed words are spoken and a gift is presented, a sad smile crossing the Kharajyr womans face.

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