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[Settlement Guide] - Edenia

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The Land of Edenia

Held mostly to their own solitude, the Land of Edenia remains indifferent to the troubles of the space outside of their own territory- mostly kept to their own solitude in order to focus on the progress of their own counsel. Ruled by a singular Lord, Edenia remains as a sanction to those who wish to settle down in a place enclosed to the pursuit of knowledge, happiness, and truth; these aspects furthering the goals of, that is, living life for the sole sake of doing that; living.


The Land of Edenia is home to many mysterious things, the people of which holding a diverse set of appearances. Despite this, one could argue that the residents of this land hold an intangible crimson thread binding them close together in a tight-knit community. The main drives of their culture calls for the pursuit of archeology- that is, the study of other cultures and the mortal and divine realms, exploration- that of which drives a sect of their people to explore to places not many Descendants dare tread without a weapon, and craftsmanship-  such is the way of Edenia’s people, making things that make their jobs and lives easier.

It was said that Edenia was once known as the Gehenna Estate, a vile and accursed den hoarding those most call dark mages known as Shades- although, the dark mages were cast out- populated by those who seek to right the wrongs of the past, so that they may tread towards a better future.

Peak Times

The Land of Edenia holds people from many places, though the main timezones are EST and GMT. The peak times range across from 3PM EST to 10PM EST, with the exceptions of later times being reached based on the topic of roleplay, for many great roleplayers call Edenia their home.  


Population Density

The Land of Edenia’s people do not hold hesitation to letting one into their Estate- for it is the right of all peoples to pursue knowledge- however, due to the history of their roots- Edenia frowns upon those who resort to the use of forbidden knowledge, that being pursuing things many deem to be unnatural such as dark magic, to further their goals.



The Land of Edenia resides upon the border of the Wildlands- the trek there being worth the walk, should one be determined to face the journey. From Cloud Temple, one must first pass through the swamps of Arcas, cut through the dense forests before meandering their way across the path lining out the Wildlands, to where they’d find the Land of Edenia.




List of players available to assist:

The Lord of Edenia, Dael’debol II | yooho#6616
Sir Ehmet, Leader of the Freeblades | Spoonpid#3469



May you find your way and enjoy your stay within Edenia

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