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Haeseni Scribes Wanted

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St. Otto “The Bald” transcribing the events of his youth

[[Nestor the Chronicler, Viktor Vasntesov, 1885]]


Haeseni Scribes Wanted

Prints and fliers depicting Saint Otto of Vanderfell, patron of the Haeseni people, and Saint Jude of Petrus, patron of scholastics, are hung around the streets and outskirts of New Reza.


The Dual-Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and Her people are stepping into a new age with their newly gained independence.  Due to this shift within the Kingdom, many Haeseni have begun to celebrate the history and culture of Hanseti-Ruska more fervently.  Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Alexandria Karina Wick, has decided to step forward as Royal Curator of the Kingdom to revisit documents detailing the history of Haense.


The Royal Curator’s intentions are to narrow down on the grey spots of Haeseni history; the footnotes of the Kingdom and Her people’s accomplishments and to better dilate them.  A wonderful story of perseverance, vigor, and devotion exists within the history and culture of Hanseti-Ruska and Her Royal Highness would not wish to see such a defining thing of our Kingdom’s identity to fade with time.


Scribes and Haeseni historians are called upon to reach out to Alexandria Karina to aid her with this endeavor.  If any are interested in aiding their Kingdom in such a manner, they need only fill out the form below:







Essentially, what is desired here is for the Haense Wiki to be fleshed out more in certain bits.  If you’re knowledgeable in historical events of Haense, important/meaningful figures, or anything else about the Kingdom - feel free to reach out.

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To Her Royal Highness Alexandria Karina –


While I cannot currently lay claim to Haensi citizenship, I am Raevir in ethnicity. I consider myself a scholar on the Early Empire, especially the Reformed Kingdom of Oren and the Duke’s War. While I understand the proper founding of Haense did not occur until some time later, the origins of the kingdom are tied together deeply with the origins of the Empire in a complex web of causes and effects. 


Should you require any assistance from me, I would be glad to provide. 



Y. Styrne

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Konrad grumbled as his father forced him to fill out the form..


CHARACTER NAME: Konrad Terrence

MC NAME: Emenzi

DISCORD: You have it 

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