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The Ruthern Homecoming Ball, 1787

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As penned by THE HONORABLE, Lady Elizaveta Angelika Ruthern, c. 1787



A painting of Lady Irena Ceciliya Ruthern, c. 1787

As depicted by the artist Emelié of Poiteaux


IN ACCORDANCE TO THE RETURN OF LADY IRENA RUTHERN– The Count of Metterden and furthermore the entirety of House Ruthern invites all to celebrate in the family’s holding. All attendees will be allowed access into the courtyard of Helmholtz, and the great hall within the keep itself. Traditional Haeseni and Ruthern drinks and cuisine, catered by the Hammerhead Café & Eatery for the occasion, shall be provided as refreshments for the guests. There will also most certainly be musicians present to allow the attendees the opportunity to partake in the dancing and revelry throughout the evening for the duration of the ball.


The proceedings shall occur as follows;



A welcoming home speech as presented by Aleksandr var Ruthern, Count of Metterden. Carrion Black will be extended to any who wish to toast at the finale of the speech.



The first waltz of the evening, to be preceded by the numerity of other dances and songs upon request or the musicians’ preference.



A thanking from the host to all guests for their attendance of the revelry. 




The Right Honorable, Aleksandr Leopold Ruthern, Count of Metterden, Protector of the South, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Ivanhall and Helmholtz


The Right Honorable, Katherine Marie Ruthern neé Stafyr, Countess-Dowager of Metterden



Time: 3pm EST

Day: Saturday, October 3rd


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Lounging within the foyer of comital Metterden whilst visiting her kin,  the  Lady Elizaveta joyously began to finalize invitations to beloved relatives, comrades, and other intimates of Lady Irene, the youngest flower to bloom of the union between the Dowager Countess Katherine and her late husband, Konstantin. 


”My, my! What good fun this will be, wouldn’t you say?” She cooed to her eldest daughter Sigmunda and the doting nephews who surrounded her.  

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“Wow, what a great message! No one will have the courage to undermine the sovereignity of our country.”

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