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The Dicastery for the Priesthood of Exalted Owyn

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High Priest Evaristus I and High Priest Clement I, first of the Priesthood.





Appointed by His Holiness
☨ High Pontiff James II ☨

The Dicastery for the Priesthood


Prelate for the Priesthood, Manfried
☨ Cardinal St. Julia ☨






Sɛction I - Greetings And Benediction
Sɛction II - Introduction
Sɛction III - Duties
Sɛction IV - Appointments
Sɛction V - Accepted Instruction
Sɛction VI - Expectations of the Priesthood
Sɛction VII - Documents Related to the Prelacy
Sɛction VIII - Prelates of the Church




Sɛction I


Oh Lord, God on high. We, Your humble servants vow to remain eternally loyal to You, eternally devout in our worship and eternally steadfast in our service. We, Your faithful, accepted into the loving bosom of Your light through Your mercy, shall be molded by Your scripture, the Holy Scrolls, forever to hear it as the one truth, the only truth, the eternal truth. We shall serve as the pillars of this great path we tread, readied by the wombs of our mothers, carried into this terra by the blessings You have imparted upon those who follow in the footsteps of Saint Julia, Lord Godani. We, the pious, the devout, the faithful shall mold this world in the image of virtue, just as we are molded by the Scrolls You had imparted upon the Exalted, ever to be cherished and adhered to as the servants of You, Our Lord. We make this solemn vow in communion with the blessed Church of Canon. May we be made worthy of the Seven Skies through the scripture and holy teachings gifted to us by You, God. In Nomine Patris, Amen!
Greetings and Benediction, brothers and sisters. May the utmost of God’s blessings eternally reach you and may the Saints intercede on the behalf of you and your’s as we walk the path of virtue and righteousness in the name of our Lord, the Almighty and Eternal, Godani.


Signed with the Love of a Father,
Cardinal St. Julia,
Prelate of the Canonist Priesthood,
Cardinal Judge of Helena,
Vicar in the Metropolitanate of Helena,




Sɛction II


“Owyn obeyed the command of GOD and anointed the brothers Evaristus and Clement, who jostled in the same womb, as joint bearers of the laurel of Horen.  He entrusted to them the Word of GOD, which were the Virtue and the Spirit, and charged them to instruct their brethren in the path of holiness. At Owyn’s command, the brothers set shepherds over the flock of men, and so created a priesthood for their instruction, in anticipation of the second son of spirit.” (Gospel 5:3-5)


It was the High Priests Evaristus and Clement who were the beginning of the Canonist Priesthood, bestowed their awesome power of the ordained to spread the word of the Lord and teach man of their sins, proceeding to raise them in virtue. It was too Evaristus and Clement who not only instructed the lay faithful but a new Priesthood of which was of their own creation and so, while they solely held the laurel, the power of the ordained was spread wide to a handful of brothers to better proselytize the one true faith. And so, it is this same Priesthood, Owyn’s Priesthood, born of Evaristus and Clement which still to this day serves as a well spring of light, bathing all of Creation in enlightenment and virtue. With this, it is in the great cycle, sparked by the High Priests Evaristus and Clement that we of the Canonist Church pass down our knowledge and teachings to a new generation of Acolytes, doing as the High Priests did so as to better spread the word of God. For it is not through the hands of one but many that the Lord’s teachings are bestowed unto the laity of our blessed Church.


With that said, this is the ever-driving purpose of the Prelacy. To ensure the capabilities of the ordained men and that the wisdom of one generation is passed on to the next of budding Priests with a passion to preach His word. To defend the eternal mission of the Church, born of Exalted Owyn’s passing of the laurel to the first High Priests. The mission to forever safeguard the truth of the Canon through the blessed Priesthood and to ensure the instruction of the Acolytes is of high standard as to protect this truth which we hold so dear. Blessed be God and blessed be the Church. May She forever reign, a shepherd of this world, forever living through the cycle of Evaristus and Clement.




Sɛction III


It is through the renewed life of the Prelacy that the duties of which this office is entrusted to do must too be renewed and restated and so therefore they are listed and explained here as to better educate the clergy and laity of our duties as the Prelate and Dicastery for the Priesthood of Exalted Owyn.


1| We, the Prelacy and Dicastery serve as the overseers of the Priesthood, forever ensuring the intended structure and instruction as well as the upkeep of the standard in which we the Priests carry ourselves as shepherds of our flock, God’s children.

2| We, the Prelacy and Dicastery ensure standard and proper education given to the Acolytes of our blessed Church, dutifully watching over their progress as to make sure they are taught well in the ways of the clergy and prepared to bear the cloth of the Church.

3| We, the Prelacy and Dicastery serve to assign clerics to the ecclesiastical provinces or Dioceses from whence they shall serve as Priests of the Canon.

4| We, the Prelacy and Dicastery shall encourage the Dioceses of the Church to further the recruitment efforts of their ecclesiastical purview, as to continue the cycle of Evaristus and Clement and expand the ranks of the Priesthood of which we strive to preserve.

5| We, the Prelacy and Dicastery shall bestow academic degrees in divinity and Canon Law and too define the requirements to receive such a degree.


A copy from the Canonical Law of the Church, authored by the Right Rev. MSGR. Ide Harracus, Auditor of the Tribunal and later His Holiness, High Pontiff Pontian III. Promulgated by His Holiness, High Pontiff Daniel VI. Revised by His Holiness, High Pontiff James II.


Ҥ4. The Prelate of the Priesthood executes the following functions of the High Pontiff:
The oversight of the priesthood
Ensuring the proper education of acolytes and clerics
The assignment of clerics to ecclesiastical provinces
Encouraging the recruitment of candidates to the priesthood
Adjudicating, establishing stands for, and issuing academic degrees in divinity and canon law”




Sɛction IV


It is in this section that the ranks of the Dicastery, the approved individuals for academic degrees in divinity and Canon Law, as well as such other relevant appointments will be presented to the public.

Prelate of the Priesthood - His Eminence, Manfried Cardinal St. Julia
Diocean Prelates -
To be decided.
Professors and Instructors -
Bishop Emeritus, Abbot Bram Calistovich, Professor in Theology
[Note: Degrees are to be given out in cooperation with the University of St. Sixtus]

Bishop Emeritus, Abbot Bram Calistovich, Divinity




Sɛction V


To ensure that a budding-Priest’s education is of a sufficient standard to ready the Acolytes to bear the cloth, I hereby outline the requirements of an Acolyte before ascending to Priesthood of our most holy institution, the Mother Church.


  • Prior to any form of training, it must be affirmed that the budding Priest is male, one of the descendant races (the Humans of Exalted Horen, elves of Malin, orcs of Krug, dwarves of Urguan) and that they have been baptized through the Church, cleansing them of past vice and making them a Canonist.
  • Must have read and possesses full understanding of the Church’s Catechism, the one currently promulgated by the Church being authored by His Eminence, Cardinal Fabian the Lesser.
  • Has a good understanding of the Scripture, the Holy Scrolls.
  • Participated in lessons within their diocese, held by the Diocean Prelate or superior within the ecclesiastical province of which they serve. This is in order to promote a better understanding of the teachings of the Church and to answer any questions and misunderstandings the Acolyte may have on the faith.
  • It is encouraged that an Acolyte participate in at least one mass before they ascend to the blessed Priesthood.
  • Written a Thesis showing a sufficient comprehension of Scripture and a theological mind fitting of a budding Priest. This Thesis must be reviewed by the Bishop or higher within their diocese, those who can ordain Priests.


It should be understood by the instructors of these Acolytes that this is a rather short list and a bare one at that. While these rules may be in place, it is the responsibility of the superior to suit the needs of the Acolyte, time, and place. Therefore, it is not only permitted but encouraged for the superior who shall instruct these Acolytes to expand on these rules as to provide a rich education to produce an even richer understanding. These rules too may be expanded upon by the Dicastery where seen fit.




Sɛction VI


While this section shall be short for it is the diverse Priesthood which allows for the better guiding of a diverse, worldwide flock, these things must be said as to place forth an expectation of which should be followed. 


It is the Priesthood of Evaristus and Clement which has cared for the Canonist lay faithful from age to age, land to land, Kingdom to Kingdom. While States may come and go, it is the Church and it’s Priesthood which, while waning and waxing at times throughout history, never falls. Just as the fruit of virtue, the Church does not rot. The Church is perpetual, ever-lasting, eternal. It is through the Priests that the Church survives and so, it is through the Priests that the world itself survives, forever guided on this path instated by the Lord.


Of course, it is not the Priests who give this world life however it is the Priests which tend to the vineyards of virtue, forever keeping the candle of faith lit and burning so that it may illuminate our souls in the darkness of sin. This is the burden of the Priesthood and a heavy one to bear at that and so, it is ordainment that shall not be taken lightly. The Priesthood should be filled with merciful and dedicated men, shepherds who truly care for their flock as a father would for their children. They should say mass frequently and instruct the lay faithful of their diocese in the ways of God. However, more importantly, they should be readily available for their flock as to provide guidance and the Sacraments.


It is this burden which all Priests bear and it should be their honor to carry it out. The service one does for the laymen should not be out of self-service but selfless action in the name of the Lord. The Priesthood is not for selfish men but for those who wish to guide and defend their flock. In the matter of self-service I too do not speak of vanity. I do not refer to beautiful estates, fine clothes, wealth. I refer to the care one provides for the lay faithful. A good shepherd both guides the sheep and defends them from the wolves which seek to cause harm. Therefore, a good Priest should both guide his flock and too defend them from sin or the wolves in this scenario. A self-serving cleric would run at the first sight of wolves but a cleric who truly cares for not himself but for his flock will place himself in harm’s way to defend them from Iblees’s servants and his iniquity. 


It is the burden of the Priesthood which weighs heavy on our shoulders and that weight should not be endured to culminate power and influence. One should bear it for they truly care. For they wish to defend and guide. To enlighten. That is the mission and expectations of the Priesthood. Carry out your duty in selfless action as Exalted Owyn and Evaristus and Clement intended or fail and run away a coward, leaving your flock in harm’s way at the first sight of wolves.




Sɛction VII


 -Documents of the Prelacy-


An Epistle – On the Non-Human Ascension to the Seven Skies

Cardinal Manfried

The Ascension to the Cloth – Recruitment Page
Cardinal Manfried



Sɛction VIII


-Prelates of the Church-

Daniel VI - James II


His Grace, Abbot Odis de Jedih
Under Daniel VI

His Eminence, Philip Cardinal Pruvia
Under Daniel VI

His Eminence, Godwin Cardinal Kaedrin
Under John I

His Eminence, Jasper Cardinal Renzfeld
Under John I

His Eminence, Rodrigo Cardinal Curonia
Under Pontian III

His Excellency, Arthur Cardinal Helena
Under James II

His Eminence, Manfried Cardinal St. Julia
Under James II




Propalatam Deus, da nobis multa sunt beneficia ut non palpet proximorum expendas.
Quia tu id etiam a misericordissimo et maxima benevolentia atque amantissima.
In nomine Patris, amen.


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“Orcs, elves and dwarves can join the clergy... oh my how troubling this is considering none of them can enter the seven skies. It is saddening that it does not seem that any vows are listed that all clergy should undertake including the curia, a vow of chastity, a vow of obedience to the Scrolls and a vow of poverty

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James II nods approvingly, saying to the Prelate “Excellent work, Cardinal St. Julia I am sure a well-staffed Dicastery will multiply your natural gift for the shepherding priesthood. If you would, direct the priesthood to dispel the strange rumor circulating that the gentile races cannot enter the Seven Skies. It seems that old blasphemy is rearing its head again.”

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To my brothers of cloth,


It has become of concern to His Holiness, High Pontiff James that the idea of which non-humans cannot enter the Seven Skies returns once more. And so it is in this short letter that I address this issue with simple theological fact of which can be identified in two texts of the Church. Firstly, I bring forth evidence from the Scroll of Auspice, “Lo! The virtuous dead are descending, and at their fore are the sons of spirit, and the sons of the first man and woman.”  (Auspice 2:5). It is in this line of the Scroll of Auspice that the armies of God descend from the Seven Skies, arriving to our terra in order to face the wretched forces of Iblees. Among these forces are the sons of spirit, Exalted Owyn, Exalted Godfrey, and Exalted Sigismund and too the sons of the first man and woman who are Ex. Horen but too Malin, Krug, and Urguan. And so, with their mention, it is too Malin, Krug, and Urguan who descend from God’s plane, or the Seven Skies, to battle against the Lord’s foes.


I then move onto the Catechism of our Church, written by Cardinal Fabian with the imprimatur of High Pontiff St. Sixtus IV, a Pontiff so recognized for his mastery of his craft that he was named Patron Saint of Theologians. Two quotes from the Catechism, “It is unknown whether non-descendants may enter the Skies, although God is merciful; it is likely that an abomination who forsakes sin and worships the Creator will have its soul purified upon death.” and ”The First Sky is the abode of virtuous pagans; humans who never received the chance to convert to Canonism but still acted morally, and any non-humans who obeyed the Virtue.” The first quote states a question whether non-descendants enter the Seven Skies, indicating that while it is unknown if the abominations are permitted in the afterlife, descendants (those of Horen, Malin, Krug, and Urguan) certainly are. And the second quote outright states that along with virtuous Human pagans, non-humans who obeyed the Scroll of Virtue are too welcomed in the First Sky. After that, it mentions nothing of race and therefore indicates that the descendants are allowed in the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Sky to which I shall expand on next.


Now, from quotes, I move on to people. Firstly, I mention Blessed Enoch and Blessed Mauricio of Azog. Blessed Enoch, an elf, is mentioned among the many names within the LEGENDA SANCTORUM while Mauricio of Azog was made Blessed quite recently by His Holiness, High Pontiff Pontian III in the Bull QUINTUS AUREA BULLA HELENAM. These two therefore reside in the Fourth Sky, proving that the descendants can indeed find themselves in the spiritual plane of God, even among the most pious in the Third and Fourth Skies. 


And in conclusion, I lastly mention a venerable brother of the cloth who lives now among us in the Mother Church. Father Pius of Sutica, an elf, is of our ranks as a most faithful Priest of the Church. He has contributed to our vast libraries on many occasions and still honors us with his wisdom as he continues to spread the teachings of scripture through pen and paper. It is therefore through this evidence that I hope the notion that the gentile races of our world cannot find reward in the Seven Skies for their virtues is done away with and the accepted interpretation of our Church and His Holiness James II is accepted too by the clergy.


May God’s blessings find you eternally,

Your Prelate,


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8 hours ago, Boniface said:

“Orcs, elves and dwarves can join the clergy... oh my how troubling this is considering none of them can enter the seven skies. It is saddening that it does not seem that any vows are listed that all clergy should undertake including the curia, a vow of chastity, a vow of obedience to the Scrolls and a vow of poverty

" Those Vows are required ONLY by monastics and religious Orders, diocesan priests are not expected to undertake Vows of Poverty and Chastity. But this is what you get from "personal interpretation of the Scrolls by the individual believer" or whatever you advocated instead of submitting to Church dogma and practice," replies Pius harshly. "You have been a Priest for so long and do not know something so basic? No Holy Doctors have expected it, no Pontiffs and no Councils. No Canon Law has stipulated it, nor have the Scrolls. St. Jude wrote of these things as belonging exclusively to the monastic life. To impose monastic Vows on the entire clergy is wrong."


"Even assuming what you have said is true, how is access to the Skies when we die a condition of membership of the Priesthood? Blessed Daniel VI and Venerable Fabian were clear: any adult male descendant who is baptised can be validly ordained. Holy Church has spoken and there is nothing contrary to Faith and Morals in it."

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Bl. High Pontiff Jude and the Venerable Elder Vladimir shake their head at the debate, “Vladimirism will one day reign.” they nod, going back attend to celestial things.

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