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An Epistle - On the Non-Human Ascension to the Seven Skies

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On the Non-Human Ascension to the Seven Skies




Prelate for the Priesthood
Cardinal St. Julia


In Nomine Patris!




From the publication of my office’s dicastery, the place of the descendant races in the clergy has become a debated topic and a heated one at that. Too, however, has the place of the descendant races in the Seven Skies of our God, the Lord Almighty, been questioned. It is therefore in this epistle that I argue against the preposterous notion of which has been proposed, a notion that is contrary to Scripture, to which the opposing side disagrees with. With that said, I begin with the very first paragraph of my venerable brother’s epistle, QUI ABSCONDITUS EST VERITAS. While it is mainly an introduction, the Friar quickly delves into inaccuracies of which I wish to correct. He begins by saying how I did indeed confirm that non-humans such as orcs and dwarves can be a part of the Priesthood and that they can ascend to the Seven Skies. They can certainly join the Priesthood, however I wish to focus in this epistle on the latter half, an inaccuracy much more troubling then the first. 


I find this most troubling as orcs were cursed with bloodlust by The Denier and are prone to kill and to violence - dwarves were cursed with greed so are prone to steal and hoard wealth, this is not a generalisation; it is fact.” He then delves into the quote I just presented before you, to which proves factual. “The Denier was enraged, and by his wicked power the brothers and their tribes were altered.” (Gospel 2:62) In this, Friar Boniface is correct. The Denier, Iblees, cursed Horen with mortality, Malin with impotence, Krug with wrath, and Urguan with greed. However, while all four brothers were cursed by Iblees, the three brothers not human, being Malin, Krug, and Urguan were relieved of their pains by the Aengul Aeriel, “Aeriel came among them, and by GOD’s will the brothers were alleviated of the pains of their imperfections. Thus Krug’s wrath was tempered with honor, Malin’s impotency with sanctuary, and Urguan’s greed with strength of will.” (Gospel 2:67-68) This must indeed be recognized for God, in His eternal mercy, commanded the Aengul Aeriel to alleviate the pains of the brothers not Human. He therefore balanced their curses with His virtue and did not leave them to rot in sin.





The Lord Almighty showing the first woman the
imperfections of her sons.






Friar Boniface proceeds to contest my “absurd claim” that Exalted Horen and Saint Julia were not the first man and woman and instead there were two before them. Too, my claim that Exalted Horen, Descendant Malin, Descendant Krug, and Descendant Urguan were born of the first man and woman, brothers. This is in fact not an absurd claim as the Friar puts it, instead being supported by the Holy Scrolls, “So the Lord made two bodies of earth, and gave them blood and breath, and the light of wisdom. And they were virtuous, and GOD called them the first man and woman, who spoke no language and took no name. And these were GOD’s favored creations, for they did satisfy His plan.” (Gospel 1:28-30) and too, these lines, “And they knew each other, bearing four sons. The eldest was Malin, who rose tall and fair-haired from the rich loam of the forest. And he took a liking to the beasts of the earth and the fruit-bearing trees, and resolved that his home should be a sanctuary for lesser beings. The second was Urguan, dense and rough-skinned like the walls of his deep mountain home. About him were gold and onyx and alabaster stones, and he took fascination with them, and resolved that he should concern himself with the affairs of the deep earths. The third was Krug strong and fierce, brought forth in the scorching desert dust. He was the strongest of his kindred and took fondness for hunt and battle, and soon resolved that he should hone his strength and surpass all living things. The youngest was Horen, who was neither tall nor short, not frail nor fierce, and he acted with wisdom and restraint. Thus he did not share his brother’s ambitions, except to praise GOD.” (Gospel 1:33-41)


While it is a rather long excerpt from the Blessed Scripture, it clearly states that; firstly, there was a first man and woman before Exalted Horen, created by God after the Immortals had not fulfilled His plans and; secondly, that this first man and woman bore the four descendants who were Malin, Urguan, Krug, and Exalted Horen. He also states this, “It has long been an established truth that Horen and Julia were the first man and woman, the first coupling.” to which is true. Exalted Horen and Saint Julia were indeed the first married couple, however they were not the first man and woman. 





Cardinal Fabian the Lesser finishing
The Catechism of Our Blessed Church.






After this, he states that my quoting of the Catechism is of no importance, “Quoting the catechism for justification is of no importance as the catechism is merely a collection of opinions of which, like the Pontiff, is fallible and has been edited and changed continuously since the days of Sixtus IV.” and then proceeds to speak on how it is wrong to place our anchor on the Catechism. It becomes clear that, for many centuries, we have certainly relied on the Catechisms of our times and used them as an anchor for our beliefs. One such important example is that our Acolytes, the next generation of Priests are instructed through the Catechism. The Catechisms are a representation of our times, the “opinions” of which make them up being founded in careful theological thought which then mold our Priesthood. While it certainly is wrongful to choose the citation of the Catechism over the Scrolls, the Catechism still serves as a useful tool in any Thesis or document and remains a relevant written work which guides our budding Priests into theological understanding. To state that the Catechism is of no importance is to state that the Church’s beliefs are of no importance for the Catechism is a document which outlines the teachings currently accepted by our Church. 




The blessed guidance
of the Priesthood.






It is humanity who will walk the seven skies, GOD has favoured humanity, else why is there no orcish emperors of Oren or orcish Pontiffs?” In the second paragraph, he too states this to which I say, God certainly has favored humanity and anyone who says otherwise is clearly ignoring the Holy Scrolls as well as our Catechism. It was Exalted Horen who was lifted up to Seventh Sky to receive the word of God and it was through this that the next three Exalted, the sons of spirit, would receive and then pass on the teachings of God through the remaining Holy Scrolls. It is through this evidence in Scripture that it is clearly shown, God has indeed favored the Humans, however not in the way to which is suggested. God spoke unto Horen and the other Exalted the Scripture and so did they speak it unto their kin in this terra and enlighten the world of God’s blessed teachings. God did not give us the right to use the elves, dwarves, and orcs as footstools. To think the gentile races lesser than us. No, He bestowed the Scripture to us so that we could serve as the guiders of this world. We are His chosen race, just like Canonists are His beloved children. However, through His mercy, He does not cast away the virtuous pagans. He does not abandon them to rot in the Void. He has bestowed the Virtue through His prophets unto all of His Creation and so if the Human pagans are virtuous, they are welcomed into the First Sky. And so, too, the gentile races are welcomed into the Skies for they have been guided by us, God’s chosen race.


This is why there are no orcish emperors or Pontiffs. We are the guiders and in their duties, those are positions of guidance. The emperors rule through the Crown and the Pontiffs enlighten and guide through the Laurel. It is quite fitting that Humans alone (besides one) have held the positions of emperors and Pontiffs, for the Crown and Laurel are of the Exalted and they are Human. The Humans are guiders and so too are the emperors and Pontiffs. However, the gentile races’s absence in these positions does not make them absent in the Seven Skies.


And Godfrey set aside the Throne of Man for a holy purpose, consecrating it to GOD. Thus it was sworn that no Son of Malin, of Urguan, of Krug, or any magi shall hold it.” (Gospel 6:36-37)




Saint Julia
As pictured in the






For the next paragraph, the venerable Father speaks to my mentions of the two Blessed non-humans. To this, I defer much to the standpoint of my brother in cloth, Father Pius, who explains it beautifully in his own response to QUI ABSCONDITUS EST VERITAS, “If canonisations and beatifications are not infallible, is not the whole thing a farce? Is not the veneration of Saints and Blessed a complete farce and idolatry? Not so.” Indeed, not so. If the canonisations and beautifications are not infallible and prone to error by the hands of Man, then no Saint can be looked to for guidance and intercession. Then the miracles of the Saints of which are outlined in the LEGENDA SANCTORUM are but lies or coincidences. Not to be trusted and therefore not to be accepted by the Church. 




The Aengul Aeriel descending from the Skies
to save the faithful from The Denier.






Proceeding forward, the Friar cites many excerpts from Scripture. The first one I shall address is this, “So Aeriel came among them, and by GOD’s will the brothers were alleviated of the pains of their imperfections. And thus Krug’s wrath was tempered with honor, Malin’s impotency with sanctuary, and Urguan’s greed with strength of will. But at the command of GOD, Aeriel did not alleviate Horen’s pain. For to Horen, the Lord promised the Skies. And Horen was assumed into them…” (Gospel, 2:17) And Boniface then states that this excerpt proves that only mankind alone can enter the Seven Skies for the Seven Skies are promised by the Lord to Horen, not Malin, Urguan, or Krug. This line from Scripture alone becomes a very promising point and one that could indeed settle the argument on the side of Friar Boniface. However, if one simply looks at this line alone, they forget the Scroll of Auspice. 


I bring forth these verses from the Scroll of Auspice, “Thus the virtuous of other tribes are marching down from heaven, and the Skies are given over to the sons of Horen. Thus the good sons of Krug are given the Void, and it is made to serve them, and they hone their strength eternally. Thus the good sons of Urguan are given the deep places of the earth, and they hold the treasures of the world. And last the good sons of Malin are given the world, and it is a sanctuary forever.” (Auspice 3:12-15) After the defeat of The Denier by the hands of the virtuous armies of God, the planes are divided between the descendants. So, while the orcs are given the Void. While the elves are given the world and while the dwarves are given the caves and depths of the earth, Horen and mankind are given what they were promised by God, the Seven Skies. Therefore, it is in this interpretation that it is not the Seven Skies after death that was promised to mankind and mankind alone but the Seven Skies after the death of Iblees, not as an afterlife but a home for the rest of eternity. And so, the notion that this verse from Scripture proves the place of Humans alone in the Seven Skies is done away with.


The next verse from the Scroll of Virtue receives much the same explanation as the previous. It is cited as follows, “And as I made for you the worldly pleasures, so too have I made the pleasures of the spirit, and the love of the husband and wife. And I have given unto you the wine of sacrament, and the wine of merriment, and I have promised you the world and the Skies.” (Virtue, 3:5-6) With this, I must say that the Scroll of Virtue is addressed to all of the faithful, even the gentile races of which are held to this Scroll alone. The Scroll of Virtue, while given to Horen alone, is then spread by the first Exalted to all of this world and all of His Creation. If the gentile races are held to the commands set out by God in this Scroll, so too are they subject to the gifts explained within.


Moving forward, the next line of the Holy Scrolls of which Friar Boniface cites is this, “So the Lord was pleased to lay His favor upon the sons of His first man and woman, and he called the pair forth to reside in the Sixth Sky and give the World over to the dominion of the Sons. The first man held GOD with great fear and marvel, and did as he was bid, and rose to the Sixth Sky beneath the throne of the Lord. But the first woman loved her children even greater than GOD, and would not leave. So the Lord was wroth, and uncovered the imperfections of the Sons, so that she would know her folly. And the first woman wept, and was humbled, for all things are imperfect before GOD. And she did as she was bidden, and rose to the Sixth Sky. Thus the Sons were orphaned, but even in their imperfection did keep faith in the Lord. So GOD was pleased, and he gave them language and greater knowledge, and created for each Son a tribe of seven thousand alike to them. And he placed the Sons above their people as kings, and they testified to His glory.” (Gospel 1:42-50) and the Friar Boniface explains once more that the first man and woman were Horen and Julia and that it is impossible for the sons to be Malin, Urguan, and Krug. However, it is not impossible at all for Horen and Julia were not the first man and woman. I present this citation from the Scroll of Gospel once again, “So the Lord made two bodies of earth, and gave them blood and breath, and the light of wisdom. And they were virtuous, and GOD called them the first man and woman, who spoke no language and took no name. And these were GOD’s favored creations, for they did satisfy His plan.” (Gospel 1:28-30) 


It is strange that Horen and Julia are believed to have taken no name and spoken no language for how Horen could communicate the Scroll of Virtue to His Creation without a method in which to do so is unbeknownst to me. And too, how they could have taken no name and yet be known as Horen and Julia in subsequent times is too not of my knowledge. I stress once again, the first man and woman were not Horen and Julia and instead two people of their own who bore the four descendants (Horen, Malin, Urguan, and Krug), and so did they ascend to the Sixth Sky first, then to later be joined by the Exalted and their wives.


It too must be pointed out that the Tribe of Humans, in the beginning of times, was led by Horen. And yet, if Horen and Julia were indeed the first man and woman, the Tribe of Humans would have been created after the Prophet’s ascension to the Sixth Sky. It becomes clear once again that instead of narrowing our vision or tip-toeing around other verses which may disprove our points, we must instead look to the entirety of the Scrolls and see the truth, lest we be lost to an age of disinformation and error.






With that last point made, I conclude with this. In this battle of words, I do not wish to scorn or fight with my brother in faith and so do I hope that the good and venerable Friar thinks the same. However, while I do not write this Epistle in conflict, I write it in contest to an interpretation which I believe to be wholly false. It is through the will of God that we of the Priesthood are meant to teach, enlighten, and correct the lay faithful. And so do I believe that it is our duty as Priests to correct those of our own cloth who find themselves falling to error. Such being said, I hope my Epistle is justified in it’s aim, and too pray that the clergy shall accept it as the truth of which is founded in both the Holy Scrolls and the dogma of our blessed Church.


Signed with the love of a Father,
Cardinal St. Julia,
Prelate for the Canonist Priesthood,
Cardinal Judge of Helena,
Vicar of Helena,




Propalatam Deus, da nobis multa sunt beneficia ut non palpet proximorum expendas.
Quia tu id etiam a misericordissimo et maxima benevolentia atque amantissima.
In nomine Patris, amen.

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