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Tales of the Mud City v2 - A Fallout FRP (RP)


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A T O M   D R A G O N S




((Stat Post so as to prevent hold-up cuz I been waging))


Starting Points

1 Extra Pop Stack + Block

2 Research Tiers [T3 Armour]

2 Basic Resources [10B]

1 Bonus Caps [5k Caps]


Tribal Starting Weapons:

200 T1 Melee Weapons

300 T2 Melee Weapons [Halved Production]



Building Feral Fighting Pit in Grant Park [20,000 Caps, 10 Materials]

Producing 100 Scrap [T1] Armour [2 Metals]

Researching T2 Melee Weapons [3/5R]


Moving into Engineer’s Guild’s relinquished sectors with 100 soldiers

Picking up where Engineers left off, scavenging train yards and stations

Manning border with Blackhawks with 200 soldiers, including subway exits

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Turn 1 





With the arrival of dozens of factions within the area known as Mud City, most parties begin their journey in solidarity in the wastes. Some, however, do not share the same kind of luxury. Among those that would qualify as the less primitive of groups (Advanced/Civilized), an odd irregularity is shared between them all. Their usually reliable handheld radios, as well as some of their more powerful communication equipment, find themselves interrupted for sporadic periods of time throughout the day. These outages last a mere few minutes at a time and several hours apart, though it is enough to cause some frustration to the average listener attempting to enjoy their favorite wasteland tunes.


Though aside from these struggles of an ageless modern society, there is little to be said of the Mud City as the gears of production have only yet begun to turn.



Eastern Brotherhood of Steel


It is a quiet landing for the Eastern Brotherhood, one which Elder Geraint should be grateful for as they arrive without contact in the Mud City.




The industrious little fellows of the Guild go to work without a moment of hesitation, all for the great Choo-Choo. Within the tunnels below Chicago a series of wreckages are found, with a pair of albeit damaged but recoverable trains being found. (+8 M, +6 M OR possibility of beginning repairs on the pair of trains)


The Oasis


The Oasis faces some troubles finding the bad-men. It seems their adversary is as elusive as a chimp in a jungle, though it is presumed that the runaways couldn’t have gone far.


With an expansion of their borders and thinning of security in the dense concrete jungle of the downtown, the chimps make themselves a more viable target to local raider bands. A series of swift raids occur, most of which originating from the north-west of The Oasis. (-100 Chimps, -1000 C, -1 B)


Western BoS Expedition


As presumed and hoped for by the Senior Paladin, the scribes do indeed come across a telecommunication tower near the control tower of the abandoned airfield. However, the damage to the equipment is extensive and requires massive repairs, a clear effect to the nuclear fallout centuries ago.


New California Republic Rangers


The attempt of bringing in wasters and escapees does not go as planned. Simply walking around their block in search of personnel is clearly not the way to go about their ‘liberation’ of the Mud City. (+30 Civilized Population)


‘Handsome’ Hank comes off ugly, as gambling is clearly not his forte. The man ends his night losing more than he had bargained for, and in the end paid for it out of his own pocket. Though persistence is key to getting better at anything. (-500 Caps)


People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


A glorious beginning to the People’s Republic, as their promises to their people are fulfilled and a steady plot of land is settled. A promising start for those in unfamiliar territory.




Burke and his raiders head west, though are not as lucky as presumed in their quest for acquiring slaves and so a mere five men are found and put to work. However they did manage to clear a particularly ravenous den of irradiated wolves, preparing the block for their next expansion. Although they did pay with a handful of lives to trade for their western security. (-10 Raider Pop, +5 Slaves) (Burke +1 Agility, +1 Perception)


The Apostles of Christ


And so they have found themselves a friend. The research project with the Rangers to the east goes well, although for how long such a relationship can last will undoubtedly be tested in due time.




Scanning for Vaul-Tec personnel...


No users found…

Caching database...



The Kingdom


Of the three parties sent to their direct cardinal directions, only one returns unscathed. The other two return at half strength, though with a job complete. Although no settlers were found on their journeys, the blocks to the west, north, and east are cleared of hostile wildlife and ready for expansion. (-5 Population)




A truly eventful day, and one to remember for years to come. It is the first recorded victory for Rock Island in this new territory, the first of hopefully many.




A harsh hand they had been dealt, though one which they can reflect and grow on. In these new lands it seems they may fare better than anticipated, as the prospecting of the grounds provides a worthwhile boon; a series of abandoned, though intact structures for usage. (+2 B, +2 M)


Chicago Police Department


A catastrophic loss to start the year, though to uphold law and order against such brutes is the purpose of the Chicago Police. 


The plotted routes of the underground are beyond comprehension; a maze of tunnels and clogged drainage that seems to go on for miles, the lengths of which are infested with its own collection of darkness craving creatures and remains of forgotten travelers that had passed through the area. Access into and around this underground labyrinth is easily done, however traversal of it is another story. It would require some time to effectively plot a course there, and longer to ensure it’s safety from the creatures that infest it.


Midwest Enclave


To say the Enclave arrived would insinuate that they were once never there. Though for the rest of the Mud City they may never know how long the Enclave have stationed themselves in Chicago, and perhaps some may never know they were ever there.


A T O M   D R A G O N S


The manning of the borders to the north sparks a reaction, as a mere few days later the Blackhawks appear along the border numbering easily twice that of the Dragons patrol. Adorned in tribalistic uniforms; their faces painted, bones and feathers hanging from string across their bodies, and their weapons particularly grotesque looking for prolonged damage over a swift death. The message of this garrison is clear; This is Blackhawk territory, stay out of it.


The trains, unfortunately, are mostly found in the Union Station, the final bastion of the Engineer Union.

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Eastern Brotherhood of Steel




Knight-Captain Addison’s Journal

January 1st, 2271


“It looks as though we’re receiving a steady supply of arms and armor every other year now, too slowly to keep growing our ranks up to find whatever we were sent here for. Wildly enough we weren’t attacked on any of our patrols which seems to have emboldened Elder Geraint’s decision to send us out to recruit some wastelanders sometime on our patrols though only the ones deemed sane enough. We aren’t as desperate as the capital waste, the super mutant war there only dragged Elder Lyon’s down in a war of attrition. A shame we lost so many to these abominations, hopefully we don’t find any here…”


Stats: 204 Adv. Pop, 4 B, 2 M, 7 S, 14,500 C, 7 RP

[20 Stockpiled spaces]


(10,000 C, 2 B) 2 Markets prop up in the capital district. 


[14/25 RP] Scribes dutifully continue figuring out how to recreate rudimentary power armor, their paladins are defenseless without it! 


[2 M] 50 Sets of scrap firearms are built to give more of the brotherhood security against assaults into their territory.


[EXPEDITION, 10 Trained with T2 Guns and T3 Armor led by Knight-Captain Addison is sent northward from the capital block. Their mission objective is to simply scout out the area and make contact with wastelander villages and scout out sites that may be of future interest.]

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New California Republic Rangers



‘Handsome’ Hank appraised his ‘rifle’ skeptically. Their industry as it was had only just been put online. In the meantime he and his Rangers were forced to deal with these scrap weapons. Still, a Ranger wasn’t reliant on just his rifle. They would make do, and just be more careful. Around Hank was members of the 8th Battalion. They are led by the infamous Colonel Arbot. Him and his men had been put through hell all across the NCR. And usually came out grinning, victory under their belt. If he trusted anyone, it was them. And their current task was a little daunting. For today they would head outside of their compound, deeper into Mud City. Also coming with them is Tabith Hersch, NCR’s civilian representative. She wasn’t too afraid, with nearly fifty Rangers her protection. She was needed as a liaison to any civilians they find.


*They will head out at first down the highway. Hank will lead the team of ten recon soldiers and Jerimiah Fink himself. They will try to sneak, and stick to concealment whenever possible. Their mission is to assess the highway in this block, and clear it of hostiles if need be. If their truly is enemies, the Recon team will surround them, before opening fire. While the main elements of the 8th head up as reinforcement. Once the highway is clear, the Recon team will be left to guard the highway. From there Hank, Arbot, and Tabitha head into the block proper.




**Here is where their actions become far more overt. The Battalion will parade down the streets, confronting any bandit or rad animal threat they meet. Teams routinely check buildings, and once secured, man the roofs. Any wastelanders found will be met by Tabitha Hersh, a fellow civilian. She will try to convince them to join the NCR, preaching liberation and democrat rights. [Charisma 3, Intelligence 1, Luck 1] It is hoped the sight of almost forty Rangers will also inspire an air of safety to any wastelander met.


Once/if the block is cleared, the Rangers will head home with any wastelanders who choose to join them. While Recon teams set up in small outpost.




***Gordon Smith and Brock Davidson labor on the western border of their lands. With them were several bright minds from the Apostles of Christ. At first the two parties had been very cold towards one another. There was little trust, and very little understanding. But over the last few months their cold manners had diminished quite a bit. For one they all had a mutual goal; researching better blueprints of armor for their Factions. Working together had proven to be very successful, and soon their cooperation was essential. The second good factor was both parties were christian. While the NCR tolerated all religion, many of these Ranchers were from former christian ranchers. After a hard days work, both parties would often pray together. It was not much, but it was a start to something greater.






Advanced Population; 202

Civilized Population; 30

Income; 11,950 Caps, 7 B, 5 M, 10 S, 1 E


Mod Actions


*Rangers head out to clear highway block east of their southern compound. [Hank, Jerimiah, Arbot, Tabitha, 40 Green Rangers, 44 T1 Firearms, 44 T1 Armor.] [[10/40 Rangers form special ‘Recon Team’]]


6 newly recruited civilized rangers travel with the 8th. They are there to reassure any wastelanders they meet, proving the NCR liberation is working.


**At the same time Tabitha tries to liberate more wastelanders and slaves during the operation. [Charisma 3, Intelligence 1, Luck 1]


Character Dossier on Mission;

’Handsome’ Hank; S – 1, C – 2, P – 1, L – 1

Jerimiah Fink; S – 3, P – 1, L – 1

Colonel Arbot; S – 1, I – 2, P – 1, L – 1

Tabitha Hersh C – 3, I – 1, L – 1




***The continued joint project on Armor makes good headway! [T3 Armor 16/25]


***Brock Davidson heads this Research and Diplomatic effort. Strength 2, Intelligence 2, Perception 1


Financial Actions


Building 2 Markets -10k C, 2 B

Producing 16 T3 Firearms [6 Hunting Rifles, 10 Civilian ARs] -3M, 1 E

Producing 40 T2 Armor -2 M


2 S is rationed out [+1% Growth]

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Engineers | Guild Ball Wikia | Fandom

2271 - Turn 2

The last light of day shone over the broken horizon, as Donovan stood, hand caressing the side of the ancient steel beast before him. She showed her scars. Scores from where she was thrown from the rails. Scorch marks from explosions. Bullet holes, no doubt put there in bitter firefights over the years. To Donovan, she represented the absolute height of his ambitions, the glorious pinnacle that he had hoped to achieve in this place. And yet, once more, he was exiled, cast out. His people condemned to wander the broken, mutant filled and radiation warped landscape of Old Chicago, until they found a new home to be robbed of.


He caressed the metal panel. He knew this train. He had ridden her to work every morning, before the bombs dropped. Before the cryosleep. He could remember her, an old workhorse, engine roaring under the weight of dozens of carriages, packed with working class men. Christ! He had worked as a senior engineer on the plant where she and her sisters had been built. Trains had always been his dream. Waltzing Matilda, that's what this one was called. Waltzing Matilda, a name affectionately bestowed by old Jim Leathem, an Australian engineer who had married American, the man who had designed her.


A tear dropped from the end of Donovan's nose, then he lifted his hand, and walked away.


-5R into Molotov Cocktails
-5R into T1 Artillery

-Bands of scouts are deployed to the west, seeking a safe path from the station for the homeless band of Engineers. [Mod/Details in Discord]

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Midwest Enclave


With their base established, the Enclave begin to spread their influence across the ruins of Chicago. Secretary of State Ryan Kennedy, has a policy of covert operations. Wanting to keep the Enclave presence secret from the various factions in the city. He’d order special operations agents be sent out to scout the wasteland and begin to live among the people. For now the true purpose and goals of the Enclave in Chicago remain unclear.



Six Enclave Operatives are armed with armor and heavy weapons, and sent out dressed as a part of wastelanders to explore the ruined city

Construction yard is built (7500 C)

25 T3 Body armor wielded (4 M)

T2 heavy firearms are being researched (14/20)

Market is built (5000 C + 1 B)  

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Played across dozens of local radio channels (those that can punch through the interference, anyway) a monotonous, tinny, halting announcement blasts itself into the ears of anyone listening.


The voice cuts out, and a song begins to play. Likely, the first of many...





25 newly constructed bots slowly march into the region north of the primary region, carefully scanning for hostile entities and useful resources. Their primary interest is in raw materials, electronics, and derelict robots.


25 new T1 robots march out of the great door and get to work (2M + 2E)

A large, highly organised pile of steel and sheet-metal is arranged by the protectrons, who periodically drag portions of it into the Vault. (7500C + 2B towards a scrapyard)

5R towards guns (total of 10R in T1 guns).
2R towatds T2 firearms.

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Western BoS Expedition

C1clNRJpjr0bOUcsssHbS6bmIu0F9VNZoP1Tc25MGHfcOMZ34E_aMXeTHNwG345MKMQE-exJP7KKJkgMIzsQDuPS-r8NCN-xQ9B6X7zG3CXsyXZv2Z0QlsUMYoPosvahL405oSxiMorality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


            With the construction yards now complete, a very basic level of fortifications will be built to deter the unseen enemies of the Brotherhood. Although it is far from what Lost Hills is, it’s a start. It’s estimated by the Knight’s that it will take about four more years to get the place properly fortified at the current pace, and two if we were to focus on just the fortifications. What is certain though is the construction of another building; a fuel refinery. This refinery is a win for the Brotherhood seeing as the power armor bought with the expedition is out of juice. Power armor and superior firepower are key to the success of the operations conducted in the Mud City, at least according to the doctrine and Senior Paladin Blackburn. Once we lose those advantages there’s no doubt we will suffer it’s consequences immensely.




The airport is beginning to be fortified. (500 C, 1 B)


A fuel refinery is constructed (5,000 C, 1 B)


A batch of laser rifles are produced. (2M)


Continued research on laser heavy weapons (10/10 R) 


80 Knights and Paladins receive training and instruction from Senior Paladin Blackburn. (8,000 C, Trained)


Two scouts are sent to the two western blocks.

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The Kingdom






Jonathan holds court. For this year, as a precaution, no scouting parties are sent out. Travellers, if any happen to come by are greeted if they wish to stay and trade, but otherwise no interaction is to be conducted for the time being. Building up the current base takes priority now, establishing their foothold in Chicago further.



Population: 760 Humans

Available funds: 17,692 C




A new market is built. (-5,000 C, -1 B)

A new warhouse is built. (-7,500 C, -2 B)

Salvaged melee weaponry is finished. (5/5 RP)

Forged melee weaponry is begun. (3/15 RP)

40 T2 body armor is made to protect more of the commoners (-2 M)

Remainder of the funds are saved. (-5,192 C)


Whilst the Kingdom does not send any scouting parties, they keep an eye out for any parties that might be passing by, dangerous or friendly.




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T H E   O A S I S


A pillar of smoke rose high above the Oasis’ canopy, trailing off and sputtering out some distance away above what was once known as Lake Michigan. On the edge of the Oasis, at the source of the smoke, a small collection of huts and other buildings lay devastated, ruined, and smoking. The corpses of their previous inhabitants littering the area around them. It had been several days since the last raid, and the chimps had renewed their security on the border, a number of watchmen now scanning for attackers from high in the trees.

On the densely planted jungle floor, the process of cleaning and rebuilding the damages was ongoing. Many carried corpses further back to be buried, some brought up material to repair the smouldering structures. Hannibal himself was among them, stern faced and viewing the situation.

“They came when the war party went south. We could not run.” A chimp, who had survived the attack, signed to his leader, clutching his wounds. “They will return, surely.” A second chimed in. At this, a sort of disagreement erupted, many clambered to assemble another host and drive the humans away once more, others believed it to be more wise to hold their borders, they knew little about these ones, they could be far more dangerous than the last.

The silent argument was quickly ended by a wave of Hannibal’s fist. “We will show strength. They will pay. Patience. They will attempt to return, no doubt. We will not let them.”

The apes nodded and made other chimp noises in response. Hannibal had spoken, soon, they would have their vengeance. 

- --- --- -

Eagle was perched on the edge of one of Chicago’s numerous half-collapsed buildings. It was the area's highest point, and thus, a perfect vantage. From up here, one could see even more of the ruined city than from his typical Oasis perch. He spaced out for a brief moment, wondering what it looked like in the before-times, before he was brought back to reality by the hooting of his comrades.

His head snapped downwards to where the group of spear and bow wielding scouts looked up at him, awaiting his report. He rushed out a flurry of hand motions, sorry to have kept them waiting so long, “Many steel trees, tall, ruined, no sign of bad-men. No sign of any men.”


“No Crow, no beasts.”


“Not know. Do we continue?”

“Hannibal orders ape, ’Follow, find.’ We will find. Can’t have crossed the Great Path, bad-men must be here. Eagle continue search.”


Hannibal ordered them to find the humans, and they would. As quickly as he had been pulled away from his mission, he returned to it. With a hoot he leapt from the steel tree, swinging from chunks of rubble until he had crossed the street and onto other buildings, continuing the search...

-------- Actions --------
-Three Construction Yards [22,500 C]
-T2 Melee Completed [5/5R]
-100 Longbows (T3) are hewn for Hannibal’s war parties [4 M]

-One Dev point is invested into “Strength In Numbers”

-Hannibal’s warparty moves (MOD)(MORE INFO IN PMS)

-Hannibal’s dispatches scouting parties north and south, to search for his foes. (MOD)
-- Scouting is done by small parties of monkeys who intend to lay low if possible, they are searching primarily for Graham’s Hunters, and nothing else. A horns will be used to alert the other parties should one come under attack. If the Blackhawks are known to the monkeys, they will not enter their territory.

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Madonna of the Magnificat - Wikipedia


(St. Luke, 1:46-47.)





IN THIS YEARE HENCE, BY THE INEFFABLE MERCIE OF ALMIGHTIE GOD, AROVNDE THE FEASTE OF THE EPIPHANIE OF OUR LORDE, JESV CHRISTE, THERE BEGAN A MIGHTIE QVEST WORTHIE OF THE CHIVALRIC NAME. It was Seconde Vespers of that glorious feaste, and the glorious Magnificat of Our Blessed Lady was sung with mightie power by the Monkes and Nunnes, according to the composicion of that most excellente composer of Sacred Musique, who is called, in Italian tongue, Palestrina. Nowe this all came aboute due to a practice I have hearde in manie partes called “symping”, and it must be saide that we monkes find it most detestable on hearing of it; indeede if such a thinge existed in pre-scourging times, we ought to have beene bombed more, says I. But this talle may be proofe that God Almightie can bring goode even out of the greatest evil. For a soldier of valiant name, and the militarie commander von Manstein’s chief manne, is a man of Frankish stock called Charles de Mudiville, who, filled with romantic talles of chivalrie and knightlie courage, was wont to please a beautiful ladie called Matilda. 


After Seconde Vespers, called in the English tongue, Evensong, His Grace the Magnus Episcopus, or in the tongue of the Angles, the Archbishop Claudio of Chicago, gathered all the Priestes and the Abbesse of the Nunnes, Mother Angelica of the Immaculate Concepcion, an old ghoule of the greatest renone for wisdome, whereof she obtained by the pious and laudibil practice of saying the Holie Rosarie of our Blessed Ladie, which is called the Angelic Psalter of Marie. Nowe upon gathering together, the author of the presente volume was given leave to speake of a manuscripte founde in correspondance with Father Clifforde of Rivet Citie, wherein he found speaking of a strange fruite knowne to grow in the land called properly ‘Johnpaule the Secondsforde’, after the heroic Pontiffe of that name, but vulgarly called ‘Point Lookout.’ Now this countrie has in it a most excellente fruite rumoured to be able to grow in infertile and even irradiated places, and is saide to even have a minor healing effect on what is called “raddes,” or radiacion. Now we were needfulle of foode, and so after many manful objections from von Manstein (who saide he coulde find no justificacion for such an actione in Vegetius or Caesar, nor the First Booke of Maccabees, being obviouslie wronge, having no scholarlie know-ledge, but militarie alone), he agreed finallie with great tencion to allow men on an expedicion to that distante countrie, but onlie if a manne would volunteer to lead it.


Nowe it seemed as if all the men had growne effeminatte and unmanful, but this “symp” of which we spoke, agreede to volunteer, after Matilda required it of him, and the chivalric minde of that man, was therefore led from the depths of the black sin of “symphoode” into the mightie realme of chivalrie, and was given a mightie quest. And so, in this yeare hence, Charles was called by the Archbishop Sir Charles the Younge Knight, and ledde six armed men and one Monke to go on an adventure to that countrie to try and retrieve this same fruite, in hopes that seeds might be brought back, and, in being ported home, that we might see a revival in agriculture, as was seene in the time called the Mediaeval Time, after the falle of the Roman Empire to the Paganes had disrupted matters for manie centuries. [MOD: Sir Charles de Muddivile, a young and bold commander, with six men and a monk are sent on an expedition to “that distante countrie” to bring back this fruit, Punga Fruit.]


This is the transcripte of what this ladie, Matilda, said to the man: “Sir, if thou wouldst plead thy suit to me with empty wordes, I am found needfulle of the divine assistance of the Holy Ghoste, if I should divest myself of His borrowed glorie for the sake of such a manne. Now since thou art so convinced of thy greate manfullness, go mightilie on that queste set thee by His Grace, the Bishop, and, upon triumphante return, I shalle accepte thy wed, even at the coste of taking the name, Muddiville. And as the Psalmist hath said to thee: The Lorde ruleth me, I shall want for nothing. He maketh me downe to lie, in pastures greene. He leadeth me, the quiet waters by. For though I shoulde walk through the midst of the shadow of deathe I shall feare no evil, for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staffe, they have been a comforte to me. And St. Alphonsus intepreting, saith that the rod be the Rod of Jesse, namelie our Blessed Lady, as it is related in the Prophet Isaias, And there shall come forth a rod out of the root of Jesse, and a flower show rise up out of his root, and the staffe, the Crosse, wherefore it is written by the Same Psalmist: the Lord hath reigned from the Wood. And armed with these thinges, feare not, sir, but let thy hearte take courage. And as the Arch-Angel Michael’s name speaks, Quis ut Deus? That is, Who is like unto God? And armed with that buckler, fear not a thing.” And so he wente on the adventure in a queste to win her hearte, and so went from “symp” to “man”, and to returne a knighte as true as St. George, God willing. Praise be to God, so Almightie and Merci-ful that He can make Saintes even of Sympes. To Him be glory and honour, forever and ever. Amen.


File:Morgan-bible-fl27.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


(Psalm 26:14.)




IN THIS YEARE HENCE, several thinges transpired:


-IN THIS YEARE HENCE, ancious to secure what coulde be a new source of foode, the Archbishope sent a small bande with one of our monkes, an ordained man, with some picked men to study what was supposed to be a fruit most wonderfulle, capable of growing in places considered infertile or even irradiated. [Mod, 1 R Spent on this expedition and 7 MP.]

-In this yeare hence, a searche for radio equipmente is made in the Catholic-controlled territorie. [Mod]

-In this year hence, we discovered a pile of bookes on “ekonomics” and implemented the ideals contained therein, wherefore the Psalmist saith: ‘Glorie and wealthe shalle be in his house, and his justice remaineth for ever.’ [Development Point Invested in Streamlined Economy, 5% higher Cap Income]

-In this year hence, the monkes were compelled to cease their customarie studies of the humanities and take up researching smalle armes in conjuncion with the greate knighte, von Manstein. [3 R Invested ]

-In this yeare hence, covetous for the goodwille of us plebes, a market was builte by the Archbishop. (-1 B, -5000 C.)


St. Thérèse of Lisieux Painting – San Antonio, Texas - Atlas Obscura


(Canticle of Canticles, 6:63.)




10,000 Caps, 12 metal, 11 supplies, 0 research, 9 building materials. Population: 765.


Research: Armour T2, Melee T2.

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The Apostles of Christ

Samuel walked through the streets of the mud city, gun at the ready as he patrolled the streets with 5 other men. Divided into two columns going by both sides of the streets. Patrolling the block falling under the purview of the apostles, generally speaking it was relatively active with people working hard. But the former residential area was still mostly abandoned. And abandoned areas were always at risk for a variety of threats. Whether it was something small like a few rabid dogs, some squatter hiding in one of the many downtrodden houses, there was always the possibility of danger for them. Which is why he and some of the more militant forces kept an eye on the streets and spent their time patrolling. Luckily, they did not have to handle any kind of 'policing duty’ some of the former vault dwellers spoke off. 

A strange notion to Samuel, law and order. If some law was to be maintained it was done so by armed forces. 'Civil disputes’ as much as they were a thing in the wasteland, were handled by people themselves. Most often by force. With the apostles, it was generally quite different. Most disputes were quickly and efficiently handled by Jacob, skillfully seeing the root of the issue and convincing the two offending parties to settle down. There were always the other cases..... the cases where one of the sides acted truly inhuman. Those cases were not common, but at those times Jacob could be quite scary. And Samuel had seen scary. The ruthlessness of the gang bosses, the degeneracy of the people and the various mutations that spread. And yet, there was a far more disconcerting when father Jacob said that someone had to be granted 'the final mercy’. The cold, tired and disappointed look, almost empty at those few times. It honestly scared him more than the joyful eyes of raiders with an execution, the enjoyment they got from debauchery. But those eyes..... those eyes could at times be a lot scarier. Knowing that the man who was normally so kind and inspiring, could condemn people to death, the sheer disparity in behavior. It was disconcerting. 


Samuel then clenched his fist, his mind should not be wandering like this. That was how people died, by not paying attention to their surroundings. Then they got ambushed by a pack of ghoul or shot in the head by other raiders. Or you died by drinking irradiated water from the river, or by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Fact was, there were a lot of ways to die but not paying attention to your surroundings was one of the major causes of death. As they crossed the street he passed by one of the recently established construction yards. Seeing a few dozen people working to gather resources from a stone building that had collapsed long ago. Knowing info was crucial he approached one person separating nails from wooden planks. So that the wooden plank could be re-used again whilst the rusty nails could be melted down into new materials. Samuel recognized only the man's face, having seen him in Samuel's Sunday Sermons. But that was something that nearly all apostles went to, so it didn't differentiate the man much. 

Samuel addressed the man"Eyy, did you see anything weird around here ? Weird people walking around, rabid dogs etc. you know the jib.” The man looked a little surprised before he answered. "No good sir, we have just been working. There have been no signs of anything suspicious.” 

Samuel let out a sigh of relief. Though the man could have missed it, it at least meant that no clear or obvious threats were present. That it suggested that this would be a normal, routine patrol. It was boring but he knew that boring was always better than terror. And thus he continued on with his patrol.


Pop: 1500

Income: 25kC

Upkeep: 4,25kC

Storage: 0,5kC

Netto: 21,25kC

Research per turn: 6



More building materials are neccesary and as such another construction yard is established (7,5 kC)


A scrap yard is established in the starting block of the apostles, so that the maybe able to protect themselves. (7,5kC + 2B)

25 men are trained to regular quality. (6,25kC)


After making friendly contact with the travellers of the NCR the apostles aid in the initiative of developing better armor for both factions. Making sure that fewer righteous and brave warriors have to die in the chaos of combat. (6R contributed to Harry's research)


10 armed soldiers and Samuel and Father Jacob go to the block east of their own controlled territory and North of the Ranger's territory. Here they will explore/clear the area. Father Jacob then preaches the word of christ to any residents and tried to recruit more people to the disciples. Whilst helping to resolve any hostilities/issues. Meanwhilst Sammuel is in care of security and will clear the area of any clear hostile threats. (T3 firearms)

Father jacob:

Charisma 4 (14 (effective stat))

Luck: 1 (3,5)

Luck: 2 (7)

Perception: 1

Endurance: 1
Agility: 1




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People’s Republic of Jiāyuán

Tian gripped the rifle in his hand, it had been a long time since he handled a firearm but he trusted his skills and instinct hadn’t wavered in that time. He would find out sooner or later..

The Republic was still acquiring weapons for their soldiers, those who were trained passed the first test. Loyalty, he knew it and most of the others did too. But now would be a real test of things perhaps, the 25 armed men would venture out of the settlement’s territory to explore and scavenge for anything useful. Finding a hostile group or creatures was likely but the People’s Republic needed new land and more resources.

The heaven’s bless their journey..they may need it.

Population: 1,515
Base Income: 15,000c
Population Income: 8,000
Market: 2,000c
Upkeep: 3,250c
Total: 21,750c

Base: 2M, 5S, 2R
Scrap Yards(2): 2M
Construction Yards: 3B
Pop Production: 4R
Pop Needs: -6S


2 Scrap Yards, Market, 3 Construction Yards



With the first successful Heavy Firearm styled weapon near success. They push forward further in their efforts to achieve a more stable design upon success of the first. (10R/10R T1) (2R/20R T2)

Seeking to ensure that the People have a steady and somewhat surplus supply of food an Agriculture House is constructed (5,000c 2B)

Further expanding the resources available for weapons production and for future power requirements a Fuel Refinery is constructed. (5,000c 1B)

Further production into the needs of the JPR’s citizen soldiers. Armor to protect the small amount of manpower it has access to. 40 T2 Armor (2M)

25 Soldiers are sent west to the area directly adjacent to their Capital to explore, scavenge and identify any possible threats. Were they to spot anyone their orders were to not interact. (MOD)

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Screams and smoke punctuated the air as the bull standard of the Legion was raised in the gathering field of the tribe of the Marquettes. They had believed the “sacred” waters of the moat surrounding their home island would protect them from the thousand strong cohort of Legate Augustus. They were wrong. Their pathetic superstitions died with their “Park Mother”, who now adorned a cross. So too died their warriors. Their bravery would be rewarded in death, and in life for those who survived. Such defiance in a new capture was the mark of a fine future soldier of Caesar. Provided that they could be appropriately broken. Where once were the Marquettes of the Great Lawn, now only the Legion remained. A tribe annihilated and absorbed in totality into that monstrous, inexorable war machine.




With a foothold in Mud City established Legate Augustus works to carry out his original mission – the eradication of the NCR ranger force that so brazenly marched through the pacified lands of Caesar’s empire. The march had been long and arduous, and many had died to the hands of tribal profligates who struck so brazenly at the cohort. Many weapons of war and hardened veterans were lost, but such is the nature of the Legion that an army can be created wherever the flag of the Bull is planted. Just as the tribes of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado had been, so too will the savages of Illinois be forged into a tool of Caesar’s vengeance.


The Legate carries out the standard protocol for the Legion in a new theatre of war – scouting, scavenging and consolidation of gains. Bands of red armoured legionaries range forth into the surrounding ruins, bringing back new dissolute captures and resources for the cohort to consume in its endless expansion.








Pop – 1000 Legionaries (2 stacks) (3000 C, -2 S, 2 R)

400 MP

2 Blocks Controlled



Might of the Legion – Slaves contribute to general pop mechanics as well as slave production bonuses. Legion troops rarely retreat.



2 Dev-Points Spent

5% Bonus to all T1-3 Production (Rounded Up)

10% Bonus to Recruitable Population



T3 Melee Weapons

T1 Firearms

T2 Armour



100 x T3 Melee Weapons

50 x T1 Firearms

40 x T2 Armour





18,000 C, 5 B, 2 M, 10 S, 3 R



  • With the Marquettes subjugated in bondage or adorning crosses on the waterside of their former island, the Legion turns its gaze elsewhere. By decree of Caesar, the Legion must expand or die, and there are always more dissolute tribals to break. Many supplies and captives were obtained, but more are needed.
    • 45 legionaries dispatched to scout the block north of Marquette Park. Resources are a priority. Lone groups or stragglers are to be captured for interrogation and enslavement. 20 melee troops (T3 weapons, T2 armour) and 25 gun armed troops (T1 guns) supporting.
    • ^ The same for the block south of Marquette and east of the other seized block. 45 legionaries, same equipment.
    • Per the traditions of the Legion caravans of traders are to be left alone in territory considered belonging to Caesar.


  • The Legate dispatches the Frumentarii to scout out the dissolute rulers of this Mud City. A mix between scouts, spies and ambassadors, this chosen intelligence corps of Caesar are the eyes and ears of the Legion in unfamiliar territory. Moving quickly and disguised as simple wastelanders, the Frumentarii go forth to gather information on the nearby powers. Information on the NCR is particularly sought. (30 MP, with T3 melee hidden in their disguises, dispatched to quickly locate nearby powers and NPC tribes. Sent with 2 S for long-term supplies, and 1000 C for bribes.)


  • 1 Construction Yard in Marquette Park. (7500 C)
  • 1 Scrapyard in Marquette Park. (7500 + 2 B)
  • Fortifications at Marquette Park (500 C + 1 B)
  • 105 x T1 Armour (2 M) (5% bonus)
  • T1 Explosives (3 R / 5 R)
  • Supplies spent on 1% pop growth (2 S)

1500 C, 2 B, 6 S saved.




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The Passionate Foodie: 2006 Twisted Oak River of Skulls





Wassup, dawg? You hear about the new slaves that Burke and his posse wrangled up? Yeah, fuckin’ Skeletons came and dragged them to Hell. They might as well be useless now.” – The laments of a slaver.


While the rest of the warband started getting acclimated to the new camp location, scavenging the ruins for valuables and setting up temporary farms, the residents of the Fire House took on a very different atmosphere. The walls of it’s interior painted crimson, a primal instinct of rage or fear could not be avoided within the building. It was a place affectionately referred to as ‘Hell’ by the more ordinary raiders. Though this moniker was not based upon it’s decor, but instead by it’s demented inhabitants.


Two members of the Skeleton Crew were engaged in a friendly bet at the loser’s expense, cheering on an obscene game from within the reception area. Keon, the more lucid of the two psychopaths, had bet his package of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. Smiley, on the other hand, had bet his own liver. The two skeletons were screaming at two maimed slaves, each missing one of their legs as they hopped on one foot towards the other end of the room, where a single rifle had been left unattended. As one of the slaves neared the gun, he collapsed onto the ground, a sharp noise instantly ringing through the building as the slave was melted by the blast of a plasma pistol.


GEHEHE! Me win! Keon is a loser! Give me cake.” Smiley’s face contorted into his signature grin as he cackled at Keon’s expense. “Yeah, yeah.. You’re lucky you didn’t lose, Smiley. That kidney would be MINE.” Keon poked at Smiley’s exposed abdomen, a trail of slobber trailing down his chin as he stared. He reached down into his bag and retrieved the treasured, irradiated sweets. “Don’t let Fatso eat any.” Keon finally bestowed his lost bets to the smiling psycho.


Across the room, a pained voice could be heard yelling out at the two. “Stop this right now, you sick motherfuckers!” The one-legged slave pointed his recently acquired bolt-action at the two psychos, alternating his aim between each of their skulls. “Go and shoot, dum-dum! Shoot him!” Smiley pointed at Keon, a crazed look on his face as he danced about like a moron. Keon decided to join in on the fun, dancing around in a circle as he pointed at Smiley. “No! Shoot Smiley!” The slave pulled the trigger and a shot rang through the fire station once more, yet Smiley and Keon were perfectly fine. Instead, the rifle itself had appeared to explode in the slave’s face, peppering his soft flesh with countless shrapnel wounds. This clearly would not be the end to the slave’s torture.



Further within the building, a monster stirred from behind a ruined desk. His features were obscured in shadow, light banished from the old Fire Chief’s office with the application of some simple curtains. Unlike all the other Twisted Skulls, this man was for all intents and purposes, an outsider. This man had never experienced the true horror of Vault 57, nor had he been taught the lessons of the Twisted Skulls’ ancestors; those unfortunate souls who once lived the lives of raiders long before the bombs fell. And yet he was worshiped by them, and more importantly feared. He was to them, a God of Death, one who would bring ending to their enemies; should he be appeased. It was for this reason that he chose the name Osiris.


It wouldn’t be long before a masked figure appeared before Osiris. A malformed creature, which stood with a noticeable hunch and wore a primitive mask in front of it’s matted, white mane. This one was one Osiris knew well, the singular individual who could somehow get the Skeleton Crew to work together. The Skeletons called the man by many names but the one which seemed to catch on the quickest was ‘Mister Mask’. The old man slowly stooped down to a knee, obviously struggling due to his withered bones. The man said nothing the entire time, just waiting in silence for Osiris to finally give his orders.




Osiris spoke with little more than a whisper and the robed figure floated away back through the doorway, determined to complete his divine task.



Turn 2 – 2270

A scavenging crew is sent to survey the Twisted Skulls’ first block. [MOD]

Burke leads twenty raiders back into the recently cleared block to occupy the area. [MOD]

An Agri-House is constructed [7500 C + 2 B]

40 T2 Armor [2 M]

1% Pop Growth [2 S]

Researching Molotov Cocktails [5/5 R]

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