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Tales of the Mud City v2 - A Fallout FRP (RP)


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5th Marine Regiment






((Just a stat post I will require some time to DUTIFULLY expand my roleplay chars and situation))



6m for 50 t2 firearms

15000 caps are spent on two construction yards

10,000 caps are spent training 200 marines to trained.

6 research points are spent on t2 armor.

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Doctor Margaret Hanlon works around the clock, tending to numerous Islander troops following the Battle of South Douglas; c. 2271


A young man, clad in bloodied olive drab fatigues strode through the entrance of Rock Island’s situation room, coming to a halt at the briefing table where Colonel Robert Vernon Craig and his staff had been discussing strategy. “Colonel.” he stood at attention, saluting his superior.


The Colonel turned to the raggedy looking soldier, expecting him to be the bearer of bad news. He’d sent his remaining troops into the meatgrinder, and eagerly awaited the post-battle assessment. Colonel Craig was a tired man, having not deployed boots on the ground in years. He resented every moment he sat behind a building miles away from the front while his men fought and bled out in the streets. It now weighed upon him the grim possibility of the failure of his gambit. Craig straightened, “At ease. What is it son?”


The young man relaxed, “Colonel.” he repeated, “Our forces have taken the field at the corner of 38th and Giles. The enemy has been put to rout.”


Beside Craig, his staff uttered their polite approvals and congratulations, having come together to form the victorious strategy.


Craig on the other hand could be put to relief so easily, nodding. “Excellent, trooper. Casualty report?”


The trooper shifted nervously, and hesitated a moment. “Sir, we estimate the enemy has sustained approximately 300 KIA.”


Craig sighed, having to goad the information out of the young private. “And our own?”


“55 men left standing, sir.”


Craig quietly grumbled his discontent, uttering a quiet prayer for his fallen. “I see, thank you, private. Go on ahead and get yourself a hot meal and rest up. Our work here isn’t done.”


“Yes sir, thank you, sir.” the private saluted once more, pivoting on a dime and hurriedly making his way out of the command and control center.


Craig turned back to his advisors- civilian and military, and placed a thumbtack on the map of Douglas where the battle had been fought. Back in his element, he shoved the horrors of war to the back of his mind, focused on the objective at hand, “We’ll have to make due. Have our troops move in on the south. Let’s end this.”





Rock Island begins its own PR and recruitment campaign, issuing a short-wave radio transmission to the local area. They declare Islander territory as a safe haven among the wastes, tell of their string of recent victories, and offer fair pay and provisions to any who enlist. 




[7,500 C] Constructing Construction Yard in N. Douglas.

[5,000 C, 1B] Constructing Markets in N. Douglas.

[8M] Constructing 2 T3 Body Armor

[1,750 C] Training 5 Men to Regular

[4R+4R/15R] Continuing Research into Heavy Weapons.

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A T O M   D R A G O N S






The doors to Congrelaz’s dark convention centre swung open once again, forcing Malechai to squint as a few silhouettes ventured in from the bright exterior. A woman and a “child”, flanked by two guards. The guards peeled off to take their stations by the now-shut door, while the other two slowly continued in. As his eye readjusted, his position in the sidelines of the hall allowed Malechai to see the reason for their visit - the little one’s hand was detached, carried by the other. He turned to look at The Dragon, curious as to His reaction, but His round face was inscrutable as He watched the pair approach him.


He looked back at the “child”, sighing lightly at the time devoted to the pomp of these rituals. They had stopped just before the great mound on which The Dragon’s Throne sat, eyes locked to the ground. The woman reached into a knapsack, causing Malechai’s fingers to twitch as they hovered over his six-shooter, but his wariness abated as she produced two blue and yellow boxes. Though impressed rolled his eyes, looking back to The Dragon who was now visibly beaming as the boxes were added to His magnificent mound, joining thousands of boxes that looked more or less identical.

“Your tribute to The Dragon is most welcome, my dear children. The Dragon wishes to reward your generosity with His own - what may He offer?”


The little one stepped forward, clearing his throat. “Great Dragon,” he began, the tiny voice throwing Malechai off as the ‘children’s’ always did. The child raised his stump and his hand - the detached one - to present it to the Dragon. “While I – we searched for tribute for my Lord, I was trapped under a collapsed wall. A stingwing swarm showed up and... one chewed my hand off, as my Lord Dragon can see.”


The Dragon nodded and rubbed one of His chins, as He always did when petitioned. “I see, my child. You may approach.” And so he did, rushing up the side of the mound while taking great care not to damage any of the Dragon’s precious hoard. Malechai, who always enjoyed watching what was about to happen, paid close attention as the boy reached the top and kneeled before the Lord of the Atom Dragons, once again presenting the stump and severed hand to Him, though this time pressed together.


The Dragon looked over the injury, pulling all manner of almost comically inquisitorial faces, this too all part of the show. After a while He leaned forward, and the Dragon’s maw opened. From it, a faintly blue beam slowly emerged and bathed the boy’s hand and arm in an ionised glow. Before their very eyes, the little one’s flesh and bone began knitting together, the extreme radiation bringing equally extreme cell regeneration to his wound. After mere seconds of basking in the Dragon’s breath, the hand was fully reattached and the fingers wriggling. Other than that, though, the boy remaining motionless, still waiting for the end to the ritual. “As I am blessed to be the Dragon, you are blessed to be my child, little one. Now go forth and enjoy the bounty this world provides to those who are Dragon.”


The boy nodded, muttering gratitudes inaudible from Malechai’s position, but then returned to his feet and scurried back down the mound. The woman took his hand as he got to the bottom, and they both bowed before the Dragon. The guards pulled the doors open, bringing the light back in and escorting the pair back out as they returned to the world. His gaze returned to the Dragon, though a river of ice flowed up his eternally decaying spine as it was met with the Dragon’s own, stony and cold. “Approach,” He commanded, and so Malechai did. He walked across the hall, and kneeled on his good leg before his liege at the foot of His mound.


“The Dragon has a task for you, Malechai,” He stated.

“What is it, my L-,” he started, before being cut off.

“You are to lead an expedition south, along the coast. You will bring security to the block there, and you will bring tribute back here. Do you require any further elucidation?” the Dragon asked, the answer He sought clear from His tone.

“None whatsoever, Lord Dragon,” Malechai hoarsely responded. “I will go immediately.”

“Splendid. I look forward to another addition to the hoard.”


Malechai nodded, and struggled as he got back up. He swiftly turned about face, flicked some sunglasses out of his duster, and limped out of Congrelaz’s doors, flinging them into the faces of the two guards who were making their return inside. As they fell to the floor clutching their rad-flayed faces, Malechai placed the shades over his eyes, and began whistling a jaunty tune to himself as he made his way through the ruined streets of a city he once called home. 





Building 2 Construction Yards [15,000 Caps]

Completing T2 Melee Weapon Research [2R, 5/5R]

Researching Scrap [T1] Firearms [1R, 1/10R]


Storing Remaining Caps [6,000]


Pulling the 200 soldiers back from Blackhawk border, with a couple dozen left along as scouts

100 to defend Congress Plaza Hotel and as reinforcements for Blackhawk border

Remaining 75 to scout out / secure / salvage from Northerly Island, harbour, and coast block, led by Malechai

[T2 melee weapons, Malechai has 1 Strength, 1 Endurance, 2 Perception, 1 Luck]


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The Hunters are quiet, their block completely desolate. Save for the odd out of place shadow, which quickly dissipates into the natural landscape. 



-1 Fuel Refinery is constructed [-7500, 2B]

-3 Construction yards are built.[22,500]

-5 RP into Molotov Cocktails

-5 RP into Military Grade weapons

-[T2] Weapons are manufactured. -3M

-A group of Hunters scavenge for materials on Goose Island.

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Turn 2 





In the north-western reaches of the Chicago city limits, an unruly commotion begins. The pittering of machine guns, rocking of explosions, and cracks of rifle fire are ceaseless year round. A great war has begun, but between who has yet to be discovered.  


As the year closes the downtown district controlled by the tribals known as the Blackhawks becomes a ritual ground of unruly proportions. Pillars of smoke erupt from the central districts of their territory, collective chanting echoes through the blocks, and the whaling of sacrificial lambs are silenced. It was weeks before the final ploom of smoke subsided, taking with it the chanting and death. A fiery conclusion came as the pride and joy of Chicago, “Illinois Tower”, was draped in flame from the roof and nearly twenty stories down on all sides of its construction. Soon after this conclusion, the borders are lined with hundreds of bodies. With many dressed in what would be considered traditional wear with headdresses, skirts, and the occasional NHL Blackhawk jersey, some even with nothing but warpaint across their exposed bodies, it is a warning to those that share a border with them. 


Although a target has not been declared, the message is clear. The Blackhawks are on a warpath.



Eastern Brotherhood of Steel


With their expedition north, Knight-Captain Addison finds little of interest in terms of settlers or sentient life. Instead, they stumble upon a hive of evolved insectoids known locally as Stingwings. A cross between a scorpion and a dragonfly, these creatures that are nearly the size of a large dog begin to swarm the expedition, inflicting some grievous injuries while paralyzing one with their noxious venom. (-1 Pop, block cleared. Addison +1 Perception)


New California Republic Rangers


As the men head east, there is a sense of overkill in the orders. The Rangers, led by the quartet of veterans, easily dispatch a pack of mutated hounds and the occasional molerat in the area. With their supreme firepower, the Rangers clear the block for expansion. Along the way home, Hank has a turn of luck, finding the zone to be habitable to plantlife with a lack of severe radiation in the ground. (Block cleared + Food Node. Jerimiah, Arbot +1 Perception)


With someone besides a few raggedy looking Rangers handing out fliers, the effort of Tabitha are far more successful. A passing group of would-be settlers, seemingly forced into their homelessness, join the Rangers in their efforts. (+30 Civilized Pop. Tabitha +2 Charisma)




Those sent west find… remarkably, nothing. Despite the hostile grounds in their east, the Union has found a block suitable for expansion. (Block cleared)


And not a moment too late. To the east, from the Blackhawks, a force is gathered along the bordering riverbanks. Men clad in what could only be described as ritualistic native wear are stacked several ranks deep, many of them even sporting the divided sections of previous victims hanging from their bodies or stacked high on pikes. They seem like lovely people. 


Midwest Enclave


With their expedition, and no real sense of taking action to expand their operations, the men of the Enclave may only hear what is around them and out of sight. The sounds of battle, gunfire, and even cannons are heard far southward, several blocks away and out of range of any worthwhile patrol.




Beep boop...


Western BoS Expedition


Two scouts are sent, though neither return. It is a harsh wasteland, one which the Brotherhood finds themselves surrounded by hostilities on all sides.


The Kingdom


Despite their centralized location in the city, The Kingdom is not a hotspot of travel for many. From the north near downtown, some large groupings of people flee southward, speaking of an unstoppable army of “Islanders”. They are in a sorry state and seeking refuge, though many will require extra supplies if they are to survive the year. (Optional: Gain 250 Civilized Population but -3 S)


T H E   O A S I S


Hannibal's scouts report back with promising news, that of a potential answer to who the men were that came for them. Although they did not interact or directly see them, they sign that several pillars of smoke had begun to bloom from the remains of Wrigley Field throughout the year, a clear sign of inhabitants in the direction of which the Raiders came.


In the south, the realization of other parties being within the city was not made through sight, but sound. Along the southernmost reach of the monkey’s scouting path’s, the hollering of men and women alike was heard from the south. Many apes believe this is the signs of battle, while some think it is the beginning of a potential hostilities should these people come north.




The augurers findeth dram in t'rms of possibilities.  The dirt is far too unstable to groweth aught yond those gents has't now. Alas, creating a new kind of crop is all but impossible


Radio's are all across the wastes, howev'r to findeth something pow'rful enow to talketh beyond sev'ral blocks is but an unseen conundrum


The Apostles of Christ


The weapons seem unneeded, as all the Apostles stumble across are a roaming herd of brahmin. A bountiful harvest of flesh is upon them, no doubt a gift from their lord. (Block cleared, +2 S, Father Jacob +1 Charisma)


People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


The scouts report back with nothing of interest, and no need of weaponry. The block is cleared without any interruptions nor sign of hostile wildlife. (Block cleared)




In the subtle ground surrounding Marquette Park the Legion find themselves a home. Many slaves are quickly given the ultimatum of death or servitude, and join the cause when presented with the option. (+25 Slave Population)


While on their expeditions, the legionaries find themselves at odds with the local wildlife. Mother Nature seems to be virile around these parts, as many men fall at the hands of beasts or mutated insectoids. Though, by the end of the year, many dens and nests are all but emptied of their previous occupants at the expense of several Legionaries' lives. (3 Blocks cleared, -35 Pop)




The block that had been cleared the year prior is all but empty. While they do control it, the necessary means of expansion and development of the territory is still required.


5th Marine Regiment


God Bless the United States of America.




The wasters from around do not seem to hear as well as the Islanders as hoped, as by the end of the year only a few scraggly souls find themselves enlisting in the Islander’s force. Although they may not see likewise, many wasters were opportunistic of the Chicagoan’s desire of establishing order in the unruly wastes. (+20 Civilized Pop)


A T O M   D R A G O N S


Within the confines of the abandoned docks the ghouls find a wild pair of Yoa Guai, fearsome creatures that are not to be trifled with. But the Dragon gave his orders, and as such it must be done. Several ghoul lives are lost, thankfully with little actual loss of equipment but nonetheless several still fall as they clear the docks. (Block Cleared, -25 Pop, Malachi +1 Strength +1 Agility) 




Goose Island holds little in terms of treasures for the Hunters. Though, they do find a noteworthy defensible point on the island that was seemingly built by past inhabitants of the island. The option of manning such defenses is available to them. (Optional: +1 Fortifications)

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2272 - Turn 3


Ash made slurry by rain washed down the once white marble of Chicago Union Station. The ancient steps were cracked, worn smooth, stained black, red, gray and brown by centuries of misuse. The grimey water splashed as heavy boots trampled down the bruised stone. A company of infantry marched down, rifles slung over their shoulders, dressed in ancient, fraying boiler suits, as a crowd of slave-zealots gathered at the bottom of the stairs, to listen to Frederick Suhl, who stood on a great podium, adorned in the religious regalia of a high priest of Choo-Choo.


"Do not fear!" He cried, raising his staff on high, and striking it down with a great crash "You are the beloved servants of the Mighty Steam God! You are his minions, his worshippers, his sons! You are his Steam-men, and blessed shall you be by his Holy Whistle! Forth you shall march, fateful weapon in hand, to defend this, Choo-Choo's Holy Land! 


Strength he will grant you! Courage he will give you! Glory he will send you! So fear not, ardent believers! On! On! On!

Onwards, unto his Glory!

On! On! On!

Onwards, unto his Vengeance!


Fight with every faithful bone on your blessed bodies, Children of Steam, and we shall arise victorious over the polluted and malformed mutants! We shall defend this Holy Place, and drive these abortions back, back to the Hell from which they came!"


With the conclusion of the High Steam Priest's speech, the congregation below let out an almighty "Whoooooooo-whooooooooo!" in reply, before leaving up and down, cheering and roaring to the glory and honour of their God. Nearby, their commissars, the Iron Captains, watched, desperately trying not to laugh at the ridiculous antics that had been drilled into the heads of these poor souls. Finally, Suhl waved his hand, and the Iron Captains hastily began to herd the force of melee infantry towards the front line, at gun point.




50 T1 Guns (2M)

4 levels of block defenses (2000C + 4B)

1 Agri House (5000C + 2B)

65 men Trained (6500C)

T1 Artillery (14/15R)


The Guild of Engineers stays firmly put.


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Eastern Brotherhood of Steel




Knight-Captain Addison’s Journal

January 8th, 2272


“The loss of our brother last year still haunts me… his crippled body could only move his eyes and his only words were groans. Unfortunately the Scribes said they had no way of developing a vaccine, this knight had to be terminally saved from a life of nothing. I had him buried by my team a few yards from a church, his sacrifice is another example of how brutal this land is. I am thankful most of my team is full of trained soldiers however, not even a full two weeks have passed and they’re polishing their rifles and armor getting ready for us to head out again. Our self-appointed Elder has asked that I gather my troops up and head out once again but to the East this time in order to find any civilized wastelanders to join our ranks.”


Stats: 205 Adv. Pop, 4 B, 2 M, 7 S, 21,000 C, 7 RP

[20 Stockpiled spaces]


(15,000 C) 2 Construction yards are built


[21/25 RP] Scribes dutifully continue figuring out how to recreate rudimentary power armor, their Knights are defenseless without it! 


[Radio Transmission] The Brotherhood of Steel broadcast out to local frequencies telling the wastelanders stating their intentions of peace and protection, an offer is sent out to trade and maybe even join the Brotherhood. In the midst of this frequency they call out to see if any other brotherhood missions exist in the area as well. (ACTIONS: 15 T2 Guns, T3 Armor, Trained Knights are to evaluate and monitor a possible influx of wastelanders and vet them accompanied by 50 Trained T1 Gun Knights.] 


[Expedition! Despite losing a knight to essentially a giant hornet, the same group lead by Knight-Captain Addison are sent this time to the eastern district of the capital. Same Goal as last time. [10 T2 Gun, T3 Armor, Trained.]

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Western BoS Expedition

C1clNRJpjr0bOUcsssHbS6bmIu0F9VNZoP1Tc25MGHfcOMZ34E_aMXeTHNwG345MKMQE-exJP7KKJkgMIzsQDuPS-r8NCN-xQ9B6X7zG3CXsyXZv2Z0QlsUMYoPosvahL405oSxiMorality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


      The sound of construction and cheerful laughter filled the atmosphere. Fortification upgrades were being made around the airport with Knights laboring away both day and night to get the much needed improvements done as quickly as possible. Completely to Senior Knight Anderson’s credit, the work was getting done relatively fast and without any incident. A most impressive feature with the resources and manpower at hand. Within the next year the airport would be virtually impenetrable allowing for projects within the block to go uninterrupted. All the while Knights toil away night and day, the scribes draw up blueprints for anything and everything imaginable. Even the most simple of things need to be researched, drawn up, and archived for later use; such as the Molotov Cocktail. Many in the Brotherhood downplay the Scribes' role, but in reality they’re just as important as a Knight or Paladin.


        As for the two initiates sent out, it’s a true shame they never came back. Perhaps they ran off. Or perhaps they died trying to do their duty. Unfortunately we will most likely never know, but until proven otherwise their scrolls will say they served honorably for the short time they were sworn in. To further investigate what happened a team is being dispatched to the first block to find out who or what is it that’s occupying land so close to the airport.



Tier one explosives are researched. (5/5 R)


Some heavy weapons are produced (3M)


With the year looking rather slow, the construction of more fortifications is required of the brotherhood. (1,000 C, 2 B)


A team is dispatched to the first block in the west. (Specifications in discord channel)


The Scribes are ordered to start broadcasting to the wasteland with recruitment messages. The standard for the brotherhood is to be upheld. Any outsider physically and mentally capable will be welcomed into the ranks as an initiate. (Advanced folk) Nobody is expected to meet our expectations yet we will follow through with this for many many years to come. The locals are also told that if they bring in technology or spare resources they find, they’ll be paid in caps depending on what they find.


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The inhabitants of Mud City prove to be obstacles to expansion. Radroaches and giant rats are the downfall of many a legionary, as well as local dissolutes attempting to avoid capture and enslavement. But Caesar teaches that there can be no victory without a price paid in blood, a fundamental fact of the universe that the Legion holds to its core. The obstacles are overcome, the Legion’s claim staked to the cleared blocks with crucified profligates, and the dead acknowledged as the weak culled from the pack.


Fort Marquette, as it is now known, rises from its primitive roots to a thriving military camp. As well as the natural barrier of the lake surrounding the two islands, a fortification wall is constructed from material gathered from the nearby blocks, and slaves toil within, building the weapons of war that will Chicago for Caesar. An outer market exists outside the wall, across the bridge on the north bank, advertised to terrified merchants by pleasant legionaries on patrol. It is soon widely known that those coming to trade with the Legion will not be enslaved or murdered – as long as no alcohol or chems are brought into Legion territory. The penalty for smuggling in intoxicants is clear by the crosses that mark the path to Fort Marquette. Traders who brave this bloody road are well rewarded, as the Legion is a surprisingly profitable trading partner, and its territory vastly safer than most areas of Mud City for those carrying valuable goods.


These traders are also informed of further riches should they sell slaves to the Legion.





  Hide contents



Pop – 1025 (inc. 25 slaves) (2 stacks) (3000 C, -2 S, 2 R)

513 MP

2 Blocks Controlled



Might of the Legion – Slaves contribute to general pop mechanics as well as slave production bonuses. Legion troops rarely retreat.



2 Dev-Points Spent

5% Bonus to all T1-3 Production (Rounded Up)

10% Bonus to Recruitable Population



T3 Melee Weapons

T1 Firearms

T2 Armour



100 x T3 Melee Weapons

50 x T1 Firearms

105 x T1 Armour

40 x T2 Armour




Base Income: 15,000 C, 2 M, 2 S, 1 R

Pop: 3000 C, -2 S, 2 R

1 x Construction Yard: -750 C, 1 B

1 x Scrap Yard: -500 C, 1 M

L1 Fortifications: -250 C

Saved: 1500 C, 2 B, 6 S



18,000 C, 3 M, 3 B, 6 S, 3 R



  • More bodies and resources are required. Slaving and salvaging expeditions to clear unexplored blocks continue.
    • 40 legionaries are dispatched to clear the block of Englewood immediately east of Marquette Park. (20 MP with T3 Melee and T1 Armour; 20 with T3 Melee, T2 Armour and T1 Firearms).
    • 40 legionaries are dispatched to clear the block immediately west of Marquette Park and the other settled block. (20 MP with T3 Melee and T1 Armour; 20 with T3 Melee, T2 Armour and T1 Firearms).
  • The Frumentarii continue their efforts to locate the hated NCR. (20 MP all with T3 Melee, travelling in disguise.)
  • Frumentarii and traders carry news of Fort Marquette as a buyer of slaves.
  • 1 x Agri House (5000 C + 2 B)
  • 1 x Market (5000 C + 1 B)
  • 1 x Construction Yard (7500 C)
  • 450 x T2 Melee Weapons (3 M)
  • Completing T1 Explosives (5/5) (2 R)
  • T1 Artillery (1/15) (1 R)
  • Supplies spent on 1% pop growth for 2 stacks. (2 S)


500 C, 4 S, 1 Dev. Point saved.

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5th Marine Regiment













Lieutenant Fitzgerald and his men carefully navigated the bombed out building they had rested in that night, patrolling the two blocks the regiment had claimed required constant patrols and careful care in their observations. Tapping the handheld radio that broadcasts the latest prewar hits from Recovery Radio, the music's choppiness buzzed away, the radio was old that much was clear. As the group arrived at the north east corner of their territory they stopped once more and the young man took his radio and shut off the music, switching modes he keyed the radio and spoke “3rd platoon at 0600 hours reporting in from checkpoint yankee, nothing to report.” The silence buzzed for a few seconds until a response was heard “3rd platoon, copy, continue patrol, be advised civilians will be working up to the perimeter today, out.” So it would seem the Lieutenant thought to himself watching the civilians and several marines alike beginning to empty into the streets from the mess hall. 


It was very clear from the year they had spent in Chicago that the dusty ruins and remains lingered in the blocks casting a gloomy mood through most of the expedition's men and women. They had been chosen primarily for their ancestors' connection to the Illinois area but it was made evidently clear that Chicago was not the same as it once was, in the distance the burning of the Illinois was a strict reminder of that. But Gloomy moods and dark thoughts were not what they had been sent there to do, their task was to carve out a significant section of the city that could be used to rebuild Chicagoan infrastructure and provide a forward point for settlers in the hurricane-wracked southern east coast. General Tannevega thus instituted a “Field Year” with some surplus caps offered as work incentives the civilians of the expedition under the watchful eye of their stout protectors set to work across the two blocks, pack brahmin helped drag ruined vehicles off the street to scrap yards and human chains were formed to dispose of rubble, brush and...the unfortunate remains of those killed centuries ago, while they had not yet made contact with the other factions of the Mud City, that time would surely come, but for now the 5th Marines would focus on their own and improving their own blocks before they looked outward...





4m for 100 t1 firearms


4 research points are spent on  finishing t2 armor.


2 research points spent on furthering that research to t3 armor.


5000 caps spent on training the remaining green marines into fully trained jarheads.


5000+2b is spent on an agrihouse. 


12,500 is spent training 100 trained marines into regulars.


3000 caps are spent on cleanup. Civilians and Marines of the expedition spend several weeks clearing their own blocks of rubble, scrap, trash, brush and other such items in hopes of helping to make a cleaner more attractive settlement as well as hopefully gain some materials for usage in the coming year. ((MOD))

((this is an internal operation, inside borders))

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New California Republic 



‘Handsome’ Hank Williams leaned back in his chair, appraising the council before him. The past few years had been a frantic struggle for safety and supplies. But for once they had finally got some breathing room. Even now Colonel Arbot was leading the 8th back into the eastern blocks. More importantly was the first official NCR meeting taking place within the Ranger compound. Arrayed around Hank is the chief representative of every branch. Tabitha Hersch sat with perfect posture, her NCR government crest proudly displayed. With more and more Mud City residents being taken in, her job had expanded. She now administered to all liberation of wasters in unclaimed zones, but also the citizens at home. Truly NCR law and order was slowly being established by this iron willed women. 

Next to her was Abigail Gullone, heading the Crimson Caravan Company interest. Many had cursed her during the march east, for justifiable reasons. She and her guards had maintained a tight grip on supplies. Only Gordon Smith, the 8ths quartermaster, was even allowed near the brahmin and their packs. But if many hated her than, the tides quickly changed when they settled. Now the Caravans streaming in yearly were essential. She maintained the network, ensuring fresh supplies and troops were brought in every year. This paired with her large amount of personal caps led to power in the NCR economy of Mud City.


Others like Brock Davidson, Kayla Williams, and Lou filled other seats. Lou was the most recent addition to the council, and a surprising one. The shock being that he was a Ghoul, and Ranger. But with the increasing population, Tabitha rightly felt the Ghouls should be represented. Next to him was the mysterious and vastly rich Lester Rosencranz. He was a envoy of Mr. House himself, representing New Vegas’s interest. Few knew why he came, but none complained. He made no nuisance, and helped finance the entire expedition.



Formation of the 1st NCR Army Battalion, comprising members from the civilized population.


With everyone arrived, Hank stands up and calls for quiet. Lighting a cigar, he casually begins to speak. “I think we all know why we’re here” Hank states, contently puffing away. “President Kimball himself made sure this council would take place. My Rangers assure we are now safe enough to proceed.” Hank surveys them all, measuring them eye to eye. “We are no longer a simple outpost, we have outgrown that. Instead with the powers invested me by the Federal government, we are establishing the NCR’s first ever ‘Eastern Colony’. All land we hold will now be formally recognized as a NCR property, and therefore subject to it’s laws.” He pauses, ashing his cigar. “Gathered here today will be the provincial government. We have been pre selected, for a six year term.”


“Thank you, Hank.” Tabitha’s voice rings out. She stands as well, resting her hands on the table. “As Governor I will ensure the NCR law and order will ring true. We must all work together to ensure the liberation of this city and it’s people.” She sits back down, content to let a simple but blunt statement set her tone. As the meeting proceeds it is made clear NCR bureaucracy has found it’s way to Mud City.....





Advanced Population; 214

Civilized Population; 61

Income; 5 B, 3 M, 11 S, 1 E, 16.7k Caps


Mod Actions


Jerimiah Fink and the 5 members of the 8th’s 1st Recon Squad are sent to the block secured last turn. They will not be there to expand, but to establish a outer defense. They will build a rudimentary but concealed sniper nest looking over the Highway and block ideally. Than they spend the year guarding the entrance into actual NCR blocks. [6 T3 Hunting Rifles, T2 Armor]


Colonel Arbot Jenkins leads the 8th itself into the unclaimed block directly east of the NCR Capital. The Rangers will employ the same tactics, covertly entering the block with Recon teams. They will find any threats, and maneuver around them. From there the main unit will be brought forward, and the overwhelming firepower of the 8th as a whole will be brought in [hopefully] as a surprise attack on any threat.  [Recon Team; 10 Green Rangers, T3 ARs, T2 Armor / 8th Battalion; 40 Green Rangers, T1 Pipe Guns, 24 T2 Armor, 16 T1 Armor.]


Charterer Dossier; Recon Ranger Jerimiah Fink [S – 3, P – 2, L – 1] Colonel Arbot Jenkins [S – 1, I – 2, P – 2, L – 1]


Like always non hostile humans/ghouls/mutants in the block will be given the option to join the safety and democracy of the NCR by Tabitha. [C – 5, I – 1, L – 1]


Research Actions [15 R]


Researching T2 Explosives -15 R



Financial Actions

1 Scrap Yard -7.5k Caps, 2 B

1 Construction Yard -7.5k Caps

Producing 16 T3 Firearms [4 Hunting Rifles, 12 Civilian ARs] -3M, 1 E 

1% Population Growth [1s]


Treasury; 3 B, 10 S, 1.7k Caps


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“Hodges, for God’s sake, turn it off.”


“-From sea to shining sea.” The Private First Class Stephen Hodges hummed, rifling through a drawer of pre-War music collections as America the Beautiful sang over the holotape player. Hodges had propped his rifle against the stand, fully immersed in exploring the relics which lay before him.


“Let the kid have his moment, Specialist.” 1SG Michael L. Cohen chipped in, himself laying back against the wall of the old formal outfitters building they’ve temporarily taken up residence in. “Ain’t too often you get a moment like these in the wastes.” In a show of his good faith, Cohen took the moment to light a cigarette.


Specialist Henry C. Trumbull took the hint, grabbing the sling of his rifle and throwing it over his shoulder.

The ecstatic PFC Hodges continued to hum to the tune, evident he had no grasp on the song’s lyrics as his words occasionally devolved into an unintelligible mumble. “Purple mountain, something..”


“Man.” said Trumbull, “If you’re gonna make my ears bleed, at least get the damned words right.”


“Hey, have some respect, man. This song is a national treasure.” another private asked.


“Yeah, who **** in your cereal, Trumbull?” another trooper, Corporal Scott Manley sneered, joining in on the dogpile on Trumbull.


“Honestly, if you give the lyrics a good old listen instead of bitching and moaning all the time, you’d realize how beautiful it is. Honestly gives me hope - hope that we can return to days like those sung by our forefathers.”


“That’s pretty deep, Sergeant.” said Cpl. Manley, sighing, “I’d say we’re on track. We’re doing pretty well for ourselves, I think.”


“Our work is never done.” remarked Cohen, rising to his feet. He cast a glance over towards Hodges, ever enamored by the holotape player, and smiled, patting the dust off his kit with a grunt. “Alright boys, back to it. We’ve still got that wire to set up on South Federal Street.”




“And Hodges- bring that holotape player back to base. That’s an order.”


With enthusiasm, Hodges replied, “Yes, sir!”



[7,500 C] Constructing Construction Yard in N. Douglas.

[7,500 C + 2B] Constructing Salvage Yard in N. Douglas.

[2,000 C] Training 20 Troops to Trained

[8M] Constructing 4 T1 Firearms

[4R+8R/15R] Continuing Research on Heavy Firearms


2 Dev points into Strength in Numbers

1 Dev point into Salvaged Tools

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“IT IS CONSVMMATED.” (St. John 19:30.)


“ABROAD the regal banners fly,
now shines the Cross's mystery:
upon it Life did death endure,
and yet by death did life procure.”









Madonna of the Streets Print | Blessed mother, Madonna and child, Mother  mary“BEHOLD THOV ART FAIR, O MY LOVE, BEHOLD THOV ART FAIR; THY EYES ARE AS THOSE OF DOVES.” (Canticles 1:14.)


In this yeare hence, the aforementioned symp-turned-knighte returned, but it was founde that the crope could not growe in the citie of Chicago, even in the greener parts, except in the agri-house, which defeates the pointe of the fruite in the firste place. Nowe I will relate the wonder-full tale of his returne and shew forth how it ledde to a new policie. 


This aforementioned young knighte, of the name Charles, was much be-sorrowed and full-distressed, thinking this disappointment woulde be the ende of him. Now the knighte resigned the matter to Our Lord, and begged Our Lady’s intercession, it being her monthe of May. Now as Our Lord Jesu Christe, being wonte to admonish the Church (A worde, “admonish”, which was well prov’d by the present author in a previous treatise, to be evenly derived from the Latin “admoneo, admonere”, and men are entreated to reade this if they wish to heare of the derivaction of this worde plainlie shewn) saide to this effecte, that a man who intends adulterie hath alreadie committed adulterie of the hearte. Wherefore, the intention is said to have primacie, in the eyes of God, who is outside of space and time, for He, who can do anything by mere Fiat, respecteth not the deedes of men, but the love of them, “not greate deeds, but greate love,” as St. Therese of the Infant Jesus said. So that a man who journies to the Holie Mass, but dies on the waye, receiveth the same graces, for having given the intention, even if he coulde affecteth not the action. And the Archbishop and all the plebes shewed a Christ-like attitude in this instance.


So, coming into our parte of the citie, he and his partie, he was expecting disgrace. But upon seeing his returne, the Archbishop was gladfulle to see them safe, and thanked God, and they said a Te Deum in thanks. And all the little children, who had been crowning the statue of Our Lady with whatever flowers they could muster from the darknesse of the Vastaland, threwe them about Sir Charles, and the seeds of the fruite were placed before Our Lady’s statue. And Sir Charles married this ladie Matilda, to whom he saide, “Behold thou art fair, thy eyes are doves’ eyes” (quoting the Holie Canticles) and they consecrated their marriage to Christ Jesu, and on whose Feaste of King-shippe they were joined in holie matrimonie. And Charles had made a pair of ringes, merelie from scrappe metall, but surelie appreciated, in which the wordes were inscribed: “Sum tuum praesedium confugimus, sancta Dei Genitrix.” Namelie, we fly to thy protection, O Holie Mother of God. And all the towne hailed him as a greate knighte; he was crowned with wreaths and entered in triumph, and Fr. Gilbert Keith of the Congregacion of the Oratorie gave him sacred relics, namelie parte of the habit of Saint Monica, our glorious patron, whiche was still stained with blood and mortified from all the whippings she suffered at the handes of her sonne, the other being a relic of this same sonne who was converted by her example, namelie his combat knife. And Charles tying the habit-piece to a standard, made it his banner.  And the Archbishop gave to von Manstein a large Crosse used at the miraculous Battel of Lepanto against the Turkes in the one-thousandth and seventie-firste yeare of Our Lord’s Incarnacione. and this he placed on a pole and these two became the banners of the armie. And before a battel, after Holie Mass, the soldiers are wonte to venerate these three relics to steadie their courage.


But I fearre that this storie diverts from the central purpose, only I thoughte it oughte to be mentioned for the benefit of future generations. Now after the news came that the fruite planne had failed, the Archbishop knew two thinges: namely we needed to built more agricultural houses, and also that we were need-full of territorial expancion, and that both the sustenance of the communitie, and the teaching of the nations in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost would be much-adifficultied by the lack of arable lande. So he gathered all the men of the Archdiocese together, and the Abbesse of the Nuns, this devout ghoule of whom we spoke, and saide to that effect. And all men were of one minde and agreed to these courses of action, namlie to builde what oughte to be built, and to expand into foreign territorie.  




The 'Eucharistic Heart' of Pope St Pius X. | Catholicism Pure & Simple



Now in this yeare hence, things moved more quicklie than the Archbishop reckoned. It happeneth that as the Firste Sunday of May is a time of happie jubilacions for goode Christians who seeke to imitate the virtues of the Blessed Virgin, such as humilitie, chastitie, and charitie. Now as man hath occasion for silliness, naughtiness and haughtiness if jovialitie be misplaced, the former of that three possesseth younge girls with even greater lack of sense. Now a Novice of the Order of St. Monica, in her fourteenth yeare, who had lived with nuns her whole life and who knew little of the evils outside of her spiritual familie, wandered out of our territorie in saying the Rosarie, with little view of the danger. Now she sang the Regina Caeli with some splendidness, but some of our men hearde of it, and went with all speed in realising the danger, and before it coulde be saide, a good manie armed men were in the districte. Now the young Sister was founde, as it seems that Merciful Providence kept her safe, but now the Archbishop ordered the immediate manufacture of arms to prepare an expedition to take control for next year.




Master of Cappenberg (Jan Baegert?) | Christ before Pilate | NG2154 |  National Gallery, London



These wordes were said on the Sunday before the Feaste of all Saints, that being, by order of His Holiness Pius IX in 1925, the Feaste of our Lord Jesus Christ, Kinge of the Universe, by Fr. Gilbert Keith who preached at Vespers to the Benedictine Monks, called in vulgar tongue Evensong, the whiche I have recorded for the betterment of mankind. Because he is but an illiterate man and slave of the age, he wrote this sermon in “””modern English.”””


Most new ideologies are old errors re-dressed. When Pope Pius XI instituted the Feast of Christ the King in 1925, all that was permanent and had stood forever seemed to be gone. The splendid throne of the Ottomans, the sprawling Empire of the Hapsburgs; the ancient autocracy of the Romanovs disappeared like dust in the wind. The totalitarian ideologies of Fascism and Communism were rising. Meanwhile, in the morally bankrupt Weimar Republic and the anti-clerical regime of Spain there were the stirrings of a second war even more destructive than the first. In this time of total war, was there any throne that would remain firm? Any hope that remained untrampled? Any King who remained unexiled? 


Pope Pius XI gives us the answer: Jesus Christ is King. Where did the ideologies of Pius XI’s time lead to? What happened to the gleaming promise of a better future under democracy, a worker’s paradise under Communism, or the racial utopia of the Nazis? Look out the window, and you will see, sure enough, where man’s unaided efforts lead. Man’s own efforts at salvation have fettered themselves and failed, one-by-one. They consumed the world in atomic fire. And now? They will fail again, with the same result. Whether the laughable attempt to resurrect the barbarism of pagan Rome that will die with its dictator, the futile hope of New World democracy that will drown in the own weight of its unfettered greed just as the Old World democracy did, or the thought-deprived, chem-filled savagery of the various raider groups that ends in misery for the slave and the slaver alike, the world labels old errors by new names, and proclaims that these very ideologies that destroyed the world in the first place are the sole salvation of the world today.


The Foot of the Cross is the only place where sin and death make any sense. Christ proclaims Himself King, not in the Bosom of his Eternal Father, nor in the glory of His miracles, neither in the love of the crowds, which He avoids, but battered, bruised, bound in rope and chain, and before the man who is about to sentence Him to His death, while all the while the Jews cry out: “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” His Kingdom is everlasting: no scandal can shake it, no deprivation can move it; no atom bomb can extinguish it: because He is the King of hearts and souls. The Kingdom of God does not start with a governmental system, an economic policy or a novel technology. It starts in the heart. Let us therefore submit first to Jesus Christ, and beg His kingdom shew itself forth in our hearts through the mighty workings of the Holy Ghost, so that we may receive “power to become the Sons of God,” transformed into His likeness and image; beacons of hope and joy in a world fallen and tortured by sin and degeneracy. The old errors will die and fail as they always have. Christ alone is Saviour, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Many men have proclaimed to be the death of the Church: where are they today? Be not afraid.”




Judith Beheading Holofernes - Caravaggio.jpg



-1 Agri-House Built (5000 C, 2 B.)

-2 Construction Yard Built (7,500 C.)

-1 Fortification Built. [500 C, 1 B.]

-4 Research placed into small arms. [7/10.]

-450 T2 melee weapons made. (3 M)

-Researched: Armour T2, Melee T2.



Buildings: 1 Market, 1 Scrap Yard, 1 Agri-House, 1 Salvage Yard.  In construction: 1 Agri, 2 Construction Yard, 1 fort. 


8,800 Caps, 12 metal, 14 supplies , 6 building materials. Population: 780.


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The Kingdom





“What a sorry bunch.” Simon Valdeeren mused, not quietly, as the throng of tired, demoralized and visibly starving men, women and children pass through Northern gate into the block the Kingdom calls home. Many of them are wounded, clothes in shambles, some of them visibly covered in stains of blood. It must have been brutal where they have been. The King observed quietly, adorned with the golden crown of his, as the people pass by him. Though he did not hand out supplies himself, his sole presence and lack of visible action emitted an aura of superiority onto these people, who saw the well dressed and well fed leader who observed them with a stern glance. These outsiders immediately knew he was the one who gave the order to hand supplies to them so they may last and recover. As part of the Kingdom, that was the condition. All things considered of course, it was the best choice these people had. Just as the last man was to pass by Jonathan, he halted him, resting a hand on the shoulder of the oldtimer. The man stopped confused as the he met the clear eyes of the King. “Here, have this water.” Were the first few words Jonathan spoke to the newcomers as a whole, holding out a bottle filled with crystal clear water. The old man took it with shivering hands, he would have cried if he weren’t so parched from the lack of clean water. “Tha-thank you!” So he drank, the whole bottle in one go. “But why me? You, as the leader, so generous, why this old man?” – “Because I need a story.” Jonathan smiled.




Population: 1,010 Humans

Available funds: 26,257 C




A new construction yard is built. (-7,500 C)

A new scrapyard is built. (-7,500 C, -2 B)

The remaining material is stored. (-1 B)

Forged melee weaponry is continued. (7/15 RP)

300 T2 melee weapons are salvaged to arm more of the commoners. (-2 M)

Remainder of the funds are saved. (-11,257 C)


A new party is sent south to ascertain if the adjacent block is still cleared. If not, they are ordered to clean house again for coming year. (15 trained women and men, with T3 gunpowder weaponry and T3 armor.)


The Kingdom keeps an eye out for any parties that might be passing by, dangerous or friendly.


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The Apostles of Christ

Samuel walked through the abandoned streets, his stance tense as he walked through unexplored territory. Any amounts of threats could be here, raiders, rabid creatures, even deathclaws (very theoretically). He shivered, he had seen a deathclaw once. Luckily he had been with a large group back then, consisting of roughly 10 men. Only he  and 3 others had survived. Mostly by scattering every which way and having the death claw chase only a few people so that the rest could survive. He certainly did not want to ever see one again if he could. Those things were mighty scary ripping people's guts straight out of their abdomen. But now he had to focus on more immediate threats, like a sharpshooter in a window. Deaths from that were far more common than those deathclaws. Even if the former was a far more intimidating prospect. 

Then up ahead he suddenly heard a sound and he raised his rifle, and gave a nod to the soldiers surrounding him to hold steady. He was satisfied to see that they were already alert as well. Though nothing would beat combat experience he had still trained them up quite well, though he was fairly sure his voice had significantly deteriorated from training them. The shouting was not easy on his throat. 

He then gave a hand wave for them to slowly follow him and fan out. Make it so they couldn't be taken out by a stray grenade. ANd that they all had line of fire on what was around the corner making that weird sound. Then it slowly came into sight and his shoulders sagged, it was not a wild beast or anything like that. Just a bramen, he then approached it and softly patted it. He then looked a longer distance and saw that there was a whole herd spread out over this area. He then smiled and softly called out, so as to not agitate the bramen. "It looks like meat is back on the menu boys.


Pop: 1545

Income: 25kC

Upkeep: 5,5kC

Storage: 0kC

Netto: 19,5kC

Research per turn: 6



In order to keep the capital block free for more valuable infastructure the recently scouted out block will be settled by new apostles. Bringing it under the light of the lord (10kC & 5B)


Work continues on creating metal armor, though the engineers at work are scolded for imaginative progress which was not actually there. (8/25) (+6R this turn)


With the stores filling up with materials the decision is made to build leather armor. Even if it is sub-par compared to the armor that would soon come in it could always be handed to recruits or to conscript. As such 80 sets of leather armor are made (4M)


As there is a constant need for followers another expedition is sent to explore two new blocks. Again together with Father jacob and Samuel. Again 10 of these men are equipped with T3 firearms, with all of the 10 men being well-trained by Samuel (Regular). With the goal being (beyond basic scouting) for the First Father to recruit more to the apostles. With the foremost arguments being the safety provided by their large numbers, the large amount of food and supplies available and the oppertunity for a clean slate. (MOD)


8,75kC is spent training 35 more men to regular veterancy.


Father jacob:

Charisma 5 (17,5 (effective stat))

Luck: 1 (3,5)

Luck: 2 (7)

Perception: 1

Endurance: 1
Agility: 1

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