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Tales of the Mud City v2 - A Fallout FRP (RP)

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The Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of  God and the Son of Mary – Dans le Sacré-Cœur

“Keep our life all spotless,
make our way secure
till we find in Jesus,
joy for evermore.”







Pin on iconos-imágenes-pinturas-marianos





In this YEARE HENCE, the Archbishop was oughtful to avoid that which is written in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, namlie in the entrie for eleven-thirtie-seven: They were all forsworne, and forgetful, each one, of their trothe; for everie rich man builte his castles, which they helde againste him: and they filled the lande full of castles. They cruellie oppressed the wretched men of the land with castle-workes; and when the castles were made, they filled them with devils and evil men. Then tooke they those that they supposed to have any goodes, bothe by nighte and by daye, labouring men and women, and threw them into gaol for their golde and silver, and inflicted on them tortures unutterable; for never were any martyrs so tortured as they were. And seeing that the state of the lande was most pitiful, and like unto what we have just read, he was oughtful to expande the reign of Our Lord, Jesu Christe, into more partes of the countrie. He was of a very different minde to Father Gilbert Keith of the Congregacion of the Oratorie, who, caring not for politics temporal, at once wanted to dispatche all the priestes and missionarie nuns all about the countrie and the citie, and preach the Name of Christ to all the poore savages. But the Archbishop, being more watchful, and a “big-brained centurist” as I have somewhere hearde, was eager rather to expande our territorie, and to preach Christ to those within, and proclaim Him to them that are without. Now it is well known that Father Gilbert is a man without fear save that of God, and when this was putte to him, he replied, Quem Timebo? That is, as it is written in the Twentie-Sixth Psalm of David, The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, Whom shall I fear? And furthermore, said he, Panem nostram quotidianum da nobis hodie, namelie, give us this daye our daily bread, implying that as God has alreadie given His Church his Only-Begotten, the flower of the field, and the lily of the vallies, there is nothing more needful or precious than this which He will fail to supply, and hence we pray with trust those wordes. But, as a man of concorde, he urged them all to pray for the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in this matter. It was the day after the Sundaye of the Christmas Ocatve. Now the Archbishop was unmoved, and spoke against Gilbert harshlie, and then saide by way of remedie, Merry Christmas. And all rejoiced, but Gilbert, eager to crowne himself with the restful laurel of holie obedience, about whiche is given the maxim, namlie that a singel act of holie obedience is more meritorious than a thousand voluntarie mortificacions, agreed to the Archbishop’s plan, he having the seat of authoritie, whereunto our Lord said unto His Apostles: He who hears you, hears Me.


After this, von Manstein and Charles the Younge Knight, led a force to occupy that territorie most adjacent on our northe, and, being so moved, occupied the region with a force of 75 armed men. And following them, they went aboute, decreeing saftie and law for all men, and if any men were found in that region not aggressing against our hoste, there came our priests to preach to them, led by Father Gilbert, and Mother Angelica with some nuns to succour them with alms, for it is written in the Book of Proverbs, he that hateth the poore, despiseth his Maker.


And the Archbishop instructed our men to this effect, namelie that the whole countrie occupied should be inspected for radio equipment of any kinde. And there being a water-workes, anything that might be needful there.


What is the Sermon on the Mount? - Jesus.Christ.org“JESVS SAID TO THEM: BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS MADE, I AM. THEY THEREFORE TOOK UP STONES TO STONE HIM.” (St. John, 8:58)




IN this YEARE HENCE, the labour of researching the manufacture of firearms was finished. And we were so needful of them, that even the monkes were called upon to help direct their manufacture. When they were made, the Archbishop did a mass blessing of all the rifles and pistols which had been made, which we call, lances and swords. And these are the words of the Archbishop, quoting the Psalmist, Blessed be the Lord my strength, who teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.


But we monkes, most eager to return to the study of the natural sciences, of philosophie, and historie, and oratorie, and all the other oughtful subjects profitable to the natural life of man, were compelled by obedience once more to looke into the weapons of war, and we tried to improve on them that were already made. 


Meanwhile after Lent and Passiontide, Manstein spends the yeare manfulie training our milicia.


How do I clean a vintage veil? | Wedding veil vintage, Vintage veils,  Wedding veils





-75 men armed with T2 melee go into the neighbouring district, namely the waterworks, and occupy and subdue it. If there is any creature not immediately hostile, he is offered the Gospel, safety and bread. They are led by Marshal von Manstein and his lieutenant, the now-beloved Sir Charles. (Will be marked on discord.) [MOD]

-A search is made especially in that district for radio equipment. [MOD]

-T1 gunpowder firearms research complete. [10/10.] 100 are made. [4 M.]

-Leftover R put into T2 gunpowder firearms. [1/25]

-150 men are upgraded to trained. [15,000 C]

-1 S is spent on alms, if there be any poor in that district. [1 S]







Buildings: 1 Market, 1 Scrap Yard, 2 Agri-Houses, 1 Salvage Yard, 2 Construction Yards, 1 Fortification.


10,450 Caps, 11 metal, 18/9 supplies , 8 building materials. Population: 796.




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The Passionate Foodie: 2006 Twisted Oak River of Skulls





This is your land. A land taken from you by the elites, by silver-tongued demons and false promises. So I give to you an opportunity; follow me. And take it back.” – Osiris to the survivors of Vault 57, before forming the Twisted Skulls.


Burke and his raiders found themselves welcomed back to the camp with a bloody festival. A massive bonfire had been created to light the festivities as chemmed-up raiders went about their business, drinking alcohol and getting into brawls. However, a considerable force had decided not to participate and was notably missing. The tribals; those who had completely lost their minds inside the Vault, could be found gathered around Hell. Despite this, the party-goers couldn’t be less worried, instead just continuing to party until they all passed out.


It's the End of the World as We Know It


As the festivities grew to a close, Burke leaned back in his lawnchair, placed into a stupor thanks to the copious amounts of booze and food. For once in his life he felt like he had achieved true bliss. The horrors of the Vault were truly gone, and now all the worldly delights of a ruined America were in his grasp. As he slipped into a drunken coma, he was approached by a group of a great many revellers. By the looks on their faces, they seemed to be about to ask him for something. Nothing new to Burke.


The apparent leader of the group approached him, “Yo, Burke! We got somethin of an offer for ya.” The rest of them seemed to stand off, all with eager faces. Burke opened his eyes just slightly, “Yeh? What is it?” The leader was a large man, easily one of the physically stronger raiders in the tribe. “We want to join ya on your next raid. Me and the gang been needing some target practice.. And some loot wouldn’t be bad either.” Burke smirked, too lazy to move any more than that. “Next raid is in two months. Make sure you and your boys are ready.



At long last, the gates to Hell opened. Out strode the Skeleton Crew, looking about the massive crowd of Tribals. At the head of the Skeletons stood Smiley, the newly accepted leader of the Crew. He had assumed his position by simply out-thinking the rest of the maniacs, despite his enormous stature. He had a mind for the sadistic, which allowed him to eventually convince the Crew to follow him. He climbed onto a hastily-made stand overlooking the crowd, his signature grin stuck onto his face. “Hey! You best know why I got yall over here, yeah?!” He knew they knew, or atleast had some kind of clue. The tribals had a kind of hive-minded approach to their society, simply following after which ever other tribal was nearest.


Those stupid normies been having all the fun! We’s just been sittin’ round doin’ nothing while they take all the slaves!” Smiley takes out his rusty machete and waves it around in the air, a stunning display indeed. “So I says, we go out and take some slaves of our own! Make Osiris real happy!” The assembled tribals let a great cry echo across Chicago, a volley of plasma gun fire trailing into the sky. Several screams pierced through the war cry as two or three tribals burnt their hands to malfunctioning plasma pistols. “That’s ******* right! To hell with Burke! To hell with the Normies!



Turn 3 – 2273


Population: 278

Equipment: 25 T2 Gunpowder, 100 T1 Plasma, 200 T1 Melee, 40 T2 Armor, 75 T3 Armor

Troops: 50 Trained, 116 Green

Production: 3B, 4M, 3S, 3R



Uterius Burke: S 1, P 3, E 1, C 0, I 1, A 4, L 0

Smiley: S 4, P 0, E 2, C 0, I 0, A 2, L 0

Dr. Evelynn Shaw: S 0, P 1, E 0, C 0, I 3, A 0, L 1

God-King Osiris: S 2, P 0, E 0, C 2, I 1, A 0, L 1



Burke’s raiders set out on their third raid, bolstered by the success of the previous year. [MOD] [20 Trained; T3 Armor, T1 Melee, T2 Gunpowder. 20 Green; T3 Armor, T1 Melee, T1 Plasma.]

Smiley organizes a raid of his own to the block to the East. [MOD] [30 Trained; T3 Armor, T1 Melee, T1 Plasma.]

A fuel refinery is built in the capital. [5000 C + 1 B]

A construction yard is built in the capital. [7500 C]

Production of 25 T2 Gunpowder [3 M]

2% Population Growth [3 S]

Researching T2 Plasma [5/25 R]

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T H E   O A S I S


-------- Actions --------
-A new banana plantation is opened by the growing banana tycoon, sir chimp [5000 + 2B]
-Construction yard [7500 C]
-T2 Armor [6/10]
-300 Weapons (T2) and 100 bows (T3) hewn for Hannibal’s war parties [4 M]

-One Dev point is invested into “Simple Minded” [2 total]

-3,250 C and 1 B is saved

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The Apostles of Christ



Pop: 1596

Income: 27kC

Upkeep: 5,5kC

Storage: 0kC

Netto: 19,5kC

Research per turn: 6





Work continues on creating metal armor, though the engineers at work are scolded for imaginative progress which was not actually there. (14/25) (+6R this turn)


In the new block brought into the light of the lord a new scrapyard is designated. So that the apostles may have the ability to protect themselves. Whilst simultaneously a new market is assembled as well. In order that the humble apostles may trade the fruits of their labour for other goods. (12,5kC & 3B)


Mean whilst, back at the capital block, a salvage yard is established. Finding remnants of old pieces of technology from before the war and dissecting it to a semi-useful degree. So that they may be used by the apostles for their own uses. (7,5kC & 2B)


And in order to get further protection. More armor is produced and guns as well. Though they are of a notably lower quality than the ones that are already in use by the apostles. At worst they can be replaced soon and be put in the hands of reserves or brave settlers. (5M)(1stack T2 body armor and 1 stack T2 firearms produced)


2kC is stored for future uses.


Father jacob:

Charisma 5 (17,5 (effective stat))

Luck: 1 (3,5)

Luck: 2 (7)

Perception: 1

Endurance: 1
Agility: 1

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The sun rose on a chilly morning in the Chicago area, however the wasteland would not have the peaceful serene morning of the past, a screech of multiple death claws could be heard throughout the wasteland. A new litter of deathclaws have been born, Vukal looking over his young. Eyeing each of them as they clawed towards their mother for food. He would be squating, prodding at them with his massive claw, moving them along gingerly. His eye however catches one lagging behind, a smaller deathclaw, weakly clawing towards her mother. Vukal lets out a gentle hiss, taking large powerful strides towards the small child.


"Weak..." Vukal mutters, seeing the wimp of a deathclaw. The large male would watch for just a moment, witnessing one of his young struggling to crawl. The others made it but this one...Vukal lets out a gentle hiss, his mate already tending to the ones that made their way to her. His eyes would glaze upon his mate once more, then back to the small weak child. A long quiet growl would emanate as he picks up the weak creature. Holding the baby girl by the tail. The creature doesn't fight back, she shows no fight. No strength...no will to live...with no hesitation he would place the baby into his mouth, chomping it in half. She didn't deserve to live he thought as he would chew and swallow one half of the child, spitting the other half out.


"Only the strong...survive." He mentions to his mate who would hiss in response, she did not dare question Vukal, she quickly returned to tending the rest of the litter. The other deathclaws begin to gather at the meeting circle, Vukal beginning to speak.


"Time...has come to grow" Vukal says simply, letting out another series of low growls and screeches. The message is clear, they cannot survive by sitting idly by. Quickly the other deathclaws repeat the same proccess as Vukal, picking the weakest of each of their litters, and purging them. Making sure only the strongest babies survive.


The male deathclaw watches on, seeing each family purge themselves of the weak. Then he moves to one of his most trusted members, instructing them on how they will need more food for the young...and with more food, they will be able to secure their tribe for the next couple years.






2 Agricultural houses built -10000 Caps

Research begins into T2 Armor (1/10)


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Western BoS Expedition

C1clNRJpjr0bOUcsssHbS6bmIu0F9VNZoP1Tc25MGHfcOMZ34E_aMXeTHNwG345MKMQE-exJP7KKJkgMIzsQDuPS-r8NCN-xQ9B6X7zG3CXsyXZv2Z0QlsUMYoPosvahL405oSxiMorality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


          With the block to the west being mostly devoid of resources and life, the brotherhood is now looking to other locations for salvage and technology. Another expedition is launched but this time to the east. All quiet on the front.



The radio broadcasts persist. A continued challenge is presented to the wastelanders in listening radius. Those who are of mental and physical capability will be accepted into the ranks of the Brotherhood. Any resources and or technology brought with intent to trade will be compensated with caps. Any wastelanders that brings forth useless technology such as broken prewar toasters, coffee machines and other junk will be turned away and or shot if they escalate the situation.


Another expedition is launched but this time to the east. (Details in discord)


Another two levels of fortifications are added to the airport. The final touches to the fortifications. (1,000 C, 2 B)


More heavy weapons are produced. (3M)


T2 Laser weaponry research (5/25 R)

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New California Republic


Things are quiet in the Compound this year, little of note taking place. The Rangers continue to vigorously patrol the blocks bordering their territory. Vigilant Rangers with hunting rifles lay in covert spots, always watching.....


Advanced Population; 228

Civilized Population; 102

Income; 5 B, 4 M, 10 S, 1 E, 15,200 Caps


Mod Actions

Jerimiah Fink leads a Recon team into the west. They will travel near but not on the highway as covertly as possible for at most two blocks. Their mission is not to clear a block, but to gather information. They will ask around after 'The Dragon' in Downtown, seemingly of interest to them. They will also try to glean if there's any nearby waste-lander communes. The Rangers hoping to find friendly neighbors to trade with.  They use the information of the land they gleaned when tracking the strange Ghoul from last year. [Fink, 25 Trained Rangers, T3 Guns - 20 ARs, 5 Hunting Rifles, T2 Armor] Fink; S – 3, P – 3, L – 1


Any passing merchants or wastelanders are told the NCR will pay well for 2 units of Fuel. Payment will be made when they bring the barrels this year or start of next.


Research Actions [7]

T2 Melee -5

T3 Melee -2


Financial Actions 

Building 2 Markets -10k, 2 B

30 Men to Trained -3k

Producing 17 T3 Firearms -3M, 1E

Producing 200 T1 Melee -1M

1% Pop Growth -1S


Treasury +3B, 9S, 2.2k Caps


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Turn 4 





Battle rages in the northwest, as the sounds of battle become too prevalent to be just background noise for the Mud City. To those within the area, it would sound as if battle is merely right outside their front door.


Outages of radio communication become more abundant, as many now begin to experience it even in their smaller handheld devices far more often than before. While some attribute it to mere radiation, some speculate that the presence of something far greater is coming. And then it does. Before the turn of the end of the year, communications are all but impossible from long range. Previously reliable frequencies between radios and handheld devices retrieve only static, even in the most local proximities of one another. Radios that once hummed the sounds of music are replaced by the crackling of static, while those used for communication return a garbled mess of random words and in most cases pure silence for the less advanced civilizations (Radio broadcasts temporarily unavailable).




Midwest Enclave


Operation G.A.L. begins...




Late in the year, reports of intrusion across the northern bordering block are reported directly to Buchanan. Although there is no confirmation of who these people are or what faction they belong to, many look of asian descent, and many of them carry rifles.


A similar event occurs in the south, as yet more reports come in of activity from another party. Although these ones look far more American, and a lot less Red. With this advance comes a charming radio broadcast promoting the military branch of the United States Marines, stating themselves to be reconstructing the wasteland and being positioned a mere two blocks south of Buchanan’s territory.


Eastern Brotherhood of Steel


Many doubt the ability of the Elder when he sends such a majority force for their patrols, though orders are orders. The men move around their blocks, herding in settlers that come in response to the radio broadcasts and guiding those that are “leaders” of local groups, many of which mostly being families or wandering bands. Nonetheless, settlers continue to stroll in from the wasteland. (+80 Civilized Population, +3 Advanced Population)


Late into the year, an entourage of armed and well armored personnel arrive at the gates of the Eastern Brotherhood, many carrying weapons and armor even surpassing that of the Brotherhood. The leader of this party seeks a meeting with the ‘Elder’ of the Brotherhood, stating they are from another faction north of the Brotherhood. They seek an alliance, though ends more as an offer of employment as the group is quickly found to be from a mercenary band, one which goes by the name of “Morgan’s Rifles”.


5th Marine Regiment


The undertaking of reestablishing the status quo of the “before times” is a mighty endeavour, nonetheless it is one that must be made if the 5th is to expand the American Dream back across the wasteland. While the supplies are a start, they are by no means enough. More investment will be needed, some saying upwards of nearly five-times as much, if not more, before life can be without the qualms of the wasteland.


The forces moving northeast find themselves against a common foe in the wastes; nature itself. A pair of Yao Guai are seen together, though a hastily prepared ambush outside of their den created by LIeutenant Fitzgerald leads to a quick end to these beats. (Fitzgerald +2 Perception, Block Cleared)


The broadcasts of recruitment, and more importantly the promise of a better life in the wasteland, are heard by many. This year, it shows, as many families seek protection from the dutiful soldiers of the 5th. (+120 Civilized Population)


People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


The previous expansion southward is met with some conflicting reports, some of those in the party reporting the presence of another faction to the south a mere two blocks, while some say there is nothing. As if it weren’t enough, a radio broadcast from that of the United States Marine Corps comes across, stating their location four blocks south of Jiayuan’s current settlement, as well as promising the reintroduction of the American way of life…




The efforts of removing the unrest does well, as many of those in the general populace are content with their new leaders. The issue lays with those that do not organize themselves in the commonfolk, but rather have been told to be an outside force primarily made of those that had fled after the Islander’s takeover. The source of these ‘vigilantes’ are unknown, even to the Chicagoan residents. Though for the remainder of the year all is well as the 50 troops deter any wouldbe saboteurs from striking again.


The development of the sector is welcomed by the settlers, and while many weren’t interested in partaking in the Islander’s military, some do come around to the idea. However, the actual development of the region will require much more work and investment from the Islanders if they are to make a meaningful change in the region.




With their previous expeditions ending in bloodshed, the legionaries sent west prepare for battle. Though upon arrival to the blocks, little actually comes. A few molerats chomp at the feet of many, leaving some lasting scars and wounds, as well as a few impromptu amputations, though by the end of the year all three blocks are cleared and secured for expansion.


The Kingdom


The lack of experience among the men is noted, as many fail to hit their targets or even stay with one another. An unfortunate group of men eventually find themselves in the middle of a bloodbug nest, their remains found shriveled and decrepit by the rest of the party before returning east. (-6 Civ Population, Block Cleared)


Midway through the year, a wandering merchant does appear! With him he carries many goods, each for a price, naturally.




Although the lack of maintenance had turned the Cathedral to little more than a holy greenhouse, its interior overgrown and walls clearly in need of refurbishment. Though, the structural integrity of the building is intact for the most part. The roboids sent even discover a pack of wild humans, seemingly in some kind of ritualistic ceremony before a golden cross, though there is no time for that when you’re rebuilding the country! (+15 “Volunteers”)




Yet another broadcast comes from the men of the “Steel Brotherhood”, now seeking more than simple relations but rather the leaders of factions that may be around. Once more, the dubious nature of these broadcasts are brought up, though some seem more interested in connecting with this Brotherhood.




Burke’s raiders set out west, and return with a bountiful harvest. Not only did they manage to squash a few bugs, but they also found a local establishment of settlers within the block. With an ultimatum of death or servitude, only some take the former, returning to the east with Burke. (+20 Slaves, Block Cleared, Burke +1 Charisma +2 Strength)


T H E   O A S I S


Monke see, Monke go, Monke conquer.


The Apostles of Christ


The Apostles word grows, as seemingly more servants to the lord wish to join their ranks. An unexpected turn, seeing as none were sent, though word travels quickly across the wastes. (+85 Civilized Population)


The followers of Christ bring word of radio frequencies to their north, towards the sound of battle and in requests of assistance. Whether or not they may choose to answer is up to them...




What the **** have I done?


Western BoS Expedition


Word comes and goes throughout the wasteland, though this time around the hostile nature of the Western Brotherhood is more noticeable. In retaliation, the Brotherhood patrols would often find piles of human feces loitered across their patrol routes, as well as a few broken toasters or can openers in mockery of their pursuit of technology.


The men head East. :vibecheck:


New California Republic


After their brief interaction with their relic from the past, an elder Ranger amongst the group would eventually speak up about the ghoul, stating his name to be Skyler Jones. Not just a Ranger, but rather one of the Rangers from the very beginning of the Rangers formation in 2186. Though unfortunately, the reason for his departure from the NCR is unknown to the man.


Jeremiah gathers little info of the man known as “The Dragon”, only learning that he is the leader of a faction in the downtown region of the Mud City, and is not to be trifled with. Though an event of importance does occur, as the men on the patrol witness another party from the east enter the block just east of their furthest patrol route. By the chained men and women they drag behind them, the brutalistic equipment and armor they carry, and their clear lack of bathing standards, these are not friendly people.


The Rangers encounter radio frequencies from their north, towards the sound of battle and in requests of assistance. Whether or not they may choose to answer is up to them...

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The Kingdom





“Slow and steady.”


Population: 1,111 Humans

Available funds: 24,137 C




Both sectors of Englewood receive Feudal Courts as per decree of the King. (-15,000 Caps, -4 B)

Forged melee weaponry is concluded. (15/15 RP)

The remaining metal is stored.  (-3 M)

Remainder of the caps are saved. (-9,137 Caps)


The Kingdom keeps an eye out for any parties that might be passing by, dangerous or friendly.


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- rp later -




  Hide contents



Pop – 1030 (inc. 25 slaves) (2 stacks) (3000 C, -2 S, 2 R)

515 MP (473 Green, 42 Trained)

2 Blocks Controlled



Might of the Legion – Slaves contribute to general pop mechanics as well as slave production bonuses. Legion troops rarely retreat.



4 Dev-Points Spent

10% Bonus to all T1-3 Production (Rounded Up)

10% Bonus to Recruitable Population



T3 Melee Weapons (Forged)

T1 Firearms (Scrap)

T2 Armour (Leather)

T1 Explosives (Molotovs)



100 x T3 Melee Weapons (Forged)

473 x T2 Melee Weapons (Salvaged)

50 x T1 Firearms (Scrap)

158 x T1 Armour (Scrap)

82 x T2 Armour (Leather)







17,800 C, 3 M, 3 B, 7 S, 3 R



  • With "recruits" clearly exhausted in the surrounding area, a great expeditionary force of 300 legionaries under the Centurion Marcus Lucullus and the Frumentarius Serpens Solida is dispatched westward to scour the Englewood sector. Their goal is to "acquire" more manpower, resources for the campaign, and scout the region for signs of NCR.
    • 100 Green (No Armour, T2 Melee)
    • 158 Green (T1 Armour, T2 Melee).
    • 42 Trained (T2 Armour, T3 Melee, T1 Firearms).
  • 1 x Market (5000 C + 1 B)
  • 1 x Scrap Yard (7500 + 2 B)
  • 55 x T1 Firearms (2 M)
  • 55 x T1 Armour (1 M)
  • 53 troops upgraded to trained. (5300 C)
  • Researching T1 Artillery (7/15) (3 R)
  • Supplies spent on 2% pop growth for 2 stacks. (4 S)

3 S saved.





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People’s Republic of Jiāyuán

Tian leans sideways looking down the alleyway, his weapon up against his shoulder he scans the alleyway briefly listening to the wind as it sweeps between the buildings. The others formed up behind him watching their backs.

“Qianjin.” He whispered as the others piled together moving down the alleyway. Tian felt his heart racing, this being his first real mission and he was in charge of it as well. The moon was hidden by the clouds which made staying in the shadows a lot easier, but it also made their mission difficult moving through the dark on their own. Finally reaching a defensible and hidden position they spread out only a good few feet from one another.

Being near territory possibly held by another group or hostile faction made everyone tense but they kept their calm.
“Zhùyì, Gēnzhe wo!” Moving together quietly the team followed Tian into the unknown, their mission was clear. Seek. Identify. Return.

Stealth was of absolute priority…

The radio’s speakers came back with static and garbled noise. Lanying cursed in irritation and gave the box a good slap.
“Gōngzuò!” He yelled, though to no avail.

“Lanying?” A voice called from the other side of the shop. “Oh, Li Jing. Sorry the Radio has been giving us problems lately.” He nodded seeming to understand. He didn’t speak the Old Land’s Tongue much being that his father was a wasteland local.

“That’s actually why I’m here.” He said “The General Secretary is putting together a group dedicated to trying to solve that issue or at least discover its cause.” Lanying gave a curious and inquisitive look, this could be her chance to stand out. Plus it was always fun to have access to more technology to study and use.

So much was going on in so little of time, it’s amazing that the community could keep up.

Population: 1,590
Base Income: 15,000c
Population Income: 8,000c
Market: 2,000c
Upkeep: 7,500c
Total: 17,500c

Base: 2M, 5S, 2R
Scrap Yards(2): 2M
Agri House: 2S
Refinery: 2F
Construction Yards: 3B
Pop Production: 4R
Pop Needs: -6S


2 Scrap Yards, Market, 6 Construction Yards, Agri House, Refinery, Warehouse



Work continues into T2 Heavy Firearms (20/20 RP)

With the discovery of nearby groups, settled or nomadic. Scouts aren’t fully able to be sure work continues to ensure the security of the People’s Republic. (4M, 80 T2 Armor)

Having previously cleared some areas adjacent to the Republic, effort, manpower and material is used to secure new territory. (10,000c 5B)

With Radio signals and frequencies being disrupted time and again, the Republic puts a small team of Techno-Scholars to work on understanding or finding the cause of these disruptions. Linyang finds herself thrown into the work being known for her acute and natural understanding of technology. (Mod)

Tian leads a small team of 8 scouts south to investigate the other wastelanders that are nearby to see what sort of presence they hold, as well as any other information they can gain from a distance trying to remain unseen. 9 Men total, T2 Firearms, Armor and Melee. (Mod)

3 Dev Points are put into Feudalistic Society.

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Western BoS Expedition


Morality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


With the squad of Paladins returning home empty handed due to....highly dangerous activity, the Brotherhood now look to the North for salvageable resources and technology. Although what lay in the east looked promising, losing five suits of the only power armor in Brotherhood possession along with its senior most members and veterans was not worth the risk. Perhaps a day will come when we’re ready to undergo such an operation. We are men of steel, but by no means invincible. In the end our awareness will play a large role in how we preform, thankfully we're understanding this sooner rather than later.




T2 laser weaponry research. (10/25)


Two markets are made in the airport. (10,000 C, 2 B)



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The Apostles of Christ



Pop: 1708

Income: 29,7kC

Upkeep: 6,75kC

Storage: 2kC

Netto: 24,95kC

Research per turn: 6





Work continues on creating metal armor, though the engineers at work are scolded for imaginative progress which was not actually there. (20/25) (+6R this turn)


Word of danger gathers, of imminent threats and distant enemies. As such the production of high quality weaponry begins (1 stack T3 firearms)(3M & 1E)


Another wave of construction sweeps over the newest district of the apostles. A new construction yard, and two scrap yards are established. In order to supply the apostles with the capability to grow, and to protect their faithful herd. (22,5kC & 2B)


In order to wield the weapons that are to soon be produced, 11 men are trained to regular quality. So that their lives  might not be lost needlessly.(2,75kC)


200C is stored for next turn


Father jacob:

Charisma 5 (17,5 (effective stat))

Luck: 1 (3,5)

Luck: 2 (7)

Perception: 1

Endurance: 1
Agility: 1

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5th Marine Regiment








-5th Marines overlook the wooded lakefront of Mud city 2274-


The soft snowy powder gently fell upon the blocks of Mud City owned by the 5th marines. For most marines and civilian families this was the first snowfall they had ever seen. Leaning carefully on the fortifications of West Winnemac sentries stared out into the darkness, gripping their rifles tight as the cold blanketed around them Lance Corporal Roberts and Private First Class Werther shared a smoke as they continued to stare out into the darkness, flashes of light continued to burst through the darkness in the far distance, thundering bangs and pop accompanying the lights and barely being carried over the snow. Taking a drag Roberts spoke plainly “Is this what the trenches were like?” Werther raised an eyebrow as he snatched the cigarette taking a puff and asking quizzically “What trenches, you mean the first world war?” Roberts shook his head “No dumbass the 3rd world war, yes the first one, they would just sit in their trenches smoking watching the horizon and wondering when they would be next.” Werther nodded “Sure I gues-” The ranking soldier interrupted the younger sentry as he continues “Think about it, whatever is over that horizon, is ******* bad news bears, Jesus Werther, do you know how rare explosives are out here, look at whoever the **** that is in the distance, its an explosion every thirty seconds!” Werther cleared his throat as he warmed his hands over the lit barrel next to them “You think they might be friendly? Maybe they want to do what the General wants?” Roberts shook his head taking the last puff and stamping out the cigarette. “Not a ******* chance, we need to be focussing all efforts on waging war not, ******* civilization!” Werther shook his head “I don't know Roberts, the long term plan outweighs the near in this case but who knows…”






With the new year comes a new block, the 5th Marines having previously cleared the block push in and secure it for good setting up temporary shelters and other functionaries. 5b, 10000c for block expansion. ((MOD))



4 metal is spent producing 100 of the highest quality pipe rifles ((t1))


6rp spent on t3 armor ((20/25))


100 trained marines are turned into regulars, 12500c


24 green recruits are trained to trained 1200c


As the work continues throughout all three blocks now, the construction halts this year as another year of planning takes place, marine engineers and civilian contractors spend the year going from home to home taking measurements and various other information in preparation for construction to route piping into each house. It is clear that slowly but surely civilization will return. 3300c spent

((1b 8300c so far MOD))


With radios disabled due to unknown issues the 5th and their patch of civilization decide on another course of recruitment, already acting as a safe rest stop for many who moved about the wastelands around them the 5th Marines encourage various traders and wanderers to carry word of their settlement to the wasteland, safe harbour for all in the north. And afterall, a larger population means better business for those trading caravans, and more customers for the great way of capitalism.



The needs for expansion required materials, not content with the materials the group could produce within the year General Tannevega orders two detachments to move into two blocks north of Winnemac in order to clear them, secure them and search for any salvage or items that might be of use. Each detachment consists of 50 Regulars armed with 15 t3 rifles, 85 t2 rifles and 2 m2 machine guns each (t3 heavies). 

Lieutenant Shawn Fitzgerald S 1 P 4 E 2, leads team one.

Lieutenant James Macelroy S 2 P 2 L 1, leads the other. It is hoped the two young officers with their greater than normal perception will be able to uncover metal or other items.



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