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Tales of the Mud City v2 - A Fallout FRP (RP)


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The new volunteers are put to work almost immediately, having their hunger and thirst quenched via Protocol Emergency Rations (TM) and Protocol Emergency Distilled Water (TM). At first the fifteen figures were extremely confused when asked for identification by the dozens of Protectrons that suddenly marched into St Mary's Cathedral. After a few hours of talking to robots, and seeing their exits completely cut off, they did as told, and began helping move detritus and crumbling stonework from the temples. Their dexterous human hands were extremely useful at prying through junk for resources that mass-produced steel claws were not designed for. Even so, when dozens more robots arrived dragging handcarts of materials it dawned on them that they would not be finishing their 'volunteering' any time soon. At least they were getting fed.


The area around St Mary's was scoured for potential resource dumps. Ruined, non-protected houses were cleared for construction, and the electrical grid was slowly reconnected...






-The protectrons expand to Bucktown to perform refurbishment to the city of Chicago. (10,000C + 5B)



-25 more robots slowly walk out of the great doors, getting to work almost as quickly as they appear. (2M + 2E)

-25 robots march into the rectangular block directly south of their primary block. As per usual, their interests are searching for volunteers, salvaging robots, and checking on Chicagoan landmarks.

-7R towards T2 guns (total of 23R invested)

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Midwest Enclave


Report from the Office of Secretary Ryan F Kennedy 


Finally, contact has been made with another faction in Chicago. We’ve intercepted a message from something called the “Union.” reports suggest there's been heavy fighting in the area around them. The message suggests that they are in need of assistance. They are still unaware of our existence, or location. But, this could be an opportunity to expand our influence in Chicago. 


It is in my opinion and that of my staff, now is the time for action. But we must go about this carefully. We won’t act until the full extent of the situation and its consequences are accounted for. I apologize for the short report, but I shall send a full report next term and update our situation.





Secretary Ryan F Kennedy


Salvage yard is built in the new block (2B + 7500)

Research in T3 Heavy Firearms (14/50)

The First Stealth boy is built (2M 4 AE)

Thirty soldiers are trained to be regulars (7,500)

15 T1 Heavy weapons are made (3 M)

Enclave Agents are sent into the Union

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The interior of the former Chicago Military Academy building bustled with activity, Doc Hanlon found, having been set aside earlier as the capitol of a newfound ‘Provisional Government of Douglas’ For the better part of three years, she had pestered the Colonel to relinquish administrative control to the people. She knew very well how power, or the fallacy of it, consumed the minds of those who wielded it. Simply, the mission could not live under military jurisdiction forever. The Islanders claimed to fight for the old American ideals of freedom and liberty. They could say this as much as they wanted, but it meant nothing until democratic institutions were reinstated in their lands.


And they were, to Margaret Hanlon’s surprise. The move seemed to have occurred out of the blue, as the South Chicagoans had been pacified for some time now, and no other military conquests had been had. Although it was peculiar, she heaved a sigh of relief, knowing not how much longer she could claim to serve the interests of the people while she served a military mandate that ruled absolutely.


Hanlon stood at the beginning of the Academy’s grounds, only a couple yards of concrete sidewalk separated the archaic crimson brick facade from the street. Although not particularly remarkable on its own, it would serve as a bastion of civilization in the southern suburbs of Chicago. In front of her stood three golden poles, flying the flags of the United States, the Arsenal’s Insignia, and of Chicago, which lapped against a gentle breeze. Behind those was a quadruple wide, gilded entrance, whose doors were fixed open with makeshift footstops. Flanking either side were two armed and armored sentries, facilitating entrance into the capitol.


Various personnel periodically made their way in and out of the Academy’s entrance, some carrying boxes while others lugged in furniture. Hanlon’s curiosity propelled her forward, tentatively approaching the watchmen. As she neared, one of the soldiers addressed her, “Doc Hanlon, good you’re here. First Sergeant Cohen is waiting for you in the foyer.”


“He is?” she raised a brow, glancing from the soldier and through the entrance where, as told, she saw Michael Cohen directing various engineers and move-in crews throughout the expansive school.


“Yes, ma’am. He’s taking a number of civilians on orientation of the grounds.”


“I see. Thank you.” she smiled, passing into the Academy’s interior. At the center of the floor was Cohen, with all sorts of people going about their designated business. Cohen was in the midst of jotting down some notes on a clipboard, passing it to an aide as Hanlon came to face to face with him. Remarkably the building was well-lit, perhaps a testament to Cohen’s technical expertise, she noted. Aside from the assorted engineering equipment or filing cabinets worth of papers, the hall was in remarkably good condition.


“So good for you to join us, Doc.” Cohen beamed, clad in his drab fatigues, though wearing an orange hardhat as opposed to his steel combat helm.


Needless to say, Hanlon was impressed, “The place looks great.”


“Oh, there’s a lot more to see. This place has been beneath the radar the whole time, just sitting here. We’re already working on converting the auditorium into a legislature, the gymnasium has been modified into a rec center, and we’ve set aside the nurse’s office for your use and a whole wing for your medical staff.”


“That’s amazing. I’ll move my stuff in and get set up, right away.”


“Good things are to come, Doc.”


“Almost seems too good to be true.” she paused, “Where’s the Colonel during all of this?”


Cohen shrugged, uninterested, “My bet’s he’s a couple floors up, in what’s now the operations room. I hear he’s planning something big this year.”


Hanlon sighed, “By that metric, I ought to get the med-bay up and running.”


“I’ll show you to it.”





[4B, 10,000C] Constructing Chip Manufacturer

[15,000C] Constructing 2 Construction Yards

[3M] Constructing 15 LMGs


[4+1/50R] Researching T4 Body Armor


[MOD] Colonel Robert Vernon Craig declares the founding of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Douglas, named after the neighborhood Islander troops had occupied some four years ago. The old Chicago Military Academy is established as the capitol building, with his staff officers and civilian administration taking up posts within.


[MOD] Michael L. Cohen leads salvage teams into the pre-War centers of learning of the Chicago Institute of Technology and the Dawson Technical Institute of Kennedy King College. He hopes to recover either usable materials or technical expertise in engineering, architecture, or science. (1 Charisma, 2 Intelligence, 1 Agility, 1 Luck)



[MOD] 150 men proceed southwards to secure the southern neighborhoods as a buffer zone. They are divided into three groups and are to push onwards until they reach East 51st St. The soldiers also attempt to persuade any wastelanders to join them, if not the military, then to settle in the new Douglas Republic. (30 T3 Rifles, 120 T1 Firearms, 150 T1 Melee Weapons, 45 T3 Armor evenly distributed. 30 Regulars, 120 Green)


1st Group, commanded by LT G.W. Stilwell (7 Strength, 4.5 Perception, 1 Endurance, 4 Agility, 1.5 Luck)


2nd Group, commanded by SSG James McGovern (16.5 Perception, 1 Intelligence, 1 Agility, 3 Luck)


3rd Group, commanded by LT Richard Goodey (1 Strength, 3 Perception, 3 Charisma, 1 Intelligence, 2 Intelligence, 1.5 Luck)

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New California Republic


Jerimiah Fink tightens the last strap in his pack, face set in determination. Around him were several other Rangers doing similar weapon checks. With every passing year the dangers just seemed to keep multiplying. Regardless he would do his part to help the NCR flourish in this new land...


Advanced Population; 250

Civilized Population; 103

Income; 4 B, 4 M, 9 S, 1 E, 19,700 Caps


Mod Actions

Colonel Arbot and the Rangers start a series of crackdowns on their blocks, and cleared blocks surrounding them. Border security with be tightened, and patrols doubled. Recon Rangers with Hunting Rifles will lurk in concealed positions, always scanning for threats. A strike-force lays ready to go out and meet any threat before it reaches actual NCR territory. The goal being if any threats came they could respond quickly. [Numbers Redacted]



T3 Melee [10/15] (+1 from dev bonus)


Financial Actions

2 Scrapyards -15k, 4 B

30 Men to Trained -3k

Producing 17 T3 Weapons -3 M, 1 E

1% Growth [1 S]

1 Dev Point Saved


Treasury; 1 M, 8 S, 1.7k Caps

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Eastern Brotherhood of Steel





Roleplay below.

Stats: 210 Adv. Pop, 155 Civ. Pop, 8 B, 2 M, 4 S, 17,250 C, 10 RP

[20 Stockpiled spaces]


(15,000 C, 4 B) 2 Scrapyards are assembled from the constant deconstruction of the west block. (2+M)


(2,250 C) 9 Knights are promoted to Knight-Sergeants and are to be given leadership roles within the Brotherhood’s combat forces.


[10/10 RP] Unbelievably the schematics the junkie scribe wrote up actually work, the weapons though are very rudimentary and shoddily built, they aren’t recommended for frontline use to the Knights but will that stop them? [T1 Gauss]


[3/5 RP] Molotov Cocktails had to be researched?!


[ACTION] A slower year in recruitment, the brotherhood instead simply puts its men to patrol its borders. 

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A T O M   D R A G O N S



[Double Post]





Building 4 Markets [20,000 Caps, 4 Materials]

Continuing T1 Firearm Research [5/10]


1,500 Caps Remaining





Building 2 Agri-Houses [10,000 Caps, 4 Materials]

Building 2 Construction Yards [15,000 Caps]

Upgrading 50 Ghouls to Trained [5,000 Caps]

Continuing T1 Firearm Research [7/10]


0 Caps Remaining

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T H E  O A S I S


The dust settles on Chicago's thick blanket of snow. The ground is littered with corpses and abandoned weaponry; much of it is stained red. Apart from the crows, picking on the flesh of the dead and dying, there is quiet. Hannibal’s Warparty has won a great battle at the cost of many lives.. but it would not be the last. One fact had become clear: In order to secure their survival blood must be spilled... 

-------- Actions --------
-Three new banana plantations are opened by the growing banana tycoon, Lord Horatio Cavendish [15000 + 6B]

- 2 levels of fortification [1000 C + 2B]

- 440 sets of T2 armor is fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [10 M]

- 150 melee weapons (T2) are fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [1 M]
-One Dev point is invested into “Strength in numbers” [2 total]

-Monkey see monkey go [Discord]

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Graham stares out from the loft of a former skyscraper, a relic to a different reality. His vision wanders, finding the parasitic tall canopy, that now has taken a massive chunk of the Chicago skyline hostage. A little south of it was his beloved History Museum. He could almost hear their incessant and vexatious shrills if he closed his eyes long enough. “Colonel” a voice interrupts, as Graham snaps. “Yes… er-what is it.” He says, turning to meet the brown, clean-shaven individual. “Callum just left.” Graham nods, his gaze returning to the canopy afar. “Make the preparations. The men know what to do. You’re dismissed.” The soldier stands at attention, then evacuates the vicinity. Graham looks at a row of 5 or so hastily constructed pipe guns, with tape bits and other salvaged materials sticking out. “Christ almighty.” He says, disappointed, as he retreats into the crumbling infrastructure of the building. 



-Scrapyards (-15k, -4M)

-Construction Yard(-7.5K C,)


-5 Molotovs are produced(-2M,1F)

-T2 Rifles are produced. (-3M)

-5R towards Military Grade Rifles(15 total)

-Callum has some tender alone time with his beloved Jenny. Jenny and Callum usually have a fond relationship, however many of those who were in the vicinity of them have reported that their usual intimacy was not the case this time. (Callum practices Perception.)

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The Passionate Foodie: 2006 Twisted Oak River of Skulls





If he truly is a God, then he is an unforgiving one. I hold no doubt he loves us, but his love is torture. He will have us destroy half of the world before we are granted an end.. But hey, the loot ain't bad.” – Burke's lament.


After the raids of the previous year, the various groups of raiders found themselves at each other's throats. Supposedly the raids were meant to put an end to the rivalry and determine once and for all which group made the better raiders. However, the apparent lack of a clear victor made the situation ten times worse. Brawls between tribals and 'normies' became frequent, Smiley himself vowing to hunt down and kill Burke in his sleep. Burke's raiders would hold themselves up in the western half of the settlement, constructing some added fortifications around the area. Smiley's tribals on the other hand, would fortify the eastern half.


The hostilities would come to a head at the tail-end of Spring, after each group had finished fortifying their areas. Each party would hurl insults at each other from their barricades, the faces of people they had previously called allies in their sights. The only thing which kept the hostilities from breaking out into an armed conflict was the sudden appearance of a familiar deity.


Really awesome art by Ali Abed | Post apocalyptic, Character concept,  Apocalyptic


Osiris, the mysterious God-King of the Twisted Skulls, stood between the barricades, inspecting their craftsmanship. Osiris, absent for nearly five years, instantly quieted the once hectic battlefield. The raiders looked down at the masked man with awe as light reflected off of his many medals and jewels, giving him an almost ethereal presence. Finally he broke the silence with a grim tone, "Is this why I raised you all from your crypts, up from your subterranean hell? To see you all tear each other to pieces over some childish rivalry?" The tribals all hung their heads, ashamed to be chastised by the man they worship. The others just scratched the back of their heads or simply frowned.


He looked up at Burke, then turned his grim gaze to Smiley. "You will both clean up this mess and be out of my camp by the next week. You will both be responsible for our greatest raid yet. And if you want to make sure our tribe is not just forgotten like many others, you will have to work together. Now.. fix this." And with those last words, Osiris retreated back to Hell to let the warlords sort themselves out.



Turn 4 – 2274


Population: 278

Equipment: 50 T2 Gunpowder, 100 T1 Plasma, 200 T1 Melee, 40 T2 Armor, 75 T3 Armor

Troops: 50 Trained, 116 Green

Production: 5B, 5M, 2F, 3S, 3R



Uterius Burke: S 3, P 3, E 1, C 1, I 1, A 4, L 0

Smiley: S 4, P 0, E 2, C 0, I 0, A 2, L 0

Dr. Evelynn Shaw: S 0, P 1, E 0, C 0, I 3, A 0, L 1

God-King Osiris: S 2, P 0, E 0, C 2, I 1, A 0, L 1



The Twisted Skulls take over the previously cleared block to their West. [10000 C + 5 B]

Two levels of fortifications are constructed in the Capital. [1000 C + 2 B]

Smiley's and Burke's raiding parties join up along with some newer goons. They set off to pursue their first big raiding target. This will be the big one, and whether or not the raiders can succeed here will determine what happens soon after [REDACTED. MOD]

Production of 25 T2 Gunpowder [3 M]

Production of 50 Molotovs [4 M, 2 F]

2% Population Growth [3 S]

Researching T2 Plasma [8/25 R]


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Turn 5





Traveling atop their diesel-fueled steeds, messengers would make their way across the Mud City in search of factions and wasterlanders alike with messages speaking of a utopia in the east end of the Mud City. The messages are laden with scripture-like articulation, the preaching of the faction called New Eden, a place where all are welcome in search of a new life regardless of their past. While many within the factions are skeptical of such a place existing, and some believing it to be a ploy by raiders or other factions, the message is still received the same. Additionally, New Eden offers itself as a neutral zone of interaction between the factions found, inviting members to the gardens of New Eden for talks of peace and prosperity in hopes of avoiding the otherwise barbaric alternatives.


The location of New Eden is left with each faction before the messengers leave, stating they will return before next year to take those interested back to their land. 



The Kingdom


With the arrival of the merchant coming and going, it seems word of the Kingdom’s presence is spread around the local region. By the end of the year there is an influx of potential scribes and serfs coming to their borders eager to join the Kingdom. (+120 Civ Population)




The Legion’s advance goes quiet for some time as the war party heads east, initially through cleared territory before venturing further into the unknown. Several blocks of movement give little in terms of supplies or slaves, though from these unfortunate wastelanders they gather information. Directly to their north, and the destination of one of  their newly acquired slaves, is a land known as The Kingdom. Little is known to the would-be  settlers, aside from that they are a fair and virtuous people. Their previous place of residence was another raider camp, south of The Kingdom, where they served as a slave for several years.


People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


Linyang makes little progress on the study of the disruptions, as without any real equipment or funding from the PPR there is little hope to discover anything new. (Linyang +1 Intelligence)


Tian would find himself on the border of the southernmost explored block, on which there are several seemingly abandoned defensive positions facing northward, towards Jiayuan. Further time spent from afar answers the question of who built them, as several hours later after their arrival comes a detachment of troops wearing unidentifiable equipment. Their jackets are a sandy beige with a blue armband around either of their biceps. The helmets they wear sport a similar resemblance to an old fashioned pith hat, though obviously are made of some degree of metal and fabric. They bear no identification of the United States, ruling out that they could possibly be the Marines as heard on the radio.






Western BoS Expedition


As the Paladin’s retreat back west from their expedition, some of the Expedition’s men seek to prove themselves among the ranks of the Brotherhood. In the cover of night, a small group of unproven scribes and knights head eastward armed with only their standard weaponry and equipment. Hours pass, and their absence is noted by the paladin in command of the patrols for the night. It’s then when the group returns in full, all men and equipment accounted for. An explanation is given for their extended leave, stating that they were lost in the streets despite their knowledge and relative closeness to the capital block. Most of them seem confused as they speak of the blocks repeating, almost as if they were going in circles despite them never turning on their routes. Nonetheless, they maintain their guard, albeit a bit more sceptical of the Paladin’s retreat earlier in the year.


The Apostles of Christ


Father Jacob gets only the answer that the group was guided by their lord. Whether or not he is to believe them that GOD truly is watching over the land, or that these are a band dispatched from another faction, is unknown. (Jacob +2 Charisma)


5th Marine Regiment


The marines advance across the block to their north east, initially to little resistance. Though as they reach the borders to the north, they spot a local settlement of another military unit manning a defensive line facing south. Their jackets are a sandy beige with a blue armband around either of their biceps. The helmets they wear sport a similar resemblance to an old fashioned pith hat, though obviously are made of some degree of metal and fabric. Keeping these men in mind, the expansion continues with several settlers finding means of using the remaining infrastructure to kickstart their expansion. (+2 B)


Word spreading of the Marines in the north does not go unnoticed, as a group of men willing to fight for the Marines shows up on their borders. Although they are not from this year's efforts, but rather from last year's radio broadcast, they still desire a safe haven to call home. Throughout the year, more wastelanders begin to trickle in though the lack of a proper trade network in the region does little to help the spread of the word of the 5th Marine Regiment. (+85 Civilized Population)


There is little opposition in the regions to the north of the 5th Marine Regiment, as either detachment finds themselves easily clearing the blocks under the command of the junior officers. (2 Blocks cleared, Macelroy/Fitzgerald +2 Perception, +1 Charisma)




The protectrons headed east do well to settle the land for the roboid brethren, securing yet another block to be preserved for the rebuilding of Chicago. Upon further analysis of the region, a few of the remaining buildings may even be able to be recovered and repurposed. (+3 B)


The bots sent southward find the usual remnants of human life from two centuries ago, and the occasional overgrown rat attempting to chew through their metallic feet. Unfortunately, no volunteers are found this year.


Midwest Enclave


Long live the Enclave.




The establishment of a new government in the region does not go unnoticed, as many of the previous inhabitants of the Chicagoan block find themselves associating themselves more under the Republic of Douglas over the Rock Island Arsenal. By the end of the year, Chicago Military Academy is fully staffed by both Islander and Chicagoans alike. (+1 Development Point)


Michael Cohen explores in the remnants of either Institute, many of their interiors being either looted clean or destroyed through the passing of time. Though in the lower sections of the Chicago Institute of Technology, Cohen finds himself in front of a sealed, hermetic door. Scattered about the entrance lays several tools; crowbars, drills, toolboxes, and more. The scratches around the trim of the door mark the attempts of intrusion, though to no success.


The troops headed south along the western advance (1/2) find themselves pitted against volatile wildlife, some of which are not unusual for the region such as mirelurks or Yao Guai, though the easternmost advance is halted in their tracks before making their way any further south than one block. (Discord)


The two troops that weren’t halted continue to the south, their further advance eventually finding themselves at the border of what seems to be another settlement. Those within the towering walls are not raiders nor tribals, but instead a rather civilized looking folk. Perhaps, this may be the “New Eden” that some had heard of throughout the year.


New California Republic


The NCR readies themselves for the coming storm.


Eastern Brotherhood of Steel


The brotherhood’s words carry on from last year, as more men attempt to join their numbers. (+35 Civilized Pop)


A T O M   D R A G O N S


The Dragon’s hear or see little in terms of the Blackhawks once more, instead seeing only more men begin to exit the blocks to their east and head northward towards the sounds of battle.


From the west comes an unknown threat, striking too fast to properly respond to though repelled before they could do any significant damage. A mere few corpses remain at the site of the raid from the foreigners, many of them bearing an insignia of a shattered red skull across their armor. (-1.5k C, -1 M, -10 Ghouls)


T H E  O A S I S






Callum’s advances seem to do him well as the two eventually end on what could be determined as a positive note. (+2 Charisma, +1 Perception)




The Skull’s advance west in preparation for expansion where they find some buildings with potential of being repurposed for later usage. (+1 B)


The plunder from their raids pay off as the pair returns with their parties by the end of the year. 

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5th Marine Regiment












“Look at those boys! That's what citizens said today as brave fighting men once again departed NORTH into the unknown! Set on securing the surrounding areas of their new homes from any and all hazards these men are sharper than Huey Lewis that's for sure! Armed with the finest weaponry produced by citizens like YOU! Fed by fields of democracy, tatos razorgrain and carrots! Your hard work carries these men ever forward in their duties!”




“And to our south, MORE and MORE men continue to come from across the wastes to join in our civilization, from the assembly lines in scrap facilities to basic training in Winnemac everyone knows their duty, their purpose and executes it flawlessly. It is clear to many that the only way is forward, there will be no retreat for the men of the 5th, they are in Chicago to stay! Infrastructure continues to grow as year FIVE approaches for the regiment and its civilian contingent, what the future holds is uncertain but if General Tannevega has any say in it, it WILL be BRIGHT!”






Another year and another success for the regiment, several hundred civilians under armed guard proceed north into the already cleared block of west Edgewater to cement the new block into their rapidly growing piece of civilization. 10000c 5b





Setting off from the two already cleared blocks of Edgewater 1st platoon ((50 regulars, 15 t3 firearms 35 t2 firearms and one m2 machine gun: t3 heavy)), under the command of Lieutenant James Macelroy ((2S 6P 1.5C 1L))

And 2nd platoon ((50 regulars 50 t2 firearms and one m2 machine gun: t3 heavy)), under the command of Lieutenant Robert Hawthorne ((2S 3P 1E)) move north to clear the surrounding blocks of their borders from any wildlife and other hazards. 




Recalling Lieutenant Fitzgerald ((S1 P9 E2 C1.5))  from the field, General Tannevega ((S1 P3 I2)) has the young man detail his findings from the north block and begin notarizing procedures to follow in the future, The old General could perhaps still learn new tricks. ((MOD))


While the 5th Marines were not the best equipped, or the largest force in the Mud City wasteland, they had one thing in greater numbers than anyone else in the wasteland, spirit. Organizing with a local metalsmith in the blocks, Major Conway has a batch of Eagle, globe and anchor badges produced for every single fighting man in the 5th. Whereas before the group would suffer through with ragged cloth badges, they would finally have their badges of metal, proving their own worth and dedication to the cause. 1m 800c ((MOD))


Two construction yards are readily built in the rapidly growing territory. Finally netting the 5th Marines enough material to fund a new expansion every year. 15,000c


17 new Marine recruits are trained 850c


Production begins on a set of heavy weapons for the 5th, The first production run of these heavy weapons consists of 5 light machine guns, 5 sniper rifles and 5 anti tank rifles 3m.


5rp into tier 3 armor, 1rp into molotovs

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The Apostles of Christ


Jacob sat alone in the stone building that had been a church before the war as well. It wasn't that large, only having room for about 200 people. Which meant that it was still filled every day and that he had to hold multiple sermons on Sunday in order that everyone who wished could listen to one. But now, he used the small amount of private time that he had to clean the wooden pews. A cloth to clean away the dust in one hand and in his back pocket a piece of sand paper to deal with any splinters that may have been created. 

The church itself was empty except for him, though several guards were outside. It was not something which he liked but something that he rationally knew was necessary. Especially considering the conversations he had with some people. But now, he just took the time clean and reminisce. Reminisce about himself and recent events. 


He had talked to all of the new faithful, making sure everyone had an opportunity and intently listening to them. Which unofficially was meant for him to find out if anything was wrong with them. If they perhaps had a large enemy they were fleeing from, if they were perhaps hostile spies or any of a dozen different possibilities that was present in the wasteland. But from all he could tell, they were honest and faithful people. Often regularly attending in sermons and generally being kind people. Though of course wary of their surroundings, all in all normal survivors who had come here. In the end he had not managed to reveal anything about them. But perhaps all this searching had revealed something about himself.


Jacob stopped cleaning and sat on one of the pews. Tiredly leaning forward and taking the time to breathe. 
He had always hoped to change the wasteland, create a haven for people to come to and to redeem themselves. A realm of safety, kindness and mercy that the lord would smile upon when he looked down from heaven. 

Yet now he could not help but wonder, perhaps the wasteland was changing him as well. He knew that when they had left the vault they had not initially been this suspicious. They had just been normal travelers, with hope for the future. Even though it seemed dark, believing in the guiding hand of the lord. He would not have been this suspicious about anyone joining them. He would have embraced them with open arms and enthusiasm at seeing more follow in the footsteps of the apostle. But now, now he had to admit that he had grown more paranoid. Or at the very least far more suspicious. Which was generally for the best, but not something he had truly realized until now. How he had been changing, which realized it might take far longer for him to notice worse changes. Changes which could call annihilation upon his loyal herd.


Jacob let out a sigh and went to his knees, eyes closes as he breathed slowly in and out and muttered to himself, and perhaps something else.

"Oh father who are in heaven. Guide your loyal flock in these dark times. May we prove ourselves worthy of your praise and may we bring hope to this valley of shadows. " He then opened his eyes and let out another sigh. THen he stood upwards and continued cleaning the pews. Knowing soon he would have to continue with far more mentally trying trials.



Pop: 1742

Income: 29,7kC

Upkeep: 8,5kC

Storage: 0,2kC

Netto: 21,4kC

Research per turn: 6





Work continues on creating metal armor, though the engineers at work are scolded for imaginative progress which was not actually there. (25/25) (+5 this turn)

Seeing that melee combat to a degree is almost inevitable. Work begins on trying to make melee weapons of a decent quality. Something that is at least better than broken lead pipes. (T2 melee weapons, 1/3)(+1R this turn)


Weapon production continues (1 stack T3 firearms)(3M & 1E)


An ancient saying remains even in this time. One that would always exist in any civilization that exited on this planet. "Knowledge is power" Or in the terms more understandable to the wastelanders. "It is better to have a gun when a raider is running at you with a bat." As such 2 'labs' are established in the capital. So that the loyal followers of Christ might be able to better equip themselves against the dangers of the wasteland. (20kC & 4B)


1,4kC is stored for next turn


Stramlined economy 3 [3 Development]


Father jacob:

Charisma 5 (17,5 (effective stat))

Luck: 1 (3,5)

Luck: 2 (7)

Perception: 1

Endurance: 1
Agility: 1

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Resigned to the fact that the Legion must establish a long-term presence in Mud City, despite being far from the natural expansion of Caesar's state, in order to find and destroy the NCR Rangers Augustus decrees that Mud City must be pacified. Caesar is a benevolent lord, master of mankind by the will of Mars, and thus he has decreed that the Wasteland be cleansed of those who would bring utter chaos to this world: the criminal, the mutant, and those who are irredeemably profligate. Pax Per Bellum. Peace Through War.


By the dictates of Mars and his son Caesar, the legion brings order, security and justice to the wastes. Violence is the holy engine of change in this world, but it may not be necessary to wield it against all. The lands of Legion in the West are replete with settlements untouched by the flame of Caesar's Legion, their inhabitants abased to his divine will purely by the example made of others, and by the superiority of life beneath the Flag of the Bull compared to the abject fear and uncertainty that came before. And so it was that Cato Augustus, Legate of the Great East, declared that this city would be shown the glory of Caesar.


Raiders are among the most perfidious of profligates, worse than the indolent tribal or the hypocrite Californian. Agents of chaos, addicts, hedonists, ANIMALS. Slavers who enslave for no purpose other than their own gratification or apathy. Those of the legionary hold slavery in the highest regard, for all are the rightful slaves of Caesar, working and dying for the great ideal of the Empire to Come, the salvation of all mankind, the deliverence of the Wasteland from the hell of brought about by the sinners of the past. Such was the sin of the Raider, that they would bring chaos to the order of the realm of Caesar.




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Pop – 1051 (inc. 26 slaves) (2 stacks) (3000 C, -2 S, 2 R)

525 MP (430 Green, 95 Trained)

2 Blocks Controlled



Might of the Legion – Slaves contribute to general pop mechanics as well as slave production bonuses. Legion troops rarely retreat.



4 Dev-Points Spent

10% Bonus to all T1-3 Production (Rounded Up)

10% Bonus to Recruitable Population



T3 Melee Weapons (Forged)

T1 Firearms (Scrap)

T2 Armour (Leather)

T1 Explosives (Molotovs)



100 x T3 Melee Weapons (Forged)

473 x T2 Melee Weapons (Salvaged)

105 x T1 Firearms (Scrap)

213 x T1 Armour (Scrap)

82 x T2 Armour (Leather)







19,250 C, 4 M, 3 B, 5 S, 3 R




  • Frumentarii emissaries under the banner of Almighty Caesar are sent to treat with the Kingdom.
  • Frumentarii assigned to scout out weaknesses in the fortification wall of the Road Dogs.
  • Mod action...
  • 1 x Market. (5000 C + 1 B)
  • 1 x Agri House. (5000 C + 2 B)
  • 88 x T2 Armour. (4 M)
  • 92 green legionaries upgraded to trained. (9200 C)
  • Researching T1 Artillery (10/15) (3 R)
  • "Strength in Numbers" rank 2. (2 Dev-Points)
  • Supplies spent on 2% pop growth for 2 stacks. (4 S)

50 C, 1 S saved.

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(See video for visual depiction.)


"Per omnia saecula saeculorum..." The former Archbishop, now Patriarch of America, bleated in half-sung Gregorian Chant.


"AMEN!" Came the thundering, deeply masculine reply from the choir.




"Praeceptis salutataribus moniti, set Divina instutione formati, audemus dicere:

















Chicago had just had her first Patriarchal High Mass. For the first time, His Holiness Claudio, Patriarch of Chicago, sung the Lord's Prayer as Patriarch of America, endowed with the exercise of all Papal privileges in the United States. The Benedictines had found this privilege in an hardcoded archive of 2077, which was sent by Pope John Paul IV to mitigate the forthcoming nuclear disaster. The Archbishop of New York was to be granted, as a special Papal Legate, the de facto exercise of the Papal prerogatives in North America if regular contact with the Holy See should be impossible, under the title Patriarch of New York. If he was indisposed, then this privilege was to be granted to San Francisco. And then Washington. And then Dallas. 18th-down-the-line was the Mud City. But the only Archdiocese standing. A local Synod had ratified the decision.


The cry rang out after High Mass: HABEMUS LEGATUS! HABEMUS PATRIARCHA!










Extraordinary Form on Instagram: “#Repost @catholic.restoration ・・・  Venerable Fulton Sheen. Who was a very… | Fulton sheen, Catholic saints,  Traditional catholicism





Emperor Karl's Devotion to the Sacred Heart — Blessed Karl of Austria




IN THIS YEARE HENCE, mindfulle of his new prestige, the Archbishop did not scruple any expense in ordering the construcion of a mightie basilica which would be dedicated to SS. Monica and Ehren. These wonder-full Saints are beacones of hope in the wastelande, that there be no power whatsoever, neither death, nor radiacion nor raiders that can overcome the mightie workings of Incarnate Love. For indeed, it will be well here to relate the storie of Saint Monica, as has been related to my satisfacion by the reliable witnesses at Rivet Citie. 


Monica was borne miraculously to Ghoul parents. She converted to Christianitie after finding Pope John Paul IV's 2074 appeal against the Greate Warre, and was received into Holie Church by our Archdio--asd Patriarchate. Now she had a son, who was much astray, for he had been taken by raiders. Now this son had become an evil man, and one of the enslaving workers of iniquity. After sixteene yeares of searching, Monica found her son, whose name was Ehren. Now she was taken as a slave by her own son. But she remained steadfaste in the faith, and even preached to the other slaves, converting some of them. Now a slaver was hatefull of this. For the women now he had forced himself on now resisted him and the slaves suffered merrily (which made him angrie full of envie.) For it is written in St. Augustine, that the just man, though a slave, is free, but the evil man, though he reigneth, is a slave. So that one slaver threatened: "Daughter of curres, thou art called by them Monica, but by me DOGGE, DEBASED, WITHCERIE, DUNG, RATTE, *****, SLUTTE, AND ALL MANNER OF BAD THINGES. Now since thou wilt continue to speake fables, I am a mind to padlocke thy mouthe!"


And Monica replied: "Sir, thou art truly a godsend. I praise the good God for strengthening me thus, for trulie, if thou didst do that, it woulde preache a sounder and truer message than any wordes of mine. Let my willingness to have this done be seen by all! FIAT MIHI!" (Quoting Our Ladie, St. Luke 1:38, and these wordes, through the which man's redemption was affected, have become the motto of the Monician Order.)" And he relented. 


Now after all manner of these thinges, mother and son were finallie mindfulle of one another, that is, the talke which Monica gathered aboute herself by her brave actione caused the realisacion that Ehren was her son. Now, on finding this, Ehren was much angered, blaming all the sufferings of past yeares on her. Now everie time, to a superhuman level, she would practise charitie. Namelie, even when she had been beaten to neare deathe, said she: "I forgive thee in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ." After several dayyes, Ehren broke down at these wordes. He felle at her feete and begged for forgiveness. Ehren helped many slaves escape, and went to Rivet Citie, where they founde a Prieste. Mother and son lived very holie lives and Ehren was ordained a Priest. He, in turne, ordained the parish priest of that citie, Father Clifforde, who told me this storie himself. 


Now Ehren used to preach at Mass to his small congregacione, to this effect (the which I have transcribed from Father Clifforde's notes: "The true miracle is love. Saint Chrysostom says: "When Christ said what was to be the sign that would mark out Christians, he passed over all the great miracles and so forth, and said rather this: this will be the sign, that you are my disciples, that you love one another. That my mother was born of ghoulish parents and yet incorrupt is not the miracle. The miracle, the truly supernatural thing, is that she said: I forgive you, in the Name of Christ Jesus. To love our friends, that belongs to the nature of men. But to love our enemies, that belongs to the nature of a God. And trust me, it is the only remedy to the problems of the Wasteland: But that many that did receive Him, He gave power to become the sons of God! (St. John 1:12) Therefore, friends, brethren, comrades, receive His love into your hearts, embrace His mercy, and sin, death and hatred will be crushed before you like the snake under the Lady's foot." (Referring to a statue of our Blessed Lady, the Second Eve, in which she crushes the snake.)


Now Father Gilbert Keith poured manie materials into this cathedral. And it was complained that these should go into weapons. But Gilbert said: "Fill this basilica with families praying the Rosary, and I will conquer the world." So building began. Some were oughtfulle to ask what caused the usually pragmatic Patriarch to take an actione of no natural advantage but rather of a spiritual qualitie, and many said he was graced by the Holy Ghost.


The Old Testament Figures Hidden Behind the Annunciation





-The Archbishop, finding an archive confirming his legitimacy, claims the title Patriarch of Chicago, essentially the Papal representative in America. 

-The newly conquered region is integrated into the Patriarchate. [5 B, 10,000 C.]

-Construction begins on a cathedral of SS. Monica and Ehren, to serve as a bastion of hope in the wasteland...The cathedral will be staffed by The Oratory and Diocesan Priests and the Monician nuns. It is built, as far as permitted by wasteland resources, in a weird mix of gothic and baroque - but no expense is spared.  [5 B, 5 M, 28,000 C.]

-In order to keep the frontier secure, Sir Charles leads an expedition northwards to take control of the northward region, with 150 men armed with T1 firearms and T2 melee. [To be shown.]

-Research continues into T2 small arms. [9/25]




Buildings: 1 Market, 1 Scrap Yard, 2 Agri-Houses, 1 Salvage Yard, 2 Construction Yards, 1 Fortification.


12,450 Caps, 14 metal, 24 supplies , 0 building materials. Population: 828.


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Western BoS Expedition


Morality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


     With the recent fiasco of Knights and for some odd reason Scribes going out, security is being tightened. We cannot have our greenhorns wandering around the blocks adjacent to the citadel especially with the anomalies happening all around. The brothers and sisters that decided to conduct this quagmire are punished accordingly by their section leader (Senior Knight/Scribe.) Hopefully nobody else decides to follow in this reckless behavior. We must be bold but not stupid and what the group decided to do was plain stupid. On the note of more external matters perhaps the surrounding blocks and their abnormalities will serve as a natural buffer from any potential threats, and although it may seem like a blessing, we must continue our vigilance. We will continue our vigilance. We will not falter or waiver in our mission. The Brotherhood of Steel will survive through the turbulence it's found itself in. 




T2 laser weaponry research (15/25)


Some metal armor is crafted for the paladins to equip themselves with. Within time the foundry will be built. (4 M)


A fuel refinery is built. (-5,000 C and 1 B)


Another construction yard is constructed. (7,500 C)

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