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Tales of the Mud City v2 - A Fallout FRP (RP)

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Why Haven't you Volunteered yet, Guys? xD xD

The Roboids are Getting a Little Frustrated! xD





The primitive worshipers residing within Saint Mary's continue their endless work, slowly scraping centuries' worth of grime from the marble floors. The statues - many crumbling at a touch - are gently wiped down with dozens of gallons of water until they return to their original pale complexion. Holes in the walls are patched brick by brick by tireless protectrons working on shaky, scavenged scaffolding and then washed by (mechanical) hand. The work takes hours, days, weeks even, just to make the smallest fix in the ancient stonework. Still they labour on, croaking in their tinny voices and dragging more refuse towards the cathedral. Each piece is broken down, and the part that bore the closest resemblance to the original masonry was taken from the pile of scrap and fitted into it. Support beams rose like trees within the building to safeguard against structural instability, carefully placed by dozens of metal hands to avoid still-existing artworks. There was still so much left to be done...


The outskirts of the great metal door that spawned the hundreds of metal men was similarly busy as protectrons began stockpiling old terminals, data-banks, and electronics. Wordlessly they began connecting these old machines together, running long wires towards the great door and plugging them into jury-rigged outlets. After they are all connected, thousands of lines of ones and zeros pour across the screens of the scrapped computers. Something is being improved. Something needs more processing power.





-Scrap reserves are brought to the cathedral for processing and repair. (1B + 4M towards fixing the cathedral)

-Another squadron of robots march out of the great door, passing by makeshift data-banks and processors now littering the outside of the vault. However, ten now stand guard outside the door, carefully scanning the surroundings. Whatever for...? (2M + 2E)

-The makeshift data-banks and processors are brought online and information is pouring back into the Vault. Clearly something needs far more resources than what's available. (30,000C + 6B towards 3 data-repositories [labs, essentially])

-9R towards T2 Firearms (total of 25 invested)

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I.WISDOM INCARNATE, in today's Office, cannot help but provoke Our conscience to action, lest We receive those dreadful words from from His just sentence: "Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels." (St. Matthew 25:41) And what sentence is this? Suppose that We did great evil and iniquity? Suppose that we are constantly torturing and enslaving men and giving ourselves to lusts and fornications and rapine? Rather not, but Our Person should have received this sentence, not for action, but inaction. Not for bad speech, but for silence. In seeking to appease the world we failed to appease conscience, which Cardinal Newman calls "the primordial Vicar of Christ." 


II.For in this passage, Christ casts the cursed into the everlasting fire not for what they did alone, but for what they failed to do. "For I was hungry, and ye gave Me not to eat." (St. Matthew 25:42) And We shall reply: "Lord, when was it that we gave Thee not to it?" And He shall say: "Amen, Amen I say to thee, that what thou hast failed to do to the least of these My brothers, thou wilt have done unto Me." (St. Matthew 25:45) The Apostle was forced to realise that in persecuting the Church, His Body, He was persecuting the Head. For Our Lord said to him: "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?" (Acts 9:4) Be received ye therefore, all ye nations, into the Body of Christ through Holy Baptism, and hence be "given power to become sons of Gods" (St. John 1:12) and be part of that glorious Body. 


III.Therefore, Wisdom, in taking on flesh, becomes the poor and the oppressed. For He that took the "face of a leper" (Isaias 53:4), the troubles of "the man of sorrows" (53:3), and "the form of a slave" (Phillipians 2:7) for Our sake lives and suffers in the lepers and the slaves. For He says Himself: "I am a worm, and no man, the reproach of men, and the outcast of the people." (Psalm 21:7) We therefore, who speak with the voice of the Spouse of Christ, and guided by the Holy Ghost, must speak with the full force of Our Conscience, in saying that Christ in suffering here and now under the evils of chattel slavery, in which, as happened in previous times and was condemned by Our Venerable Predecessor, wicked men, "with fictitious reasoning and seizing and opportunity, have approached said islands by ship, and with armed forces taken captive and even carried off to lands overseas very many persons of both sexes, taking advantage of their simplicity." (Pope Eugene IV, Sicut Dudum, I.) 


IV.The men that do this will no doubt, if they continue unrepented of their actions, go to the outer darkness with their father the devil, where they will have weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity. The blathering and iniquitous men who perpetrate these acts will die in their sins. But We too must act against this terrible evil which afflicts so many in these lands. As it was Holy Church which restored law and courtesy and civilisation in the West after the fall of the Empire of the Romans, so after the fall of the American capitalist system, the Church speaks as a voice of prophecy and the Moral Law. We must not fear: As St. Philip says: "if God be with us, there is no one else left to fear." (Faber, Maxims.) We are in exile in this vale of tears. We are all exiled princes, "the light of the world" (St. Matthew 5:14) and "sons of the light" (1 Thessalonians 5:5) in this falling darkness. We must not therefore fail in Our duty; we must fear God alone, and do everything in view of winning our exiled Crown, which is to be found not in this world, but in the next. 


V.Princes of this world ought to know also that Wisdom also warns us "to him that is little mercy is shown: but the mighty shall be mightily tormented." (Wisdom 6:7) We therefore entreat all the nations who called this 'Mud City' their home to refrain from all tradings and relations to powers that continue to practise slavery. We ban all Christians, on pain of excommunication, from trading with such men as do these things also, by which We mean, slavery. You who are mighty must show mercy to those that are little, lest Him whose nature it is to show mercy but also uphold justice shows the same severity you showed to them who were little. The Church in America, our true and venerable Mother and endowed with all riches by Christ, "Whose heart trusteth in her" (Proverbs 31:11), therefore calls on all nations who prize benevolence, courtesy and justice as among their avowed principles to form a coalition against slavery, to promise freedom to the captives and embargo those wicked tribes who practise slavery. Nor will We, in whose Seat we speak launched the Holy Crusade against the monstrous Seljuks and their ravages against the Body of Christ in that country which is called Asia Minor, scruple to use the force of holy arms in alliance with the men, that, although they know not God by Holy Baptism, know Him remotely in some way, for as the Holy Apostle said to the Greeks: "This God of whom you know not, I preach to you." (Acts 20:25) The God we preach to you is the God who "hast led captivity captive." (Psalm 67:19) The God whom you know not, is the One who frees the captives, and it is Him We preach to you.


VI.Slaves are called to remember that venerable maxim of the Great Doctor, St. Augustine: "The just man, though a slave, is free, but the evil man, though he reigns, is a slave." The slaver is enslaved by the lusts and power of death, and is a son of satan. He who "loves his enemies" and "prays for those that persecute him" (St. Matthew 5:44), who shows that kind of disinterested Love (Caritas) which can only be found in God alone, for God is Love (Deus Caritas Est), is truly free, though he be in chains. He ought to know that the Son of God, rather than enjoying the infinite splendour and bosom of His Father, took the form of a slave in order to rescue him from the power of death. He who is Wisdom itself became a dumb Babe and at the Cross "as a dumb as a Lamb before His shearer" (Isaias 53:7), He who is innocence itself allowed Himself to be baptised; He who is Life itself was "obedient unto death, even unto the death of the Cross." (Phillipians 2:8) He did this out of an ineffable Love which We did not, in any sense, merit, but which was freely and liberally given unto us, who crucified Him by Our sins. Slaves are therefore entreated to show that same Love and mercy which Christ showed unto us to their slavers, taking Saint Monica for their example. 


VII.To Our Priests and Monicians, we send them on missions across the city, to preach the freedom of Christ to the captives that are in bonds, together with the slavers, and the civilised, fearing neither death, nor slavery, nor injury, knowing that they themselves have Life in Christ, Freedom in the Holy Ghost, and the healing of the Father. There, We will spread the Light of Christ: "for the light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not." (St. John 1:5) Christ comes to conquer the wasteland, but the true wasteland is in our hearts. If there was a place there for divine love, Our city would not have become one of mud and death. O, senseless men of Chicago! Cease your pathetic stupor. Now it is Our Venerable wish that, in freeing the slaves of temporal Order, we be freed of slavery in the spiritual order, so that, by showing mercy in this life, we may be shown it in the next. 


VIII.A final entreaty to all the devout sons of the Catholic Church to pray the Most Holy Rosary without ceasing, to be constantly saluting the most Holy Mother of God with the splendid title "Hail, full of grace!" (St. Luke 1:28) For it is to be believed, as a matter of pious faith, that, when, on the first Sunday of October, 1571, the monstrous Mohemmadan army was intent on Jihad to conquer Christendom, it was the public processions of the Holy Rosary that secured the miraculous victory of the Crusader army. Fear not the snow, "for all her domestics are clothed with double garments" (Proverbs 31:21), and we, who are her domestics, fear nothing. So that as Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, was able to intercede for us and secure the victory from her Divine Son, she will so secure us victories in our own time. Only pray the Holy Rosary every day, in your families, in private and in public, and a wonderful moral order will shine forth from Our Patriacharate. Christ, as He was pleased to come through Our Lady and become Man, will in like manner overcome sin in your lives by that same most splendid means. And therefore say the Rosary every day so that we can merit the eternal prize of heaven. A blessing We wish you all in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and with which we give the Apostolic Benediction.


Issued in the name of the Holy See by Patriarch Claudio I, Papal Legate in America and Patriarch of Chicago. 

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“Absolutely not.” Colonel Craig barked.


Lieutenant Holdwick appeared rather dismayed, having been sent on some far flung diplomatic mission, only for his superiors not to heed his word. “Sir, this Protectron presented a unique opportunity to expand our range of operations in Chicago.”


“I understand that, lieutenant. But now, the rest of Chicago isn’t our problem. Douglas is.”


Doc Hanlon, who sought cross-legged atop a nearby counter in the ops room, concurred, “I have to agree with the Colonel here. We have something worth fighting for, something we’ve worked so hard to establish.”


“And I’m not keen to throw that way on the word of a rogue servitor. Hell, who even owns that thing anyway? Why hadn’t they shown their own face?” the Colonel shook his head.

“Could be a trap too.” remarked Lt. Stilwell.


“Just send me, then.” said Holdwick, out of options.


“Negative, lieutenant. I’m already strapped for manpower as it is. We can’t afford to lose you. That’s too great a distance to traverse with too many unknown variables. You understand where I’m coming from?”


“I understand, sir.” said Holdwick begrudgingly, dipping his head slightly.


“Good. On to more pressing matters. Our operations to the South have left us with vast tracts of land to expand into.” Craig motioned his officers to come near, arraying a map of Chicago onto the table. A number of areas of interest were marked out by color-coded thumbtacks. “Them.” declared Craig, moving a red pin onto the area of New Eden. “They’re too close for comfort.”


“Sir?” asked Stilwell.


“Nothing yet, lieutenant. We’ll be keeping a firm stance, as their presence has inhibited our operations to the South.”


“And of those slaving ghouls, Sir?” asked Holdwick.


“Yes, we’ll need to bolster our armed forces significantly. Our Power Armor production will be quite operational by the time they arrive.”




20,295, 6B

[7,500 C, 2B] Constructing 1 Salvage Yard

[10,000 C, 4B] Constructing 2 Agri Houses

[5,000 C, 1B] Constructing 1 Market

[7,500 C] Constructing 1 Construction Yard

[2,450 C] Training 7 to Regulars

345 C is saved


[3M] 15 T1 LMGs are fashioned


[4+5/50R] Research towards T4 Armor


[4F] Trading 4 Barrels of Oil to the New California Republic


3 Development Points spent on Strength in Numbers


[MOD] With the Capitol operational, the Douglasites attempt another recruitment drive, offering positions in a well-regimented Army, logistical support in either Doc Hanlon’s medical staff or with Cohen’s engineers, or merely safety from the terrors of the Wasteland.


[MOD] Meanwhile, Cohen works diligently in an attempt to force open the doors in the Chicago Institute of Technology. 4 Units of Fuel and 2M are made available to him to improvise any sort of breaching device. [Cohen: 1.5 Charisma, 2 Intelligence, 1 Agility, 1.5 Luck]

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People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


Population: 1,590
Base Income: 15,000c
Population Income: 8,000c
Market: 2,000c
Development (Feudal Society): 2,250
Upkeep: 7,500c
Total: 27,250c

Base: 2M, 5S, 2R
Scrap Yards(2): 2M
Agri House: 2S
Refinery: 2F
Construction Yards: 6B
Pop Production: 4R
Pop Needs: -6S


2 Scrap Yards, Market, 6 Construction Yards, Agri House, Refinery, Warehouse


Researching T3 Armor (6/25)


In order to better facilitate the few techno-scholars and scientists the Republic has a research lab constructed in the newly claimed territory. (20,000c 4B)


With initial ‘basic’ attempts at looking into the Radio Issues having gain little no ground, The Republic dedicates funds and equipment to solving the Radio Issues (7,250c)

25 T2 Firearms are added and distributed to the PLA (3M)

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Eastern Brotherhood of Steel





Dreadful statpost.

Stats: 210 Adv. Pop, 190 Civ. Pop, 8 B, 6 M, 4 S, 16,250 C, 10 RP

[20 Stockpiled spaces]


[5/5 RP] Molotovs are researched


[8/25 RP] T2 Gauss.




[6 M] 50 T2 Gunpowder firearms are constructed for the growing number of knights. 


[10,000 C, 4 B] 1 Chip Manufacturing plant is constructed [1+ AE]


[5,000 C, 1 B] 1 Fuel refinery is constructed


[ACTIONS] 2 teams of 15 equipped in T2 Firearms and T3 Armor are sent out to investigate a nearby block for activity. 

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New California Republic


The New California Republic Rangers are an elite military outfit of the New California Republic. The Rangers are a volunteer special forces renowned as much for their expert reconnaissance capabilities as their bravery and combat prowess. Their primary purpose is dealing with threats regular forces cannot handle, as well as keeping the borders of the NCR secure, scouting out threats and other special assignments. Their superior training, weaponry and assortment of both pre-War and post-War technology allows them to tip battles in NCR's favor even when a situation may see them outnumbered and outgunned.




Advanced Population; 252

Civilized Population; 104

Income; 3 B, 6 M, 8 S, 1 E, 18,200 Caps


Mod Actions


Handsome Hank leads the push to clear the final block in their sector. He will personally lead a team, employing classic Ranger tactics. Trained Recon units pave the way, identifying threats. Once known the main force will move up, and both teams will try and ambush any hostile threats. The Block is the bottom left of the sector, the last uncleared block. [Hank S - 1 C -2 P - 1 L - 1/ 25 Trained Rangers T3 ARs, T2 Ranger Armor]


NCR Minister Tabitha will lead the recruitment drive in that block once safe, and any other cleared but not occupied block for the entire year. Charisma 5


Research [7 +1 Bonus]

T3 Melee -4/1 Bonus [15/15]

T3 Armor -3/1 Bonus [4/25]


Financial Actions

1 Scrap Yard -7500 C + 2 B

1 Market -5000 C + 1 B

5 T1 Heavy Slingshots -3 M

15 T1  Heavy Weapons -3 M

1% Pop Growth

1 E Traded for 4 F [Tank]


Treasury; 7 S, 5.700 Caps, 2 Dev points in bank




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Midwest Enclave


No rp this week sorry 😞




Market is built in the new Block (5,000)

Construction yard is built in the new Block (7,500)

Research in T3 Heavy Firearms (21/50)

Discovering the division within the Union, the Enclave sends Agents into the Union, and more to the rebels. Details for plans will be sent in a personal channel.

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The Passionate Foodie: 2006 Twisted Oak River of Skulls





To keep your secret is wisdom, to expect others to keep it is folly.” – William Samuel Johnson


{Rp in a bit}



Turn 5 – 2275


Population: 296

Equipment: 75 T2 Gunpowder, 100 T1 Plasma, 200 T1 Melee, 40 T2 Armor, 75 T3 Armor, 50 Molotovs

Troops: 50 Trained, 128 Green

Production: 5B, 5M, 2F, 3S, 3R



Uterius Burke: S 3, P 3, E 1, C 1, I 1, A 4, L 0

Smiley: S 4, P 0, E 2, C 0, I 0, A 2, L 0

Dr. Evelynn Shaw: S 0, P 1, E 0, C 0, I 3, A 0, L 1

God-King Osiris: S 2, P 0, E 0, C 2, I 1, A 0, L 1



Two levels of fortifications are constructed in the Capital. [10000 C + 2 B]

A raiding party led by Smiley will scout out the block to the south, enslaving any small settlements or wastelanders found in the area. [MOD]

Production of 50 Molotovs [4 M, 2 F]

2% Population Growth [3 S]

Researching T2 Plasma [11/25 R]

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T H E  O A S I S


Statpost cause im rushed sorry losers :^)

-------- Actions --------
- 1 Scrapyard [7,500 C + 1B]

- 5 levels of fortification [2500 C + 5B]

- 88 sets of T2 armor is fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [4 M]

- 165 melee weapons (T2) are fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [1 M]
- 55 Longbows (T3) are hewn for Hannibal’s war party [1 M]

- t3 Armor :wagie: [2/25]
-One Dev point is invested into “Strength in numbers” [3 total]

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A T O M   D R A G O N S



Once more, the halls of Congrelaz were filled with the roars of The Dragon. Once more, His might had been challenged, and this time by a foe unknown to Him. Upon receipt of the news, the Dragon had immediately demanded all His children turn all their efforts to the machinations of war, and out of both faith in Him, and the prospect of glorious battle imminently, they heartily obliged. 


In the west, the former territories of the now enslaved Engineers are rapidly fortified, with walls, barriers, and sentry posts being constructed to ensure any future would-be raid faces a great deal more trouble. In Grant Park, the Dragon's finest begin training themselves for battle, practically frothing as they practice maiming makeshift training dummies with red skulls drawn on their heads. And in His workshop-foundries, the Dragon's artisans pour the entirety of His hoarded scrap metal into the creation of arms and armour, forging enough equipment in the year to outfit hundreds. 



Map of the fortified areas in the West of the Dragon's City


And Malechai is called to the Macarine Throne, and whispered a task in His finest, and most trusted warrior's ear. Many heads were turned as the one-legged, one-eyed right hand man of the Dragon wordlessly left Congrelaz, and marched himself down the streets of the Dragon's City.



Malechai the One-Eye





Building 6 Fortifications [See Above] [6B, 3,000C]

Training 55 Trained Ghouls to Regulars [13,750C]

Training 40 Green Ghouls into Trained [4,000C]

Producing 150 T2 Armour [6M], 188 T2 Melee Weapons [1M], 63 T1 Armour [1M]

Malechai the One-Eye's Task [2,500C]

Continuing T1 Firearm Research [9/10]


250 Caps Remaining

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Turn 6





A familiar sound to the advanced populations that reminds them of home, and the terror of the unknown that remainder of those within the wasteland will come to familiarize themselves with. Near the end of the year, the whirling of blades swishes across the city from the west as the bulbous, fly-like silhouette of an unknown vehicle soars across the night sky. Only illuminated by the dull red lights within the multi-paned cockpit and a pair of flashing red indicators on either wingtip, the identification of the contraption remains unknown to many throughout the wasteland as the vehicle only again appears in the dead of night and on clouded evenings to conceal its movements. Though following its premier appearance, it’s radial swirling of blades can be heard every few days fading directionally east of the city and returning a few days after, while always coming to an abrupt stop and starting at its seemingly new origin in the northwest of the Mud City...


A new player, as it would seem, has made itself present in the ongoing struggles between the Unions. While the Blackhawks had come to fight on the side of the Secessionists, and word spreading of such an alliance being too much for the Union’s lone forces to bear, an unknown ally had come to assist the struggling Union. Word spreads through first-hand accounts from the Blackhawks, as their wounded make the trek back southeast to their home territory, of mechanized beings assisting the Union armed with unthinkable weaponry. Men disappear into dust as if they had never existed while others, in their comparatively effective armor when facing the Union troops, are cut down in swathes as if their new adversaries weaponry simply ignored the armor they wore. 


What was initially told to be a decisive victory for the Blackhawks and Secessionists had quickly rebounded back into a locked stalemate between the Unions with seemingly little chance of either side gaining the advantage without any further interference.




5th Marine Regiment


The push north goes initially slower than expected as the combined force comes across the apparent remains of what look to be men that they encountered to their north. Following the discovery, the cause of these bodies is quickly found to be a nest of radscorpions lurking in the area, though with over 100 firearms pointed at them the bugs stood little chance against the Marine’s firepower. A similar story came to the north, minus the bodies, but to a lesser degree in terms of numbers for the radscorpions. (-10 Population, Blocks Cleared)


Fitzgerald returns from the north, perhaps with a bit more articulation to his speech after creating his report to the General. (Fitzgerald +2 Charisma)


Shantily made and in need of some finer materials, the badges come out to the best of the ability of what the metalsmith could do with the low quality of the materials given to him. Although it is the thought that counts, and many of the men awarded with the badges are thankful for the appreciation to their work. (+1 Development Point)


The Apostles of Christ


The followers trek eastward, mounting an expedition to the block in search of expansion. Though what they find instead is a vicious pit filled with radroaches where an unfortunate soul finds himself falling into before the critters launch their attack. With their weapons and armor the men dispatch the creatures with little effort, and eventually control the area. (-5 Population, Block Cleared)




Talks with the Kingdom begin. (Discord)


The men sent east to scout the Road Dogs, now with an idea of what to expect, spot the settlement with ease. The high pitched revving of engines and pungent smell of exhaust only grows stronger as the frumentarii come closer, and eventually find themselves in view of the wall. A glance of the perimeter would see that it is indeed quite the fortification as told (T3+), though a glaring weakness in that the main door to the settlement must be large enough to fit the vehicles the Road Dogs utilize. Unfortunately, it is also the most defended area of the settlement.




With a legitimate claim to the title of Patriarch, the remaining doubters of the Archdiocese are turned, swooning for the newly appointed Patriarch of Chicago. (+2 Development Points, +5 Charisma to [that character as his name isn’t listed])


The new region is expanded into, and soon enough usage of remaining buildings and other leftover infrastructure is found to be of use to the Archdiocese. (+2 B)


Construction of a Cathedral in such a wasteland is surely an undertaking, though it is one that is to be extravagant in all meanings of the word. Though, some do believe it to be a waste of funding, many of the true followers believe it to be a necessary construct if they are to present themselves as the true faith in Chicago. While it may take several years, if not more, to complete, the Cathedral itself already has several followers in anticipation for its completion. (+1 Development Point, 2 more turns of equal investment required [15 B, 15 M, 75k C total])


Western BoS Expedition


The bussy boys stay in their home, surrounded by metal walls and inside of tin suits. Though one can only guess what lays in waiting for them…




Early estimates are made for the buildplan for the Cathedral’s refurbishment, and upon further analysis of the interior structure a proper number is given from one of the surveyor bots. Surely, their meaty “volunteers” would love a place to congregate with one another… (3 More turns of equal investment required for the building to be functional [5 B, 15 M])




The recruitment drive goes poorly in comparison to the previous attempts, as it seems those who had heard the words of the Republic of Douglas over the radio years prior had already arrived. With word only spreading by word rather than by radio, the Republic sees far less of an influx in outside recruitment. (+25 Civ Population)


People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


Attempts of finding a signal to match the disruptions is initially a laborious task as Linyang works away diligently on the project. With the east obviously not being the source as it is only open water, it helps in narrowing the search to the south and west. And by the end of the year, Linyang reports that the interference is being directed from west of Jiayuan. (lingyang +2 Intelligence


Eastern Brotherhood of Steel


As no actual indications of where to go are given to the troops that are sent out, they merely wander aimlessly throughout the wastelands to no avail. As they head north, they are quickly routed back south by an untold number of wild, irradiated hounds, and get little accomplished. (-2 Adv. Population)


New California Republic


Luckily for Hank, the men sent with him have little usage of tactics for dispatching a herd of wild brahmin. Instead, they are welcomed with a much needed morale boost in a luxurious meal for the men. (Hank +2 Charisma, +1 Perception, +4 S).


Throughout the year Tabitha does good work as her unreliance on radios proves fruitful seeing as communications are all but impossible. With her charm and ability, Tabitha wrangles several more to the cause. (Tabitha +2 Charisma, +45 Civilized Pop)


Midwest Enclave


Secrets are best when only known to few, but finding out those secrets is something the Enclave takes great pleasure in...




With word about the Skulls controlling the area spreading rather quickly, Smiley finds little in terms of manpower capable of expanding the workforce they already have. A broader area will need to be searched if they are to truly capitalize on their slave workforce. (+15 Slaves)


Late into the year, a figure approaches… (Discord)


T H E  O A S I S


Monke see monke do monke kill


A T O M   D R A G O N S

Malechai is given his task, and will not disappoint the Dragon...

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Western BoS Expedition


Morality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


      With the airport becoming more and more crowded every year, it was time for the brotherhood to think more in depth about expanding their numbers from within. Two agricultural buildings should -according to the scribes- put us on track for record growth allowing us to expand our borders within due time. Population issues will continue to plague us for the rest of time there is no doubt to that statement, and it doesn't appear as if there is going to be a way around that issue. Thus is why the Brotherhood has always relied on technological superiority and the employment of well thought out strategy. Although it has not worked so well in the past all we can hope to do is refine this doctrine and learn from the failures of our predecessors. Taking a step in the right direction after his leadership and wisdom was challenged, Blackburn decided it was time to become more aggressive like the Elder council should've been many, many years ago when the NCR dare threaten Brotherhood authority. No more idling by or sitting on our hands would be accepted. In front of majority of the expedition the intention of launching major missions from the airport is announced. Large numbers of the expedition can expect to see combat with the coming years whether it be from clearing out blocks of mutants, or defending strategic positions from raiders. Hopefully this maneuver puts to rest any questions of the current leadership. 





T2 laser weaponry research (20/25)


Two greenhouses are built. (10,000 C, 4 B)


Since the metal armors were a success, more are crafted. (4M)


Since the anomalies years past warded off the Paladins, it was time to go back in force. More men are dispatched along with the power armored Paladins. (Details in discord)

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The Apostles of Christ


A lone figure walked through the empty streets of the mud city. Clad in long robes and with a simple wooden cross dangling down a cord around his neck. Though, mostly unseen by the eye, about 2 armed men followed. He walked past building that were either broken down or partially restored. Pieces of scrap wood and metal patching the holes that nature had created in the houses of the mud city. Until arriving in what used to be presumably a mall shop of sorts. As depicted by the records of old. Which used to be filled with rows upon rows of different kinds of food. Almost as far as the eyes could see, but had instead now been emptied out. The ruined shelves cleaned away and instead the room was filled with workbenches of all sorts. And almost two dozen men and women working tirelessly. As in the back, in the storage area, the faint sound of steel hitting iron could be heard. 

The lone figure did not enter, instead watching from outside. Watching the proceedings inside. 
He saw how a young girl, couldn't be older than 16 was cheerily filling a magazine with bullets whilst chatting to a friend of similar age next to her. He saw how an older woman,  about 54 and with greying hairs, was inspecting a barrel for any impurities and irregularities with glasses on. And on the far end of the room how a 30'ish or so man carefully, and with stable hands and a workbench full of parts, carefully put them together. Making the work of most individuals gathered here into one final product, one which seemed to almost absorb the light around it and resonated with death.


Jacob turned away, heading away from the workshop which was at the center of the Apostles' efforts. Which made almost all the weapons and armor designated for the men under Samuel to protect the loyal followers spread around three blocks, and soon to be four. It was a source of both great pride but even deeper shame. For he rejoiced in some of what it symbolized. The combined efforts of hundreds of people, working together with the common goal of bringing some sanctuary and peace to the wasteland. And yet, that same thing caused deep shame in him. How, even in this group which was supposed to bring peace and harmony, almost everyone was in some way dedicated to the pursuit of war. In the  end, working together to build and forge weapons, instruments of death. An industrialized production line with the eventual output being dead corpses and potential lost. 

And yet, what choice did he and his followers have ? They could not simply be pacifists and get slaughtered by the cruelties of the wasteland. Be ignorant and naïve and thus condemn themselves. 


Samuel shook his head and walked away. Perhaps one day was the day to fully confront himself of what he was perhaps unintentionally working towards. But that would not be this day.



Pop: 1824

Income: 31,05kC

Upkeep: 11kC

Storage: 1,4kC

Netto: 21,45kC

Research per turn: 10



Seeing that melee combat to a degree is almost inevitable. Work begins on trying to make melee weapons of a decent quality. Something that is at least better than broken lead pipes. (T2 melee weapons, 3/3)(+2R this turn)

The 'scientists' even say that based on the work of the NCR, they can make even better melee weapons before year's end. Perhaps enabling all of the loyal followers of Christ to protect themselves further. (T3 melee weapons 8/8)(+8R this turn


Weapon production continues (1 stack T3 firearms)(3M & 1E)


With new protection available,  the workshops of the apostles are dedicated towards providing adequate protection to the brave warriors of Christ. (8M)(50 T3 body armor)


One can not grown idle, or risk being swallowed up by the dangers of the wasteland. As such the Apostles expand eastwards. More room for expansion, more room for growth and strength. (10kC & 5B)

With more resources available this turn. About 45 people are taken of their regular jobs in order to train them to a regular quality in order to help the apostles in their duty to protect the loyal followers of Christ. (11,25kC invested in 45 regulars) 


200C is stored for next turn


Feudalistic society 1 [1 development]


Father jacob:

Charisma 9 (31,5 (effective stat))

Luck: 1 (3,5)

Luck: 2 (7)

Perception: 2

Endurance: 1
Agility: 1

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Haha! Guys, we REALLY want you to Volunteer! xD 😛
Starting to think you guys aren't actually INTERESTED in Volunteering... 😉



Repairs on the cathedral come to a sudden and inexplicable halt. While the building is in a far better shape than it was, the piles of scrap that surround the structure have dried up and ceased arriving. The volunteers are shepherded away to perform labour elsewhere in protocol territory, but always return to the cathedral to sleep. The protectrons return to general maintenance and grid repair, while others take to patrols around their territory and sweeping through abandoned buildings for computers, electronics, and robotic parts. 




-Generators are set up around the Cathedral in an effort to increase ancillary power. (10000C + 2B)

-25 more protectrons march from the great metal doors and get straight to work. (2M + 2E)

-15R towards T4 Lvl 1 Protectrons.

(Not much being done RN but I've run outta money and supplies, so...)


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No RP, gotta crunch out some assignments




[2,500 + 5B] Constructing Block Fortification in Douglas

[7,500 C + 2B] Constructing 1 Scrap Yard

[10,000 C] Training 100 Troops to Trained


3,370 C saved, 5M saved


[6+9/50R] Continuing Research on T4 Armor

[4M, 4E, 2AE] Constructing 4 T-51B Power Armor Suits

[2M] Constructing 50 T1 Pipe Rifles


Another development point is put into Strength in Numbers


[MOD] Cohen once again tries his hand at breaching the enigmatic door of the Chicago Institute of Technology. He is provided the same resources as was afforded the previous attempt (2M, 4F).

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