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Tales of the Mud City v2 - A Fallout FRP (RP)

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If the Mother of the Maccabees Knew of Atoms | Church Life Journal |  University of Notre Dame











IN THIS YEARE HENCE, there rang on out cries as "Gaudete! Gaudete! Christus est natus, ex Maria Virgine! Gaudete!" That is "Rejoice, rejoice ye, Christ is born from Mary the Virgin! Rejoice!" We indeed had a more abundant Christmas than there ever was seen. Patriarchal Mass was celebrated in the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, the only part of the cathedral usable during the construcion. There was much rejoicing from all manner of men and women. The Patriarch Claudio, though a withdrawn man, preached a much needfulle sermon. He ended: "Prepare. Pray, pray, pray. Look after your families. Soon, Christ will give you an important worke. But if you pray, worry not, for God will outfit you with the arms necessary for the coming challenge. So for now, just enjoy your Christmas, of which I wish you all a very merry one, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." Now them that hearde this were much confused in minde, and caste aboute in their heades what they were to make of such a thinge. But soone the wordes were forgotten once the good poore people enjoyed such abundance as never seen in the Wastaland, for the Patriarch supplied all that was needfulle to the people that they might feaste with their own families at Christmas-time. 


After the merriest Christmas and Christmastide since the Incarnacion, came Lent, and a great 40 days of penance and preperation just as the Patriarch had saide. All were not fixed on his wordes: "Prepare. Pray, pray, pray." He saide this again on the Firste Sunday of Lent, with an astonishingly short sermon in which he merelie saide: "Prepare." And so they did. All the families in the countrie were saying the holy Rosarie together, and the priests doubled their prayers before the Blessed Sacrament. The ongoing construcion of the cathedral had alreadie filled the common people, who are wontful of noveltie, with excitement.  We prayed as we had never once prayed at any time. We were preparing for something greate. A great commission as the Patriarch had warned us.


Then came the happie time of Easter. The rumour was spreade that this great taske of which the Patriarch had warned would be given at the Feast of Our Lord's Ascension. It all became cleare. "GO THEREFORE, TEACH YE ALL NATIONS IN MY NAME, BAPTISING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON, AND OF THE HOLY GHOST." Was the Gospel reading. And upon reading it, there was a stirre among the people, for they knew this to be the great missione for which they had been preparing. The charismatic Father Gilbert was preaching. "Now is the time," Saide he "That we bringe the Name of Christ to this suffering citie. If this be a city of "mud", as insulting men are wantfulle to call it, let them knowe that it was Christ who deigned to be borne in the muddied wastaland of a poore cave, rejected by the innkeepers. God has broughte each one of us to this citie. It is our citie, our love, our pride. City of mud she may be, but our mud it is; I see only poor suffering souls chained cruelly in their sins and by those of others. And now we win her in the Name of Christ. Let us go forthe therefore, with one voice and minde, teaching all nacions in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and know that He is always with us, each to the consumacion of the worlde!" The "youthe", who are desirous of all manner of novelities and "memes" as I have hearde them so called, called this sermon "epic" and "based" although what manner of thinge it be based on is yet to be revealed by them. 


The Patriarch had planned this all. All this period, from the Exaltacione of Christmass to the penance and preparacion by which he helde the people in tencion, to the Great Commission of Ascension. The people with one minde felte they were ready and the clergy were fell of fervour. Their mission was to be the mission.


He therefore begins to sende the first missionaries into the worlde. On the feaste of Pentecost, new priests were ordained. On the feaste of Our Lady of Fatima, new Monician sisters were enrolled, took their vows or were donned full Sisters. Families and children crowned all the missionaries with flowers as they prepared for the way. May God help them all. (Details given in actions.)




Place yourself under the mantle of the Virgin Mary with this prayer



IN THIS YEARE HENCE, a number of pious women (X) approached Father Gilberte. They saide that, whilst the Monician vocation was noble, they wanted an Order that was purelie contemplative. The leader of these women, Edith Taylor (stranglie enough, a ghoule in the same manner as Mother Angelica), expressed her noble desire to have a convent of Carmelites in the Archdiocese. She was donned, clothed with the habit, and crown'd with the title of Mother Abbess, taking the religioux name "Fawstina of the Divine Mercie." Strengthened by the prayers of these women, the Church will surely be under Our Lady of Mount Carmel's Mantle.




First Council of Nicaea - Wikipedia



IN THIS YEARE HENCE, notified of the existence of non-humans possessed of wille and intellecte, a greate Sy-nod was gathered by the Patriarch in order to settle the questione. The proceedings were expected to be finished by nexte yeare. 





-Three construction yards built in the other sector to help build the cathedral. (22,500 C.)

-The people are treated to a very merry and abundant Christmas. [3 S]

-A big period of penance and prayer in the Archdiocese and one of high religious fervour, there are many edifying sermons and families and religious pray the Rosary together.

-Missionary efforts: 11 Fathers of the Oratory are to have the honour of being the first missionaries of the Patriarchate. These are the boldest and most fearless men to be found in the Patriarchate, and they have the prayers of all the faithful behind them. They are very young and zealous. They spend around 5 months preparing, not only with prayer and penance, but also learning to move swiftly and unnoticed across the city. They take melee weapons with them in order to protect themselves against ghouls and wild beasts, but are not to use force against men unless strictly necessary to save another from distress (e.g. they see a man being tortured or what have you.) 11 Monician Sisters are sent also with them. These are given alms and medical supplies to help any they find in need. These all are sent into the world in all directions as each Father's iniatives strike him. They are told to be ready to suffer hardship, death or even slavery for Christ's sake. They help men and preach Christ to whomever they find without compromise, focusing on the Patron Saints of the Wasteland, Monica and Ehren. If they find friendly communities, they are to ask for hospitality and be helpful to them whilst showing them a Christian way of life by Faith, Hope and Charity: teaching by example first. Father Gilbert, burning with missionary zeal and frustration, must remain at home for now. [3 S for alms and medical supplies.]

-As part of the missionary efforts and with a treaty agreed at New Eden, a Benedictine Father and 6 Monician nuns are escorted from New Eden to NCR territory, blindfolded for the last part of the journey. 4 pallets of building material and 7500 caps are given to NCR to build a church there. The Father celebrates daily Mass with the nuns and anyone else willing to attend, whilst preaching the truth of the Faith and preaching supernatural hope in a realm of despair. The nuns say their office and help soldier and civilian in any way they can with their problems, particularly former slaves. The newly received Sister Marie Therese, naive but appearing to be from another world due to her brightness and altruism, leads the nuns. Another Priest is sent to be chaplain of the Republic of Douglas and does in like manner.

-Ten women enroll in the Carmelite Order, who establish themselves in the heart of the Archdiocese in a cloistered house.

-The clergy still-present gather together to deliberate on a theological issue.

-Construction of the cathedral is paused for the year.

-Research continues into small arms. [13/25.]





Buildings: 1 Market (2000 C), 1 Scrap Yard (1 M, 500 upkeep), 2 Agri-Houses (4 S, 2000 upkeep), 1 Salvage Yard (750 Upkeep, 1 E), 2 Construction Yards (2 B, 1500 upkeep), 1 Fortification. In construction: 3 construction yards (The northward section).


10,950 Caps, 17 metal, 21 supplies , 4 building materials. 4 Energy. Population: 845.


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People’s Republic of Jiāyuán

The disruption to the People’s Republic Radio could no longer be tolerated as it was clear it would not be going away on its own. As such a small team has been put together under Tian recently having received a promotion to Sergeant, a small team of four men to aid in escorting Miss Linyang to search for the radio disturbance.

Initially a larger team would have been sent to ensure success however with recent developments and tense relations with the Marines south of them the PRJ needed to keep their soldiers at home.

Only time will tell if the small team would succeed in their mission.

Population: 1,590
Base Income: 15,000c
Population Income: 8,000c
Market: 2,000c
Development (Feudal Society): 2,250
Upkeep: 10,000c
Total: 17,750c

Base: 2M, 5S, 2R
Scrap Yards(2): 2M
Agri House: 2S
Research Lab(2): 6R
Refinery: 2F
Construction Yards: 6B
Pop Production: 4R
Pop Needs: -6S


2 Scrap Yards, Market, 6 Construction Yards, Agri House, Refinery, Warehouse, 2 labs

Researching T3 Armor (18/25)


Fortifications are erected around the Capital tile and the southern tile as they prepare for the possibility of an attack from their neighbor as the tense situation continues. (10 Fortifications, -10B 5,000c)


The PLA needs its armed forces prepared now more than ever. The forges and artisans work over time to prepare arms and armor. 50 T1 Armor, 40 T2 Armor, 25 T2 Firearms. (-5M)


One of the Construction Yards in the Capital is refitted and repurposed into a Scrap Yard (2B, -7,500c)


A Market is constructed in the newly gained territory (-1B, 5,000c)

Tian is given command of a small team of 4 men. To escort and protect Linyang as they set out to search for the Radio Disturbances. They make a stop along the way to see if the soldiers living in their sector wish to come along and aid in the effort. (MOD, Tian, Linyang, 4 Trained T2 Melee,Armor,Guns)


1 Development Point invested into Streamlined Economy

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5th Marine Regiment







((Stat post this time.))






3 metal is set aside for 15 heavy weapons. 


6b and 22500c are spent on three scrap yards in Andersonville.

1b and 5000c is spent on a market in Winnemac East.


2 metal is spent producing the HIGHEST quality pipe rifles for a certain….customer...


2 metal is saved


The lack of radio communications had proved recruitment to be difficult over the past few years. General Tannevega realizing there must be plenty of people out there looking for refuge decides on a new course of action to draw in more bodies to the growing nation. 

As such at the beginning of the year the Entirety of 2nd platoon moves out. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Fitzgerald. The experienced officer takes his force in a patrol west of Andersonville before heading south and snaking back up to their home territory. Carefully moving the group seeks out wayward souls, small settlements and other groups of people, offering safe shelter, employment and civilization in the 5th. This would not be a full fledged clearing of each block, but more a patrol in attempts to recruit folk. Lieutenant Fitzgerald with his great experience so far leads the force ((S1, P9, E1, C4.5,)) 50 Regulars armed with 47 t2 firearms and 3 t1 heavy weapons.




Third Platoon also proceeds to clear another block for expansion in the next year, 50 regulars with 47 t2 firearms and 3 t1 heavy weapons carefully move through the block clearing it for use. Led by Robert Hawthorne ((S2 P3 E1))





4RP into molotovs

2RP into T2 melee

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The Kingdom

2276 & 2277




Following the negotiation and agreement between the Kingdom and the Legion, the guardforce is drastically expanded upon and training begins subsequently in the year 2277. There was a goal, and the King saw fit to risk lives to safeguard the others. A raider nest to the South. Together with the Legion, which strength was not quite known to the King yet, he however saw it possible to establish a further fortified foothold in the area of Englewood and expand the influence of the Kingdom. Naturally, peace and prosperity are always kept in mind.




Population: 1,254 Humans

Available funds: 31,247 C




The block to the West is claimed for the Kingdom. (-10,000 C, -5 B)

Molotov Research is started is started. (4/5 RP)

Metal armor is forged to protect the people of the Kingdom. Something tells the King it might be needed rather sooner than later. (-4 M for 25 T3 armor)

A salvage yard and a market are  established in the second block claimed earlier by the Kingdom. (-12,500 C, -3 B)

Remainder of the caps are saved. (-8,747 Caps)


The Kingdom keeps an eye out for any parties that might be passing by, dangerous or friendly.




Population: 1,280 Humans

Available funds: 33,989 C


A feudal court is constructed in the third block of the Kingdom. (-7,500 C, -2 B)

All blocks received a fortification level each. (-750 C, -3 B)

New Civilian firearms are made to arm the growing guardforce of the Kingdom. (-3 M, -1 E for 15 T3 firearms)

Further another 40 sets of Leather armor are prepared. (-2 M for T2 armor)

Molotov Research is started is concluded. (5/5 RP)

Heavy gunpowder firearms (T1) are to be researched next. (3/10 RP)

200 of the women and men of the Kingdom receive basic military education from the records of the Old World. (-20,000 C for Basic Training to 200 people)

Remainder of the caps are saved. (-5,739 Caps)


The Kingdom keeps an eye out for any parties that might be passing by, dangerous or friendly.


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A T O M   D R A G O N S



Malechai squinted out of his good eye as the sun caught his eye as it began to sink below the horizon, far beyond the road west that he had been anxiously watching for some time. The Dragon had told him to send an envoy to the Skulls with uncharacteristically generous terms, and he had done so diligently the day previous. His right-hand man had known something was afoot, but asking questions was something Malechai left to others, especially when it came to his master. Regardless, he had hoped the envoy would be returning soon with news of peace in his time, but was not surprised that he hadn't. 


He pulled a cigarette from his duster's inside pocket, and lit it with a remarkably shiny zippo, watching as the light slowly began to recede. Here we are again, Malechai idly thought as plumes of smoke left his lips and cheeks. Another damned fight. 


A few minutes passed before Malechai took his final drag and cast the cigarette to the curb, turning to face east once again. Hundreds upon hundreds of ghouls, ferals, and slaves met his gaze, lining the street and houses previously behind him. Their mostly skinless faces lit up, and whispers flowed through the crowd like a stiff breeze through reeds. Their eagerness for what was to come was far beyond his, but this was a fact privy only to Malechai himself. Maybe him too, he thought. In either case, he would have to direct their bloodlust, and so he began to speak.


"My fellow dragons! These red-faced whelps seem to have chosen their fate! Let's waste no time in granting it to them! In His name, to war!"


Though decidedly shorter than the kind of thing he'd rouse them with a century ago, the Dragons responded by roaring in unison, whipped into a frenzy with but a single lash of the tongue. Malechai sighed through his nose as he saw even slaves dancing with joy, but pushed whatever had given him cause to from his mind. He turned his back on the east, and began the short march to the home of the so-called God-King, with an unceasing din of whistles, screeches, and chants in tow. 





1 Research Lab in Congrelaz [10,000C, 2B]

1 Market in Grant Park [5,000C, 1B]

1 Fortification in Grant Park [500C, 1B]
1 Scrap Yard in Flat Top [7,500C, 2B]


750 Caps Remaining


Finishing Scrap Firearms Research [1R]

Starting Molotov Research [2/5R]


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Midwest Enclave




Research in T3 Heavy Firearms (28/50)

Production of 4 T-51 (T3) Power Armor (4M 4E 2 AE)

A group of 15 Enclave soldiers are sent to clear a block in the south lead by Daniel Perez (Regular training, T1 heavy weapons T3 metal body armor)

60 Enclave soldiers are drilled to trained (6,000 C)

Spies are still at work shhh. . .

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The Legion prepares for battle.




  Hide contents



Pop – 1072 (inc. 28 slaves) (2 stacks) (3000 C, -2 S, 2 R)

643 MP (456 Green, 187 Trained)

2 Blocks Controlled



Might of the Legion – Slaves contribute to general pop mechanics as well as slave production bonuses. Legion troops rarely retreat.



6 Dev-Points Spent

10% Bonus to all T1-3 Production (Rounded Up)

20% Bonus to Recruitable Population



T3 Melee Weapons (Forged)

T1 Firearms (Scrap)

T2 Armour (Leather)

T1 Explosives (Molotovs)



100 x T3 Melee Weapons (Forged)

473 x T2 Melee Weapons (Salvaged)

105 x T1 Firearms (Scrap)

213 x T1 Armour (Scrap)

170 x T2 Armour (Leather)







20,300 C, 4 M, 3 B, 5 S, 3 R




  • 1 x Construction Yard. (7500 C)
  • 1 x Lab. (10,000 C + 2 B)
  • 110 x T3 Melee. (2 M)
  • 55 x T1 Firearms (2 M)
  • 28 green legionaries upgraded to trained. (2800 C)
  • Researching T1 Artillery (13/15) (3 R)
  • Supplies spent on 2% pop growth for 2 stacks. (4 S)

0 C, 1 B, 1 S, 1 Dev saved.

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Turn 7





In the past years of excitement, the next was not to let down the expectations. From the east came a terrible treble, blaring across the quiet wastes before fading into a shallow whine a fog horn blares. Several times over the sound repeats before sightings of the vessel, or rather vessels, could be seen. A collection of barges, many armed and several sprawling with activity, began to descend upon the east coast of the Mud City. Though none come with aggression, instead puttering merrily along before each vessel conglomerates outside of the now crumbled Navy Pier in the downtown region.

Without warning, the foghorns blare once more in unison, loosening fillings and shattering remaining windows across the eastern shore by the pier. Following this, several vessels begin to detach from the flotilla and sail inland along the Chicago river, as well as down the coastlines. Stopping at the shore of any parties found alongside the river comes an outpour of merchants and merry men, each attempting to sell off their plunder in exchange for goods or most commonly caps. Each day they return, seemingly with more items than the last, and repeat the process once more. And again. And again. It isn’t until the waning months of the year do these ships stop… That is until the frozen-over waterways within the Mud City are piled on with sleds and ski-laden wagons, once more carrying goods to any of those in need.


 It was the start of a vast trade network, ferrying men and items from one side of the city to the other with little issue. Some would even seek to take advantage of such a network for their own gain, as tokens of tribute are given to the riverside Blackhawks for usage of the waterway’s entrance.




Western BoS Expedition


The Paladins have their way with the beast in the east. Word spreads of their conquest, and soon enough some men willing to join the cause arrive at their borders. That is if the Brotherhood is willing to accept them… (+1 Dev Point, +5 Advanced Pop, +45 Civ Pop [If accepted])


The Apostles of Christ


It is a quiet year for the apostles…


Volunteer’s Corps!!!!!


The volunteers complain about not having anything to do, and so the roboids will give them work! Unfortunately, have nothing that they can work on. A day off never hurt anyone, anyway.




Cohen once more attempts his way into the underbelly of the institute, building off his previous efforts to force his way in. After yet another year of building an explosive device similar to the last, the charge is placed and detonated. To his delight, the door was almost entirely blown off its hinges, allowing the usage of simple tools to pry it the rest of the way off before entry could be made. Within, Cohen finds himself among long lost research papers, many of them useless and abandoned, though one catches the eye of Cohen before he leaves; a theory of irrigation on irradiated soil, clearly studied in the event of nuclear fallout. It is certainly something worthwhile to test. (+2 Development Points, Agri House’s now provide +1 more S)




The Missionary efforts by the Patriarchate do not go unnoticed, as soon after the departure of the party they are tested across the wasteland. Holding true to their faith and following close by their virtues. They find several parties in their adventures, some to the north, and prominently one to their direct east who seem friendly enough to have a conversation with, if not a bit backwards in their way of society… Nonetheless, several heed the preaching of these men and make way for the Patriarchate in hopes of devoting themselves to Christ. (+2 Development Points, +105 Population)


The arrival of the Patriarchate in the NCR territory does not go unnoticed, and quickly many wastelanders from the territory begin to attend and listen to the words of prayer given by the Father. The building of the Church, although somewhat unneeded, provides a orderly ground in which the Father and Nuns may make use of in due time, and perhaps even expand for the ever growing attendance. (+1 Development Point)


People’s Republic of Jiāyuán


TIan and his team head west, and while the men to their south are at first not interested in joining the group, some are eventually sent out on order to assist. Something about radioing back home being helpful, being their reason. Though even after a year's travel, and fighting through several blocks to home in on the signal, Linyang determines that the origin is simply too far to navigate on foot, especially with no given supplies for such a long journey, and returns home empty handed. 


5th Marine Regiment


The patrol of an entire platoon is seemingly overkill, though as the men begin their first route due west they encounter another party. Quite obviously not friendly, the men would make way back east to their territory rather than pick a fight with an unknown enemy. Though in the time they were out, they did manage to scrounge several survivors from the wastes. (+25 Civ Population)


Third platoon encounters little activity in the west. Robert Hawthorne, eager to prove himself, seems to overcomplicate the plan which leads to an unfortunate backfire. What would have been a simple clearing of the region unfortunately ends with far more casualties than would’ve been expected for the region. (-10 Population, Robert +1 Charisma)


The Kingdom


Nearby passing persons are, as usual, brought into the fold by Kingdom patrols, some requiring a bit of persuasion though some desperate enough not to question the offer of work and shelter. (+15 Civ Population)


A T O M   D R A G O N S


Certainly a potential target, or perhaps even a newfound ally. The ghoulified vessel steams along the river, eventually passing through Dragon territory…


Midwest Enclave


The spies keep hush hush, slowly spinning their webs of intelligence across the Mud City...


Vukal's Tribe






The Legion will soon make itself known.

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Eastern Brotherhood of Steel






Stats: 208 Adv. Pop, 190 Civ. Pop, 7 B, 4 M, 4 S, 14,750 C, 11 RP

[20 Stockpiled spaces]


[18/25 RP] T2 Gauss.




(5,000 C, 1 B) Officially reaching maximum capacity in each blocks, the brotherhood finishes up their final market.


(2,000 C, 4 B) Elder Geraint demands the construction of great fortifications around the ‘interior’ preparing for future excursions and enabling their small numbers to properly repel any aggressors.


[4 M, 2 F] 50 Molotovs are distilled and plugged in preparation for expansion and defense.


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Okay Guys, Seriously. Time to Volunteer.

We are no Longer Asking.



The roboids... wait. A new day comes, but it will take much time and investment. The data-piles outside of the Vault pulse with information pouring across their screens. The number of robots standing guard outside the Great Door is increasing, though why is anyone's guess.




-25 more protectrons march from the great door and silently go to work. (2E + 2M)

-A group of protectrons begin constructing a scrapyard within viewing distance of the still-derelict cathedral. (7500C + 2B)

-15R towards T4 lvl 1 servitores (total of 30R invested)

((There's so little to do when saving money!!))

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Soldiers of A Company, 2nd Battalion, searching the ruins of shelled houses for survivors; c. 2277


22 November 2277

Lt. Richard Goodey


It seemed like just another day in Chicago. The denizens of the Republic of Douglas had only just settled into their newly established identity which bound them together. For the past two years, a sense of normalcy and tranquility reigned over the southern suburbs of Chicago. However, this would quickly come crashing down, as one unsuspecting day would bring about the faint echoes of distant gunfire, followed shortly by the distinct whistle of incoming mortar shells which rocked the streets of Douglas proper, in a blaze of shrapnel and high explosives. More than a handful of unawares civilians were struck by this dishonorable attack, crushed by the weight of collapsing buildings or left to limp out of the killzone into any semblance of hard cover.


This was an unfortunate reality for the patrons of one Christy’s Cafe, as the building sustained multiple hits, shortly after collapsing in on itself. This continued on for some time as sporadic impacts detonated across Douglas. There seemed to be no discernable target, only the wanton destruction of the Douglodian way of life willed by a seafaring crew of powder gangers. That’s what the men took to calling them- those wasteland riffraff who’s idea of diplomacy was blowing anyone who opposed you to smithereens. What good would that do anyone? Our response came in kind, as we’d finally put that old howitzer to use. Suppose they don’t call us the *Arsenal* for nothing. Yeah, I couldn’t have been more relieved in my life. Douglas wouldn’t have weathered that bombardment for long.


The Colonel mobilized almost everyone in the aftermath; had my unit on rescue and recovery. Not gonna lie, I always thought us unassailable- that the bristling muzzles of a thousand rifles, and trust in God and Steel would be enough to keep the Hun at bay. How wrong was I. I came to this realization when I had pull the corpse of the old Mr. Saunders out of the rubble, that is, what was left of him.


McGovern was right to drop those bastards. So soon after that senile old lady tried to bring us together in New Eden were we the target of indiscriminate aggression. We were optimistic, I’d admit. Though if this taught us anything, it’s that everyone in the Wasteland is out to get you. I’ll be having a word with the Colonel as we’re gonna need to shore up our defenses and start taking proactive measures. We’re not going to sit around and let that happen again.





[10,000 C, 5B] Expanding into new block


[15,000 C, 2B] Constructing 2 Salvage Yard

[7,500 C] Constructing Construction Yard

[6+15R/50R] Researching T4 Body Armor

[3M, 1E] Constructing 16 T3 Rifles

[3M] Constructing 25 T2 Rifles

[4M] Constructing 100 T1 Rifles

3 Points towards T4 Strength in Numbers

[2E] Trading 2E to someone


[MOD] As it is Douglas's most important asset, the pre-War howitzer is assigned an extensive security detail and is repositioned in case the raiders had a bead on the firing position. The gun, for now, remains trained on Lake Michigan should another opportunistic attack strike Douglodian shores.



510 C stored

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Western BoS Expedition


Morality is a luxury that can not always be provided in the wasteland.


         The death of a great man. A true soldier. A true hero. As his body was carried into the camp, silence overtook the busy airport. The body bearers methodically carried his casket to the scribes makeshift morgue area where his deeds and the rest of whatever already wasn’t documented could be inscribed on a scroll and filed away. When it was finally time for his remains to be buried, all had gathered at dusk to listen to the Paladin’s who were with him up until his last moments. After the recount of his selfless actions by the other three, it was time for Senior Paladin Blackburn to take to the hastily put together podium. “Brothers and sisters” he said solemnly. “We are gathering here today to remember the life of Paladin Moore, an incredible man of incredible feat who displayed his courage for all of the wasteland to see.” Blackburn continued on with the eulogy, including personal stories and just expressing how great of a person his friend was. Thus concluded the funeral for Paladin Moore.


         On a lighter note, another set of T45 power armor is being produced by the scribes. To add to the advancement of the Brotherhood’s armory even further, laser weaponry capabilities have been increased to new heights, and the special item found during the last operation is being looked at by the scribes. All is looking well for the Brotherhood and word of our domination of the abomination has spread so far that nearly fifty people seek to join our ranks. Five of which are already accepted, the others are to be determined. As for the campaign of operations promised by Blackburn, they have been put on halt until the new equipment can be produced and distributed. A year or two at most before things resume as planned.




T2 Laser gets completed. (25/25 R)


The special item is looked into by the scribes.


Another set of t45 is produced by the scribes. (4M, 3E, 1AE)


The five intellectuals are accepted into the Brotherhood immediately. As for the 45 others that came seeking initiate status in our ranks, they are turned away .Instead told if they truly wish to serve the brotherhood they will go forth and scout for locations that can be of use. Only then will the Brotherhood CONSIDER their initiate status. A trial by fire.

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T H E  O A S I S


“Little time Hannibal, war-leaders seek blood. We must act”

“Perhaps we can find reason?”

“They do not reason. Cannot deny tribes any longer, or they will not follow Hannibal. Must act”



“Summon spirit-speaker. We move.”

The fire crackled, collapsing in on itself and sending a great plume of embers and sparks into the air. A black banner twisted and snapped in the frigid winter air. Mortar grunted, beating his hands together and signing. A nearby soldier nodded, and swung off through the trees. 

“How did we come to this point, Mortar?”

“The bad-men brought us here.”

“Is it so?”


“How we become more like them with every hour..”

Far in the distance, A crow sits upon a horn. A shiny thing appears.

-------- Actions Last turn--------
- 2 Scrapyards [15,000 + 4 B] 

- 88 sets of (T2) armor is fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [4 M]

- 50 Pipe rifles are "acquired" [3 M]

-T3 Armor research :wagie: [6/25]
-One Dev point is invested into “Strength in numbers” [4 total]

-------- Actions This turn--------

- 2 Markets [10,000 + 2 B] 

- 176 sets of (T2) armor is fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [8 M]

- 165 melee weapons (T2) are fashioned for Hannibal’s warparty [1 M]

-T3 Armor research :wagie: [8/25]

-One Dev point is invested into “Strength in Numbers” [5 total]

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St. Maria Goretti - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

"I forgive Allesandro Serenelli, and I want him to be in heaven with me forever."-St. Maria Goretti. (1890-1902)






The Synod


Devotions to St. Theresa of the Little Flower



IN THIS YEARE HENCE, the First Synod of Chicago gathered to deliberate the most pressing matter of the discoverie of non-human life possessed of reason. Now the question was their capabilitie to receive grace. Two Benedictines, Father Moore and Brother Edward laid out the respective cases. This I tooke from the transcriptes of the matter.


MOORE: Your Holiness; Venerable Brothers. It was for good reason that God raised man alone above all the beasts. We read in the Creed: Et Incarnatus est, de Spiritu Sancto, ex Maria Virgine, et HOMO FACTUS EST. That is, God became MAN. He did not become Deathe-clawwe or mutante. Since that the Son of God emptied Himselfe and became the Son of Man, so men could "receive power to become the sons of God." (John 1:12) To say that these creatures may receive grace fundmanetallie alters the pattern of salvacion. Moreover, they are made by menne, some of them, and therefore, are not in the image of God, but of man.


EDWARD: It is written: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him may not perish, but may have life eternalle", and, in another place "For this I was born, for this I came into the world, that I should give testimonie to the truth. Every one that is of the truth, heareth My voice." Now these capacities "Believing" and "knowing truth" belong to any to whom is gifted, by God, the use of reason. For to believe implies choice, and therefore will and intellect. It is cleare that those of whom we speake are possessed of this capacitie. If they have a capacitie for truth therefore, they have a capacitie for grace, for God came for any man who can believe and know the truth.


MOORE: Any man? Thou dost admit of the point. MAN, not deatheclawwe, brother.


EDWARD: I saide by manner of slipping.


PATRIARCH (To Edward): What is man?


EDWARD: Man is a creature possessed of bodie and soul, that is, of a bodie, and the capacities of wille and intellect.


PATRIARCH: Thou sayest it. Now it is true that God came to save the sons of Adam. But that as they are possessed with a capacitie for Faith, Hope and Charitie, since that they can know the truth, and since they can assent of Faith by intellect and affirme Hope and Charitie by the wille, for as Saint Pius X saith, Faith is an assente of the intellect to divinely revealed truth, so therefore, they can receive that power to become sons of God of which we spoke. And since they self evidently suffer under the same Falle as natural men, and, having the same capacitie of receiving, therefore have they the power also of the remedie. Now I asked thee, "what is man?" "A little lower than the angels" (Psalm 8:5) - possessed of a spiritual and corporeal part. As saith the Angelic Doctor, quoting Augustine: "Man's excellence consists in the fact that God made him to His own image by giving him an intellectual soul, which raises him above the beasts of the fielde." Therefore things without intellect are not made to God's image." (Summa Theologica, 93.2) If it is this in which man's excellence consiseth, namelie that he hath bodie and soul, by which he is raised, so too are not these raised above the beastes of the field? I think thy manner of slipping was inspired by the Holy Ghost. 


EDWARD: Reverend Patriarch, if it define and raise men that they be possessed of wille and intellect, and these creatures too are so possessed, but also being possessed of a bodie, are not angels, can these not be saide to be, in spiritual terms, men? For in will and intellect the image of God consisteth. Not in the biological sense, men, but in the spiritual, wherefore, Our Lord died for them, and God is the primary cause of their existence, man being the secondary. And since they proceedeth from man, man can say of them: "bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh." (Genesis 2:23)


PATRIARCH: Thou sayest it. Let us vote upon this Canon.


The Synod came out with these Canons. "IF any man saith, that it be utterly impossible for a deathclawwe or some other creature possessed of both bodie and soul to receive grace, including the Sacraments, LET HIM BE ANATHEMA."


"If any man saith that these be not creatures with dignity and with the image of God, LET HIM BE ANATHEMA."


"If any man saith that it is needfulle to make more of these, and striveth to make more of these creatures, instead of birth in the natural way, LET HIM BE ANATHEMA."


The Maxims of Vegetius


The Crusades (1095–1291) | Essay | The Metropolitan Museum of Art |  Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History



IN THIS YEARE HENCE, we monkes produce a "Edicion Definitive of Militarie Knowledge" containing in it our translacion of Flavius Vegetius, the greate Roman author, who cautioned: "It is better to subdue an enemie by famine, raids and terror, than in battell where fortune tendes to have more influence than braverie." And Guderian's "Achtung Panzer" Manstein translated into the tongue of the Angles and many other textes, maximes as speeches as the monkes can finde. And this is put into a volume and collected. 


The great laboure of this problem, especially the longe transcripcion of Classical workes in which we have beene engaged, became hence cleare. And so attempts are made to finde either a printing press, or the parts thereof, or the instrucions of how to build or operate. 


Meanwhile, the workes of greate writers are preserved and put into practice on how whereof we are to live. (Developlment points invested.)




Coronation of the Virgin (Velázquez) - Wikipedia



-Construction of the cathedral continues. [-5 B, -5 M, -25,000 C.]

-150 men armed with T1 guns and T2 melee weapons expand into a northward district.  [Circled and coloured in.]




-6 Development points invested. 2 into Feudalistic society (750 C per block controlled), 4 into streamlined economy (25%+ C income.) 

-4 R put into T2 small arms. [17/25.]

-Missionary efforts continue in the city and with the chaplains of NCR and Douglas, in the same manner as before. 

-Leaders in the Fyrd are taught from a military textbook which draws from historical military texts from Sun Tzu to Guderian.

-Attempts are made to find anything use for a printing press, or even a press itself! Especially in this new district. Also, the ongoing search for radio parts and stations carries on.

-3 B was traded for 5 M with the Marines.






Buildings: 1 Market (2000 C), 1 Scrap Yard (1 M, 500 upkeep), 2 Agri-Houses (4 S, 2000 upkeep), 1 Salvage Yard (750 Upkeep, 1 E), 5 Construction Yards (2 B, 3250 upkeep), 1 Fortification (250 upkeep).


8,548 Caps, 8 metal, 26 supplies, 3 building materials. 4 Energy. Population: 969.





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