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A Short Thesis - He Walks Beside You

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A Priest embracing a man starving in despair.


In Nomine Patris!


A Short Thesis
He Walks Beside You


Scribed by
 Manfried Cardinal St. Julia


Godfrey’s Triumph, 1790


Sɛction I - Greetings And Benediction
Sɛction II - Introduction
Sɛction III - The Issue
Sɛction IV - He Illuminates
Sɛction V - In Conclusion



Prelate for the Priesthood, Manfried
☨ Cardinal St. Julia ☨.






Oh Lord, God on high. We, Your humble servants vow to remain eternally loyal to You, eternally devout in our worship and eternally steadfast in our service. We, Your faithful, accepted into the loving bosom of Your light through Your mercy, shall be molded by Your scripture, the Holy Scrolls, forever to hear it as the one truth, the only truth, the eternal truth. We shall serve as the pillars of this great path we tread, readied by the wombs of our mothers, carried into this terra by the blessings You have imparted upon those who follow in the footsteps of Saint Julia, Lord Godani. We, the pious, the devout, the faithful shall mold this world in the image of virtue, just as we are molded by the Scrolls You had imparted upon the Exalted, ever to be cherished and adhered to as the servants of You, Our Lord. We make this solemn vow in communion with the blessed Church of Canon. May we be made worthy of the Seven Skies through the scripture and holy teachings gifted to us by You, God. In Nomine Patris, Amen!
Greetings and Benediction, brothers and sisters. May the utmost of God’s blessings eternally reach you and may the Saints intercede on the behalf of you and your’s as we walk the path of virtue and righteousness in the name of our Lord, the Almighty and Eternal, Godani.

Signed with the Love of a Father,
Cardinal St. Julia,
Prelate of the Canonist Priesthood,
Cardinal Judge of Helena,
Vicar in the Metropolitanate of Helena






It is with God that we, His Creation, tread this path of life. He stands by our side through both times of peace and prosperity and the times where hope seems non existent, when despair has taken hold of our hearts. Whether that be during world wide crises such as the Inferni Incursion or personal matters like loss, divorce, and sin, it is through the hardships of which we endure that we are supported by God for just as we love Him, He loves us. We are His Creation, His favored Creation, all descendants of the first man and woman, “And they were virtuous, and GOD called them the first man and woman, who spoke no language and took no name. And these were GOD’s favored creations, for they did satisfy His plan.” (Gospel 1:29-30) And so, as the first man and woman satisfied His plan, it is too us that shall satisfy His plan as prophesied in the Scroll of Auspice and so He sees that we are good. With that, He stands beside us as His beloved Creation and God looks after us with the care of a thousand fathers.


However, we cannot see God. We cannot see Him supporting us. We cannot hear him either. We can simply feel the light and virtue coursing through our veins and even that is difficult to sense at times. But even with that sense of warmth in the face of anguish, we are creatures that cannot interpret that feeling easily. We as mortals prefer to see God before us and this leads us down a harrowing path, one that I shall elaborate upon in my Thesis today.






It was recently that I was approached by a layman. Someone close to him had committed a grave sin which hurt him in a personal manner and in this face of despair, he felt his grip on his faith losing strength. He felt his once devout disposition slipping away as he struggled with the pain and anguish of the wound inflicted by this individual and so he feared losing faith in God Himself. In this matter, I did not judge the man for it is something that I believe to be a common issue. The abandonment of the Creation by the Creator. Most obviously, God has not abandoned him and to say otherwise is completely false. Even the abandonment of the damned is not the choice of the Creator but the choice of the damned themselves. Nay, instead it boils down to this.


Any individual plagued by such sadness says, “How could such a merciful and benevolent God do this to me?”. They wonder how the Almighty, said to be so virtuous and righteous, could have left His faithful in such a place of suffering, of emotional malady. It is easy to ask this question and in our very nature. God, by our standards, is unexplainable. A Lord of great power and eternity, He is in all ways unlike us. Ever virtuous, ever good, ever loving. He is a being of perfection of which we are not. So, therefore the question of how is a simple product of our standards of the explainable and the unexplainable. For in His way of being, the answers of how and why cannot be determined. They cannot be given a very direct answer and while we know such things are a test of some sort, we too do not know why for in His nature, He and His actions remain unexplained. He is not bound by our way of things and is instead a higher, nay, the highest being.


Yet, I assure you in all certainty that He does not allow this in order to harm His Creation. If you believe such, you must surely be corrected for you are wholly false. He is a loving God. It is cried to the hill tops, to the mountain ranges and reaches across His Creation the truth of Him, “Deus Caritas Est!” God is Love! Indeed, He is and so He would not abandon you. 






“Deus Caritas Est!” we say it for it is truth and in this truth, God would indeed not abandon you. Nay, the Lord Almighty walks the arduous path of hardship alongside you. The idea of His abandonment is a false concept, derived from the fact that He is not seen nor heard in our conventional ways. We believe He has abandoned us because it is all we can see. We narrow our vision to our eyes and instead do not view the world from our soul. With God, we cannot see Him through our physical being which is impermanent but through our soul which is permanent, to be destined a life of His virtue both in the Seven Skies and at the end of times, “This is the promise of GOD to the World, that it shall belong to the virtuous, who love Him.” (Auspice 3:17) 


It is with this that God supports His faithful through all, through times of hope and through times where it is lacking. I offered this to the man and I too shall offer it to you. I am forty-three now and therefore by many, especially the more youthful generations to be considered old. And so, with that age, I have found myself waking up at ungodly hours of the night with absolutely no reason. So therefore, I walk about my home and the grounds of the Basilica. Now, I live in quite a modest space, a small tower in the basilica to which the venerable Abbot Bram can attest to it’s cramped space and I must say, I have stubbed my toe once or twice. This was in my cockiness as I went without a candle about my small home. However, soon I decided to light a match and set aflame the wick and so in these dark times of twilight, I found my path illuminated and I was no longer lost nor did I stub my toe. 


While the stubbing my toe part of the story is too told for more comical flavor, I bring your attention to the last few words, “dark times of twilight, I found my path illuminated and I was no longer lost…” These literal dark times of night can be compared to the times of despair and anguish. We usually equate darkness and light to virtue and sin or God and Iblees, however dark times can also be the times where we feel lost. Where we feel pained and lonely. The candle can then be said to be God’s light. 


Then, let us put those together. On your path, you tread through dark times, however I assure you brothers and sisters, God walks right beside you and He illuminates your path. He makes the unclear, clear. He makes the unseen, seen. And so, you are no longer stubbing toes. You are walking in strides, in virtue, in His Love, for you are no longer lost. In this, He does not abandon you. No, He stands beside you for He loves you as you love Him. 






So there is your answer, brothers and sisters. Even in times of despair, God stands beside you. It is merely not so obvious for the means in which we see are not conventional. In times of prosperity, we can indeed feel His presence for He is one of Love, of Goodness, of Holiness and when the times are ones of love, when the times are good, when the times feel blessed, we believe He is present for that is what we associate Him with. However, when the times are ones of pain, of darkness, of sadness, we do not believe He is present. We believe our lives are void of Him in these times, however the moments of anguish are the most important to see that He is indeed there beside you for it will make all the difference. 


Remember, brothers and sisters, that faith is a savior just as God is. Just as the Exalted were. Just as Saint Julia was. In that station, while it is important to hold devout faith close to one’s heart at all times, faith is even more important in times spoken of in this Thesis. Faith is a savior and so, when one has lost all hope, God’s faith shall restore hope in your heart. When one has lost all happiness, God’s faith shall return joy to your soul. And when goodness has been lost, God’s faith shall impart it’s blessing of virtuous good unto your body. It is faith which is the answer to the problems which we face like the man who struggles with keeping faith in God while facing great hardship. I assure you...


He Walks Beside You.



Propalatam Deus, da nobis multa sunt beneficia ut non palpet proximorum expendas.
Quia tu id etiam a misericordissimo et maxima benevolentia atque amantissima.
In nomine Patris, amen.



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