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Petition to Canonize Foltest of Aeldin, 1791

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To His Holiness James II;

And His Most Eminent Synod,


The Commonwealth of Kaedrin prides itself as the most pious of subjects under Her Imperial Majesty, boasting multiple eras wherein the Kaedreni architected bustling dioceses and the modernization of Owynism. Our interests pertaining to the maintenance of a pious realm is interwoven with that of the Holy Canonist Church: who seeks to perpetually keep the Canonist flock in an intimate and obedient union.


It is from this understanding that we regret the previous rejection of our petition to bestow upon a Kaedreni hero, Foltest of Aeldin, the divine privilege of Sainthood. With new historical developments and revitalized determination to do right by our most pious of ancestors: we henceforth wish to petition Your Holiness most humbly once more: 



Foltest of Aeldin, an enclosed painting


Foltest of Aeldin remains an icon of faith and discipline within the Commonwealth: renowned for his grandiose successes in sieges on behalf of the Imperial Tertius, a Holy Order & as Count of Krinfrid. Defending the Canonism realm from heretical threats and the undead time and time again, willing to sacrifice his own life for that of his brethren and those dedicated to the cloth.


Most famously is his defense of the Brelusian cathedral: wading through flames and heathens to save the innocent congregation from their demise, rescuing a plethora of children and clergy in the process. It is during this rescue that the Kaedreni believe a miracle had occurred: as Foltest did not get burned by the sea of flames, enabling him to escort every living soul from the Brelusian cathedral before its collapse. 


The Kaedreni firmly believe that the fact that Foltest did not burn to death during the rescue of the Brelusian congregation, is a sign of God’s intervention: allowing his most humble of servants to save his Flock. Sparing Foltest from sacrificing himself, as God saw function to allowing a man like him to continue living. 


These historical accounts prompted a reverence of Foltest: one where he is deemed as the icon of bastions & siegeworks. Much like his body resisting the engulfment of flames, his military career is riddled with occasions wherein he led successful resistance against sieges of human strongholds: while also leading sieges against heretics to its legendary successes. 


Foltest of Aeldin inspires centuries of Kaedreni youth to defend the faith with their lives, and to consider piety the most valued of traits. It is within our most genuine belief that celebrating and rewarding his pious life with this privilege would truly enrich our moral message to our congregations, and act as a proper homage to the continued piety and civility of the Kaedreni people. 



Yours Most Humbly,


President Adrian O. Helvets;

Governor-General Richard V. Helvets;

Father Erasmus;

Sister Anabel;


Edited by Draeris

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Alfred Cardinal Jorenus sits in his office as a courier swiftly places the letter upon his office for him to read. The Archbishop then nods to the courier and opens the letter. He views its content carefully and ready it with great interest. He then nods slightly and looks forward to discussing and debating this topic with his fellow Cardinals.

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As the letter is delivered to to Johan Cardinal Aquila he’d take a seat before a fireplace in the Vuillerian keep reading it over. He’d read it over more than twice before looking up from it staring into the fire for a while in thought. Time would quickly go by as he sat deep in though only escaping from it as he would hear the sound of his children running into the room. “What are you reading papa?” His youngest daughter would say “oh nothing of importance dear, I just have to decide on my vote for something” he’d smile at the both of them lifting them up on his lap finding a book to read for them. “Have you ever heard the stories of Foltest of Aeldin?” As the sun would go down outside Johan and two of his children would sit there in front of the fire as the stories went on and on.

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