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Escape the Temple 2.0 - Halloween 2020

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Welcome to the next event put on by the Community Team


Escape the Temple 2.0


Explore the depths of Cloud Temple through a daring series of escape rooms, where the winners shall prevail through, make their way to the end - and receive their reward. This event will last several days, so you will have plenty of opportunities to participate!



A Letter Arrives To You


[!] A weighted piece of parchment lined with gold embellishments makes its way to every household in Arcas. Sealing the folded paper is the wax mark of the Wilven Order of Cloud Temple. 


In a looping scrawl, the page read:


Denizens of Arcas,



You may remember a time, a near half-century ago, when you were once invited to the Cloud Temple vaults by a scorned ex-Monk. So do I. I remember, all my lifetime ago, when I was a young lad partook in the ill-advised adventure to gain glory. I went with a group, a mighty group of warriors and honorable men. However, I was separated from my friends. I waited for them to come back, but they did not. No one came back. They were driven away by some force unknown to me.


 So, I claimed all the treasure for myself, and started to devise a way to bring it home. But there’s so much here, I thought. No, I could not take it all, though I longed to do so. During this time, I hid from the Monks of Cloud Temple, hoping to keep myself a secret. I became good at this, but I also became greedy. I wouldn’t, couldn’t, leave my treasure behind. And so I’ve stayed here, for this place has become my life’s work. This place- these halls… they are grander than the imagination could ever dream up. 


But I am nearing the end of my life. I cannot in good faith leave all of this for the worms. The world, all of Arcas, must see this place and its beauty. I realize it is not my treasure alone, but for the world. I invite everyone to venture to these grand halls of mine, if you dare. You will receive treasures among your wildest fantasies if you manage to get here in one piece. Be warned, the trials ahead are dangerous, and not for the faint of heart. Only those worthy will reach me. But for those that do, you will be remembered. Do not let the fires of my legacy run low- take the spark, and begin your own flame.


Mirthal, the Weary.




How It Will Work


In this event, players must find the entrance to the vaults. Once there, they will have to /creq, which leads the player to sets of escape rooms. A group of 3-6 people may participate at a time and are given one hour to complete these various sets of vaults and secrets. Hints will follow throughout the areas if any player is in need of assistance throughout the time limit. Players will proceed through a set of tricky obstacles, moreover, they must evaluate and finish these situations and further through their problem-solving quest! 


If the players have been deemed successful, a prize will be given to those who have proven worthy of it. Prizes will also be handed out near the end of the event to prevent double-prize scams. This event will last over a course of a week, so many will get a chance to put their skills to the test. 



How to Participate


To participate, you must first gather a group of 3-6 total members. Set out to Cloud Temple and search for the entrance to the vaults. Then, make a /creq stating the username of everyone in your group, and a Community Team Member will lead you to the escape rooms. If a member doesn’t pick up the /creq quickly, ping @Community in the #help channel in the LotC Discord. Please keep in mind that only one group may go through the escape room at once, but each group has a limit of one hour to ensure that we allow as many people as possible to participate. 


This event will begin immediately following this post on Monday, October 26th, and will last 6 days, the last chance to participate being Saturday, October 31st.






  1. You are not allowed to take items into the Escape Rooms. The reason for this is because there is a very high chance you may lose them. 

  2. There is no guarantee that you will earn a prize. Prizes only go to those who finish the event within the time parameters. 

  3. If you do not succeed within time, you will lose what you brought with you. 

  4. Each party must be at least 3-6 members, and at least one member must be new to the event. 

    1. Anyone found lying about whether or not they participated in the event will be banned from all future community events.

  5. Once received a prize, you cannot win another prize if you participate again. 

  6. Prizes will be selected at random- please do not ask for certain things. 





Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!

Credit to @Nilyeet, @snoopie12, and @LotsOfMuffins for the post.

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Good job guys!

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Yeeet, there we go!

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