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Election of the Okarir'nor: Nominations; 12th Deep Cold, 1791

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12th of the Deep Cold, 1791




To Elmali’thill of elcihi’thilln,


After reviewing the challenges with the former Okarir’nor, she voiced her preparedness to resign and has formalised the decision with a public post as of today. Elheial’thilln thanks Effile Ker’Vulnir for her service and wishes her all the best with her herpetology studies and future endeavours. In these trying times, however, the Silver State – more than ever – needs a representative of economy, resources and trade.


Elheial’thilln will continue with election, welcoming forth the Republic’s traditional rites to vote and self-nomination.


To be the Okarir’nor is to serve as treasurer of the state, chief architect of the city, chair of agriculture, and chair of both interior and international trade. The Okarir’nor is granted administration of resources, economy and industry.


Nominations are to be performed as per protocol. They will be delivered to the blessed Maheral or Maelunir to be entered as an electable candidate. For a nomination to be valid, the candidate will present a short speech, demonstrating how they fulfil the prerequisites to serve, along with declarations of appropriate experience.


Transcripts and takeaways of the position challenges are included beneath for perusal:









- Sillumir and Divkinael 

- Empirical Experiences and Observation of Successful Trade

- Rehaul and Modernisation of Silver State Economy

- Monetary Policies: Establishing a Central Bank and Currency

- Economical Policies: Scrutiny and Adaptation of Current Taxation Systems

- Regulatory Commissions for Banks and Businesses


I, Zelios of the Sillumiran, gladly accept nomination for the benefit of elcihi. I may be relatively new to the city as I had only but recently returned from the valah lands, but I believe I have the education necessary for the position of Okarir’nor.


For those unfamiliar with who I am, I ask you to refer to my service with the Sillumiran. My competency regarding logistics can be displayed in my early promotion to tahorren. Through proven tangibles such as amount of people processed at the gate or the quality in which reports are issued, I have displayed my ability to dedicate myself to a line of work and truly make a difference in its efficiency. By any metric, I have successfully done my job well as Sillumiran.


With the incoming changes to the state of the world, it is apparently obvious to any empirical eye that our economy can no longer stay with the old ways. Our perfection, our purity is at stake where we will not be able to equip ourselves for the coming future. We rely on an antiquated system used by the diarchy, which is a complete relic of the past in the context of our new republic. It is my goal then to modernize such system through three broad strokes. As Okarir’nor I will be attempting to reform our monetary policy, fiscal policy, and regulations regarding the economy. I will now go on to briefly explain what these three broad strokes mean.


To successfully create long lasting monetary policy, I propose the creation of a central bank that will implement a country for Haelun’or.  The currency will take the majority of our work as monetary policy will require constant acquisition of data and the appropriate reaction to the data based on our analysis.


Our economy has slowed, and we had not done much in terms of fiscal policy to alleviate our population. Fiscal actions regarding taxes will be needing heavy scrutinization in the future years to come.


Lastly, regulations will be needed regarding private banks. As of now, we have none and perhaps that will remain so for a few more elven weeks. Yet, I have sneaking suspicion as the years go on, we might suddenly have the need for such things. I believe we need to set up a regulatory commission for banks and businesses should be heavily considered in the following years.


That is a brief overview of my plan, but if there are any who have questions, do not hesitate to ask me.











- Manual Labourer and Former Illumiran, Elemyumiran, Sillumir, Tilruir’mali and Okarir’mali

- Implementer of the Maehr’sae Fund

- No Policies Stated


It is within the mind of every pure ‘Aheral to stand up when the Motherland calls you.


Served under four already, Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar, Malaurir Iaria Elervathar, Malaurir Azorella Elibar’acal & Malaurir Acaele Lazul. Serving the most pure amongst our kin, to help them better the already competent land. 


Farmer, Inn-worker, illumiran, elemyumiran, Secretary of Sillumiran, sillumir, tilruir’tayna, tilruir’mali & Okarir’mali. 

I have served the Blessed Bastion for over two centuries in many positions, and it is but just, for a Puritan as myself to take the seat of Okarir’nor. 


I was chosen by Malaurir Azorella when they served as Okarir’mali and it was She who appointed me as Her successor, as Okarir’mali. Amongst many competent Mali, I was chosen. Thus, it is imperative that a puritan such as myself takes the seat of Okarir’nor. 


Henceforth, I, Nuala Uradir, offer the citizenry my nomination for the seat of Okarir’nor. 

Those who fail to see my competence, I urge you to consider how long I have served the state. I will never reach the same as Malaurir Azorella, but I am a happy second. 

It was I who created the Common Maehr’sae Fund, resulting in our trade relations blooming, it was I who offered jobs to many ‘Thilln and it was I, together with my team, who created the Merchant system we even use today. 


My loyalty is to the Motherland and thus, you should allocate your votes to Nuala Uradir. 




If you are interested in nominating yourself or another person for the position of Okarir’nor, you are asked to apply at any point through the next two Elven days. Late entries will not be considered. 





[Apply with a speech and optional render of your persona using Novaskin or any other preferred program. Responses to the post close in 48 hours: 29th October, 9PM EST.]


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“It’s time for me take my place once again”





[!] Fine ivory parchment embellished with inky floral design would be distributed and displayed around the Elcihil’thilln for the Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State to view at their leisure with the following written:


“Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or, it has come to my attention that a vacancy upon the Silver Council has come to be. It would be my honor and absolute pleasure if the empty seat of Okarir’nor would be filled by none other than myself. Haelun’or is an ever thriving society, many changes are still to be made and I would be blessed to aid in the endeavor of enriching the already prosperous Silver State to further glory. 


 As your Okarir’nor I would not only insure the safety of Haelun’or’s wealth but too the assurance of its prosperity. As many of you know, my mal’onn, Nelgauth Maehr’tehral, formerly upheld the position of Sohaer. I wish to continue the legacy of the Maehr’tehral and ensure that our name may continue gloriously into the annals of time.


My multitude of centuries within this Silver jewel have allowed me to observe and help nurture the city I was so blessed to be raised and born in. My prior knowledge of how to properly obtain materials as well finances is vast due to my prior position on the Silver Council. 


My ideas are wide and concrete. Beginning with connecting trade to other nations in order to not only improve our relations but also improve funding and economic growth for our own kin. It would greatly benefit Haelun’or and her wonderful citizens to be able to connect with other cities and improve and spread our culture to other races.


 Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya



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Dear Ayliana Maehr’tehral, 


There are a few things I would wish to offer my thoughts to, 


I personally do not believe the main concern of the Guardian of Land should focus on the physical wealth of the nation, we are not lessers and we have ridden ourselves of such terminology as paying. 


Nelgauth Maehr’tehral is an old friend of mine and my respect towards this prosperous Mali is never ending, however it seems your nomination is built around the achievements of the great Sohaer. It would be great to hear more of your accomplishments!  

We are all able to pick up tools and obtain physical materials, however not everyone is meant to be leaders. 


When it comes to spreading Maehr’sae Hiyulun’ehya to other cities, 

Lesser races can never fully follow the teachings of Larihei, simply because they can never reach the heights our kin lives in. 

It seems your priorities also remain on us connecting with lesser nations and less on working on the internal matters of our Bastion. 

While I agree with the sentiment to some degree, I ne believe we should tie ourselves too tight with the lessers. 

It is important to be in good relations however we are Mali’thill, it is of vast importance we do not involve ourselves too much on lesser politics. 


As I mentioned above, we have ridden ourselves of such lesser needs as money. While it is needed in order to function alongside lessers, we should not make it a priority. Paying is for lessers, not for Mali’thill. 

Anyhow, I offer you my gratitude for stepping up for your nation in need and I personally am honored to have the possibility of running against a competent Mali’thill such as yourself.
I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming elections!



Ay’Maheral Ikur




Nuala Telperion, a citizen





[!] A missive was pinned in response to the Maehr’tehral onto the Haelun’or notice board. 


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Dear Miss Maehr’tehral,

More competition only creates a better result for that of Elcihi. Welcome then dear opponent to the contest for Okarir’nor.  After all, it is the right of Mali‘Thill to voice their opinions.

However, your “wide and concrete” plans are nothing, but narrow and superficial. It goes without saying improving foreign relations and trade will benefit Haelun’or. Now shall we get on with the real ideas? Besides stating the obvious and wasting our time, where are your real plans to allow for growth? I see nothing, but vague promises that will lead to the same result as if our absent Okarir’nor. I stated my positions, perhaps you should state yours too?

You claim to know our people, but you are as absent as the current Okarir’nor, please do explain to me and the rest of the population how you are able to understand the PRESENT situation. Need I remind you the resignation of the previous Okarir’nor was purely due to her absence from work and public life. You are admittedly a longer resident of the city than I, but we are not in the days of the Diarchy or the Revolution. The situation has changed, so perhaps you should take your time to speak to the returning ‘Thill, understand the state of the New Republic, or recognize the slow economy as of late before attempting to make the claim of your knowledge about the matter.

Let us touch base upon your qualifications. Using your family blood as the largest selling point is unbefitting of a ‘Thill when you compete among fellow ‘Thill. You are once again vague as you have NOTHING to speak of besides the accomplishments of your Talonii. Shall we focus on your prior experience where you have stated you have earned no position? As for myself? I returned to the Silver Bastion’s gates 4 tarem or Elven weeks ago. I became a Tahorren of the Sillumiran when I was nominated. I now stand as a Divkinael of the Sillumiran. I have brought in many ‘Thill into our walls and given them purpose. What have you done for Elcihi?


Divkinael Zelios Elibar’acal

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