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[Further Alchemy] Alchemical Terrors 2.0

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Alchemical Terrors


‘The art of Creation’

Terror Explanation

- Lesser Terrors require no CA, and are played by the Terror FA holder, their Creator.

- Greater Terrors require a CA

- Terrors may not learn any magic

- Terrors may not become a transformable race

- Terrors can not learn Alchemy, due to their mindset

- Terrors may not learn any Feat

-Must have a TA to teach another this FA




Core - Slimy, ball-shaped, living thing that forms and sustains all forms of Terrors, is found at their center.


Lesser Terror - Non CA Pets with various, monster-like aesthetics.


Greater Terror - Sentient CA Race, created in a Test-tube like Lesser Terrors, but far more intelligent and useful.


Terror Tool - Simple things formed far faster than an Greater Terror or a Lesser Terror, these can be ‘hatched’ open to take host of/make various things.






Third Diary entry, present day, A new beginning:


I remained behind, as the last shoveling of dirt fell and the caretaker left me to my thoughts. It was not the kind of funeral I so envisioned to be my first, shouldn't Father have deserved more? I thought so, but it wasn't worth the strain, he was already gone the moment I came back, a shell of his former self. I did not think I would've returned here after all these years, of all places. 


There's no grief, no sorrow, yet I feel unanswered, this bone gnawing thought persisted as I tightly grasped his black leather-bound journal, the only possession he decided to leave me, containing the discovery that drove him insane. Through his insanity a moment of clarity and remembrance perhaps? did he not forget about me then?


The decaying manor will be demolished, the hamlet was already abandoned. These poor people.



Penned were the Second-born’s last words later that day, and he shut the agenda, taking his leave to the carriage outside one of the abodes of the abandoned village, silenced and lifeless by now. The caretaker had been readying the horses to depart through the night, hooves pounding the dirt as the cart cut through the seeping mist of the placid mountain forest. They had left the barony for good.




Second Diary entry, the past, Madness:


As I imagined, the news had already reached weeks prior, and took a good toll on Father, his favorite child withered and I was left. I did not expect him to rejoice at my sight, after returning from the battlefield. I knew I was to take the blame.


The place I called home felt so unwelcoming by now, I could not stand another moment there and took my leave with the little fortune I collected. I doubt I'd be missed.


The few remaining servants hastily loaded the cart as the Second-born prepared to leave the manor behind, to not return for many years. Uncertainty whispered throughout the household as the Baron had locked themselves in the most inner chambers of the mansion, buried deep in the intricate workings of tunnels and rooms where he began his descent into madness.





Blurred was his vision as the strong, mind twisting smell of sulfur intoxicated the air of the torch-lit laboratory. The echoing bubbling from the various concoctions and alchemical distillators producing an irking rhythm which the Baron had picked up on, erratically moving, scrawling his formulas onto recycled parchments and tomes. It all had to be perfect, just like what was taken away from him. Countless were the glass tubes shattered throughout the weeks of work, it all made sense to his mind. A solution so close, yet so far to reach. Then it happened. Only silence persisted in the laboratory at the dawn of the final day of growth, and the Baron stuck their hands onto the first success, his vision, the peak of his work, the so wanted First-Born he lost. A mangled mesh of stringy flesh and muscles birthed from the tube, blind and reeling on their feet the horrific creature raised in awe, the new, strange feeling of life, air filled their lungs and jaw unhinged open. The moment's peace seemed everlasting, quiet and placid, at the rhythmic breathless groans of the beast. Suddenly a twitch, and it broke, lashing onto the Baron. Screeches, calls of help echoed in the manor, chaos following behind, walls painting red, creature fleeing in the woods. And all life had been drained.





First Diary entry, prelude, The catalyst:


For five lasting years war had been sweeping across the land. Me and Brother being of noble birth were enrolled and sent off, away from our household. And I now return home, but alone.


The seat in front of me only held my brother’s belongings, the first-born, prime son of the Baron, died to honour our homeland. Now bound to always cast a shadow onto me. I’ve grown used to it by now, but Father’s words cut deep, even if I do not intend to show it.


I fear his reaction as I write, I knew the news would spread quickly, but in a way, I'm quite thankful I do not have to deliver it myself.




The carriage drove through the battered road, as the rays of the morning sun cut between the sky-reaching pines. The manor towering on the last hill, slowly inched closer.




Recipes and Formulas


Incubation liquid Catalyst Recipe

Base of:

Liquid mana base.

6 measures in the Lesser Terror recipe

12 measures in the Greater Terror recipe + 4 additions during the growth process.

Symbols of:

These 4 must all be extracted and mixed into the Liquid Mana base to form the Catalyst. 






Step-By-Step Process:

-Fill Cauldron with Liquid Mana

-Boil Liquid Mana for 5 narrative minutes to purify it.

-Grind Reagents possessing symbols into fine powder

-Complete extraction processes.

-Pour powders into Cauldron containing Liquid Mana

-Wait 5 Narrative Minutes

-The Catalyst is formed - A Bright Blue Crystal to be submerged in the Test Tube, which will in turn dissolve with the water and fill it with Liquid Mana.


Terrors formula

Base creation:

Depending on the type of blood the creature will hold different traits.

Descendant blood

Human blood

Elf blood

Dwarf blood

Orc blood

Animal blood

Feline blood: Any type of cat-like creature

Canine blood: Any type of dog-like creature (Including wolves etc...)

Avine blood: Any type of bird

Lacertine blood:  Any type of lizard-like creature (Including snakes etc...)

At least 2 types of blood must be mixed together, Lesser terrors might have both animal and descendant blood, Greater terrors may only have descendant blood.


Lesser Terror recipe

Base of:

Chosen blood mixture

Symbols of:

x2 Life

x1 Strength

x2 Vigour

x1 Sound

Additional Ingredients:

A cup of powdered bone marrow. 


Step by step process:

-Fill Pot (or heatable container) with blood. (450 ml of blood).

-Boil blood to purify it.

-Grind Bone Marrow into fine powder

-Grind Reagents possessing symbols into fine powder

-Empty Purified Blood into Jar

-Pour powders into Jar

-Wait 5 Narrative Minutes

-The is formed-The Core has absorbed all ingredients, completely emptying what was once in the Jar and now exists in the Jar, and it’s solid yet slimy state.


Greater Terror recipe

Base of:

Chosen blood mixture

Symbols of:

x4 Life

 x2 Strength

x2 Vigour

x3 Connection

x1 Rage

x2 Sound

Additional Ingredients:

Two cups of powdered bone marrow. 


Step by step process:

-Fill Pot (or heatable container) with blood. (450 ml of blood).

-Boil blood to purify it.

-Grind Bone Marrow into fine powder

-Grind Reagents possessing symbols into fine powder

-Empty Purified Blood into Jar

-Pour powders into Jar

-Wait 5 Narrative Minutes

-The Core is formed-The Core has absorbed all ingredients, completely emptying what was once in the Jar and now exists in the Jar, and it’s solid yet slimy state.


Terror Tool recipe

Base of:

Blood (Any Descendant/Creature)

Symbols of:

x2 Life

x1 Rage

x2 Blindness

x2 Sound


Additional Ingredients:

Three cups of powdered bone marrow. 


Step by step process:

Fill Pot (or heatable container) with blood. (450 ml of blood).

Boil blood to purify it.

Grind Bone Marrow into fine powder

Grind Reagents possessing symbols into fine powder

Empty Purified Blood into Jar

Pour powders into Jar

Wait 10 Narrative Minutes

The Terror Tool is formed, using Bone Marrow as its shell and promptly breaking the jar. It may now be commanded.


Process of Growth 

The Core needs to be created with a base of blood and various reagents, this will grow to form the two types of Terrors the blood determines which type of creature it'll be.

Animal blood and descendant blood for Lesser Terrors

Strictly descendant blood for Greater Terrors

The creature grows inside the tube, gaining mutations as the process goes on.


Terror Core

The Transformation is initiated through the creation of a Core, a small, living orb-shaped creature, incapable of any form of communication, movement or interaction without the aid of the Alchemist. At its first stage, it is practically inanimate, and may only be used for the initiating of the Creation of either of the two Terrors.

The way the Terror is formed is through the symbols listed for the creation of the Lesser and Greater Terror, and if not used in the OOC day of its creation, will die, unless preserved in a flask of Blood, containing 300ml, which will slowly be drained over the next 3 OOC days. The Core will only survive for 6 OOC days at Maximum, should the Flask be refilled enough to allow such.

Should the Core be placed in the appropriate test-tube before it dies, the growth Period will begin.


Preparation of the Test Tube


The tube needs to be prepared and kept sealed, roughly filled with a first base of boiled water.


200L of boiled water for Lessor Terrors
500L of boiled water for Greater Terrors


Once ready, the incubation catalyst needs to be added to the base, this will prepare the tube for the growth of the Terror. The liquid inside will expand and fill the glass container completely.


Lesser Terrors (Non-CA/Companion Creature)


‘Pitiful creatures. Born to die’



Once the Core has been made and placed in the Test tube, which should, at minimum be 2’0 tall, and at maximum 3’5 tall, the growth process begins. 


-During the first OOC day of the Lesser Terror’s growth a thin layer of tangled, hardened flesh will grow over it, should the required Liquid Mana be in the Tube, and the Terror be made properly, flakes of skin will orbit around it care, gradually joining up with the already hardened flesh to begin composing the husk of the Lesser Terror. At this stage small stubs for arms and legs will appear (or the beginnings of whatever thing makes up the arms and legs), though it lacks any face.


-During the second OOC day of the Lesser Terror’s growth it will slowly develop a loose, hanging face, lacking any proper facial features or additions, though outlines of anything to cover it (such as tendrils), would gradually appear. At this stage the terror will have depleted the essence of the initial symbol used up to create the incubation liquid and ¼ of the liquid mana used in the creation. The Terror requires 3 more measures of Liquid Mana for it to grow. This will not result in a Botched Creation, it will simply delay the ‘third’ OOC day until it has been supplied with Liquid Mana.


-During the Third OOC day  after ‘day’ two a (Water) Life symbol powder must be added, else it will not grow until the Symbol is added. Once it is added, on this day the arms and legs will have fully formed, its Core hidden and protected entirely, and its facial features will have almost formed. The Vessel begins loosely taking the hue and parts of the Thing or Person the blood was gained from for the creation of the Terror (not blood used to preserve the Terror).

During the Fourth OOC day the whole Lesser Terror has been formed, and it will attempt to break out as fast as possible, dying should it not be able to. Should it break out and survive, then all of the Liquid Mana left in the Tube will be lost (about 8 measures at this stage).




From the moment the Lesser Terror is formed it is afraid, writhing around in its Tube as it attempts to break free and avoid Death. The Lesser Terror, though it knows no other environment than the one it is ‘birthed’ in, will immediately start to act Hostile, as it sees the Test Tube as an attempt at its life, and will seek comfort in the first Individual it sees.


A Lesser Terror feels an instinctual bond with the first Person it sees, (doesn’t have to be the Creator) this being one of the only Individuals-if not the only-that it will almost no show signs of aggression towards, it is through this that the Lessor Terror may take vague, easy orders, such as ‘Sit’, or ‘Stay’, however, like many pets, they must be trained to do such. Their brain is horribly mutated and as such are unable to take orders longer than one word, nor can they do anything requiring more than one action, they will not take Orders from anyone else.


A Lesser Terror, despite its willingness to act aggressive around almost anyone else, will not act on this without command, and will instead cower and hide upon facing Conflict (unless ordered otherwise).


However, despite how helpful Lesser Terrors can be for the Owner, they can also carry a potent downside, something the Owner often is unaware of. Lesser Terrors are much like Vermin in that they are, in some ways, carriers of Disease, Mental disease.

The more time an Owner spends around their Lesser Terrors, the more likely such will happen, for each moment they’re with the Terrors, they may be affected further as their mind develops towards handling the existence and nature of this amalgamation.

Lesser Terrors have a chance to change and afflict the Mind of their Owner (up to the player OOCly) unknowingly, afflicting them with Mental Problems such as:



Becoming Delusional


The extent to these varies (up to the Player), and some Owner’s may not be affected by them whatsoever.

(If you dont think you can Roleplay any of these accurately and in a Tasteful manner, dont. They are not enforced, required, or particularly encouraged in any way, this serves as optional flavour)


Physical Description


Though it’s hard to give an accurate blanket description of a Lesser Terror, due to all the variables and the OOC choice of the Player making them, some general guidelines and observations can be made of many.


All Lessor Terrors will seem deformed, like a crude mix between Descendant and Animal, standing at a maximum of 3ft of height with a minimum of 1’5ft of height, possessing some odd colour, not of the animal or the Descendant, they may seem somewhat impish should Descendant blood dominate the Terror’s formula.

At the core of them, in their stomach is the Core, a slimy Orb of various different colours. Should any part of them be cut enough a wound will open up to reveal a tangled web of white, thick, root-like strings surrounding it, this may easily be slashed through as one would a cobweb. The Core is barely held together, and easily taken advantage of, should a sharp weapon, or a force aim to kill a Lesser Terror, one of the most efficient ways is to get to the Core and pull apart as one would slime, this will promptly kill the Lesser Terror. Simply jamming something into the Core won't kill it, for it will reform around it, but cutting it in half will, albeit slowly.




(Credit to Vitalian)


A Lesser Terror is still susceptible to pain through normal means, and are easily killed in comparison to normal animals/descendants due to their formation. Upon being cut a Lesser Terror will not ‘bleed’ as one normally would, rather ooze a substance much like the Core, and is capable of bleeding out should they be cut enough, or not have their injury be treated, however, much like many living things, this will gradually heal should the Injury be minor enough. A Lesser Terror has trouble seeing due to inevitable mutations during their growth, limiting their eyesight greatly to the point of blurring. A Lesser Terror sees in vague blobs of colour, but can distinguish these, and uses their great sense of smell, gifted to them by the animal blood used in the Core, to track and stay with their Master (The Person they first see).


A Lesser Terror is likely to have extra parts, relating to the animal and descendant blood, poking out of or awkwardly slotted into unfit places for such a thing, such as a Pig’s snout grown into the side of their stomach, or an extra hoof growing out of one of their legs. This will not give any combative advantage, should the Player attempt to use it for such.

Equally, a Lesser Terror may have extra, non-functional eyes, or living and moving ‘tendrils’ about their form, tangled amongst their proper skin, so long as it is purely aesthetic.


The Skin of a Lesser Terror is incredibly soft, and such does not allow them for good combat abilities,, for they will find their force clashing back at them.

A Lesser Terror ordered to attack will do so, but to little success, slowly caving themselves in in the process, their mushy skin cutting and bruising as they slowly beat themselves into unconsciousness, these attacks would feel as if the targeted Individual were being hit by flimsy rubber relatively slowly.

None of these attacks would do anything actively hindering the Individual, and would at most cause light bruising. The attacked Individual will not be knocked over by this attack.



-No Mutations or Aesthetics will allow further combative advantage

-They may not avoid damage in combat by Aesthetics

-Will always look and act deformed




Lesser Terrors, due to their relatively small body and simple minds, require far less maintenance than Greater Terrors, and so their lifespan is unknown, whilst Lesser Terrors are capable to live for about 300 years, many lesser Terrors are naturally filtered out, killing themself off due to their deformed, illogical nature, something greatly limiting their Life span as many are found to kill themself off unintentionally.

Sidenote: It is up to the Individual who is the Master of the Lesser Terror to roleplay it tastefully and correctly, this does not require a CA to play, however screenshots must be taken of the RP gathering and using everything for the Creation of the Terror and the growth of the Lesser Terror.


Botching the Creation


-Should the Test Tube lack the appropriate amount of measures of Liquid Mana the Core will drain what’s there, however will be unable to form a face, and subsequently die.

-Should the Core not be made of the right symbols and reagents it will be unable to grow anything, and promptly dissolve upon meeting any form of liquid.

-Should Life be added too early the Core will attempt to animate what is already formed, and will cease growing, resulting in a Lesser Terror with an exposed Core and no way of sight, hearing or making any form of noise. It will die on the 3rd day if not removed, it will be unable to break out on its own.


Lesser Terror Redlines


-A Tier 1 Individual, learning this FA will only be able to have 1 Lessor Terrors at once. A Tier 2 Individual may only have 2. A Tier 3 Individual may only have 3

-Only 3 Lesser Terrors can exist per T3 Alchemist at once.

-May only have 2 Lesser Terrors following, no more than one may attack at once.

-May not use Lesser Terrors for theft or ‘spying’ (metagaming).

-Lesser Terrors are unable to cause harm enough, they may serve as an obstruction, however.

-Must be taught how to do commands, they will not sit on the first time their Creator says ‘sit’.


Greater Terrors (CA Race)

‘Through trial and error I have become GOD himself; I have taken advantage of the elements and used it to my will, and with this, I have made life’



 Once the Terror has been made and placed in the Test tube, which should, at minimum be 4’0 tall, and at maximum 8’0 tall, the growth process begins. 


-During the first OOC day of the Terror’s growth a thin layer of tangled, hardened flesh will grow over it, should the required Liquid Mana be in the Tube, and the Terror be made properly, skin will immediately start to join up with it, slowly forming the Torso.


-During the second OOC day of the Terror’s growth their size increases considerably of about 5 inches, loosely developing small protrusions resembling their future limbs, still quite far from resembling any type of descendant. At this stage the terror will have already depleted plenty of the mana and essence of the sign used in the creation, 1 Measure of Liquid Mana will need to be added to the Test Tube, along with a Powder(s) possessing 1 Water, Air, Earth and Fire symbol. 


-Between the Third and Fourth OOC day the Core will increase in size even more, white, fleshy tendrils start to anchor onto the surface of the tube, which also envelope the Core itself, the slimy torso of the Greater Terror will start growing, their limbs extending from their figure, the initial speed at which they started growing slows down.


-During the 5th OOC day, 2 (Water) Life and 3 (Air) Swiftness symbols turned into powder must be added to the tube, else the procedure is botched (read below for the Scenario of a botched Creation). The Terror starts gaining solidity, growing bones and developing muscles, at this stage they start showing descendant features depending on the types of blood used, resembling a developing child-like creature amalgamation of the two different races, the tendrils like roots start taking over the glass surface of the tube, ceasing growth for now, now fully formed around the Core as a protective membrane.


-During the 6th OOC day the Terror will hunch over as their spinal cord fully develops, limbs coming to 3/4ths of their final length. The Terror's head grows to a more final stage of growth, the lack of eyes, and any additions to the face become present in this stage. At this stage the terror will deplete plenty of the mana used in the creation, a measure of liquid mana must be added to the tube, else the procedure is botched (read below for the scenario of a botched creation).


-Between the 7th and 8th OOC day the Greater Terror may develop further mutations during this stage, inhibiting its form and capabilities, it has almost solidified, and nothing else is required to be done. Equally, any unfinished parts will finish and solidify, any lack of body parts (such as a lack of jaw) will become noticeable, and all facial features will have finalised, it is clear that the Greater Terror is almost formed.

(Mutations are decided by the player OOCly, though should they botch the procedure at any point, a negative Mutation must occur. This is listed in the ‘Botching’ section).


-During the 9th OOC day the Greater Terror  will begin to make sound, in the forms of snarls, groans, cries, it becomes clear that Life has formed within the Tube, their height has completely set in, as has their mass as all of their body parts solidified. During this stage, the tendrils latched onto the inside of the Tube will gradually retract and decay, becoming mushy and weak, causing them to dissolve amongst the Liquid Mana.


-During the 10th OOC day the Terror becomes conscious, taking its final form, a fleshy amalgamation of the two different races used in the production of the Initial Terror, their movements start becoming more erratic and violent as they begin to feel, the fleshy membrane becomes transparent and thinner while still enveloping the Terror. Any time/day after the beginning of the 10th OOC day the Greater Terror may break out and be playable, until the CA for it is accepted.



-A Tier 1 holder of this FA may not make a Greater Terror. A Tier 2 FA holder of Alchemical Terrors may only make 1 a Month, and may only have 2 Greater Terrors existing at once.

-May only make 1 Greater Terror a month.

-May only have two Greater Terrors existing at once. (At T3)






The Behaviour of an Greater Terror is immediately violent upon their growth completion and their awakening, and they will attempt to break out of the Test Tube, drowning in it should they be unable to escape. 

On the OOC day of their completed growth (CA acceptance) they will seem and act recklessly, unable to utilise Hidden Sight to any extent for this day. Despite their initial consolation in their Creator, they may occasionally lash out towards them as a coping mechanism, unable to understand the situation. At this point in their life, they have very little personality, and they struggle fitting together words, attempting to do so resulting in a mangled mash of various words, none of them coherent.

A Greater Terror does not build their Personality off of experience exactly, rather how they see the reactions towards their general existence, like a Child seeking attention, any reaction towards them is considered a good reaction, and they may begin to relish in such behaviour.

The minds of Greater Terrors are naturally stunted, and so deal with a multitude of mental disorders during their creation and after their completed growth, such as:

Bipolar Disorder


Great Paranoia


Borderline Personality Disorder


(Note: These are not required for a GT to have, and you should not attempt to roleplay a Disorder should you not be able to do it tastefully and accurately.)


Greater Terrors innately have the mindset of a Child as they start, and as they develop further, a Teenager, but a mental block keeps them from breaking past this point. Whilst a GT may, and often will long for independence, they will always cling to their Creator like a Child would their Parent, whilst they do not have to follow Orders, they often will. Regardless of disagreements and quarrels that may occur, the Greater Terror will likely forgive their Creator over time, which may result in further mental issues for the Terror. Terrors are, and always will be, prone to Tantrums at the slightest inconveniences, at the slightest threats and disturbances and will lash out as much as possible, in the best way they know, whether it be through physical violence, verbal harassment or outlandish behaviour as a method of coping.


Greater Terrors have no romantic or sexual attraction, equally, they lack any form of reproductive organs, and, due to their relatively simple mindset, will sort People into ‘categories’ for their relationship, the most prioritised one being Creator.


Physical Description

‘The most vile of kin. A broken mirror of the Descendant world’



A Greater Terror possesses no other organs aside from their lungs and Core, during the process of their growth it also develops an unpreventable and irreversible mutation, in which their skin grows over their eyes, they simply lack eye-holes or droopy bits of flesh end up growing into their eyes and gouging them out (creative freedom is allowed and encouraged to have purely aesthetic ways of making sure they’re 100% blind. Upon their completed growth they will be completely blind, and unable to see forever, this is somewhat balanced with their greatly increased hearing which they use to get around instead, optionally, extra parts may grow from their eye-holes, as shown in the picture above, whether it be odd, dangling horns, coral-like slimy pieces of skin, or anything in between, it may not have any combative advantage or anything outside of being an Aesthetic.

A Great Terror’s skin appears naturally mushy and its colour may be anything between white, a pasty grey or a murky silver.  Their skin will always be incredibly easy to cut and injure. 




Greater Terrors do not bleed as Descendants do, they are composed and kept living by their Core, so that when a Terror is cut, they will begin to bleed a substance looking much like their core, a disgusting blend between red and white, carrying silver slivers in it.

A Greater Terror’s blood flows at a much lower rate than usual, proving that bleeding them out is an ineffective way to kill them quickly, their bleeding speed is pretty much halved from a normal descendant, however causing a great deal of lacerations, punctures or dismemberment of limbs will kill the Terror should they still be living.


Basic needs and Healing


A Greater Terror is unaffected by healing Herbs due to their strange nature, nor can they be numbed. Equally, they have no requirement to eat or drink, as all possible digestive tracts fail to form and become mangled in the process, this is no hindrance to the GT for they are sustained by their Core, they are still required to breathe, however.




The height of a Greater Terror is not completely decided by the blood of the two races its Terror was made from, but it plays a part in it, should Elf blood be used for example, mixed with Orc blood it could very easily reach around the 8’0 height mark, should the player OOCly choose to, or if Halfling blood is mixed with Dwarf blood it could easily reach the 4’0 mark, (these are the minimum and maximum heights of the GT’s). Though part of it is up to the Individual playing the Greater Terror OOCly it must make sense for the average heights of the two races, though it can stretch a bit above or below what it may reasonably be.


Physical capabilities


Greater Terrors are unable to become particularly strong, they match the strength of the average Child, in fact, their skin too weak, and their form too limited to be able to process energy, food and proper, for the most part this doesn't change, though a Greater Terror may try their best, all this will aid is their stamina.

Greater Terrors are unable to be deafened, gaining their ability to hear from the Core, meaning to be deafened, would be to die. However, any particularly loud noises would disrupt their ‘Hidden Sight’, and render them practically blind for 1-2 emotes after the noise (simple Shouts would not cause this).

Greater Terror’s simply lack a solid brain, at least in the way Descendants do, instead their nerves are formed in clumps all around their body, creating a network of many smaller houses of thought, this does mean however, that any damage sustained by the Terror can cause permanent or temporary memory loss (up to the Player OOCly, though any stabs through the body of a Terror should cause some amount of memory damage).



A Greater Terror may still be killed through normal means as well, though this won’t permanently rid of them. A shot, swing or blunt hit to the head will not cause them to faint or die on the spot as they simply lack a solid brain, instead their nerves are formed in clumps all around their body, creating a network of many smaller houses of thought, this does mean however, that any damage sustained by the Terror can cause permanent or temporary memory loss. A Greater Terror still needs to breathe and can be killed through suffocation or damage to the lungs, though they have no need to eat nor drink, therefore can’t be harmed by any type of poison which has to be ingested. Their blood also is not like the other descendants, poison which affects blood and needs to be injected causes no harm to the Greater Terror. 


Upon the death of a Greater, should their Core not be broken, they will retract into an egg 5 emotes after ‘death’, similarly to the Ungrowth ability, and be rendered vulnerable, going into a hibernation state. This egg may be broken, the Core seeking as much preservation as possible and hardening it greater than ‘Ungrowth’, however, requiring 5 blunt hits to break open, and kill the Terror and Core inside. Alternatively, it may be taken, and the Greater Terror will grow back 24 OOC hours after its ‘death’, should the Core not have died. Should it be confined and the Greater Terror not have enough room to regrow, it will simply not. If the Core is able to gently roll its way out of the limited space, it will then grow over the course of 5 emotes, however should there be no escape it will simply be trapped in its shell form until there is enough space, rendering the Greater Terror unplayable.


A way to surely kill a Terror, enforcing a PK, is to destroy its Core, which is far easier during its ‘hibernation’ in which the Terror’s body has entirely retreated, due to the fact that upon the shell having completely broken, the Core will fall apart. A GT’s Core, when the Terror is alive (and not in a Shell) is destroyed through dismantling, as one would pull apart slime, and this must be held apart for 2 emotes, before rendering the Greater Terror dead and permanently gone. Sticking something through the Core will not suffice, nor will a simple swing as it will swiftly reform into its original shape, rather the Core must be grabbed and held apart by an Individual.


Over time, though there is little, if  any aesthetic change as they age, they are capable of dying to ‘old age’, their Lifespan set at around 150. Once they start nearing this age, about 140, should they live this long, their Core, should anyone see it, would begin to shrink and tremble, and the Greater Terror would gradually become frail. Around the age of 150 their Core would no longer be able to support this Husk, or repair it any further, causing it and the Greater Terror to die.



-Should the Terror shell not be picked up upon their hibernation state then they will roll away and retreat to a safe spot to reform. ((This being the CT, where all normal death rules apply))

-Should the GT be killed through PVP and be made /d40 without the needed RP to destroy the Terror then the remains of the corpse will roll away from the battlefield.

-A GT can still be knocked unconscious through suffocation or brute force, though a shot through the head will cause a simple wound as if it were a shot to anywhere else. Falling unconscious will not cause a GT to retreat into their Core.

-Beheading a GT will kill them on the spot since they won’t be able to breathe anymore, this will not be a forced PK, and they will still go through the process of becoming a shell.

-Equally, bleeding out is a viable method of ‘death’, the removal of all four functional limbs can also induce the Terror to retract into its core as it recognises something is wrong, and is likely about to or already has bled out.


Optional Aesthetics:


Often the Greater Terror will find that various limbs and small stumps of what could have been body parts will develop on their figure during the Growth process, such as a small stump growing on the side of their arm, or a second pair of fingers in their hands palm, these will always be completely useless however, and add no benefit, nor will the Greater Terror be able to utilise them. Should the Player wish they may make these give the Greater Terror disabilities, however, such as a limp arm growing in their mouth, rendering them incapable of speech, a complete lack of jaw, or a sharp (purely aesthetically) second set of teeth growing through their gums, pinning their tongue to the floor of their mouth.


Various things may grow over or into the Greater Terror so long as they provide no use aside from aesthetics, though they may not actively seem alive, and they must only exist in one area of the GT.



-The things under Necessary must exist in some form, though some of them have Aesthetic freedom

-Optional Aesthetics are exclusively for appearances/aesthetics.

-These Aesthetics, once the CA is played are unable to be removed, should they be chopped off they will be replaced once Ungrowth is used, all other non-aesthetic things are Permanent.

-Death rules still apply, a GT which commits suicide will have to PK as its Core no longer wills itself to heal the wounds, the Core, due to the trauma will be unable to remember anything leading up to the ‘death’ scenario, or that they died. All Death Rules apply to a Terror as they would anyone else.




|Hidden Sight| [Innate/Passive] [Combative]|

Casting time: N/A




Greater Terrors are mutated to the point that they are unable to see, that their own skin has wrapped around and rid them of their eyes. As such, they are developed to rely purely on their hearing for a form of ‘sight’, as they passively learn, from birth, to map out their Surroundings, and the People there with the sounds produced, this stretches to otherworldly extents.




At the first OOC week of their Creation they may be fumbling around, or needing guidance as they slowly develop this enhanced skill. After the first OOC week they’ll slowly be able to get around easier, learning to produce sounds of their own to get an idea of their location, and then, after the third OOC week of their creation, the sounds of others to tell where they are and what is around them. This works in a 20 block Radius, any sound outside of that they can hear they will simply know its direction. By the end of the month of their Creation they will be able to walk around and tell where people and things are as easily as any other Person would, and easily locate things making sounds far greater than the average person. However, this also works against them, due to their phenomenal hearing, anything louder than a shout will render them blind and unable to process their surroundings for 1-2 emotes (depending on how loud the sound is) after the Sound ends.




-Anything that can be heard in #s but not in #Rp will be unable to be tracked, though the Greater Terror can detect the direction of the sound.

-This is exclusive to Greater Terrors

-Sounds louder than a shout can cause 1-2 emotes in which this Ability will not work.


|Ungrowth|  [Non-Combative]|

Casting time: 5 Cast




The Greater Terror, as a method of self-preservation, retracts each part of its body into its Core, using part of its skin as an Outer Shell to protect the Core, during this time the Greater Terror is passively healing and regrowing each part of its body, regardless of if it had been lost prior.




Over the course of 5 emotes, in which the Greater Terror is completely still and unable to do anything, the Greater Terror retracts each part of their body towards their Core, growing a shell around as it as their skin turns to a sludge identical to the Core, this Core grows to the size of a block, and is round like an egg, with a hard outer shell surrounding the Core for protection.

This process lasts for 24 OOC hours in which time the Greater Terror is preparing to regrow with all wounds healed, including any loss of limbs or general body parts. In this egg-like state they are completely vulnerable, unable to reverse this or move about in any form, and may easily die should this shell be broken, this has roughly the durability of a round rock, able to be bruised & cracked with ease.

After the 24 OOC Hours the Greater Terror is playable again, and, over the course of another 5 emotes, grows back.



-Unable to be used in any Combative Situation, only once the Situation is over.

-The Shell is easily broken with blunt hits, and will cause the Terror to fall apart and the UT to PK should it be broken

-May not be suddenly ended when already started

-Should it be confined and the Greater Terror not have enough room to regrow, it will simply not. If the Terror is able to gently roll its way out of the limited space, it will then grow, however should there be no escape it will simply be trapped in its shell form until there is enough space, rendering the Greater Terror unplayable.


Botching the Creation


Should there, at any point, not be enough Liquid Mana in/put in the Test-Tube, the Greater Terror will not fully form, and its formed vision will not have access to any of its abilities, including Hidden Sight.

Should the appropriate symbols not be added at the appropriate times the Greater Terror will lose control of one of its limbs for each time the Appropriate symbol is not added, should more than 2 limbs be lost the Greater Terror will die in the Test Tube.


GT Redlines


-A Tier 1 holder of this FA may not be able to make a Greater Terror, 1 GT at once at Tier 2, and 2 GT’s at once at Tier 3.

-A Tier ⅔ Holder of this FA may only make 1 Greater Terror a month.

-May only have 2 Greater Terrors at once. (At T3)

-May only make 1 Greater Terror a month.

-Greater Terrors are unable to become particularly strong, they will all match around the strength of the average child.

-May not FTB

-May not have sexual/reproductive organs

-May not feel any sort of sexual or reproductive desire

-May not ever gain their sight back

-May not become a Seer

-May not learn anything too advanced without taking triple the time of the average Descendant.


Terror Tools


‘It seems I can’t make my prior Terrors obey me, but through my mistakes I will birth efficiency’

Time and time again the Alchemist could not control his Terrors, it was quite simply, not fit for them. Tired of trying, he proceeded to minimize them to a state of helplessness, where they could do nothing but what he designed them for.


Once the Tool Terror has been formed they may manipulate it to take control of a specific tool.

The way that the Tool Terror is molded into a Tool is by a  basic command, as one would a Lesser Terror, such as ‘Prosthetic’ or ‘Sword’, through this, the top of the outer-shell will crack open like an egg to take over a tool (in most cases), converting it to its material, as one of itself, often crude in its appearance, like an ever-shifting slime. This slime will be unable to harden, (usually) and as such cannot do its job as well as-or the same as its regular counterpart would. 


Should the Tool part of the Terror make contact with any amount of water larger than a few drops its functioning part will dissolve, and the Terror Tool is unusable for 2 OOC days, starting the day of the Tool’s temporary destruction.

If the Terror Tool is submerged in water it will be destroyed.


Terror Prosthetic


A Terror Tool that is used to grant a Prosthetic does not take host of something, unlike the other two Tools, for there is nothing to take host of, rather it will stretch out to seek a body part for it to attach itself to, binding itself to where their missing part would be, and molding to the shape of said part.

This Prosthetic appears like that part of any Greater Terror would, any colour between white and a misty grey, and naturally appears slimy, however the Terror adapts to the skin of the Individual to match its texture, often resulting in a dry, rough feel.

The Terror is still, in a sense, its own thing despite its inability to detach itself, and so, as an Aesthetic, an Individual may have it twitch, spasm, or give them trouble in performing actions, this would not help them in a fight however.

This Prosthetic takes 5 emotes to shift and adapt to the Person’s missing part, to the point they’re able to use it on the 5th emote, and may be applied to:







Any permanently removed flesh, such as a missing side of someone's Torso


Whilst an Individual dons this Prosthetic, the Terror Tool remains partially ‘living’ as all do, and will start to feed off them over OOC weeks, potentially leaving them malnourished (up to the player OOCly) but certainly leaving them unable to gain Strength akin to the average, trained knight, (relative to their strength prior, an Orc will not be affected the same way as a Halfling). 




-Has to be done out of Combat

-Cannot heal temporary injuries

-Cannot cover/heal/replace anything that wasn't there already

-May be used on anybody with IC and OOC consent

-The water rule still applies to this, any amount of water more than a few drops will mean it cannot be used, and submerging it in Water will destroy it, causing it to fall apart.

-Must always limit the strength of the Individual whilst they have the prosthetic, the strength limit may fade should the Prosthetic be removed/destroyed.


Terror Sword/Dagger


The Terror Sword/Dagger is one of the few exceptions to a statement prior, when it breaks out of the Shell its sludge will search around for a Sword or Dagger to host, should none be found, it will retreat back into its shell until one is. This Tool only accepts Metal Swords/Dagger’s as Hosts.


The Blade of either of these tools do not cause proper cuts, for it does not have the durability for such, rather, upon contact with an Individual (other than the Creator of it), it will leave a part of itself upon the struck area, which over the course of the next 2 emotes digs itself into that spot, unless scraped off, causing a crude and stretched cut. From there it will cause a slow-acting illness over the next few OOC days, the day of the cut everything will appear fine aside from the occasional sharp thing in the area of the cut, regardless of whether it has been healed or not.

The OOC day after the cut a small lump will develop over the cut area, like an addition of skin, this will be a pale white slimy, tumour-like lump, that is unable to be scraped off or harmed, attempts to do only causing it to immediately reform.

The 3rd OOC day they may start to feel easily angered by simple, slightly annoying acts, unable to tolerate little things that may go against their ideal world.

The fourth OOC day the ‘infection’ will spread to the skin around the area of the lump, transforming it into a pale mushy white, they may find themself coughing and spluttering far more than usual.

The fifth OOC day the painful process has reached its pinnacle, the Infection will have suddenly spread towards its nearest limb, rendering it useless and easily cut off, equally, they may find themself occasionally coughing blood.

On the 7th day almost all symptoms will fade, however the appearance of what occurred (the skin-infection, up to the limb) will still linger, though it will have regained usage.



The way to cure this Illness is through bloodletting, hence it’s seemingly sudden treatment on the 7th day, or, the Individual may carve out the affected area before it spreads. A good amount of blood must be let out from the affected area for it to be treated, as a means of stopping the Infection, however if not treated by the fourth day all aesthetic changes will remain, despite the loss of actual effects.



-Will not cause cuts itself, rather the after-effects (the Sludge left on the skin) that does.

-May not be used on anything not living, will simply kill Flora unless stated otherwise.

-If this strikes any living thing two times in a situation it will be rendered unusable for the rest of the encounter, and recline back into its shell.

-A Sword/Dagger blade are considered different tools, so a Sword Terror Tool will only be a Sword Terror Tool, and a separate TT will need to be made to take the host of a Dagger, despite their same compositions.

-The Individual in Possession of this Item must inform anyone affected by it of the after-effects.

-The Terror Tool will completely transform the Item it takes the host of, removing any effects regardless of metal (Aurum becomes Null, and anything with unique effects).

-Will not take over anything Magical.

-Will not take anything at all wet/damp.


Terror Goggles


Terror Goggles are one of the relatively Permanent Tools out of the options, as it breaks free from its Outer Shell the sludge will seek for a pair of Goggles to ‘host’, should there be none then it will retreat back into its shell until a pair are found.


When an Individual makes contact with these goggles, the area in which they are making contact with it will begin to feel sludgy to the touch as its slowly and temporarily spread to, though this is not the case. Should anyone choose to wear these goggles and see through them, they will experience a noticeable change:


Upon looking through the darkened lenses of the Goggles the User will become blind, their eyes being sealed over by Terror like skin, and begin to see through the World as an experienced Greater Terror with, reliant purely on sound, and their hearing being greatly enhanced to that of an Greater Terror, this may be used for a variety of purposes, such as locating something/someone better.



-Cannot be used by a Greater Terror

-Cannot be used to track something which makes no sound

-Can be used in Combative situations, but it cannot be used for Combat, such as placing the Goggles on someone.

-Can only precisely locate those which can be heard within the radius of #Rp, anything outside that may still be heard, but not located.


Terror Tool Redlines:

-Only the Prosthetics may be made by a T1 FA Holder, a T2 FA holder may make the Prosthetics and the Goggles, and a T3 make all 3.

-No Tool may be used by a Lesser or a Greater Terror

-The Object that is being used as a host for the Terror Tool is unretrievable.

-Only the Terror Sword/Dagger are considered Combative

-Must have made the specific Terror Tool to take the host of a specific object.

-Only the Creator of the Terror Tool may utilise and wield it

-All Terror Tools must be ST signed, and may not be sold on the AH.


General Clarifications/Redlines


-Screenshots must be taken of all RP completing the necessary actions for everything related to the growth of the Lesser and the Greater Terror, including the Core’s creation.

-If a Core is created and then not immediately submerged for Test-tube growth an Item should be made of it.

-May not make a LT or a GT in the same test-tube, may not make two LT’s or GT’s in the same test-tube




I believe that the purpose Terrors fill are the ‘pet’ niche, where you can have nice pets to RP (Lesser Terrors) and have people interact with, whilst not being too much of a disturbance, but they’re equally fairly peculiar, it grants freedom to the Player in RPing them, and allows them to have mini, simplistic helpers for anything they may desire.

I feel that the Greater Terrors provide Lotc with a deformed, somewhat ‘scary’ Race that isn’t just about killing, nor is their life controlled by Orders which may render them useless or boring to play, it grants them the freedom to roam around and interact with the general LOTC community, whilst still having fairly consistent, reliable and (hopefully) good RP with their Creator. It provides LOTC with a peculiar race that does not exist solely to be antagonistic, it is not particularly powerful and nor does it need to be played a certain way.

Terror Tools are, for the most part, designed to spice up otherwise mundane things, a Terror Sword won't allow you to win a fight with it alone in any scenario, due to its slow-acting Poison, the Terror Prosthetic is relatively easy to make and grant to people, at the cost of becoming akin to a Terror, whilst still being weaker than a normal arm. And the Terror Goggles are there to make sound-based things far easier to find, and grant Players different ways of RPing.




GodEatingCommie-Me, Writer.


Vitalian-Co-Writer. Vitalian has been great throughout all of this and has allowed us to finish off this piece in only a few days, which I am greatly pleased about. They have provided the Piece with some neat reference drawings and have been great to work with generally.


Edited by GodEatingCommie

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Compared to the previous one, this holds great improvements, really enjoyed reading the piece and hope it gets accepted, maybe even find a few terrors around the map eventually. +1

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