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A Flyer for Dera's Stall of Mysteries

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[!] A flock of overworked messenger pigeons scatter an advertising flyer across the continent.


Dera’s Stall of Curiosities and Mysteries


Certified Vykk Co. Affiliate


Come one, come all, to Dera’s Stall of Mysteries! Located in the center of Morsgrad’s market square, on our shelves one may find just about anything! General goods, weapons, alcohol, odd trinkets, and even opportunities for personal growth; All can be found within our curious collection. All goods are available for sale or barter, and some special items are available in exchange for services rendered. 

Our current stock includes, among other exotic curiosities, weapons of foreign make, peculiar trinkets of gold and silver, exotic animals, the finest spirits available, and even fortune cookies. Come and see what we have on offer, and perhaps leave with something new and interesting.






Welcome to the manifestation of my end-of-map boredom. I’ll be running Deratrys’ stall from now until the end of the map, and I’ll be there most of the day unless I’m otherwise occupied. Come by, see what I’ve got on hand, and have some fun! Later on there will be some small, local hunting events tacked on (and maybe other things too!), and the items on offer will change as things progress.


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