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Voidal Tearing








Ever since the days of Norseth’onn, naught but a whisper has been heard- let alone even recalled, of the Voidal Tears. Finding a once more prevalent word within the Voidal Horror attacks upon Arcas, it misconstrued unto corruption of the void upon land, rather than the tamed use of The Void tempted to perfection, it once was.


At least, or so we thought.


Voidal Tears had come from Ac’Aelu Tinuvial and Anordal Elverhilin- an experiment, upon Transfiguration and Translocation, to import supplies for a prosperous city too quickly-growing, for the small import it had gotten. Unfruitful harvests, numerous caravans robbed. The Voidal Tears allowed unprecedented supply transported in complete secrecy with pure efficiency. Near instant, near untouched.

The operation continued so, and as demand continued to grow, so did the import in supply. Atronachs, capable of transcending the outer void, began to use The Tears to deliver carts, caravans, thousands of supplies by the days upon command of their Artificers. However, the well-kept secret of Norseth’onn would last not much longer.

It was not but glorified portals from point to point - altered, effects began to appear rather rapidly. The well of pure Void within Norseth’onn began to gloom the land, shifting it to a darker and more drained tone. Mothers had given birth to stillborn children in droves, as but a few normal had come out from the far reaches of the city - those upon a fringe, giving birth to blind children of translucent, coloured eyes. A mark “gifted” from their righteous leader, who found rest and rejuvenation from the scarred land.

The Tear grew in maturity, as if the unnatural spawn belonged to the land itself. Far from, the unnatural creation caught wind, and so did the thought of potential. This object, rather; creation, of pure power and thought, was likely to be as destructive as it was useful. As unrest continued within Norseth’onn, so did the thought of contingency that the blessed, lifeline’d portal may be used as a weapon. After all - it had proven but as deadly, as it was helpful.


Ac’Aelu and Anordal had found themselves at sword-point by Belestram Sylvaeri, the soon to be replacement of the two Triumvir in the midst of a ball. The Celebration of the Tear, would be it’s last footnote in history, as it gently faded away to obscurity; no further tears appearing, or showing themselves since.








A Voidal Tear is a theoretical portal- similar to that of a wormhole. A connector of immediate destination to one another- in this case, being the material plane within The Veil, and The Void beyond it. The Tear itself is too small to cause any large disturbance but to the immediate land around it, an instant display of the void and it’s corruption. Large Voidal Tears may stoke the envy of other forces, and potentially garner unwanted attention gathered upon a specific area in order to attain control of the tear. For better, or for worse. Tears may appear Horizontally or Vertically, so long as they fit the frame. This may be a simple portal-like figure, or a twisting well, or a swirling vortex which transcends it’s frame. The design is up to the magi, so long as it is unintrusive and approved by a Story Manager.


Requirements  - Voidal tears require a frame of Magegold, Focus Crystals, or Arcanium, and an equal number of individual Transfigurationists and Translocationists of Tier 5.


Variable Requirements
- Tears start at a 5x5-10x10 radius. For each additional pair of Transfigurationists or Translocationists, this is upped by another 1x1-10x10. 

- The frame itself depending on composition would bear different effects.

- Magegold would give a gentle glow

- Focus Crystals would give a gentle glow of the selected colour, depending on the crystals

- Arcanium would bear the effects of choice when the item(s) are made. 


Build examples










Effects upon Landscape 

The Landscape directly where the tear forms is completely vaporized, as a swirling voidal energy is created which takes its place - within the bounds of the frame, nothing may exist, or would post-creation. In the direct radius, should the tear be contained within something similar to a room or cavern, would bear a glow attributed to the frame of the tear. A gentle vortex swirling would emanate a susurrus of ethereal wind, almost similar to a river flowing gently nearby- focusing upon the sound may even amplify it to that of a waterfall, should one pay too-close attention.


The Landscape
Slowly, natural-things in radius of the tear would begin to wither and alter, becoming notably weaker, and as the tear matures- even death. Organic, or formerly organic material stationary by the tear for too long would wither and wilt, and likely even warping to an unrecognizable form. As the tear matures, so would the land around it- becoming more unnatural and alien, past a point of explanation shortly after reaching it’s immaturity (second) stage has passed. Things such as focus crystal or aura-coloured trees, floating chunks of landscape, upside-down waterfalls and crystal rivers. 


The gift of the druids would with effortous repair, bring back life to the land which was scarred by The Void. However, should the Tear be still active - Blighthealing would only last for a short duration, that of around a full-day before The Tear reclaims it's land to hollow. However, should the tear be destroyed, the Blighthealing could occur as normal. Even the most torn of lands may be brought to life oncemore- only however, with rigorous healing process. 




Effects on People


Within direct radius of The Tear

The direct radius of a Voidal Tear is defined as the immediate vicinity of the Tear, where its effects are most prominent and dangerous. A “Direct Radius” is counted as within 10 meters of the edge of the tear.


Those who step foot into the direct radius of a Voidal Tear will find themselves experiencing a number of immediately tangible side-effects, all exclusively negative to the average person, but mildly beneficial in the early stages to magi. Over time, this can lead to more severe symptoms and, ultimately, Voidal Poisoning.


On Non-Magi

To the average person lingering within the direct radius, the constant flow of mana from the Tear will be experienced as a sort of ‘buzz’ or hum in the air, not so much heard as it is felt, like the warbling of an impossibly deep bass note. This is neither pleasant nor particularly distressing, merely a strange and constant sensation as the mana washes over their unattuned forms. Over time, however, this effect will skew towards becoming quite unpleasant indeed. 


With their bodies unused to exposure to such quantities of mana and voidal influence, these unattuned individuals will start to feel various ill symptoms, beginning with a simple headache as the constant ‘hum’ turns to a grating whine. As they spend more time in the direct radius, this headache shall worsen alongside the onset of other symptoms, eventually leading to what is known as Voidal Poisoning, a condition that can lead to organ failure, temporary mutation in direct subjects, death, or permanent mutation to any unborn child whose mother reaches a certain stage. Each stage lasts approximately thirty narrative minutes.


Symptom Progression

Subject begins perceiving a soft buzz or hum in the air.

Subject acquires a moderate headache as this sound / sensation becomes more severe.

Subject’s headache intensifies, as feelings of nausea and dizziness begin to set in.

Subject’s prior symptoms continue to exacerbate, as mild hallucinations begin to take hold, often a feeling of being watched, the distant chirp of moonspeech, or the manifestation of strange shapes and distortions at the edges of their vision.

Subject’s headache is now a splitting migraine, they struggle to stand, may vomit, and the hallucinations become difficult to distinguish from reality. Serious damage is now being done through the eroding effects of the Tear’s influence. This is the point at which ‘Voidal Poisoning’ is now in effect, and mutations to any unborn children whose parents reach this stage may occur. These mutations are expanded on below.

Subject begins to experience internal damage as the structure of their body struggles against the corrosive influx of chaotic mana, symptoms have now reached a point that the subject will struggle to escape the direct radius, unable to stand or clearly discern reality from the influx of voidal hallucinations they are plagued with. Mutation in unborn children is now essentially guaranteed.

Subject is afflicted with general exhaustion and would struggle to perform any intensive action. Subjects may cause self harm or perceive actions performed by themselves or others to be the action of these hallucinations; audible, or visible. Subject would feel a strong urge to leave the Tear, and no further harm would come; though they may find it easier to succumb to exhaustion as time further continues. 


Voidal Mutations

The mutations that can be caused to children whose mothers have reached the point of Voidal Poisoning are numerous and at times more debilitating than others. As a general rule of thumb, the further a prospective mother gets in the stages of Voidal Poisoning, the more severe and numerous the mutations may be; up to the point of the potential loss of the unborn child around stage 8.


Possible mutations include

Distortions of the eyes, ranging from a simple clouded appearance, but ranging to more striking mutations such as a constant colorful glow, a star-speckled haze, or misshapen or outright missing pupils. These are always accompanied by blindness or other visual impairments such as color blindness, short or long-sightedness, etc.

Unnatural variations of skin tone usually ranging in desaturated shades of purple, blue, or green, alongside near pure white or deep black. These are at times paired with nerve issues such as sudden and unexplained burn-like pains anywhere on or all over the body, or even a total lack of sensation altogether on individual areas or the entire body.

Malformation of bones leading to deformities such as a hunched back, unusual excess or lack of height, fragility or dangerous overgrowth leading to eventual paralysis.

Minor mutations to details like fingernails, teeth, or the tongue. Nails may be strangely soft or even claw-like but brittle, teeth may be strangely small or over exaggerated, a tongue may wind up elongated or indeed missing entirely.

Any number of more common and mundane chronic maladies.


Mutations are largely freeform, but it is noteworthy that in no case will a mutation ever be more helpful than it is harmful. Unlisted or significantly varied ones can be proposed to the ST for approval. Powergaming of disabilities like loss of sensation is grounds for infraction.


Notably, the lone positive of such an affliction, those children who have been mutated by in-utero exposure to the tear and reached sufficient age will find themselves naturally inclined towards voidal magics, having an easier time establishing their connection to the void than others; though this provides no benefit beyond the simply narrative, emote counts remain the same for magic use. However, the same is in retrograde - for other magics, they would deeply struggle and perhaps even find it impossible to form a connection; let alone practice something. Those of these mutations would find themselves born with a Tainted Soul. 


On Magi

Unlike the unattuned, magi have developed a greater resistance to the effects of the Void upon their bodies and minds, and may even briefly find the influence of the Voidal Tear somewhat pleasant and beneficial. As they first enter the vicinity, a mage will experience an uplifting sensation as the latent mana in the air interacts with that within them, working to refill or ‘overflow’ their inner mana pool. This as well may be a calming effect, that which would rest and recharge a magi quicker than otherwise. 


Generally this is experienced simply as a somewhat lively, energetic feeling akin to a mild and pleasant adrenaline rush. Those who are drained of their mana through prior casting will find themselves recovering significantly faster than normal- though not fast enough to lend any practical benefit to combat happening in the area. Connection to the Void is far easier to establish, even novice magi able to perform it near instantly. Ultimately, however, even magi will begin to succumb to the negative effects of the Tear if tier-three or below.


Due to their resistance, these positive effects will last up one narrative hour, before the first negative signs of exposure start taking place. These take the place of the first stage of an average person’s experience of the Voidal Tear’s vicinity, the next step after that hour being the second stage. For a mage, each of these stages lasts a full narrative hour before the next begins to take hold. Nonetheless, ultimately, even a mage will succumb to the effects of Voidal Poisoning - lest they are tier four or above. Those of greater Voidal Affinity would find themselves immunized to the negative effects of the tear, almost as if natured and related to the tear - finding it a sanctuary to an otherwise normal world. 





Within greater radius of The Tear

The greater radius of the Voidal Tear is defined as the overall area that the Tear is capable of influencing, which is up to triple-that of it’s maximum diameter. Until a mature and natured stage is reached, those within the Greater Radius feel minorly unsettled and disturbed, prolonged exposure potentially leading to side effects; but otherwise, unaffected. Magi would feel a tug, that of a familiar connection within them, toward The Tear’s centre. 





As a Voidal Tear continues to grow, it matures - becoming more stable, and a more reliable tether from beyond the veil unto the material world. Initially, incredibly unstable and dangerous, the Tear would be volatile and most-susceptible to damage. However, as time goes on, the tear continues to nature to the environment around it; and manipulate it with it’s corruption.


Volatility - The First Stage

A Voidal Tear remains Volatile for 7 days (one year IC), where moderate damage to the frame would yield it’s destruction- tearing the immediate radius to pieces, and dissipating to nothing. During this time, a Voidal Mage and non-voidal magi would not have any beneficial or detrimental affect near the tear.


Immaturity - The Second Stage

A Voidal Tear is Immature once Volatility is passed, remaining Immature for thirty days (four years IC). During this time, the land around The Tear would hollow; but only in direct radius. Withering wildlife and fauna, potential chance of spawning lesser-voidal-creatures, and so on. 


Unnatured - The Third Stage

A Voidal Tear is unnatured up until thirty additional days (four more years IC) have been passed. During this, the land converted further into a small, voidally-afflicted area; not far from a miniature heath. All permanent residents of non-magical nature, would find the area deeply uncomfortable passively to be in, succumbing to voidal poisoning after mere minutes of exposure.


Natured, Mature - The Fourth and Final Stage

A Voidal Tear is natured and mature after thirty additional days (four more years IC). During maturity, a Voidal Tear afflicts voidal poisoning upon all those within it’s greater proximity, and toxic to prolonged residence and wildlife- completely warping near-everything to be absolutely unnatural and inexplicable. No longer does one need to be in the direct radius to find harm or affliction, the greater radius applying any and all effects of The Tear.






Destruction of a Voidal Tear is violent - as ebb and flow of the void tug, the more mature a Tear is, the more danger it may pose. Although, in every form, Voidal Tears bear requirements to shattering.


Volatile Stage
A Volatile-Stage Tear may be destroyed by easy means- damaging it’s frame to a moderate extent (such as breaking crystals, or breaking the magegold/arcanium to pieces). This would cause the unstable tear to merely twist in on itself, disappearing from existence. (50% of the frame damaged, or with a major break in the frame disconnecting pieces.)


Immature and Unnatured Stages
These Voidal Tears are still acclimating but relatively stable. To destroy a tear of this maturity, one must completely break it’s frame - taking it to pieces, or disconnecting a large part of it. This would cause a curt implosion, with enough force to send anyone nearby 10 meters in knockback; with a deep cold remaining afterward for a few narrative months.(100% of frame damaged or over half of the total frame completely broken off.)


Matured Stage

These Voidal Tears are acclimated, with complete leylines from the veil and beyond, to the world. Destroying it requires complete destruction and removal of it’s frame, causing an implosion. This implosion would suck in all those within ten meters of it’s event-horizon, causing immediate death - aswell as likely spawning a Voidal Horror, or Voidal Horrors, of Greater or Superior tier. The greater-radius of where the Tear was would be in permanent chill, likely inhospitable to any natural life. (100% of frame fully broken to pieces.)




General Redlines and Guidelines

-Spawning or sighting of voidal creatures or horrors requires ST-Manager presence and/or approval

-Creation of a Voidal Tear requires ST approval

-Voidal Tears may be used to IRPly explain materials getting from point A to B. A Voidal Tear may be linked in a freeform manner (Linked focus crystals, sharing an aura, etc.)
-One may not walk through a voidal tear, or go into one. Atronachs may IRPly say they have traversed through one. 

-A Voidal Tear may only be created by two people minimum. Someone possessing both Translocation and Transfiguration simply would not have a singular mana pool big enough to create one.

-A Voidal Mage may only be responsible for the creation of one Voidal Tear, throughout their lifetime. Meaning, a Voidal Mage can only play part in the creation of one tear- if and when it is destroyed, they would gain the ability to create another once more.

-If created in a larger than 10x10 size, requires approval of an RO alongside ST Manager. If on a open tile, will aswell required WT Approval (attained from the manager). 

-Tears may be destroyed by anyone, but require Story oversight.

-One may not be thrown “through” or “in” to a tear, as it is not a portal.

-If at any point a large tear or it’s greater radius has it’s effects bleed into another tile, it requires RO, Story Manager, and WT Approval. 

-One may gather liquid mana at a Voidal Tear. 

-Voidally Mutated children do not require a CA, however do require proper-RP proof that the character was spawned with mutations, with IRP parents - similar to Cursed Children. 

-Once leaving a Tear for one narrative hour, all negative and positive effects would cease.

-A Voidal Tear does not benefit a magi abnormally in any combative manner beside greatly increased mana-referesh and stamina, fighting near or under the effects of a Tear would merely grant a greatly increased resistance to voidal exhaustion (due to the aforementioned.). 

-A child affected by Voidal Mutation’s Tainted Soul would disable them from learning magics incompatible with Tainted/Corrupted Souls. This may not be purged by any known means. 

-A Voidal Tear’s build must make lore sense, and not be considered a landscar. 

-Firing spells or magic into a Voidal Tear would yield no effect, merely being absorbed. 

-Voidal Tears may act as a magic-connection point. 

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A thank you to everyone on the Voidal Project for helping with this piece- Specifically Kalehart, Liz, Pundimonium, for their excellent work in reviewing and looking over this piece. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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 🧙‍♂️Rip and tear until it is done 🧙‍♂️

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Mages can now cause their own apocalypses if they try hard enough. I approve.

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the ripping and the tearing, the ripping and the tearing

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1 minute ago, Zarsies said:

the ripping and the tearing, the ripping and the tearing

Until it is done.



DOOM: I Want You to Rip and Tear by harrison2142 : BethesdaSoftworks


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very very good, yes

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[ The Druidic Order would like to know your location.. ]

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