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[Bounty] Demonic Presence - The orb of nightmares

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Orb of Inferi, Dream Eater, Inferimare -  Exorcism, Extermination 


Talon's Grotto, occurence at night by the local library , among the plane of dreams, accounts of haunted people.



(Based on approach)


REWARD:Trophy of creature, purifying object, 5000 Mina (or 1000 x participants)

During dream-like states where the descendants perception may be altered. The realm of the creator (physical) may become intertwined with an otherworldly plane. Most likely can't be slain in the physical realm.



"Feel right at home"
"A couple days ago I found a couple of young nobles there... speaking something about a something odd occuring to them, they seemed fairly exhausted after their long stay in the library... it was there"
he points towards the left side of the window

"As you can see I have an excellent view to the local library"

"But at times, when I'm staring out that window I feel like... something is staring back at me, and that's sometimes in the middle of the night when nobody is supposed to be inside"

"I could show you... a drawing of the thing I see at night,..."


the desk was scattered with many scriptures and lots of crude drawings... it looked cluttered, chaotic... most likely the best depiction of an abstract state of mind while experiencing the occurence of the orb...

Upon glancing over the artists shoulder, one would see the drawing of the orb the citizen claimed to see in their dreams.


It was made with only the crudest means of drawing yet it had such a abstract depth, it could be a masterpiece in black and beige. Slowly if one were to inspect it further, they'd notice how vividly the strokes of the black coal-pen must've been drawn, they twist and turn and spiral into a black spot in the middle, dark as the depiction of the void itself...

Only a faint gloss of the candles setting the room alight would let it seem, real.


"Now... they didn't look strange at all, they were fairly well equipped and must've been in their young adulthood. I believe the young man that came along called themselves a prince!"

"I'm not sure what it was that day but they looked like they haven't slept in days as they laid there before the shelf... especially the young maid that was there with him"

"Well, it does seem to be the housemagery guidebook that leads people here but´... something took notice of that, I'm sure..."
 "Just when I moved into this house I applied for the library and stayed inside it for a while to meet it's owner... I saw something very odd too..."

"A large rat-like creature was clawing at the top of the first shelf, the one about myths & legends, I only noticed it in the corner of my eye but when I looked at it ..."
he'd glance towards you and turned away from the window "... it held a strange, shriveled orb in its thin, freakishly long looking hands. At first I thought it was some dried up fruit but... just looking at the rat-like being and the strange orb gave me the chills... ever since then I'm afraid to pass the shelf, or get into the library at night."

"I don't know if you can imagine the thing I saw that night... the rat alone looked so wretched it could've very well be posessed by something... I tell you, it's this certain corner of the library that ... affects one's mind. Perhaps it is even the whole library..."

"...speaking of it, the orb occured in my dreams, it would appear in the corner of my vision... and in nightmares it would become more prominent, to a point where I feel like it's... looking at me..."

"You've seen what it did to my kin, it... shall not be your mistake to condemn your  own people to this... let alone yourself."

The Farfolk citizen would get up from the chair.

"Well, I feel I'm already to deep into all of this... it's as if it follows me around..."

"No... I don't mind at all, I just don't want to do anything with those beings anymore"

"Don't push it... if you manage to get more information I'll be sure to reward it if you share them with me..."


"If you manage to exterminate it from... whatever plane it inhabits I shall reward you greatly."

The farfolk citizen would offer a slight bow before gesturing you out of their abode...



Storyline is best available until 4PM EST.
Please use the forum if your persona had an encounter with this inferi and want to describe it. 
 Message D4NNA#6850 for more information and scheduling event encounters!

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Aeonn picks up the missive

"An odd straggler compared to my previous encounters with the demon kind...seems we shall need to put an end to it"

as he rolls up the paper carrying on to get ready for the coming mission.

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Talo Song, the owner of Talon's Grotto's library looks at the flyer. His eyes widen as he reads through.

"Excuse me... WHAT is at my library?" He exclaimed loudly since he had no clue about this monster's existance.

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Aeonn wobbles his way with his companion, satisfied with the demon vanquished "Another Nightmare....set to rest" as he carries the odd chunk of dark ore from the library


OOC: One of the best and most immersive events ive been in, the potion effects, the giant eyeball structure, it all was wonderfully done.

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OOC addition
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Ooc: This is a page out of Kallian's personal journey, unless showed irp it stays unknown to others but i like to write it down hoping other would at least enjoy the message. 

"There I was, invited by my friend Anduin To hunt down a nightmare inferi remaining beast of some kind. Never thought I would fight Inferi again after that huge siege. Now after the fact, I do not regret it. Might have fallen out of the fourth floor of a building but adds to my life experience I suppose. Oh and then the nightmare orb I got from slaying the thing, really curious. My fiancé was less amused by it but oh well, can't be perfect I guess. The nightmare orb sure did put up a fight but we managed to beat it while I got quite the reward out of it. An orb that gives nightmares."

"Gail noticed it was not entirely purged and invited me along to investigate this weird labratorium under the city of Talons Grotto. There we were over taken by this ink of the beast. We got desperate, cornered. My fire balls showed no use beside more upsetting it. Then out of the sudden this... portal emerged. Eventually we went through it and reached this other world realm. Standing right above the void. It was truly magnificent. We looked around a bit and i bullied a floating orb with my own orb, not my best plan but it managed to scare it. The orb tried to flee but failed and ended up more or less killing itself. We managed to return home by floating up and that is where this story ends. This was... a confusing fight, not like any other beast. But I'm happy to have experienced it. May many more follow. -Kallian Syrivir"

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A gentle crackling of fire was the only noise breaking the silence of Anduin's humble study, albeit one of little distraction. A dim, orange light was thrown before Anduin's desk, and atop it, a smooth rock. The foreign stone cast its own light over the desk, which rendered the fireplace's comforting hues unnecessary. 


Yet, the warmth was not present from the crackling flames, nor the Paladin's divine aura. A comforting heat was withheld beneath the surface of the odd stone.
Harmony. Clairvoyance.

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He shifted, groaned and wrestled with his blanket. Gripped by another fit of meaningful nightmares, mister Leverys crashed down to the floor while traversing an incorporeal dungeon in his sleep. Upon a rough waking, the elf clambered onto his office chair and, muttering a couple of curses, commenced the long and tedious ritual of reviewing his shoddy penmanship. His eyes run down an array of incomprehensible scribbles before they stopped at two particular entries:




It brandished impenetrable illusions. It bordered between reality and nightmare. It had… tentacles. We, an ill-prepared lot, hunted it down. The general consensus remains that the thing did not perish, oh no. It merely retreated.




Seek it once – an honest mistake. Seek it twice and… Well… Just don’t. Deep underground it hid away - a tormented soul, malformed, abhorrent, weeping viscous tears of pitch black. It invited us, and we followed, despite our incompetence. But to where?


There was an empty space after them, implying a third instance. Khaeryr hesitated, scratching his chin with the tip of a quill "Ne... It's done, there won't be a third time. And if there will be - I won't come, to hell with it." he oh so blatanrly lied, more to himself than to anyone else.

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