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 - The Donning of the Cloth -
Addressed to the Laymen of Helena



From the desk of His Eminence Manfried, Cardinal St. Julia,
Archbishop Metropolitan of Helena and Prelate for the Canonist Priesthood.


Blessings be upon you!



It is through the Prophets in ages past that the Canonist Church was formed, endowed with the ability through His Exalted to preach, teach, and interpret the Scripture of God and too safeguard His word for centuries to come. And so, in this duty divinely granted to us, we have fulfilled. We have, throughout the ages, held up high with great reverence and worship His eternal and holy word, the one and only truth, the Holy Scrolls. It is throughout the ages that we have interpreted His Scripture to better suit the needs of the faithful and therefore instructed the laity in the virtues of God and ensured that they are guided onto the path of salvation. And it is through the many ages of our institution’s existence that we have been a testament to God’s love, caring for the faithful as Fathers and bearing on our shoulders the great burden but too, immense honor of being the caretakers of the laymen and of the Dioceses which have grown most large and profound in the centuries of which our Church and faith have progressed, stretching far and wide throughout His Creation, impeded only by the pagan nations which stand at the outskirts of Canonist territories. 


However, the age old issue rears its head again. The Church needs numbers. Just as the armies of mankind required numbers to strike the final blow against the Inferi mere months ago, the Church has, does, and will always require numbers to dully fulfill our job to preach, teach, and safeguard His word, forever caring for the common layman and raising each and everyone of His servants high in virtue. It is clear in the Scroll of Auspice that God’s work is not done through the hands of one but many faithful, “Lo! The virtuous dead are descending, and at their fore are the sons of spirit, and the sons of the first man and woman. And leading them is Horen renewed, and he ordains the estates of their armies.” (Auspice 2:5-6) The virtuous dead are descending! Millions upon millions of those who have come and gone through the beautiful and eternal cycle of life of which God has instituted marching from the heavens to battle for the fate of the world.


It is clear in this verse of the Holy Scrolls that the many, not the few, are needed to complete God’s work upon this terra and truly fulfill His mission. That is not to demean the individual but instead support them with their fellow brothers. Our faith is about unity and what shall a Church with one individual have? Unity with themselves? Nay, they need brother Priests and sister nuns to assist them in the evangelization of the unknowing and the instruction of the enlightened. It will not be by the hands of one Priest that all the laymen are taken care of but by the hands of many Priests which make up our holy Mother Church. We are not omnipotent like God I assure you, but we can be somewhat alike to His image, (forever imperfect of course, as we are but servants before the Lord) but more capable than before, if we are to preach the word together.


So, I tell you this. The Metropolitanate of Helena is in need of Priests and it is the purpose of this Pastoral to encourage you to join the Priesthood as an Acolyte. While I have of course said throughout this letter that the Priesthood is a burden upon one’s shoulders, it is not a burden without reward. God creates tests and burdens. However, He rewards those who succeed with His love and goodness. For instance, the choice between the mortal temptations and His fruit of virtue. We are inclined to go with the former for the temptations are our natural inclinations, however it is God who created the latter and through that, we are challenged by this choice and yet granted the goodness of God and eternal salvation if we take up this test.


And so, that is the nature of the Priesthood. The salvation of an entire Diocese and flock is a heavy burden on our shoulders. Yet, the rewards of virtue and the goodness of caring for your fellow man is enough to warm the soul and start the flame in your stomach, fueling you to defend them, instruct them, and love them. To admonish them when they are wrong and yet, pick them back up onto their feet in the image of God and His mercy. It is a most kindly and good way of life, molded by God and His ever-eternal word. 


We of the Priesthood are but humble workers in the vineyard of the Lord, tending to the fruits of virtue and forever guiding away the laymen from the vineyard of the Denier. We forever take care to live a peaceful life, a virtuous life, a loving life in the image of Him and serve Him until our final breath in the way of virtue. While this certainly is not a life for everyone, God calls to some to take up the shepherd’s crozier and guide His children towards eternal paradise with Him in the afterlife and later the end of times. God gives us signs, God leads us in certain directions, we are all in God’s hands. And so, it is by the grace of God that the few, but many are lifted and molded in virtue, to become humble servants to Himself and His children. I ask of you, does He call you? Do you feel Him guiding you to the blessed Priesthood? If you decide so, I shall be waiting.


Find me or any Priest at the Basilica of the Final Revelation to be inducted into the Priesthood.
I encourage any heavily to take this offer. It is truly a beautiful way of life.








Father Manfried




((Recruitment forum page for the Priesthood if you want to use this. Specifically looking for Acolytes for Helena and Kaedrin there!))


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