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Tutorial Series - Part 4 - Combat Roleplay

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Part 4- Combat Roleplay




The fourth video in this series is all about combat roleplay. In this video we will explain everything you need to know about combat roleplaying. This includes emoting, rolling, metagaming and powergaming. We purposefully did not go super in-depth on some parts, this because the intention of the video is that it will also be usefull and accurate in the future. 


If you have any feedback or any ideas for future videos, either in this series or not, please feel free to leave a comment or send me a DM!

The finished video can be found here:






Script: @LotsOfMuffins, @Yagami, @TwistedFries, and @snoopie12!

Voiceover: @FIXER957
Footage: @Tykeandy 
Graphics: @LotsOfMuffins
Editing: @LotsOfMuffins




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Hopefully this will be useful for new players... if they don't go PVP default

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The fact that it was fire evocation that was used as a 'powerful magic and not water evocation' :((


Though I do greatly support this tutorial, I know for us experienced people it may seem quite simplistic but for those who are new it is a good basis to understand the etiquette for how to do this sorta stuff 🙂 

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