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Establishment of the Hearth Temple of Varhelm

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Writ of Consecration

The Hearth Temple of Varhelm

Issued in the First Year of the Second Age

By Order High Keeper Alisa Camian



In this first year of the new age of the Descendants, the Hearth of Norland does hereby declare the establishment of a new temple within the city of Varhelm, to be known hereafter as the Hearth Temple of Varhelm. This temple and the grounds upon which it resides are to be, without exception, considered sacred ground and the sole property of the Hearth Council. Violence of any sort shall be strictly prohibited on penalty of death both within the temple and upon the grounds where it stands. Furthermore, known enemies of the Faith, mages, and practitioners of forbidden arts shall be immediately expelled from Temple grounds and turned over to the city guard for immediate termination. Those followers of the faith and seekers of sanctuary who claim asylum within Temple grounds are to be guaranteed the safety and benevolence of the Temple, provided they are not otherwise prohibited from entry.


Writ av

High Keeper Alisa Camian


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