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Ask me what music I think you listen to.


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awright what do I listen to?

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What music do I listen to?

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me and dont cheat

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do me


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4 hours ago, JULIIO said:

what music do I listen to?

Drake, Lil Durk, Laugh Now Cry Later

4 hours ago, neoroseo said:

what music do i listen too

Red Velvet, (F****ing symbols) Russian Ruolette

4 hours ago, Rayna Star said:

I am intrigued.

Michael Bublé, La vie en rose


4 hours ago, BobBox said:

I'll ask, why not

Granger Smith, Man Made  (Idk man lmao)

3 hours ago, Urara said:

awright what do I listen to?

A R I Z O N A, Nostalgic

3 hours ago, rukio said:

Inform me senpai.

Lund, Broken  (I got these vibes instantly)

3 hours ago, HogoBojo said:

What music do I listen to?


3 hours ago, CalZium said:

Do i even want to ask man

Eminem, Godzilla

2 hours ago, SquakHawk said:

me and dont cheat

Falling In Reverse, The Drug In Me Is You

2 hours ago, MyNameIsMason said:

What music do you think Mason listens to?

Jon Bellion, Stupid Deep


2 hours ago, SilkieSilky said:

WAHT music do you think I listen to with thou art ears?

Frank Sinatra, Baby Its Cold Outside


37 minutes ago, peachcool said:

do me


My Chemical Romance, Welcome to the Black Parade

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