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Crusade of the Creative - December 2020

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Crusade of the Creative



Greetings, and welcome to our first Crusade of the Creative contest, 


Crusade of the Creative is a writing competition implemented in order to give our writers more of a spotlight on the server. As a roleplay server we have many skilled writers within our midst, and we hope this contest will give them a place to shine!


The two categories for Crusade of the Creative are as follows:

  • Fiction Writing

  • Poetry


If there are any other categories that you believe are deserving to be in this comments then please let me know over discord. (Armajesty#2403)


This contest will give authors, poet’s, and the like one month to create their masterpieces. All entries will be due on the final day of the month. In this case your submissions will be due on December 31st.



The prompt for December’s Crusade of the Creative is Steampunk!


How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy! In order to participate all you need to do is comment on this post using the following format:

Category: (Poetry, Creative Writing).



  • 100 Mina

  • Event Exclusive Custom Item

  • Creative Soul (win 1 time)

    • Creative Wizard (win 3 times)

    • Creative Overlord (win 6 times)



  • All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month.

  • You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per category.

  • Submissions are to be posted in the comment of this thread.

  • Creative Writing is limited to 10k words, and must be linked via google document.

  • Creative Writing and Poetry does NOT have to relate back to LotC, but must relate to the overall theme.






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Yeeeet, Im excited to see what everyone is going to write. 🥰

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IGN: TheAlphaMoist

Category: Creative Writing

Piece: The Curse of Awareness


Content warning: violence 

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Submissions are now closed. The goal is to have our results post out by the end of the week, so stay tuned to see who our winners are.

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Results had a little delay, my apologies. However now the winners @MayRndz and @AlphaMoist have been contacted through the forums to claim their prizes. I want to thank everyone for participating and see you all around the next time!

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