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A Very Merry Wickdom Wedding.


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A Wickdom Wedding.


The Union between Petyr Henrik Wick


former Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska,  Miss Nataliya Reza


The wedding between the two shall take place in the Cathedral, in Providence.

(Saturday the 11th of December at 6pm EST) 

(be wary that the date or hour may change due to the time of year)


[!] Special Invitations have been sent to

the following.


The Wick Household

Her Highness, Princess Alexandria Karina Barbanov

His Highness, Prince Aleksandr Hieromar Barbanov

Her Highness, Princess Juliya Ipera Barbanov

His Highness,  Prince Franz Leopold Barbanov

The Honorable, Lady Irena Ceciliya Ruthern

His Highness, Prince Lothar Alimar

Ser Ruben Barclay

Bishop of Petrovic, Benedict Alimar

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Anne Novellen

Her Majesty, Queen-Mother Viktoria Barbanov



Ave Wickdom!




!more memes coming soon!








Marguerite Ironwood (dead)

Arielle doree Gant (dead)

Adryana Ceciliya Barbanov (dead)

Anastasiya Petra Stafyr (dead)

Laura Christiansen (sittin' by a stream.)
Nataliya Reza Barbanov (Alive)





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Maple announces that if anyone tries to come between these two and stop the wedding that she will personally knock their teeth in

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Lazarus begins preparing the party rats, “It’ll be a traditional, good ol’ fashioned Wickweddin’.”

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Theodore grabs his guitar.




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