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Community Newsletter - November - December


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The Month of November-December:

Whew! What a month, am I right? Temp Map, 8.0 transition, Returning and New players flooding in….it’s been a lot to say the least, and now in the tradition with all these incredible events, I’d like to add the return of the Monthly Community Newsletter to the list! Yes, that’s right folks! - The Monthly Newsletter has returned! Here to provide you with the latest updates and know-how to get your Lord of the Craft knowledge up to code! And with me, BenjiBot_ as your guide, I’ll take you through what’s been happening on our wonderful server this past month, and what we can look forward to in the future, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

  • BenjiBot_

Note-Worthy News!

Ah, yes- the news, in a diverse and fast-growing community like ours, I consider it important, to consistently remain in the loop about major changes and updates here on the server! So, without further ado- let’s get into our most Note-Worthy and Important pieces of news from this month!



CRP: The Movie?

Another video for the Lord of The Craft youtube channel! Our latest installment features a comprehensive guide on how to use Combat Roleplay properly on the server! Directed, Written and Edited by our incredible Community and Content Creation team, this video would be a great watch for a refresher, or even a video to recommend to your newer friends to the server, definitely far too good to miss!

Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196392-tutorial-series-part-4-combat-roleplay

Writer/s: snoopie12

An Update:

Whew! Well, that was an...eventful end of map? But in all honesty, I think we can all appreciate the amount of effort and passion that went into it, brilliantly co-ordinated by our beloved Story Team and executed wonderfully! Now, as per the end of the map, the Story Team is quick to post updates.. to help themselves improve to be better for YOU! A quick read through their Update forum post (linked below) would be a favour to yourself, if you’re a big fan Story Team here on the server!

Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196682-story-update-fall/

Writer/s: SquakHawk


Team Updates


Let’s be honest, we all have our favourite teams here on the server, and of course we want to know what they’ve all been up to, their upcoming projects, and if their applications are open or not! Well look no further than our Team Updates! Where we’ll strive to give you the best and most intimate look into what your favourite staff teams have been doing!

Tech Team:

Ah yes, our favourite team in charge of all things development and tech-related here on our server, so how have they been? Well, from the context Llir gave me, it seems they’ve been doing quite well! They’ve needed all hands on deck with preparing Vortex and other important projects, such as working with the World Team on Almaris Economy! - they’ve also had their hands full with surge-pvp testing, getting as much feedback as they can in recent days, to prepare for release! Since map launch, they have been working day and night to fix issues with the server, and listen to your feedback in order to improve resource availability and Vortex. They encourage you all to join the Tech Discord, which a link can be found in #discord-hub in the Lord of the Craft discord! Vortex is still rolling out and many features will come soon, please be patient!

Applications: Open! - Yes, the Tech Team applications are open! Specifically looking for anyone with programming knowledge  at any stage, or coding expertise, is heavily encouraged to join! They’d love to have you, if possible!


Moderation Team:

The Moderation Team- well, I suppose you’re wondering what they’ve been up to- well fear not! That’s why I’m here! - The Moderation Team has been just peachy, gaining a significant amount of new members to prepare for Almaris, and constantly working on the server rules- though the re-write is finished, they’ll constantly be trying to keep in updated and relevant from now on! And- what’s this? They appear to be working on a new re-write for the War System, hopefully seeking to improve this further as well! They always seem to overcome the challenge of dealing with conflict on the server, and put themselves on the line for it, so a good job to them!

Applications: Open! - Well, it seems they are taking in as well! - however, when they receive applications, they tend to review them in large groups, which may accrue a bit of waiting time- but they always strive to be sure of their choices for new members!

Community Team:

Mhm, and the Community Team is up next! Call me biased, but this one is my favourite (*coughs*), erm..so how’ve they been of late? Well, they’ve been just peachy- a great and fortuitous increase in activity has arisen above members of the team, especially with certain members picking up individual projects, this newsletter being one, by yours truly, and others too- such as Fie, who’d be handling the Creative Cafe! - Armajesty with battle of the arts, under their belt!  Gosh!-  it’s all going spectacularly, always working on new events for the next map, as well as exciting new opportunities for community involvement, isn’t that just special- so a word to the wise, keep an eye open!

Applications: Closed. - Oh dear, look- I’m terribly sorry about this, but it seems we’re not accepting new members, as of yet...unfortunately the team is a bit over-capacity right now, with all this work being split among us, but hopefully there’s an update soon, and as long as you help the community of LoTC in some way or another- you’re an honorary member in my eyes!  

Story Team:

Well- we all know they’ve had quite a month, hm? What with the Damnable Eventline- I mean...Damnable Horde Eventline, being completed- and what an eventline it was, absolutely brilliant, and expansive- and yet they somehow managed to execute it incredibly well, and a round of applause is in order for that! They’re now focusing entirely on the new map, preparing to give the new world- personality and character with cool locations, and events- additionally, as routine- they’re always in the business of running the loremags, and all the player-made submissions flooding in- and reviewing each one in detail, how brilliant indeed! They always manage to pull events off, but are always searching for more Manpower to help run those impressively scaled events- let’s wish them luck for that!

Applications: Open! - Well, what do you know! Isn’t that special! Mainly looking for people more focused on helping with events, like mentioned above- the more they have, the bigger and more impressive they are!

World Team:

Well, I suppose it's only right we say a good farewell to Grool, our favourite World Admin, is stepping down from his position as admin, to manager- due to time constraints and such, but he was a great administrator, and deserves a good farewell, and wish him luck in his manager position! (And worry not, and new admin will be selected soon! Stay tuned!) As for World Team- Doing the best they’ve ever done! - in their own words, they’ve been working tirelessly on the map, we’re about to properly inhabit- and what an incredible- awe-astounding work of art it is, with some of the most impressive builds I’ve ever seen on a server, made only in six months, no less! - and to all who can hear me, yes! It’s all made custom- completely from scratch! How incredible is that? - They’ve apparently had a great sense of teamwork recently, and that makes me overjoyed to hear such- let’s hope their exemplary work will continue! For now though, with the release of Almaris, their focus will be on the Economy and resource nodes, Building new and immersive locations, to keep you in this incredible world, and preventing from landscars, hopefully…(*shudders from Arcas flashbacks*) but let’s give them a standing ovation for that!

Applications: Open! - Well, that’s good news, but in all seriousness, they want to strive to maintain the beauty of the map, they’ve strived and toiled to create for so long, and anyone who’d be willing to help them this way- will always be welcome in their ranks!


Community Spotlight

Bright, committed, and talented people fill our community. With the community spotlight, we highlight one individual that stands out this month. This player engages the laid-back attitude, charitable spirit, and proactive nature hailed in our community guidelines. For this reason, we congratulate them for their hard-earned achievements!

Gamegage! A.k.a Sergeant Heath Linnord, Flynn Moore!

I mean, have you seen his videos?

If you’ve not been keeping up with current events as of late, I’ll give you a refresher- a player on LoTC, and a friend of mine from Helena, Gamegage- decided to create a youtube channel called “LOTC Narrator.” in which he makes dubbed sketches accompanied with edited videos of real time roleplay, featuring his ISA (Imperial State Army) Persona, the Pompous Heath Linnord, currently a Sergeant in the Army- these videos are hilarious, and are enjoyed across all of the server, so I thought it only fitting to gift him with the recognition he deserves, oh- and make sure to check out his channel for updates on new episodes!



Most Recent VIP’s: $$$

The truth is…. that without the funds to cover our monthly costs we cannot support this wonderful experience. I think I speak for all of us when I say, thank you! to our wonderful contributors. To the greatest new VIP contributors this month we bid our humble gratitude and a spotlight in our newsletter...and the winner is…….multiple players! We’ve a list of four people who’ve generously helped our server grow, these are…

  • Tainted_Ace

  • Diaolos

  • Jubbice

  • Clockyyyyyyyyy

Our Biggest Donators of recent days, as of this month!

We on the staff teams of LoTC, would like to personally thank you, for all your contribution to this server, without people like you, we don’t know where we’d be! So, I say to you now, the reader, if you know any of these players or are good friends, either OOCly or Irp, make sure to thank them the next time you see them, for their generous contribution!


The Creative Quarter: Skins!

One thing that never ceases to amaze me on LoTC is the skins. We’ve got so many skinners, all very talented and unique, who produce, dare I say it- some of the finest skins of any public minecraft server around! So, for this month, I’ve decided to pick a skinner who really deserves praise for the incredible content they produce, that keeps our server deep in roleplay immersion, and this month, our skinner award goes to…...Gleeshers! 


Gleeshers, had been a great skinner here on LoTC for some time now, never ceasing to amaze with her unique style, and shading technique...trust me, a skin from her is far too good to miss, so let’s give a round of applause to this outstanding skinner! May their work continue to amaze forevermore!

Portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/gleeshers/


Roleplay Spotlight:

When we think roleplay often we look to our fantastic Minecraft experience. Nonetheless! We are proud of you, our authors, who produce innumerable works—none the lesser, many are amusing, stimulating, and impactful. We’ve chosen one among the many creative posts this month.

[PK] The Murder of a Palmer:

Link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/195453-pk-the-murder-of-a-palmer/?tab=comments#comment-1798561

A Brilliantly written PK post, by our own camocat9 from the Community Team, let’s give him a round of applause for his creative writing skills, and his beautiful wording in a PK post, as something to be remembered and treasured forevermore,  he says a hearty farewell to Garett Palmer Junior, a carpenter, who he’s played for a while, until a tragic murder...




In all honesty, I’d like to take some time to thank you all for making this Community a Pleasant experience for me, I’m still quite new to the server- as compared to some of you veterans, but every moment I’ve spent here has been brilliant- and documenting it all through this has been absolutely fantastic!

We on the Community Team, strive to help develop and maintain the wonderful Community that surrounds the server, and to our best, to make sure it’s constantly the greatest it can possibly be! In this tradition, I ask you now to take some time to fill out the feedback form below, to tell me and the team, what you enjoyed about this newsletter, what you didn’t like- and what you’d like to see in the future! Until then, this is BenjiBot_ signing off, and wishing you all a wonderful day!

Feedback Form:


Have fun, take care, and thank you all,


LotC Community Team.

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Whohooo, anazing work!

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Good job Benji!!!!!

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Much love. Thank you ❤️ 


For anyone hoping to commission me in the future:

I treasure roleplay. You can find Lottie Broche setting up a store in Helena very soon! Come see me to talk about a custom outfit for your character. No mina? no problem. We will work something out. 


Stay kind, friends~

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I love this!! ❤️

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