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A Wintery Celebration

Venym Nyx

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The Orvars of Hethnar, in the Northern reaches of Norland, invite

those interested in celebrating a winter event - to bring the snow in to

prepare for the coming cold.




[An invitation, posted neatly upon a large piece of parchment paper, would be sent all throughout Almaris to any and all those interested in reading. The hand writing is neat, along with colourful drawings that surrounded the borders of the paper to signify it's importance.]


~ * ~



For those who wish to indulge in the culture of the Gorundyr to celebrate a birth, a binding of marriage, a celebration of a


new Gorundyr joining, as well as a sacred ritual and festival of the winter coming-


Come to Hethnar, North of Varhelm- capitol to Norland - and spend time with it's people!


In this celebration, the Gorundyr people aim to host a good time, drinks, foods, games, and rituals


to take part in, or merely watch as it happens. The celebration is to take place within the


tavern of Hethnar, due North with an ice eagle statue near it's entrance, as well as the burning


of the largest tree right out front.




Come, join us in our happiness, spend time with our locals, and stay awhile!


All are welcome, and everyone may stay as long as they like!


~ * ~


Signed and officiated by the Jarls of Hethnar, Northern reaches of Norland



((For OOC information, the event will be on Saturday, 10am EST. 12/19/2020. Coords: -1631, 115, -2936))

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Balrog scratches his beard before nodding with approval upon reading the letter, pausing a moment before slamming his pickaxe against the stone, grunting as he leans down, pulling a single piece of quartz from the crack made in the stone.

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As the frost settles in the hamlets of Elysium, the Count of Elysium receives the missive of the celebration. He gazes to the frozen wheels of the carts before him,  and was amidst the act of pouring boiling hot water to thaw the ice. He muses, thinking of the revelry to come, and hurries his dispatches of supplies and aid to Henthar. 

" We shall be in attendance "  

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Avalor brought the parchment to his eyes, glancing over it quickly before setting it down with a grin, thinking of the many new faces who would taste his brews. "I cannot wait!" He muttered to himself, then thinking for a moment. "I sure hope I can get myself out of bed in time" 

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Snorri squints as his eyes skim over every word written on the parchment. While reading, he keeps on brushing the horns of a High Ram without giving due attention.  "Henthar...North...Norland... Drinks and food? Ah betteh bring t'is piece o' parchment t'ah wan o' moi kin s'ah t'ey can read t'e details but et looks loike ah feast t'ah me!" He exclaims, his voice booming throughout the Urguani Royal Stables.

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Silas, clutching his newly-born child, observes as a bird swoops down before him, his Silver Falcon following along and squawking playfully. He smiles to the bird, taking the parchment in one hand and opening it slowly. He reads over the contents with an approving gaze "I'm glad they're getting on well."

He looks down to his sleeping baby

"Perhaps we will go. Won't we, Sylvia?"

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