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[!] A bird is sent away from the resplendent walls of Karinah'siol, carrying an intricately and lavishly embroided letter for its intended recipient, a distant Aldin who aimlessly roams the land of Athera.






Serving Silver Oncemore

Issued from the office of the Sohaer

2nd of Snow's Maiden, 7 SA

To a distant Aldin,


A Mali’thill estranged is a Mali’thill for shame, is an adage I firmly believe for warranting the prosperity of our blessed people in these trying, yet hopeful times. It is self-evident that the wisdom of those long past are necessary in paving a better course for the future - after all, what is progress without reflection? 


You know very well why I write to you now, servant of Silver. Your record is one enviable to ordinary 'thill while your reputation precedes you all the more. I am well aware of your military exploits in bringing about the very conception of this Republic, and invigorating it in its hopeful infancy when no one else could. In retrospect, it is tragic, that you sought departure for your own pursuits so abruptly despite your pivotal purpose. I daresay it is the callousness that comes with time, to be blunt, for Elmaehr'sae Hiylun'ehya is an eternal pledge that ought never be neglected, a perpetual labour of love.


I give you this proposition: if you wish to prove your worth to the children of Silver again in their time of need, there is a no better time than now. The city hinges on stagnation with many years of neglect, for our beliefs have been muddied by the Azdrazi while our people gradually succumb to liberalism. Since my ascension, I have taken it upon myself to rectify these misdeeds through a return to purity for Elcihi’thilln. An arduous task to say the least, and for that I require competence not merely from within the city, but without.


And for that, Kaelan Aldin, you are called upon by Silver to serve Silver once more.


- Sohaer Arelyn Iyathir




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To El Sohaer,


I am unfamiliar with the talonnii name Iyathir, neither am I particularly familiar with yourself. I have proven my worth to el'cihi'thilln on multiple occasions and although many believe I may have much more to prove, I would beg to differ. However, saddens me to hear that the city hinges on stagnation and has been neglected, furthermore, who am I? A servant of silver to refuse the calling of el'Sohaer. 

I will put my affairs in order before joining the Silver State once more. 


Maehr'sae Hilyun'ehya.


- Kaelan Aldin

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