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Blazengard Government Elections

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Mayors of Blazengard: 

        The “peoples speaker” of each Town within Blazengard, they are responsible for the upkeep and management of their districts. Each Mayor is given reports from there stewards about taxation. The Mayors are also tasked with planning events and parties within the designated festival area. They report their taxes and events up to the sovereign and also report any problems the people may have or suggestions to improve the area. Mayors are also tasked with looking over business applications from citizens or merchants that wish to set up a business within their designated districts.


The Grand Architect: 

        The Grand Architect is solely tasked with the upkeep of the town, they plan expansions, organize construction, and repairs of the town's walls, buildings, and land overall. They report any damages or repairs that need fixing and produce an estimated cost along with a list of materials required to fix it.


Master of Ships: 

        The master of ships is responsible for the upkeep of the town's ports and its ships. The master of ships examines any new ships to authenticate their functionality when sailing. They are also tasked with repairing damaged ships and purchasing items that may help improve its use.


Grand Chief of The Sun State Order: 

        The Grand Chief is tasked with the protection of the town and all its people. As such they are expected to build defenses , train the soldiers, and keep the town safe from bandits or invaders. As such the Grand Chief has an underlying hierarchy of Knights and soldiers under her/him.



        Stewards are tasked with collecting taxes  which they will give to the mayor after filling out a form showing which housing, business’s  , and stalls have and haven’t  payed.



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If interested in applying for one of theses positions fill out the form bellow:

Keep in mind that you must be a citizen or affiliated to run!



RP Name:

What Position You'd like to run for:

Current Occupation:

Experience that may help:

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IGN: recrofine

RP Name: Cain Ambrose Maddox

What Position You'd like to run for: Grand Chief of The Sun State Order

Current Occupation: Citizen

Experience that may help: I was apart of Norland's Kings Guard, as well as the Darrowmere Guard force. I just generally have a lot of experience when it comes to this sort of thing.  I for some reason enjoy both crp and pvp, fights and training and I have had many great examples of military leadership to work off of, including Ace. But all flattery aside I just feel that I would be able to handle what comes with the job description.

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IGN: TakeMeT0TheG00n

RP Name: Alexander Jameson

What Position You'd like to run for: Grand Chief of The Sun State Order

Current Occupation: Citizen/Guard

Experience that may help: When I found Blazengard on an absolute whim, I was absolutely in love. The town, the scenery, and the people in it. It took no time at all for me to move into a house and contribute all I could to the town. I saw it grow from a single house into a thriving town, and I think that opportunity was best seized. I've had experience with things like this, and I will work to make Blazengard a safe haven for all. I greatly enjoy management, and I do think this job can fit me well. 


All things aside; I do think I can handle what tasks come up as the Grand Chief of The Sun State Order. Blazengard is my safe place- you can run into me on the streets, most likely doing my rounds as a guard. I want Blazengard to be a safe place for other people, as well, and I believe I can make it that.

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IGN: Emerald_Minestar

RP Name: Lord Ithilien ‘The Mad’

What Position You'd like to run for: Steward

Current Occupation: Citizen

Experience that may help: Friend with the Haenseni high steward Edward Amador. Lord of the now fallen realm of Moravia.

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RP Name: Serylda Tybur

What Position You'd like to run for: Grand Architect

Current Occupation: Knight & Blacksmith (willing to drop either or both if needed, haven't done much work as either)

Experience that may help: I would consider myself a good builder in many of my single player worlds, where I like to go in creative and just build, I feel like I have what it takes to plan out city designs as well as laying down boundaries where things belong and fitting housing appropriately on roads. Seeing that Blazengard has a very large area, I feel like it has a lot of opportunity for expansion and addition for venues that would appeal to people to create more opportunity.

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