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Campaign of Durorn Ireheart



When the rare new dwarf walks into our Grand Kingdom, all they see is a ghost town. Our halls run empty and the hum of hammers against steel ring silent. Our Grand King has been absent, and no member of the council beyond Dhaen Grandaxe has moved to fill this void. Urguan needs someone with fresh ideas, not weighed down from the past of previous administrations. Not weighed down from the ideas of what can, or will not be. I believe this individual is me, Durorn Ireheart, who holds the initiative to bring a return to stability and a potential golden age for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is time for Urguan to stamp its mark back into international affairs, it is time for Urguan to take back control. It is time for Durorn Ireheart. 





The worker’s guild is the backbone of Urguanian society. Without the workers of Urguan we are nothing. Their daily contributions are what keeps the Grand Kingdom progressing and prepared for any event. For this reason, the Worker’s Guild should be given jurisdiction over all resource gathering activities such as mining, woodcutting, farms, stables and animal pens. To cage up the Worker’s Guild to only the mines would lead to inefficiencies in our logistics and stockpiling. In terms of support, the Worker’s Guild should work alongside the Grand King and the council to ensure that the Worker’s of Urguan are treated and compensated fairly for their contributions to the Grand Kingdom. I myself had humble origins in the Worker’s Guild as both a miner and a smith, I empathize with those who work so hard to keep our nation afloat. 



The Clinic is a necessity in our nation for it heals the sick and wounded, and more importantly our wounded warriors. The Clinic allows for new facets of work for dwarves to delve into. In order to foster the curiosity of new medical staff, I wish to work closely with Mica Grandaxe, the Head of the Clinic, to create a Medical School for Urguan. So outsiders and dwarves alike can come to Urguan and seek medical teachings from some of the best medics in the world. The Clinic also has an international aspect to it. Our ally, Haense, is renowned for its clinic program and cooperation between the Haensetian and Urguanian clinic can build our relations with Haense but also bring visitors to medical meetings in Urguan.



The guild that has the most significant impact on Urguanian society and the Grand  Kingdom. A nation is only as safe as it’s military and policing force. As Grand King, I will be able to use my experience as a Legion Commander, Grand Champion, and Grand Marshal to make sure that Urguan is safe from all external forces that may seek our demise. It is important for our Legion to be ready and prepared for any defense of our Grand Kingdom. The Legion of Urguan should also become a symbol of dwarven strength and power on the international stage. Joint-practices with our allies in the Iron Accord will only allow us to become stronger and more prepared for any circumstance. 



The Grand Merchant for too long has become a “tax collector”. Back in Asulon and Anthos, the Grand Merchants of Urguan were some of the richest descendents alive. The Grand Merchant was much more than just a “tax collector” and they led some of the richest institutions in the world. This in turn helps Urguan prosper and gain wealth. I trust Dhaen Grandaxe with these tasks to lead The Merchant Guild of Urguan so that we may once again prosper. The Merchant Guild should include tasks such as establishing trade agreements between other nations, controlling the nation’s finances, selling dwarven goods and crafts to other nations, and the collection of taxes. 



Smaller guilds should still be encouraged within the nation even if they are not Royal Guilds. I hope to encourage new guilds to grow and be created. This allows Dwarves with a multitude of things to do and most importantly, do what they enjoy. 





For too long our current leadership has forgotten our allies in the Iron Accord. When I talk to my dear friends in Haense, they feel as if the alliance is only an alliance on paper with no real intention of true friendship. Our allies in the Iron Accord should be valued and cooperated with. I plan to go on many trips to improve our national relations with both the nations of Haense and Norland, so that we may increase cooperation between our nations. More importantly, I wish for Urguan to become the spearhead of the alliance so that we may host meetings for our allies. This will bring visitors and foreigners to our once empty halls of Urguan. The Iron Accord allows us to also cooperate militarily with each other but also allows us an easy way to set up agreements and cooperation between our guilds.  The Iron Accord can also help us in the defense of our territory.

[OOC NOTE: Due to the low influx of dwarven players from whitelist applications, another steady way of bringing in new dwarves is through showing foreigners our culture and making dwarven RP seem interesting & enjoyable. This will encourage people to create and try out dwarven roleplay]



To deal with the threat of possible external forces, it is important that we fortify our lands with the construction of forts in strategic locations. This is important so that we can defend our Grand Kingdom against any foe that threatens our beloved nation. We will also need to strengthen the legion, which I will be involved in personally, so that we can act swiftly in a time of crisis. With these precautions in place, we will be able to fend off any enemies of Urguan. I want to be able to protect our borders and be able to hold claim over the Mountains of Urguan and ensure the claims to our borders are not challenged.





With improved foreign relations we can work to hold festivals and events so that our halls may be filled with visitors. Our halls should not be empty, instead they should be full of merchants and visitors and become the center of Almaris. I hope if I become Grand King that I could work closely with the clergy, Norli Starbreaker, and the tavern, Levian’Tol Grandaxe, so we can throw the best religious feasts and ceremonies. These feasts and festivals should not just be limited to being held in the capital city, but also be held in Hefrumm.



As Grand King I do not plan to favor just the dwarves who live under the mountain, but Urguan as a whole. A Grand King should represent all people in Urguan, including the Forest Dwarves. For this reason, I hope to encourage Hefrumm to host events and feasts for their religious ceremonies and paragon, Bjor Cottonwood. Not only this but Hefrumm should be given more autonomy to do what Hefrumm does best. I am not a forest dwarf, nor do I live in Hefrumm, but the High Chief knows what is the best course of action for Hefrumm. Due to this, the Chief of Hefrumm should be given more authority to enact the things that they believe will do good for the people for Hefrumm. Also, the High Chief of Hefrumm is only limited to one singular vote, which is an unfair representation of the clans of Hefrumm. It is my intention to right this inequality, and allow the High Chief’s vote to count for as many forest dwarf clans in Hefrumm that meet the voter eligibility. This will allow a fair representation of Hefrumm and it’s people in the regular council meetings. 



The Land Lease Act has affected my clan personally, and my Grandaxe friends have spoken to me about their elderly plight. With Norli as a strong supporter of it when it first passed, it has caused many repercussions for large clans. My clan has outgrown their clan hall and so was seeking to gain land in Urguan for a settlement. Upon asking, our clan father was told to pay a hefty down payment plus pay taxes on the settlement. This forced us to move away from Urguan and find territory in the nation of Krugmar, for free. It seems to me that this deal has also affected other elder clans such as the Grandaxes, where elders of the clan are forced to live in the slums of Urguan. At the same time us dwarves have to pay for land, the Edict was given land for free for their own use in our nation. I will not allow this to happen under my reign and instead take care of my dwarves. I plan to hopefully edit this act and lower the prices for owning land in Urguan for groups of  individuals and clans.



For a long time now, the council has been a symbol of constant bickering and inefficiency. Council meetings last many stone hours without getting anything effectively done. I hope to effectively wield the council so that our meetings can be drastically shortened while getting stuff done. I want to sit down and mediate a new version of the Articles of Urguan instead of placing the burden on one man 3 times and the system not working once.


It is important for any extra mina to be invested directly into the Grand Kingdom again. We should invest our mina into expanding the mines, farms, and mills we have as well as implementing ferries in our port. This infrastructure is crucial for Urguan to develop a bustling economy as well as allow visitors to visit easier. Forts and Defenses also need to be built so that we can organize the defenses of our territory from anymore aggressions that our enemies may plan. I hope to bring life to the dying Architecture Guild and finding a notable replacement for the preceding Grand Architects. 



Our economy as dwarves should not solely rely on the collection of taxes. As dwarves, we create the finest works of smithing as well as the best brews. We should use our excellent craftsmanship to excel in places like international trade. Setting up shops in foreign nations so that all descendents may know of the quality of dwarven made goods. The Merchant’s Guild will be in close contact with me so as to work with the Grand King to create a prosperous future for the Kingdom. I also want to develop our own coin and be able to not only keep it in Urguan, but also spread it to our allies in Haense and Norland as well as our close neighbors Vaeylia. 



It is time for dwarves to stand united for a common goal, the betterment of Urguan. Feuds between the Grandaxes and the Metalfists did no good for the Urguan except divide two great clans. Division is not good, and we can learn from our history that dwarves should not fight between themselves, but stand united for a common cause and the defense of our Grand Kingdom. With me on the throne, I will do my best to mediate petty feuds that may cause division within our Kingdom.



Durorn Ireheart, Commander of the Legion and Grand Champion and Elder of Clan Ireheart


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Bernabeu Ireheart slowly nods as he'd read through the Grand King's agenda "Dat es da roig't mindset ov a Grand Kunnek!"

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Thorla Ireheart would be in awe at the amazing hand writing


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                                                                                    Agnar Ireheart nods in approval.

                                          "A vote fer Durorn is ah vote towards deh pat' of great prosperity fer our Kingdom."



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Dwain frowns upon reading adn see many issues.


"Interestin, ders already a coinage being made.... he dunne seems tui know whuts goin on."

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Aghuid Ireheart lets out a grumble as he reads the document, tapping off the ashes of his cigaar and taking a sip of his beer "hmph, t'es readen lessons en t'e loibrareh 're payen off. looks loike Durorn cannae 'elp but lose." He'd then set dwon the missive and get back to smoking and drinking in the Queens Bounty alone, within a smoky haze.

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"Aye.. ah laahk this'un." The grumbler stated. "Yus goh' potential, lahd. Push iht."

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Mao Blackroot smiles as he reads the agenda "A' like tha 'e es transparent about 'es plans fer 'efrumm."

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Mica reads over the plans for the clinic again to make sure “A health nation makes a strong nation, I agree with anyone who supports the clinic”  sets down the sheet and returns to her sewing 

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