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The Aurdan System of Prosecution

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Penned by Godwin Euclid de Aurdan

Enacted on The Fifteenth of Tobias' Bounty, 1804




Section One: Structure

I. The Office of the State Prosecution, henceforth referred to as The OSP, shall be comprised of the following four positions:


II: The Clerical Staff, or Law-Clerks:

i: The position of entry-level status for all OSP entrants, The Clerical Staff shall provide general support for the function of the office.


ii: The Clerical Staff shall be subject to promotion after the successful production of at minimum five (5) subpoenas and the accompaniment of a State Prosecutor to at minimum two (2) in-court trials and preliminary hearings.


iii: The Clerical Staff is to be compensated on a commissioned basis, monetary rewards being provided in direct accordance with contributions to The OSP.


III: The State Prosecution, or State Prosecutors

i: The State Prosecution shall be responsible for managing the law clerk(s) assigned to them and reporting their work provided to the case to the Ministry of Justice administration.


ii: The State Prosecution shall be responsible for trying criminals to the full extent of the law within their right without significant reliance on the Ministry of Justice administration.


iii. The State Prosecutions shall be required to take The Euclidean Oath prior to serving their office in any capacity.


iv: The State Prosecution is to be compensated on an annual basis, in accordance with The OSP budget.

IV: The Assistance, or The Assistant Attorney-General

i: The Assistant Attorney General is to be responsible for providing general facilitation for The Attorney General in all his duties.


ii: This assistance may take the form of delegation of work to lower staff, or recruitment of entrants to The OSP.


iii: The Assistant Attorney-General is to be compensated in an identical manner to The State Prosecution.

V: The Management, or The Attorney-General

i: The attorney general is to serve duly as the lead state prosecutor for The Ministry of Justice and as the general manager of all OSP functions.


ii: The Attorney General is to be responsible with ensuring the influx of new clerical staff to the ministry, as well as their respective promotion of office.

Section Two: Duties

I: The OSP is to be tasked with the prosecution of all criminals under Orenian jurisdiction to the full extent of The Oren Revised Code.


i: This prosecution shall be both swift and thorough in its processes and execution.


ii. This prosecution shall so too be fair and unbiased in the eyes of the law on all levels including in representation and adjudication.


II: The OSP is to be responsible with the fluid and proper communication with her companion branches in The Ministry of Justice, ensuring that all relevant information (including evidence) be delivered to her employees.


The Euclidean Oath

         I do solemnly swear that I will support the law of The Holy Orenian Empire on behalf of The Crown, and of any local jurisdictions herein; that I will honestly demean myself in the practice of law; that I will perform my prescribed duties to my clients to the best of my ability; and, that I will conduct myself with integrity and civility in dealing and communicating with the court and all parties, so help me GOD.

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