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Community Team Update - January 2021-

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January 2021





Hello! So we are staying in the flow of things in the area of applications, once again almost double numbers compared to last month. Those numbers are really reaching top numbers we don't see very often. Definitely good to see these growing numbers. In terms of the team we are rebuilding. With a complete change of management the past few months and the addition of 8 members to the team the team focus firstly is on getting everything together before we pick up on projects again. It's definitely been a hectic month, but I must say we have come out much stronger as a team. Application response times have gone down to in most cases only a few hours. Which is truly amazing to see. I am really looking forward to next month and all the projects that February awaits. I hope you are as excited as I am! 





- Overview -


 This month, we saw a total of 420 apps handled, with 201 new players welcomed onto LotC. Maintaining our accepted/denied ratio that is some below 50/50.  Overall, it's been a crazy month for apps as we never had so many apps in one month since a while.  





- Accepted/Denied Ratios -







- Race Specific Data -






















- Application Team Data -









This month’s Application Queen goes to @Demon_Lilly





Followed behind by @Suicidium and @JokerLow !


With 129 applications, @Demon_Lilly  is our reigning application queen of January!






Community Administrator


Community Managers


Community Team Members










Content Creation Members


Changes in the Roster

@Ark- Got promoted to Manager

@snoopie12 - Got promoted to Manager

@zuziee - Got removed

@FIXER957 - Stepped down

@Fie - Stepped down
@Hopesky123 - Stepped down

@Luminaire - Got accepted onto the team

@Ivoreyy - Got accepted onto the team

@Evonpire - Got accepted onto the team

@Hyped--Angel - Got accepted onto the team

@latteTM - Got accepted onto the team

@audyush - Got accepted onto the team

@Cobbler - Got accepted onto the team

@__Soph - Got accepted onto the team





Battle of the Arts/Crusade of the Creative - @Demon_Lilly @__TigerKitty__

Battle of the Arts and Crusade of the Creative have been merged with Creative Cafe and all will be hosted by our new Art Conquest people, big thanks for Demon_Lilly and __TigerKitty__ to step up for the job. We are reorganising the way some of these work, but it surely is to be an exciting thing to look forward to! 


Wiki Caretakers - @HogoBojo & @JokerLow

Howdy everyone! The Wiki Caretakers have been continuing our work on maintaining, updating, and adding new information to the Wiki. As always, we believe that the Wiki is very important, and we want players to use it as a prime reliable source of information. You can find the individual updates of each member below. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, or need anything else related to the Wiki then please contact one of the Wiki Caretakers.


As of January, I have kept working on updating main wiki pages and getting new people accounts. One major thing that I have done is the creation of a future discord to come, that will be used to ease the communication barrier between players and Wiki Operators, thus giving us a better way to understand each other. Alongside @Luminaire, I have also been able to gather the needed information for some nations to have their pages updated. Our focus is marked on the important wiki pages being updated for players to use, sometime soon we'll plan on adding the freshly accepted magics.

Prizes - @snoopie12

Heya, so since this month I have easier access to mina and so all mina prizes from previous events have been paid if they weren’t yet. This makes processes of getting rewards faster and you will get your hands on your sweet prize sooner. More events are to come and more prizes to win so get ready! 


Media Team - @peachcool, @Treshure @snoopie12

Due to internal team circumstances we sadly still haven't been able to start on the Social Media. We are currently still looking into this and how beneficial social media actually are. I hope to give a more detailed update on this next month. 


Community Meetings - @snoopie12

Hello all! When I am writing this we have a Community Meeting planned, or it already happened. In the last case I look forward to the next one. As you might have seen Community Meetings are changing a bit so communication stays clear. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to DM me! 


Application Standards - @Luminaire, @Evonpire and @Ivoreyy

Hello all, marb here. Myself and others have begun working on changing and improving the current standards upheld on whitelist applications. The goal of this is ultimately to ensure that different Community Team members apply the same standards to applicants, and are fully informed on what to research properly when handling applications. This is to help avoid lore mistakes being looked over, as well as making sure that racial appearance guides are followed as they are described in lore. What also ties into this is reviewing the current guidelines for whitelist applications, and changing them accordingly so that they are clearer, and fewer mistakes are made by applicants. This is a small project which will be handled internally within the team, but something the people who track whitelist applications are sure to notice.


Player Retention - All Community Staff

As most of you might have noticed @Treshure recently brought out a concerning report. When we are looking through all the reactions and suggestions one question clearly stands out. The most asked question is what we are going to do with this now. Now, we obviously don't have an all detailed ‘what to do with player retention plan’ laying around for these situations. And so I ask for a bit of your patience while staff looks over options and changes we can make to benefit the server. But I can assure you, we are determined to get better numbers and make the server grow more. A concrete example of what we are doing looking from community team perspective is focussing on revamping Monk Guidance and new player integration to make it run smoother and make people stick around more often. 





Last month was about continuing to improve the team and roll out some more projects. In this process we regrouped under new management and brought in some new members. 


Last Month’s Goals

Our goals for January where to keep improving the team and roll out some more projects. 


This Month’s Goals

The goals for February are to fully enroll our new members into the team and get the ball rolling. We will be bringing back some old projects as well as starting some new ones with the eye on the player retention. 




If you have any questions or comments about the direction that we are going in, feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to a team member.

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Thank you for this update! and congrats on Application queen @Demon_Lilly! you guys do amazing work keep it up, also those charts of new players/races played surprised me a bit and im unsure why.

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I can't believe my own Manager turned into a repmonster, mein gott.

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lilly holy ****

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o-o i have no comment, CT just too good man

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4 minutes ago, Evonpire said:

I can't believe my own Manager turned into a repmonster, mein gott.

I-i-i-i, I just have so less. All I want is having green numbers. 🥺

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Just now, snoopie12 said:

I-i-i-i, I just have so less. All I want is having green numbers. 🥺

this isn't ok

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12 hours ago, Luminaire said:

lilly holy ****



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12 hours ago, TameFX said:

Thank you for this update! and congrats on Application queen @Demon_Lilly! you guys do amazing work keep it up, also those charts of new players/races played surprised me a bit and im unsure why.

;3 all gooooody

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think you deserve an upvote and a pat on the back

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