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Owyn III before his disappearance






Laurence August Pruvia-Albarosa had faced many trials. Ever since joining the fray of Richard Victor Helvets, he could never run out of enemies to oppose him. From the O’Rourkes over a tavern, Ostromir over land, the Wicks over his Premiership and the Dubois’ over his arrogance: fighting for the system of Kaedrin, and his people, the Crown above him ended his most ancient vassal: killing a nation, but not the fights that it was plagued by. 


Parallel to his Premiership, Laurence rose through the ranks of the Church. For every controversy, he had diligence. For every coalition to oust him, he had a lobby to back him. The determination of his foes to make Laurence’s ambitions untenable was made of iron: no reconciliation, no concession & no plea could make it stop. On the run from the crowd that sought to architect his end: he ran upwards, hoping that new ranks could shield him from the stones thrown beneath. 


Then on that fateful night, when James II had passed, five Cardinals convened to bestow Laurence his greatest responsibility yet: the High Pontificate. They understood as much as Laurence that his problematic reputation would face a challenge, but history proved that his diligence could compensate for it. Surely, they assumed, the normal conventions of diplomacy & honorability would apply for the High Pontiff: if not for him, then for who? 


They misjudged gravely. Spectres of his past became stronger and louder, betrayals became more prominent. As people fatigued in their relentless defense of this legitimate Pontiff, so weakened their will to serve. They weren’t politicians, and they cared too much for the approval of their friends. Even titans of the faith such as Cardinal Benedict could no longer face the Haeseni: the choice between brethren and faith becoming overbearing. 


Diplomacy faltered, concessions ignored over public sentiment. Canonist princes ignoring ecclesiastical law, usurping the Cardinals in deposing Owyn III. None of the crimes had happened: but that did not matter, for he was too disliked for justice. And when he heard that his cardinals, bishops & priests were mercilessly butchered by Haeseni & Orenian troops. He couldn’t justify his existence any longer.


Sending out a letter to all nation leaders and surviving Cardinals, he hid into a cargo carriage and drove off to an undisclosed location. The letter simply read: 






His Holiness the High Pontiff Owyn III has passed away and has been cremated in accordance to his wishes. The College of Cardinals is instructed, by whomever remaining that is capable of exercising this authority, to hold a new election.


I loved Humanity.







[!] A seal displaying Ex. Owyn & Ex. Sigismund 

seals this letter.

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Alexandrina Frederica Pruvia cooed at her youthful cousin, Elisabeth Louise, as she scrutinized the extensive letter delivered to Rosebud House. She'd emit a malicious giggle from behind the fan that conceal her sentiment, "This man has tarnished the Pruvian name..." She'd clench her fist, slamming the paper onto the dining table in resentment, "He will never be a relative of mine." She'd quickly embrace her cousin, "Thank Godan he is gone."

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Elisabeth Louise would smile malevolently at the news, the girl would nod towards Alexandrina Frederica. "He was never related to me." The princess would pause her words, finishing reading the announcement. "Thank GOD, he's gone."


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Theodora Angelica cackled from her resting place.

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Valdemar Vanir would lie in his hospital bed, alone with his thoughts as the world swam around him. His thoughts brought him back a mere few saint's hours ago, when he had struck down a bishop after he had assaulted him with a bottle. He knew not much about the church- as he was only 9 years of age- but he knew. He knew he had ascended to adulthood, at this moment.

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Richard Helvets smiles the sun's smile as his loyal compatriot joins him in the skies above. He was at peace now, and could refrain from the mortal hatred of those who would seek his destruction above all human decency.



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Joseph Gaultier would take a deep breathe as the chaos ridden city of Karosgrad once more is somewhat calm the soldier his grasp around his batton slightly weakening as he shocks home to fall in bed after having read about the dead of Owyn III "'ated or nie 'e wos o' canonist o' oi can only 'ope God might forgive 'im fer possible sins"

A man robbed and masked stands in a dark corner of Karosgrad calmly observing the chaos that has unvailed as a figure whispers to him about the death of the Pontiff the man giving a chuckle that sounds almost insane "They all die like flies on this beautifull day..." the masked figure lets out as he turns to vanish once again into the cover of the shadows

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Somewhere within the Palace Augustine, Robert Foltest Helvets is delivered tidings of the High Pontiffs demise. Immediately he rushes to his chambers, taking a hold of a small disc and placing it carefully into a vinyl player. As the crescendo of music begins to play, Roberts mind is taken aback - that cursed day they had buried his grandfather where his Holiness had stood witness, and the tavern they had visited after as they had shared in their grief over copious amounts of gin and tonic.


Waltzing about his room on his lonesome, he begins to quietly sing a small song in commemoration of Owyn III.



"It's nine o'clock on the 15th of the First Seed, 

Regular crowd shuffles in..

There's a young boy sitting next to me

Makin' love to his first ever tonic and gin.

I ask him: son, can you play me a memory?

I'm not really sure how it goes anymore. 

But it's sad and it's sweet, and I once knew it complete

When I wore my premier's clothes..


La-la-la de-de da

La-la de-de da da-da


Sing us a song, you're now the Kaedreni man

Sing us a song, tonight.

Well we're all in the mood, for melancholy 

And you've got us feeling alright.."

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"To think that these 'men'... vicars of God have become so blinded by the height of their power, that the only way for them to press anything forward is with martyrdom. It only shows how much the cardinals, and bishops has alienated themselves from the common man in their hubris they forgot the virtues of God, to love thy neighbour. Amongst the common folk you would find more respect and understanding than in a church filled with those who should be the subject of veneration. Now these men have tainted the very house of God. Shame on you for being blinded so profoundly! This should be a reminder to all good Canonists that we should humble ourselves in the wake of such a calamity." Gregory Alexejev Bazin, commented as he sat inside the Basilica, observing the carnage left behind by the Church.

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Antonio I looks upon the letter at first with surprise, and then with indifference. "Perhaps now is the time for the healing he has done."

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After saying marriage in providence Javier walks into the back chambers to read the letter, at the sight of it he drops it and collapses to his knees, pain, grief, and anger overwhelm him. "WHY, I was saying marriage IN front of the GENERAL not too long ago. It is one thing to question mortal men trying to interpret the will of GOD. It is ANOTHER THING TO TAKE LIFE FROM THOSE MEN. If it weren't for the wedding I would have still been at the diet, I would have been" Javier then chokes, "Taken to the seven skies sooner than anticipated. I pray for GOD's forgiveness to these attackers. and I pray to the church. May GOD bless you Owyn III, may you find peace in the seven skies. And may the church find strength in these times of weakness and darkness"

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Arthas II, Prince of Norland, would read what appears to be a suicide note suspiciously before muttering to himself,

"Would I be wrong to believe that it is a sin in the eyes of the Church to take your own life?

I do not see why he would such a thing. It doesn't feel quite right to me."

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Ailred just sighs upon hearing the news, too tired to feel anything but world-weary after such a day.

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