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A Frigid Crow [PK]

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Petrysa Ludovar sat alone in her room, the curtains closed and lights unlit. She lay in bed, tears dripping from her face as she sobbed. Grief had left the young woman a wreck, filled with sorrow and pain. Her fiance was missing, having been gone for years at this point, and her younger brother recently killed.

She’d wipe her tears, composing herself as she sat up. The woman looked to her closet, getting up once she felt ready enough. She changed into her yellow dress, putting her fur around her- a gift from her fiance when she was young. She slipped gloves onto her fingers and did her hair as she looked into the mirror. Her fingers gripped the edge of the vanity, only letting go as she pushed herself away from it. She took a dagger before leaving her room, walking out and off into the city of Karosgrad.

She’d walk out of the city, hands clenched into fists as her fingers shook, with thoughts racing through her head. Her gaze was set downwards, watching her feet and where she stepped. She walked out of the city, and off into the forest that surrounded the city. The air was frigid, and she knew she shouldn’t be out there, lest she froze.

A light flurry had started as she thought of old things from when she was young, such as the time her family had hunted a moose in the forests that surrounded Johnstown. A sad smile crossed her face as she remembered the area, filled with wheat fields and thatched roofs.

Memories raced as she delved deeper into the forest, picking up her dress just enough as to not trip. She recalled the time her cousin, Aleksandra, had gotten drunk while visiting Oren when they were barely teenagers, and the time she’d beaten her younger brother in a fight at a Kaedreni festival.

She stopped in her tracks, looking around the area she was in. None was familiar, and she was quite lost. Many of her tracks were covered as the flurry grew worse, leaving her with no way to get home. Her breath grew heavy as she knew what this meant for her, something she wanted but suddenly began to fear.

She sat next to a tree, leaning against it as she looked into the sky, stars shining in the night time. Tears began to flow down her face as her body grew colder.

“I… I’m sorry. I will see vy one day, Archie."

Upon the next day, the woman would still be gone from her home, and would not be returning. Her body sat against that same tree, frozen in the cold with her hands clenched to her chest.

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Acolyte Vladrick Ludovar would sit in silence in the basilica, He'd be praying for the souls of his late Cousins, Father Jakob Karl and now Petrysa. "GODAN, Grant forgiveness to Petrysa" he'd state to the empty church. For he began to cry having lost two close relatives within a week of each other.

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Kazimar Hieromar Ludovar would sit by a crackling fire in his keep as he sipped some hot tea. "First my dear brother, now my sister... This has been quite a terrible year...terrible indeed." he'd mutter to himself as he put down the tea cup with his shaky hands. "Why Godan did they have to die so soon." he'd cry out, shedding a tear. "I pray that vy both can rest easy in the Seven Skies." the man says, signing the lorraine cross.

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After hours of searching, Aleksandra Ludovar, accompanied by her younger brother, Vladrick Ludovar, finally managed to find the corpse of Petrysa, though it was already too late--their dear cousin had already departed from their world. Aleksandra would not--no, she could not believe the fate of her dear cousin until a medic had confirmed her state. Thus, the soldier lifted the body of Petrysa over her soldier and returned to the capital of Karosgrad


After William Carolus's confirmation of Petrysa's death, Aleksandra sobbed alongside the hospital cot. Though the soldier was embarassed by her public display of such emotions, she could not contain her grief.


After managing to calm herself down a bit, Aleksandra rose to her feet and lifted Petrysa's corpse into her arms. She moved out of the clinic and out of the gates towards the County of Otistadt. There, Aleksandra dug a grave for her beloved cousin, just beside the grave of the recently passed Jakob Karl Ludovar, Petrysa's younger brother. There, she lay her cousin to rest with a simple prayer.


"'Till we meet again," she remarked, taking one last glimpse of Petrysa's frozen body. "But I shall take my time," she assured, before gently piling dirt atop the corpse.


Though the loss of two cousins in two Saint's Days pained her, Aleksandra found some comfort in burying the two siblings beside one another. Though she knew perfectly well that she would one day join them in the Seven Skies, Aleksandra was not ready yet. 


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Stanimar Ludovar returns from his long time absence, taking a brief stop at the keep while nobody was home. He walked around the lands with a smile spread across his face for what his family had built up, he paid his respects to his recently passed brother before starting off on a new journey to find his 'lost' sister...

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Father Jakob welcomes his elder sister as she enters the seven skies with open arms. Together, the pair could watch their families from above. Although happy to see her with him, he'd hope that the others wouldn't follow suit just yet.

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