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Racial Justice Guild

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The Racial Justice Guild is now reopening!


[!] Flyers for the Guild have been scattered across Almaris,

some with more tattered quality than others.





So, what is the Racial Justice Guild?


The Racial Justice Guild was created to create equality all across Almaris for everyone, big and small.

We may host protests or try to schedule hearings with leaders of nations to discuss these issues face to face,

with many more events to celebrate Almaris' diversity to come in the future!



How do we do that?


Under new leadership, the guild will make a movement worthy of nations' notice!

Planning events will also make sure that every voice is heard, and every

option and opinion is taken into consideration to give the best experience to all!




Who can join?


Great question! Everyone of all ages is allowed to submit an application!

Come visit us at Rina 4, in Sutica!

Applicants will then have their submission reviewed, and if accepted, will be notified!


We at the Racial Justice Guild hope you join us in changing Almaris for the better!







The Racial Justice Guild insignia is drawn on the back of the flyer, accompanied by the motto: 'Nobody is equal until everybody is.'









Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to consider joining the guild! Unfortunately, when the guild first began,

it quickly died out of popularity. But that's over, as we plan on having fully committed people to the cause. 

if you would like to join, send PixlHoopa or GhuntherQuiller a message in game, or contact me personally at

Pixl#9312 on Discord!


If responding to this post as an application, please use the following format:



MC Username:

Discord (if applicable):





Reason for applying:





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"Seems awfully similar to something else that's been around for centuries. Also very ironic that it's set in the most racially oppressive capitals on Almaris."

The Bibliothecar of The Crimson Edict hums, moving on with her day.

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"R-racial J-justice?" A grimmy Waldenian peasant of low-born stalk would say as he notices Haelun'or on the piece of parchment, "Coming from.. High Malin? They must have lost their minds!"

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"At Elibar'acal Memorial Square? Azorella is turning in her grave." Haskir chuckles.

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The Sohaer of Haelun'or blinks upon reading the missive.


"The audacity."

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"So, , , so , , confused." muttered out the brown haired elfess, April Vallei'onn.

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Nugget is waiting desperately for the punch line. 

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"Racial justice? What an odd idea," commented noncommittal racist Velsyni Indoren.

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7 hours ago, Lhindir_ said:

The Silver Lions prepare for enacting 'racial justice'. 


God bless.


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“A guild about racial injustice? And they didn’t speak to me about hosting it in the square? There shall be something done about this.” The Okarir’Mali scoffed before crumbling the missive and tossing it in the fireplace of the inns lobby



Ooc: This is hilarious to have it in Haelun’or! Looking forward to the rp around it. Great post! 😄


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17 hours ago, Dimitri_P said:

brb making the racism guild

Can i join



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