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[!] The following letter is delivered to the Right Honorable Representative Keaghan Armas via courier in the late hours of the night. Its sloppy seal, enclosing a letter within a dirty, torn envelope, bears the sigil of House Carrion


To the Rt. Hon. Representative Keaghan Armas,


Your insults towards my friends and I are a trespass that I will not see go without swift contrition on your behalf.


Under the procedures of old, I challenge you to a duel to first blood. It will be conducted using pistol crossbows, unless you object, upon which we may switch to blades. It is also up to you to have a second. Find a suitable time between the next Godfrey’s Triumph and Tobias’ Bounty for this business to be conducted- I have already selected the location. We shall duel in the square of Providence, before the gates, so you may be quickly rushed to the infirmary upon my victory. Worry not, we duel only to blood, for I will not paint the streets crimson by aiming for a killing blow.


You are a dishonorable cur who has neither a place within government, nor on the streets of this fine city. I give you one last chance to retract your insults, or else you will be shown your true place, the pitiful wretch that you are.


Sigismund Chekhov Carrion-Tuvyic, Heir to the Barony of Woldzmir





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It was late at night when Keaghen received the letter, though he was awake nursing a bottle of Armas Adunian Whiskey™.
Initially, he forgot who Sigismund was - but upon completion of the letter he recalled the incident. Many concerns raced through his mind: This was Ostromir's son. Ostromir, his friend, and also his supporter. Perhaps the man who he owes his entire political career too.




The concerns escaped his mind as fast as they entered. Keaghen, a man with short temper, high blood pressure, and a small alcohol problem, replied:

To the Sigismund Chekhov Carrion-Tuvyic, 

Your life is so sad I'll get a charity tax-break just for writing back to you.

There's two things I don't like about you, and it's your face.

Will I accept your duel? Is a duck's ass water-tight?

Three things will happen: My bolt will hit you, you will hit the ground, and I'll go back to forgetting your useless existence. You're so useless, we'll be raising money for your family incase you live.


I will see you in 4 Saint's days. ((Friday, 7pm EST))


Please send my best regards to your father, 

Keaghen Armas
Heir to your wife


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Hearing about the fight from Armas, George chuckles, telling him.


"It'll be an easy win for you, my Adunian friend. Your kilt will scare him away!"

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"Well." Said Sofya, retreating back to her hiding place.

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"I did it before it was cool" spoke the now headless ghost of Richard Helvets as he recalled his challenge of the cowardly Count of Halstaig; riding atop a pale mare with corpse of his dead daughter tied to the back end of his saddle like fallen Hector to the back of Achilles'  mighty chariot, as he circled the walls of Troy.



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