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[!] Posters would be plastered everywhere throughout Almaris


Torneo De Osanora



Depiction of contenders dueling for the title of Campeón de Osanora


Por honor y gloria! Osanora is hosting its FIRST ever tournament in search of a Champion! Come test your skills and try your chance at winning our grand prize. While in Osanora feel free to stop at the cantina to taste some of our unique cuisine, browse the stalls, or enlist in our newly branded guard.


For the tournament all combatants are required to bring their own armor and weapons. All combatants must sign up prior to the first match and the grand prize for the tournament is 75 mina. The match will continue until one person is knocked down, the last standing is the victor.


While the tournament is taking place, there will be a stall run by Baron Felipe De Medina, this is your chance to enlist in the Osanoran Guard. 

Guard benefits include weekly pay- after the recruit phase- free barrack housing, meals, equipment, and training. Enlist now!


Each game will be timed for 4 minutes. Should the game not finish, the combatant with the higher health wins. 

Time: 8:00PM EST Friday (2.12.2021)
Place: Osanora (South Hub road leading to Sutica)

Tournament location: Barracks of Osanora accessible through the government building

Enlistment desk: Town Hall room near entrance of Barracks

To sign up simply show your intent in the comments, include your name and settlement of origin

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Carlos Mendez would be patrolling the Outskirts of Osanora when he grabs the Poster, taking a quick look over it, cracking a smile he'd remark "Good Damn job on the poster Felipe, you show promise like your father before you. Can't wait to oversee the Tournament."

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Methas would read over the 2nd parchment today "hmmm i shall watch"

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Kit Pickett Glances over the document on his way to Sutica: "Ah another business venture, I shall attend, to sell my wares as well as hopefully compete"


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Thorla would wrap her hands and place her gauntlets on"Oim Gonnah Cru'sh eh"

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"I suppose I might as well try my blade." Muses Edric, hearing about the event from his seat by the fire under the Ashwood Tree.

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