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Core Race Lore - Masterthread


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Core Race Lore - Master Thread



This is the master thread for the primary, core race lore for LotC. Below, the details of each of the four Descendant races and their subraces can be found. Each one has its own appearance, features, lifespan, qualities, & traits. All of that and more can be found below. These threads do not discuss much culture or lifestyle, simply the core physiology and mechanics of roleplaying these races. This is not intended to step on or force culture, either. As the name suggests, this is the ‘core’ racial lore; the key aspects of playing these races and how to do so. Cultural details for each can be found on the LotC wiki, or relevant nation subforums. For a simple, straightforward explanation of physiology and traits, that can be found below. 


Additionally, information on playing ‘Hybrids’, so called Half-Breeds, can be found below. A Hybrid Race is any Descendant that is born with parents of two separate races. This leads to unique and oftentimes difficult physiology.


All relevant pages are accessible in the Racial Lore subforum, or through hyperlinks below.





Humans Core Thread

- Heartlanders

- Highlanders

- Farfolk

- Adunians



Elves Core Thread

- Mali'ame (Wood Elves)

- Mali'aheral (High Elves)
- Mali'ker (Dark Elves)



Orcs Core Thread

- Goblins

- Uruks

- Ologs



Dwarves Core Thread

- Mountain Dwarves

- Cave Dwarves

- Dark Dwarves

- Forest Dwarves






Hybrids (Half-Races)

A personal thank you to all Nation Leaders, Community Heads, and the Story Members who had given feedback, worked on, and participated within this project. 
If there are any inconsistencies, comments, or concerns, please PM a Story Manager, or Sreq in game.

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