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Core Race Lore - Dwarves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Master Thread


“...Urguan, may your descendants be hardy, strong hearted, and strong of mind.”

— 'A Robed Figure' from Ancient History as per The Wandering Wizard



Core Race Lore - Dwarves


The dwarves, known as the dwedmar in the dwarven language,  are a stocky and short race long known for their association with the ground and the earth. They are a steadfast and stout people, said to have descended from Urguan of the four brothers. The dwarves are a religious folk in a large, societal sense. Worship of the Brathmordakin pantheon is widespread and deeply ingrained in government as well as culture. Their short stocky builds are coupled with the iconic facial hair most dwarves have. Beards seem integral to both physiology and culture to the dwarves, their ability to grow facial hair unparalleled by any other descendant race. Though varied the same as any other race, dwarves tend to have a heavy association with the earth beneath their feet. Whether this be through caves, mountains, or sprawling forests.




The dwed are varied, the same as any other descendant race. Each of the four subraces have their own distinct traits, qualities, and appearances. However, some aspects are uniform amongst all the dwarves, unifying them as one race born from Urguan. Specifically, all dwarves tend to be on a shorter height range, the exact details of which are able to be found in the height section. All the subraces live a similar lifespan, of course, and they all suffer the same curse of greed cast onto them by Iblees.



Dwarves vary greatly in coloration between subraces. Each subrace has its own distinctive skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors. Because of this, no true coloration across all of the dwed can be gleamed. The range is quite wide and varied. The relevant information for each subrace can be found on each individual page.



The dwarven height range between all subraces is 3’5” - 5’0” ft. This is a hard height range, as in, no dwarf can go above or below it without accurate roleplay of possible physiological issues or strange body types. All dwarves fit within this height range. However, each of the subraces has its own general recommended height range within this one. That range serves as the most general and common height range for that subrace, a soft height range.


Mountain Dwarves

3’5” - 5’0”


Cave Dwarves

3’5” - 4’6”


Dark Dwarves

4’0” -5’0”


Forest Dwarves

3’6” - 5’0”



The average weight of a dwarf varies greatly based on height, health, & lifestyle. However, a certain ‘healthy weight’ can be found. Dwarves are much shorter than the average human, but to make up for that fact they are stout and bulky. As such, the healthy weight range for both dwarves and humans is similar. Dwarves simply compress that down into a smaller form. For a dwarf at the upper height range of 5’0”, 260lbs is the maximum healthy weight that they may have. Your average athlete or soldier would be more around 250lbs, and even that is for the upper height range. Being around 270lbs or 280lbs would be a mixture of both fat and muscle. Should a shorter dwarf be near this weight, or should a dwarf be beyond this limit and 300lbs plus, this is extra weight in fat and does not contribute to muscle mass or strength.



For the two decades of a dwarf’s lifespan, they age similarly to humanity. However, between the ages of 18 and 50, dwarves mature roughly at a quarter of the speed a human does, a fifty year old dwarf comparable to a thirty year old human in maturity and responsibility.


Between the ages of 50 and 100, dwarves mature at around one-fifth the rate that a human does, a hundred year old dwarf comparable to a man of thirty. Dwarves within this age group are considered to be going through their early adulthood. Dwarves between the ages of 100 and 400 mature at a rate roughly one-tenth of the speed of a human, gaining around a decade of maturity for every century, with a two hundred year old dwarf comparable to a man of forty, and a three hundred year old dwarf comparable to a man of fifty. Dwarves within this age group are considered to be going through their midlife.


Dwarves of or over four centuries in age continue to mature at about one-tenth the aging rate of the average human, but are now considered to be going through their elder years. A dwarf of four hundred is comparable to a man of sixty years, a dwarf of six hundred like that of an eighty year-old human, and so on and so forth. It is exceptionally rare for a dwarf to live to be over seven centuries old, with only one or two dwarves in every five hundred or so reaching such a venerable age.


Dwarves between the ages of two hundred and four hundred are considered to be going through their mature adulthood, while dwarves four hundred or older are thought to be going into their senior years. It is worth noting that dwarves do not weaken as they age, unlike humans, for the vast majority of their lifespan. This lasts until the last two or three decades of a dwarf's life, at which point the speed at which they age multiplies rapidly and swiftly overtakes them. As such any dwarf that does live to be eight hundred or older soon grows feeble and passes away in their beds within a handful of years.



"Urguan, your greed and lust shall overcome you. You are not worthy of the height the Creator gave you. Your descendants shall be short, squalid and ugly. You will always seek to find gold and gems deep underground, your hunger never satisfied."


The curse of the dwarves, as dictated by Iblees, is greed. The curse of greed means that the dwarves are driven to dig deeper into the earth to seek out precious treasures. Dwarves can also display their greed by hoarding other items, including food and ale. Dwarves will as well always remain short, making even half-breeds such as halflings remain with both the curse of greed and shortness. Despite the curse being what it is, most dwarves do not view it as a curse at all. The dwarven greed is an important cultural and economic backbone, leading to the development of the grand holds and wealth of the dwedmar. While conflict and discourse are inevitable over this greed, it is an intrinsic part of the dwarven psyche and the culture the dwed have developed for themselves.


The dwarven race is broken up into four subraces. Each subrace has its own coloration recommended height range, and traits. These subraces include the Cave Dwarves, the Dark Dwarves, the Forest Dwarves, and the Mountain Dwarves.



LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Cave Dwarves



LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Dark Dwarves



LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Forest Dwarves



LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Mountain Dwarves

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