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Core Race Lore - Halflings


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LotC Core Race Lore - Master Thread



Core Race Lore - Halflings


Halflings, iconic for their short stature and idyllic lifestyle, are a highly concentrated and homogenized race among descendants. While bearing no heroic figure of the four brothers, Halflings rather have supposedly descended in a similar manner to Mali’dun. Certainly younger than any of the original four primary races, though elder enough to be beyond any true trace of lineage, Halflings are in history enigmatic. Though rather transparent and easygoing in their agrarian lifestyle, halflings have gone throughout history as peaceful farmers, typically straying outside of the violent conflicts which plague the other descendants. Celebrating a cultural folk-figure of “Knox”, this supposed god is an embodiment of the halfling spirit which lives on within every halfling.\




Halflings are a highly homogenized and similar group. Though bearing different hair, skin, and eye colours, halflings do generally share similar heights, weights, and ever-youthful mindsets. Below is the rest of the necessary general information for all halflings.



The variations in coloration are extreme, but almost always desaturated. They are, for all intents and purposes, the realistic colors of humans. Additionally, purples, blues, greens, and other ‘unnatural’ colors are almost unheard of as far as hair. Halfling hair is often light in tone, with many halflings having ginger, auburn, red, light brown, or blonde hair, though many weefolk have darker brown or black hair. Most halflings have caucasian skin tones, though it is not unheard of to see halflings of other ethnicities.



Halflings range from about 2’0”-3’3” tall. A halfling who is a fully-grown adult will fall within this height range, and will remain this way throughout their lives.



The average weight of a halfling varies greatly based on height, health, & lifestyle. However, a certain ‘healthy weight’ can be found. Given most halflings are rather sedentary individuals with gluttonous joys, a typical ‘healthy’ weight of a halfling is moreso a ‘happy’ weight. For a halfling at the upper height range of 3’3”, 120lbs is the maximum healthy weight that they may have. Your average halfling would be more around 70lbs, and even that is for the upper height range. Being around 100lbs or 120lbs would be a primary composition of adipose fats. Should a shorter halfling be near this weight, or should a halfling be beyond this limit and 120lbs plus, this is extra weight in fat and does not contribute to muscle mass or strength. The minimum weight of a considered-thin halfling would be 30lbs.



“If you are a god, then show us!”

--An elf, moments before lightning had struck Lord Knox’s Shrine in response.


Halflings are, similar to humans, short-lived in comparison to other races. Halflings will live up until 150 years, potentially due to a latent curse of human ancestry. They mature, both mentally and physiologically at the age of 18- From then on, they age twice as slow as humans.  They will continue aging twice as slow throughout the rest of their lives, meaning that at 150 they will appear to be about 75 in Human-terms of aging. Similar to elves, culturally, halflings tend to mature mentally about a twice-as-slow pace as well, giving credence to their childlike nature and ambition. The different periods of life after maturing, from young adult to very old elder, can be stretched out to fill the bulk of one’s life. This is determined by what part they wish to roleplay the most. For example, an 80 year old halfling can be a grey haired, but a youthful individual. Another halfling 80 years old can be in their prime physically, still maintaining youth. There is no precise limit as each halfling is subject to their own rate of aging - merely never succeeding 150. Though in general, every two years for Humans is one year physically and mentally for wee folk.


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