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Core Race Lore - Orcs: Uruks


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LotC Core Race Lore - Orcs




Core Race Lore - Orcs: Uruks


The Uruks are the most common and dominant sub-race of the Orcs, being the most present of all the orcs, generally the Wargoths and Rexes, with the exception of a few clans. Uruks are the race from which Ologs and Goblins branch from, being relatively smart and strong respectively. Unlike the goblins with their masterful skill with machinery or the Ologs with their primal instinct of survival and abnormal strength, Uruks are gifted with both intelligence and strength, being able to delve in the path of the shaman or the warrior. As a result, Uruks, like humans, are prone to a great deal of variability between the population, with many Uruks leaning towards an intellectual, purely combative, or pious lifestyles.


Skin Coloration
The Uruks are not identifiable by a single broad coloration, but rather by a wide range of many relatively “unnatural” skin colors relative to the other races. Typically Uruks come in shades of green, brown and red, with other colors such as blue, black and even purple being much more rare or typically indicative of a special lineage.

Hair Coloration

Unlike their skin, the coloration of Uruks hair is almost always black or brown. Some Uruks have even been seen with more reddish or other ‘natural’ hair colors. It is not uncommon for Uruks to dye their hair a wide range of colors, however this is more about personal aesthetic than it is genetics. 

Eye Coloration

Uruks do not have any special range of eye coloration and follow all natural eye colors. That is not to say however that an Uruk will not have red or bloodshot eyes should they participate in too much of a certain extracurricular activity.



The Uruk height range is from 6’0” ft - 8’0” ft. Both ends of this cap are rather hard, typically requiring some sort of mixed blood to vary much in either direction. This range encompasses all full-blooded Uruks, with virtually no exceptions.


Weight and Muscle Density

Uruks vary in weight, much like with anyone else. However, given that they have much denser muscles than the other races they tend to be considerably heavier for their height. While a human may be about 6 foot and 250 or so pounds, an orc of the same height might find themselves closer to 350lbs or even 400lbs. Orcs closer to the 8 foot height cap may find themselves to be upwards of 600-650, if not slightly heavier should they be overweight. On average orcs do tend to have a high fat percentage, and do not walk around as massive towers of pure muscle.


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