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Core Race Lore - Orcs: Goblins


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LotC Core Race Lore - Orcs




Core Race Lore - Orcs: Goblins


The Goblins are the smallest subrace of the Orcs. This is not to insinuate that they are small by normal Descendant standards, however. Goblins are the smallest of the three Orc subraces, and while the other two are towering, Goblins stand at roughly human height or a bit below into the range of Dwarven height. As such, the average goblin is comparable in size and build to the average human man. Besides in build, however, Goblins are rather dissimilar from humanity. They retain other Orcish features such as the Orc coloration and tusks (albeit smaller), however their physique is far more varying than that of the Uruks. Traditionally renowned as tinkers and thinkers among the orcs of Krugmar, the Goblins serve as an important intellectual keystone to the otherwise simple Orcish life.


Skin Coloration
Goblins are not identifiable by a single broad coloration, but rather by a wide range of many relatively “unnatural” skin colors relative to the other races. Typically goblins come in shades of green, brown and red, with other colors such as blue, black and even purple being much more rare or typically indicative of a special lineage. It is much more common for Goblins to have paler skin compared to their Uruk or Olog kin.

Hair Coloration

Unlike their skin, the coloration of goblins' hair is almost always black or brown. Some Goblins have even been seen with more reddish or other ‘natural’ hair colors. It is common for Goblins to live to a slightly lesser level of cleanliness compared to the other Orcish subraces, so it is often seen that Goblins will have matted and dreaded hair intertwined with dirt and leaves.

Eye Coloration

Goblins do not have any special range of eye coloration and follow all natural eye colors. Typically a Goblin will have smaller, beadier eyes, and in cases where the Goblin spends most of their life in caves, can find themselves gaining extreme sensitivity to light.



The Goblin height range is from 3’6” ft - 6’0”ft. Both ends of this cap are rather hard, typically requiring some sort of mixed blood to vary much in either direction. This range encompasses all full-blooded Goblins, with virtually no exceptions.


Weight and Muscle Density

Goblins are almost in a state of limbo, comparative in size to the average human but still having Orcish blood coursing through their veins. While descendants of Krug they may be, they do not possess the same build as their Uruk cousins. While their muscle density and strength are comparative to the Uruks and Ologs, there is simply less of that muscle on their body. As a result most Goblins end up fighting rather scrappily against other Orcs, but can go toe-to-toe with Humans and other races.


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