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Core Race Lore - Orcs: Ologs


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LotC Core Race Lore - Orcs




Core Race Lore - Orcs: Ologs


Ologs are the largest, and arguably most powerful subrace, of not just the orcs, but of descendant kind in general. Almost exaggeratedly suited for the warlike way of life for orcs, it is rare to find an Olog whitewashed, or not integrated within orcish cultures. The history of Ologs in general is a topic for which no clear answer is present. Though it was argued in ages past that Ologs appeared when trolls and orcs mated, there exists no evidence to prove such a theory, and given there has been no findings of any troll crossbreeds amongst any other race,  it is widely dismissed. Whether through excessive inbreeding, generations of selective husbandry, or simple natural adaptation or mutation, Ologs have become quintessential parts of orcish culture. Ologs are a CA (Creature Application) race, meaning that a Creature Application must be filled out on the forums and accepted before roleplaying.

Skin Coloration

The Ologs are not identifiable by a single broad coloration, but rather by a wide range of many relatively “unnatural” skin colors relative to the other races. Typically Ologs come in shades of green, brown and red, with other colors such as blue, black and even purple being much more rare or typically indicative of a special lineage.


Hair Coloration

Unlike their skin, the coloration of Ologs hair is almost always black or brown. Some Ologs have even been seen with more reddish or other ‘natural’ hair colors. It is not uncommon for Ologs to dye their hair a wide range of colors, however this is more about personal aesthetic than it is genetics. 


Eye Coloration
Ologs do not have any special range of eye coloration and follow all natural eye colors. That is not to say however that an Olog will not have red or bloodshot eyes should they participate in too much of a certain extracurricular activity.

The Olog height range is 8’0” ft - 10’0” ft. Ologs tower above the average descendant, always standing between the 8 foot tall and 10 foot tall range.Though shorter Ologs have been observed, any height below 8 feet is usually justified by excessive slouching, or mixed blood. The average Olog middles at around 9 to 8 feet tall, owing to the extra strain of gravity upon anyone taller than 9 feet tall.


Ologs in general exhibit a stocky build, this is in part due to their wider bone structure, and likewise due to the species’ genetic and societal proclivity towards obesity and corpulence. Though a Olog with a healthy amount of body fat would weigh roughly 500-650lbs, and with the leanest of Ologs managing weight as low as 400lbs, the average Olog (owing to their nature to both overeat and be overfed) can manage up to 920lbs; any greater weight making the Olog liable to heatstroke, heart attacks, debilitating joint pain, diabetes, and other debilitating health issues. This height and weight ratio extends to both genders, with male and female Ologs capable of any size or height within the predefined range.

The strength of an Olog, even without proper training, is something to be reckoned with. Though leaner Ologs tend to be slightly stronger than an orc,the pinnacle of average descendant strength, the largest and most well trained of their kind is capable of matching the strength of 2 full grown orcs. Where one orc would be able to easily lift 200lbs, an Olog would be able to lift 400lbs with the same ease, and so forth. However, this addition to strength does not necessarily equate an Olog to naturally being a better fighter. Though a wrestling match between a human and an Olog would most definitely end with the Olog succeeding, this excess of bulk and strength does not equate to direct fighting prowess.


Additionally, Ologs are large, and to an extent are more durable than the average descendant. They’re less likely to bruise from punches or light strikes, their thick limbs make direct amputations far more difficult, and the sheer size of the creature makes it difficult to bleed out. That said, an Olog is just as vulnerable to weapons as any other. Mace strikes to most parts of the body will still break bones, edged weapons will still cut into an Olog’s flesh just as easily, and Ologs are no more resistant to pain than any of the other Descendants.

Due to the Olog’s considerable size, most of its movements will be notably slower than their smaller counterparts. This does not mean an Olog is incapable of running, dodging, or swinging a weapon. What it does mean, however, is that a fit descendant would be able to do each of these tasks faster than an Olog, with an Olog lacking the running speed (and if obese, stamina) that a Human, Elf, or even Orc bears, with their running speed for even the leanest of Ologs capping out at 8mph.

Ologs, for lack of a more diplomatic term, are a exceedingly stupid people. Though fully cognizant and emotionally aware and complex, Ologs fundamentally are stupider creatures than the average descendant. Though Ologs are capable of every form of emotion, from frustration to happiness, to empathy, to even betrayal and loneliness, their capacity to communicate such emotions is limited, unless being specifically taught and spoken to about. The mind of an Olog is animalistic, with its present feelings and circumstances dominating its psyche. If an Olog is hungry, it is mainly concerned with finding food. If an Olog is in pain, it will be concerned with resting or alleviating that pain, and if an Olog’s bloodlust is building up, it will be concerned with finding something to kill. This is not to say that an Olog is incapable of any form of curiosity, or non-need based goals, but more so that such need-based pursuits take far more precedence in the mind of an Olog than much else, making pursuits of entertainment, cleanliness, or learning lower priority until those needs are fully and entirely met, with their interest in such waning the moment they become hungry, or distracted with one of their primal needs.

It is in this same way that Ologs are extremely slow to learn, and retain information terribly, with stupider Ologs needing the concept of delayed gratification consistently re-affirmed well into their adulthood. It is in this same way that Ologs, even if taught something up and down, and how to replicate it, their minds are focussed upon to cause an effect. Though a Olog butcher could be taught how to use a sausage stuffer to make sausages, it likely wouldn’t understand any amount of how the machine works, simply viewing ‘meat in hole + turn winch = sausage’, rather than understanding that the meat is ground and put through the machine, etc. It is with this fundamental lack of understanding that precludes most Ologs from independent artificery jobs, and most magics.

Societally, Ologs are standardly dependent upon others. This is not to say that an Olog living in the wilderness could not sustain itself, but rather that an Olog in an established settlement will standardly be raised and directed by others most of its adult life. Ologs are capable of independent thought, make no mistake, as a Olog can be fed up and suppose its own foolish philosophies and ideas over others, but it's animalistic based thinking will usually cause it to become subservient to whoever, or whatever is providing it food, shelter, and pointing it in the direction of something living to kill.
The only anodyne for the Olog’s lesser existence, is the average Olog’s tendency for complacency. So long as an Olog is well fed, and its basic needs met, they tend to be mostly content. 

-Ologs are incapable of learning complex skills or feats such as the forging of ST-Signed materials, Alchemy, etc.
        -They may, however, use crafted items such as potions or ST-Material weapons, provided their function is not overly complex.

        -The only feats accessible by Ologs are Seer and Sycophants of Boletius.
-Ologs are incapable of learning magic, and cannot utilize activated enchantments.

        -Housemagery and passive non-activated enchantments are excluded from this rule.

-Ologs are incapable of holding any form of romance, and are disallowed from FTBing.

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