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Core Race Lore - Humans: Heartlanders


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LotC Core Race Lore - Humans



Core Race Lore - Humans: Heartlanders


The Heartlanders are a human cultural group, made up almost universally of those humans who reside within cities and urban centers. This includes both the peasantry & the nobility, all those who traditionally reside within the large cities of man. Nobility & social hierarchy of large importance to a great many Heartland cultures. Good examples of traditional Heartland cultures are Salvus, Renatus, Courland, & others. Heartlanders maintain certain physical features & attributes, said features not universal but largely common. 


Skin Coloration

Skin color amongst the Heartlanders varies. They tend to, however, have pink or otherwise paler skin coloration. This is a mixture of a natural trait and lifestyle choices of city life.


Hair Coloration
Hair coloration also varies greatly, the most common being lighter colors like auburns and blondes. Next most common are darker colors, such as brown or black. Naturally white hair is uncommon, but not unheard of.

Eye Coloration

Eye color also has a wide range. Blue, hazel, amber, brown, and green are all common colorations that can be found in diverse quantities.



The usual Heartlander height range is 4'8"- 6'4" ft. A city dwelling Heartlander will most often be within this range, but can go above or below to the general human limit in individual cases.



A Heartlander can, like all humans, live a maximum of 150 years. However, there is a common range of the Heartlander lifespan. As in, a Heartlander will generally live between 60-90 years before growing old and dying. This can often be attributed to lifestyle, indulging in luxuries as far as the upper class or living in the streets & squalor for the peasantry.

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